Gul-o-Gulzar | Last Episode | 12th December 2019 | ARY Digital Drama [Subtitle Eng]

You look like a decent family to us this is why I’m advising you to ask your wife to co-operate with us. Look, inspector, I, my son in law and my wife are ready to co-operate with police But as far as that girl Gul is concerned, we do not know anything about her. If we knew about her then what was the need for us to hide it? Fine! I’m ready to agree with what you said but the only way is to go to meet and talk to the people who lodged a report against her. This is fine. We will meet them. You give us their address. We will try to explain it to them. Fine. I’ll give you their address. You go meet them and explain it to them. This is the only way. Okay Thank you very much. I already told you. Didn’t I?
That don’t keep her in your house. If police can catch her friend then can’t they catch us? But how will the police find out about us?
How can they come here? Nargiz, why don’t you understand?
I can’t take any more problems. You go and ask her to go from the house or I will … say it Brother, listen to me once. Gul, you leave this house right now. Look, I’m a poor man.
I can’t afford the police and court. Don’t take me out. Where will I go? Think about it. If I will go back to that house then Adil and his family will kill me. Okay, come here. Come! Sit here. Sit! Come on. Sit Gul A thought came to my mind. It is just a thought. Why don’t you do one thing? If you want to. You sell your child, I mean give back your child to Adil and in return take a big amount from him. What are you saying? Gul, Kabir is saying absolutely right. For how long will you raise your child?
And one day Adil will take his child from you. This is the right time. Think about yourself. This is the right address. Please call him.
It is something important. You are right sir but I can’t let you go inside like that.
Did you take an appointment to meet him? We didn’t take an appointment.
We just have to meet him for a minute. No sir, he won’t meet like this. Sir, if you know him then dial his number and let me talk … What is happening?
Who are these people? Who are you? Master came to meet. Sir, they were insisting. You go inside. You Master Iqbal? Yes! Sir, do you recognize me? I’m your student Hassan. How would you recognize me? I was the weakest student of yours. No, I recognized you. Jamaal, I think we have come to the wrong address. Wrong? But this is the address.
See No, this is the right address. Sir, you come inside, please.
We will discuss other things later. Please come. Come. Master, whatever happened to you we are ashamed of it. Sir, I didn’t know that Gulzar is your daughter or that is your house otherwise I would have never gone there. Look, master, we know for long and also know that you are very respectful. But I didn’t understand one thing that how could your daughter be friends with a girl who has such a bad character. Master, Gulzar will come back home and FIR that was lodged against her will be removed. That’s my promise. Don’t worry. Please have tea. Yes? Who? It is Gul speaking. Gul? Where are you? There is no use to ask how am I and where am I. Neither you can get this number traced. I called you to talk to you about something important. What? There can be a patch up among us. And if you want to have your child then tell me what can you do? I can do anything you say. Fine.
I want some amount in return for it. I’ll give you your child and you give me money. Yes sure. How much do you want?
Say it 0.5 million. 0.5 million?
Gul, have you gone mad? Hello? What? 0.5 million. Gul you’ll be rich when you will get 0.5 million rupees. She is already rich. You don’t need to go anywhere now. You will stay with us. This is your brother’s house. Giving you food isn’t a burden to us. You are like my sister. Yes, both sisters will live happily. Do you know we have an amazing relationship since always? Gul, you have to do one thing. When you’ll get money to invest some money from it in my business. Whatever profit we’ll get, I’ll give you your complete share from it You will be earning at home and you won’t have to work hard. What do you say? Gul, Kabir is absolutely right. Who keeps such a big amount in the house. What if some robbery happens at home. No You invest all the money in Kabir’s business. Okay? My child, have something. Look at your health. You look so weak. Sometimes, God makes such ways and help you that you can’t even imagine. You are right master. Now, look at this man.
Thank God he was my old student. Jamaal, now take Gulzar with you to Canada. And if you can’t keep her there then come back. Yes! It is for about a few days. I have applied for Gulzar’s visa. There is a little problem with it. I’ll take her with me as soon as it will be resolved. Ok! Gulzar, since when are you standing here? Forgive me Jamaal.
I’m very bad. I’m very bad. Control yourself. Get up What are you doing?
Get up! Get up Forgive me. Have water. I’m too bad. I’m too bad.
I have done so much worse. Forgive me Have you forgiven me?
Say it. Have you? I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself in life.
Tell me you have forgiven me? Time has passed so much Gulzar. This is true that you have done many foolish things. This is also true that you have hurt me, mother and your father a lot. Still, I and mother have forgiven you. I don’t want to repeat what happened in the past. If the mother wasn’t there then this all would be very difficult for me. Neither I have any complain of you in my heart nor mother. It is good that she contacted you herself.
We didn’t have to get into this mess. But what is the guarantee that she won’t ask you money again after getting the payment? and will handover the child. She can’t afford to do any such foolish thing. Because she doesn’t have strength. Also, we are doing this because she has a child. Otherwise, I could have shown her the limits. Mahjabeen is also right. If you want to pay her then give her 5 hundred or 10 hundred thousand only. What is the need to give her so much money? Mother, we have to pay her once not again and again. And it’s good that I’ll get rid of this problem forever. Listen, did she tell you when will she contact you next time? As soon as Nargiz told, I came running to hug my daughter. My daughter my life. Look, my child, you were always there in my heart. Your mother and I were just worried about you. Enough mother. Do this emotional drama later.
Lawyer told that he talked to Adil’s lawyer. Very soon Gul has to go to court to hand over her child to Adil so that he can divorce her. Divorce? He will give a divorce? I wish this Adil will go to hell. He has ruined my daughter’s life. My daughter was like a flower. You all will see that he will also not live in peace. You will His peace will also be taken away because he ruined my life. He will ask for happiness for his whole life but he will never get it. Enough aunt. He is giving your daughter 0.5 million rupees in return for handing over the child and divorcing him. 0.5 million rupees? Wow! You are very clever. I can’t believe that my daughter can be this clever. You played a great game with him. You did great. This is what he deserved. My child, you did great by asking him money. My child, now we three will live together happily in the same house. Peacefully. We’ll enjoy a lot. One minute. What do you mean you three? What happened to you?
She is our daughter. She will live with us. Gul came here in a stressful situation.
She will stay here. Yes! She is my sister. I will not let her go anywhere. Mother, you are very clever when it is about your benefit,
you have come to take your share Hey, relax! You too Mr.
It is only our right on Gul and her money. I hired a lawyer. I’m paying for a lawyer. I’m bearing all the expenses of transport and food. My money isn’t illegal that it will be spent for no reason. When we will get the money we throw each penny on your face. That right. Gul is my daughter. I’m her mother and my right is more than anyone Who am I? Her sister. She will stay with me. I kept her at my house when you both left her. Where was your love at that time? Now when it’s about money, you are showing love Yes, she came to our doorstep in her misery.
Did she go to you? Got it Hey, sit quietly It doesn’t work like this. We will see. It’s our money. We will get it. This ain’t happening. I’m spending it so I will take it. Let’s go! Let’s go No one will give him I will take it because I’m spending. How selfish they are. Isn’t there any selfless person in this selfish world. Are these my blood relations? Money is dear to my own mother than me. No one’s thinking about me or my child. Is this my position in their lives? Like a prize bond? Sign here. Now you You both are legally divorced now. He has already made you a payment. You have also given custody of child to the father so now you have no right to claim a case against him in the future. Now tell me, has he made the complete payment in the last cheque? Come, my sister. You will stay with me now. I have done all the arrangements. In fact, I’m building a new room for you. Wow! As if her father has died that she will go with you. You have built a new room.
She is my daughter and she will go with me. Where was this father when she needed you both the most? Now you are here to take your right. Wow Nargiz, you are speaking too much. You were against Gul and her husband. Now after seeing sister’s money you have started drooling? Mother, you are no less. You want to take your daughter’s money besides being a real mother. Quiet. I will smash your face here. Come Gul, you will stay with us.
I will see who will stop me. Hey you … Enough you people Enough of this drama. You people are only worried that where my money will go. Are you ever worried about me? Never Listen, my child, Enough mother. Enough You don’t need to be worried about me.
I will do my own arrangement. Gul my child Enough Enough Everything will be fine. Yes We will start a new life Gulzar Whatever happened you leave it here.
Don’t take anything with you. Hasn’t the cab arrived? He is here. We’ll leave once Gulzar is here. What is it? Aren’t you happy? I’m happy but I will miss this house a lot. This house has many types of memories, good, bad. My child, homes aren’t made of bricks and cement but people and their love It doesn’t matter if you live in the house of one room or a bungalow of 1000 square feet. And if you don’t have this all then no one is more unlucky than you. Uncle, the whole time will pass in teaching her and we will miss our flight. Let’s go. Cab is waiting outside. Come my child. You hold this. I will carry this. Come. Come I’m going to mother’s place.
Will come back in the evening. My child, won’t you take Zayyan? Why would I take him? He’s your child. He isn’t mine. Ask him whose child he is. He isn’t my responsibility. Adil? Mother, one minute. Hello? Why are you getting angry? I’ll come. Grandfather, do you know I miss you a lot. I also miss my doll a lot. Why don’t you come with us grandfather? Do you know I have many candies? I will share it with you as well. Look, she’s trying to bribe me. I also have many candies. Why don’t you stay with me? Mother says that we can’t stay here. Mother says right. Look, the light goes here It’s also hot here. Look, you do one thing. Just listen to your parents what they say and do not do anything they stop you from. Okay? And do not repeat foolish acts like your mother.
Okay? No one trusts me. I’m there to trust you. You have taken my peace since the day you came here. For you What’s there for me? Hey Gul! Where are you lost? Coming mother I’ll listen to mother and come.
You wait for me here. Okay? I can wait for my whole life if you say so No, Gul doesn’t let anyone wait for their whole life.

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