Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 9 | 8th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

Gul-o-Gulzar Episode 9 | 8th August 2019 | ARY Digital [Subtitle Eng]

I’m so tired today. Didn’t even get time to eat. Now I’m finally free. You must be hungry as well. I thought we’ll eat together Come let’s eat Gulzar come and eat a little Why should I ruin my life to protect brother and father’s honor? Even I have some ambitions and dreams. How can I sacrifice them for someone else? And if these people were not considerate about me then why should I be considerate with them? It’s better to be bad in the eyes of people instead of being foolish Hello Hello. Are you ready Gulzar? Yes That’s fine. I will come on the main road after sunrise. Me and Adil will be waiting for you in the car Alright Okay Gulzar dear wake up, it’s time for prayer Yes father I’m awake I only slept for awhile Gulzar, you look so beautiful. You are glowing. Although you were always beautiful, but credit still goes to brother Jamal I’l take some pictures of you Smile Gulzar, I want to take some pictures for your brother I’m unable to smile sister. I’m willing to cry if you tell me to Oh please don’t cry. All the make up will be ruined. You will waste my entire effort I know, all brides feel the same way. All brides talk like this when they get ready for their wedding. But please don’t cry, you’re looking beautiful Gulzar Iqbal. daughter of Iqbal Ahmad. Do you accept Jamal Shafi, son of Shafi Ud Din, as your lawfully wedded husband? Gulzar dear, say yes I accept, I accept, I accept God bless you child with immense happiness, congratulations The couple doesn’t look at all nice Yes you’re right. But what could Master do, her daughter deserved it The bride is looking so pretty. While the husband looks like a monster How do I incline my heart towards this man when I don’t even feel like looking at him If the entire world thinks that I am not the right match for him, then how will I accept him as my life partner? She looks so beautiful. Sit down I’m looking beautiful, but you can’t say that this is a couple just like the sun and moon Kifayat, listen to me Step aside. Listen to me everyone, can I have your attention Listen to me. Don’t wed this girl and take her to your house. She is a spoilt girl She helped my daughter run away from her house. Many boys roam around in the neighborhood just for her If you take her to your house, she will humiliate you like she humiliated her father Stop this nonsense and get out of here Move aside master I’ve come here to save these innocent people from your daughter’s wrath master There is an FIR filed against your daughter Why do you want to throw the trash from your house to their house? This girl ruined my daughter’s life But I will not let ruin the lives of these descent people. Bother, listen to me. Look, this is no way. If you want to talk, come inside the room. We will talk properly, This is why I’m saying it infront of everyone. I sell vegetables. I don’t get tired of speaking loud. It’s a matter of dignity and I came here to save your dignity, my child. See, I would still say the same. We should go inside and talk. This is not a street and you are not selling some vegetables here. Come! My child you are not understanding. I’m understanding everything. Come! This girl doesn’t care about people’s respect. You come. Her character is not good. She will ruin your house. Come! Groom will not take bride with her now at any cost. Because master’s daughter’s reality is revealed. Kafayat hasn’t done right. She is a daughter of our neighborhood. What can anyone do now? It is obvious that after knowing this, groom’s family will not take her. He ruined master Iqbal’s dignity. Sister, I want to say something to you. Gulzar? Gulzar Gulzar? Gulzar? Uncle? Gulzar? What happened Gulzar? Uncle call doctor. Water! What happened to Gulzar? Someone bring water. My child, how are you now? Get up What happened to me? Nothing. Your blood pressure got low. Don’t you worry. You are fine. I have given you injection. You will get better. I think we should take the bride now. It is too late now. Yes sister. Let’s do it. The hall’s time is also finishing. I will do something. They are great people. After all what happened, they are still taking the girl with them. However the guy is in looks but he has a big heart because after all this who takes the girl with them. Yes, some good deed of master Iqbal worked. What benefit did you get after all the drama and scene? They still took the girl. I did what I could but they still didn’t stop. But I have opened everything about master Iqbal and his daughter infront of groom and his family. Now master Iqbal and his daughter would know that what is disrespect. My child you take rest now. You were not fine. I will go and see off guests. And yes, you don’t have to do any formalities. This is your own house. Why have you brought food? You should have asked me. I would have got it myself. Actually, me and mother are habitual of doing everything without thinking that either it is man’s or woman’s responsibility. You must be hungry. Eat something. I will take it out. Hey, leave it. It is you who have to serve the whole life. Let me do it today. Okay? Have it Eat it. I will also eat with you. What happened? Why are you crying? Nothing! If there is any problem then tell me? I want to tell you something. About what? Whatever happened in the wedding today … It’s okay I have already talked to your father. I want to clarify myself. There is no need of it. I trust your father completely. Whatever he said must be right. Don’t you and your mother have any objection with me and father? No objection. But were humiliated so much. It’s okay! He was a stupid person. He shouldn’t have done it. He didn’t insult anyone else but himself. You have such a big heart. Not me but my mother. How can I forget it? Look at this. I got it for you. It isn’t as beautiful as you are. But according to my status, I have chosen the most beautiful ring. It is beautiful. If you permit, can I put it on your finger? Do you know that I never thought that my wife would be this beautiful? When I first saw your picture, I fell in love with you. I prayed that this relationship never ends. And do you know that when I shared my pictures with you, you stopped talking to me. I was so worried. I thought as if this relationship has ended forever. But look, how powerful my prayers are. I will care for you. I will love you alot. My everything is only yours. I can not give you more than loyalty and love. Greetings aunt! Greetings! You woke up so early. Yes I’m habitual of it from the start. It’s a very good habit. It will take only 10 minutes to get the breakfast ready. Father and sister are also bringing breakfast. That is okay my child but we should also do something. You are right. How can I help you? It is your first day today. How can I make you do work? What are you saying? I will help you. I will care for you. I will love you alot. My everything is only yours. Not mine. My mother’s heart is big. Aunt? I wanted to thank you. You don’t need to thank me. Your father has already said it many times. But still. You and Jamal supported me and father alot. Do you know, when we were searching a girl for Jamal, we had only one demand that we want a descent girl. It was our only wish. I spent my whole life in decency with one son after being widow. I heard good about your father. Everybody said you people are very descent. Whatever that man was saying last night, we didn’t believe him. We believed your father because those were the words of a respectable man. And a respectable man’s blood is always characterful. Your father told me about your mistake too. You blindly trusted your friend which was your foolishness. But that is okay. Children do make blunders. I got a big punishment of my foolishness. Me and father both. My child, one lesson is enough in your life. Such friends do not stay with you forever. Your blood relations and husband and wife relations stay forever in your life. My child, never give chance to your friends to act like a snake in your life. Don’t be too sweet to them that they take wrong advantage of you and don’t be bitter enough that they start hating you. Understood? Yes! Put this. What happened? Why are taking deep breaths? Nothing mother. It’s my fate. Now don’t start cursing your fate. All sorrows are left for me. Gul is better than me. Go to hell. With whom are you comparing yourself? She neither care for her parents nor herself. Neither her life will be good nor her doom’s day. Your daughter is living an amazing life mother. Do you know that she married a very rich guy. She should get lost. What do I do? It must be some cheap person. It isn’t mother. He is very good looking. Tall, handsome and well educated. He belongs to some rich family. Your daughter is enjoying her life. Who gives you such news? She calls me to ask about you people. Tell her that her parents are dead. What is the need of calling here? She doesn’t care about you people, mother. She only tells me to envy me. She doesn’t call because she is in love with you people. If you know it then why do you attend her call? She sends her pictures. You daughter is modern now. And her house? I have only seen such houses in movies and dramas. Show me. What pictures has she sent? Let me show you. Thank God I have finally seen smile on your face otherwise me and uncle were tense since many weeks. Aunt and Jamal are really nice. This is what we told you before. I had no idea at that time. Value them now. I think aunt and Jamal are sitting alone. Lets go to them. Ahan! You are being too much worried about Jamal. Why? Aren’t you about brother Afaque? Hmm. You have started speaking too much after coming to your in laws. It’s good. Lets go! Go! Look at this mother. Wow! How beautiful has she become even after such deeds. Look at this how modern has she become. How vulgar has she become. After leaving the house, what kind of dresses has she started wearing? Whatever she wears mother. If her husband doesn’t have an objection then who are we to say anything. Leave it and look at her house. This is such a beautiful house. Is it her house? Yes, this is what she told. Look mother, this is her husband. Wow! What a tall and handsome guy is he. Yes mother. He’s very good looking. What does he do? He is an owner of some big factory. He is the only son. Are there any pictures of his parents? Show them? They live alone, mother. His parents are also against this marriage. What if she had asked him to send a proposal. We would have got her married. Why would have we refused? Obviously! You would have. Nobody cares about me here. Nargis, I don’t understand you. Sometimes you say something and sometimes something else. Listen? Tell her to find some proposal for you as well. Gulzar, you are getting a call. Gulzar, check. You are getting a call. Gulzar? Hello? Yes? Hello? I wanted to talk to Gulzar. I think she is busy in kitchen. Call after some time. Okay! Who are you speaking? I’m her husband speaking. O Jamal? Brother Jamal? I’m Gul speaking. Gulzar’s best friend. She must have mentioned me. No! She hasn’t. You do one thing, call later. Or if you have an message then tell. I’ll convey it to Gulzar. No, I will call her later. It is good to talk to you. Thank you! I have some work to do. Talk to you later. Bye Bye!

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  1. Ufff azan wala scene……Allah har larki ko pakeeza zindagi guzarny ki tofeeq ata farmae aur kisi b galat qadam uthany sy bachae ….ameen

  2. Mastar saab k kapray apni beti ki shaadi par kitnay ajeeb hain…gulzar ka husband itna bura b nahi hai beechara ahista ahista gulzar sahi ho jai gi uss k saath….

  3. اذان کی آواز دل پہ اثر کرتی ہے اور دل کے اچھے اور نیک لوگ اور اُن کی اولادیں ہی بچ پاتی ہیں ایسے فتنوں سے الله سب سے بڑا ہے اور وہ اپنے بندے کا ساتھ کبھی نہیں چھوڑتا ۰
    حسبنا اللهِ و نعم الوكيل و نعم المولٰی و نعم النصیر۔
    الله ہمارے بچے بچیوں کو اپنے حفظ وامان میں رکھے اور بٹھکنے سے بچائےآمین ثم آمین

  4. Assalamoalikum Allah pak mujhe aur sab ko aulad e narina ata farmaya aameen everyone please pray for me wo bi mera naam ka sath ka In Sha Allah meri wife pregnant ho jya jldi sy khushiyoon aur asaniyo ka sath aameen ya rabbil aalameen

  5. 14: 10 dulha ki shairwani bagair istri k or purani 😄😄or dulha ki maa jaisy sog may ai hoe itni nuri sarhi baity ki barat may 😄😄😄

  6. Bilkul galat attitude dekha rahy hain Jo bhagi Hy aur Jes ki beti bhagi Hy izzat un ki kharab hoti By Jen k Ghar sy bhaag gae un ki

  7. Jo larkian apny Walden ki izat Karti hn. Mn ye to Nahi kahti k Wo zindgi mn hamysha Khush rehti hn. Magr hr taklif MN b in ki dua karny waly Walden ata ho jaty hn ..Ur Walden ki dua arshy elahi tak pohanch hi jati hai… Alhamdolilah

  8. Why this stupid parey hut love teasers are coming between scenes? We don't want to see them if someone is interested they can go to cinema and watch the whole thing. 😡😡😡😡😡. This movie crossed limits. 😠😠

  9. ARY wale kitne kutte or chutiya hai is se acha toh Hum TV hai drama k end me b Add nahe laga te ye chutiya kutte har drame k bech me adds laga te hai

  10. Is ny meri beti ko bhagya mansuba bndi k tehad….mtlb family planning k sath 😁😬

    Bht galiyan prny wali hain mjhy…..

  11. Ma tu kehti hun jo maa baap asy fasly lety hyn un k sath asa he krna chaiya but wo wapis ah ge kbi koi larka apni life ko qurban q ni krta ak br poch tu lena tha wo b insan hy yr us ki b feelings hyn koi tariqa NI HY ya pochy bina agr bagh jti acha ni hota but km sy km larki ki feelings ka b khyal rkhna chaiya

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  14. Idiots who can't stand up for themselves would slay their daughters and their dreams. There's nothing good about this marriage.

  15. I love you gulzar and zaba🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💝💝💝💝💝💖💖💖💖❣️❣️💘💘💕💕💓💓

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