gugudan DEBUT FILM #3 – Welcome to gugudan theatre

Hi guys! I’m HANA, the charismatic leader of gugudan. I’m in charge of posters. Q. Tell us about ‘gugudan theatre’. I can say our theatre is full of positive energy! We have lots to show you guys, so please give us love and support. Thank you! I can say our theatre is full of positive energy! Oh, hi! I’m MIMI, always welcoming you guys with a big smile. I’m in charge of tickets. Do you guys know what we call a ‘dead almond’? It’s ‘Diamond’!! (Die-almond) Hi guys! I’m NAYOUNG, I’m in charge of gates. Make sure you let me know before you come to our show. La! …Isn’t this the right note? Hi, I’m HAEBIN, I’m in charge of greeting. Where are you from? (Speaking in dialect) I have a good sense of direction. Hey, I see our ‘debut date’ over the intersection there! Hi guys, I’m SEJEONG, I’m in charge of cleanliness. You didn’t give me this position because of my name, right? (SEJEONG can be translated as ‘cleaning’ in Korean) By the way, I think I’ve done this before…no? Is it Déjà Vu? It feels strange! Hi I’m SOYEE! I’m in charge of checking tickets. By the way, did you bring the ticket with you? I think I pick up things quite fast as I check tickets closely all the time. If I must say, the air I breathe up here is awesome and I love it. I can’t stand anymore; can I check your ticket? Now?! Hi, I’m SALLY. I’m the one to look for when you need some snacks. Did you guys eat already? Oh, Hi! I’m MINA, the adorable one in gugudan. I’m in charge of Snack bar. You can’t miss out the popcorn at the theatre, right? The popcorn here is so good. Mmm popcorn… Oh, yes! I really want to be a part of the theatre!!! Hi! I’m HYEYEON. I’m in charge of pamphlets and other many things at the same time. I can manage any tasks I’ve given! I guess this is probably what we call “the spirit of Maknae”! Wait, I think I just heard someone calling my name. Q. Message to gugudan theatre fans Wondering what our first piece would be? Shall we give them a hint?

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