Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play | Theatre Review | NO SPOILERS

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play | Theatre Review | NO SPOILERS

Hi guys, today I’m gonna talk about Harry
Potter and the Cursed Child. You guys know I love Harry Potter. It’s one of my favorite things in life. That’s my Hogwarts ticket right there. I went and saw the play yesterday, which was
October the 8th, in case you wanted to know, and I loved it. I also have here the book that’s the script
cause you guys know I read that when it came out. So I already knew everything that happened
on that play; which is the first thing that I feel like I have to say cause I was not
surprised by the plot, obviously, cause I already knew everything but, people that went
there, I feel like no one read the book cause every time a major thing happened… And if you’ve read this, there are a few major
things that happen throughout the play, and people there were really surprised. They were like gasping. It just seemed like people hadn’t read it
so people were really surprised and it was really cool to have that sort of audience
reaction as well. There was a standing ovation at the end so
that is an indicator that people there loved it, I know there are a few people out there who
don’t like the script, don’t like the story, they did not like the play, whatever. All the reviews I’ve read from professional
theatre reviewers were really good and the standing ovation just lets me know that the
audience likes it as well. So if you’ve heard people they did not like
the play, do not listen to those people, take it from what I’m saying, it’s a really good
play. Everyone there loved it, it wasn’t just me. If you have no information about the play,
the way it’s set up is in 2 parts. So it’s 2 different plays both are like 2
and a half hours long (with an interval). You can do them on 2 days or on 1 day if you
go on wednesday or saturday. So pretty much you have a full day of Harry
Potter play. That’s what I did, so I had one at 2pm and
then the next one was at 7.30pm. And it was just amazing, I feel like if you
do them in one day it’s much better than if you do them in 2 days cause you have like…your
mindset is there and it’s just, I don’t know, it just completes the story much better, in
my opinion. I have my programme here. You guys know I collect programmes, so I have
this one here and I also bought the picture one cause they got me with this one. Yeah… Now if we go into the actual play, the thing
that stood out the most to me was the music. And I know that might be a bit of a weird
thing to say cause it’s no a musial, it’s just a play. So you might be like “huh, you liked the music?”. It ties it all together and it ties…if you’ve
read it, or if you’ve seen the play, you know what I’m talking about. There are like different scenes that just
happen and are very different from each other, it has a very fast pace. One thing might not really tie in exactly
with the next one. So they do a really good job of doing some
litle things with music in the middle to just tie things together and not make it seem really
choppy, cause, if you read it, you feel like it might look choppy once performed. But they included those little things that
tie it all together and make it more of a cohesive play, if you want to say. So the music has a huge thumbs up for me. I want that on Spotify, I tweeted about it. Please, someone make that this happen. Now the cast. These people are portraying characters that
I’ve known all my life, characters that I’m really fond of. So I was a bit skeptical going into it because
I didn’t feel like some of the actors would remind me of the actual characters but I have
to say I was wrong. I feel like the dialogue is made in a way
that you’re reminded of every character’s personality in a certain way that even if
they’re different actors and some of them don’t really look like the ones in the movies. The guy playing Harry does look like Daniel
Radcliffe but, if you guys know, the girl or the woman playing Hermione is a black woman
so she obviously does not look physically like Emma Watson. And I was worried about those things not making
a connection in my mind when watching the play and just feeling like it’s a different
character out there. But, again, I was wrong. They did amazing, I feel like they have the
essence of the characters and the actors know those characters really well and they just
know how to play them. They guy that I saw playing Scorpius was not
the one that usually plays him, I feel like he was the understudy. I don’t know if they’ve changed him completely
or he was just there for one day cause there was not a slip on the programme like they
usually would do when someone is like ill or something. So I don’t know what’s up with that but it
was a different guy, but I was really happy cause he was really funny. And that’s the thing, I was not expecting
this. And I had read the book, I mean, you know,
the script. I had read it, so I knew everything that was
in it as far as dialogue and jokes and things like that. But I was not expecting it to be as funny
as it was. You know, Ron is really funny and he was hilarious
and then Scorpius was the surprise for me. I really liked the character of Scorpius when
I was reading the play but I didn’t feel like he was that funny but the way the actors did
it was just really funny and I love that part of it. Cause you have your moments that are really
intense, that are really mentally draining, and then you have these other lighter moments
that are just really funny. And I feel like that’s one of the things that
Harry Potter has. The whole series, they have really intense
moments that are really serious moments mixed with really funny and light-hearted things,
and they do that in the play as well, and I really liked that. The set was amazing as well. If you read this, again, I feel like I keep
going back to “if you’ve read this”, but it’s just the only way that I can, you know, connect
with those people who have read it and they’re just wondering do I want to watch this, do
I not. But if you’ve read it or if you just know
Harry Potter and you know what it is about, you know there’s going to be magic tricks,
spells, and things like that that you probably don’t know how it’s going to look on stage. Because, obviously, if you have a movie, you
have CGI, you have special effects, and you have all these things to help you deliver
those crazy things that we don’t see in normal life. I’m happy to say there’s a mixture of things
you have to imagine cause, obviously, it’s impossible to do in real life in front of
you, with things that are done really well with lights, sounds, and other props and things. Even if you’ve read it there are things you
do not expect. There are things that happen beyond what’s
written down that you have to go and see. And obviously I went in thinking nothing was
going to surprise me, there would be things that I would like, things that I’d like a
bit less, and stuff like that. But I didn’t think there would be any major
surprises. I feel like they knew people would have read
the script before and they still wanted to make those people happy and make those people
have a little bit of a surprise and have a little bit of a moment that was different,
and just have a bit of an experience out of it even if you already know the story. But going back to the stage, it was done really
well, and there’s just a bunch of things that they do really fast and you’re like “wow,
how’d they do that?” and it’s just really cool and yeah, I definitely was feeling like
“that’s really cool” with a bunch of the things they did. There was one moment I almost started crying,
and I knew it was coming, but it’s done… If you’ve seen this you might know what I’m
talking about. But there’s this one moment that it’s done
so nicely, and it’s one moment that you have to imagine. It’s done really nicely with props and things
but it’s one of those moments you can’t physically do. It’s not done with CGI so you see how it’s,
you know, done with people and stuff. But it was just so beautiful. I loved that moment and there were just so
many things that you love and…it was really good guys, I really loved it. And I want that feeling to come across here
cause it was just amazing. And Harry Potter means so much to me and all
the characters do as well and there’s just stuff that you…I don’t know. Getting emotional here. Yeah, it was a really cool experience and,
in a couple months, maybe I’m gonna try to get tickets again cause I definitely do want
to see this again. It’s not one of those things that I just wanna
see once because I feel like I need to see it again at some point. I feel like I started this video with a structure
and then that all collapsed and it did not happen like that but these are just my feelings
towards this play and I know there’s so many things that I’ve left out that I wanted to
say but I’ve forgotten right now. They will come up at some point and I’ll be
like “should have said that”. Yeah, there are so many things on that play
that I could talk about but, at the same time, I don’t want to spoil things. So anyway, I don’t know if this video was
helpful to any of you. I hope some of you watching this were actually
thinking about maybe going to see it and have now decided to go see it because of it. That would make me really happy. And if you’ve seen it, please let me know
in the comments what you thought. But that’s going to be everything for today’s
video. I really hope you guys liked it. And let me know in the comments if you guys
like theatre reviews cause I go to the theatre as much as I can and if I can do reviews for
you then I would do those, cause I do love talking about theatre. And give this video a thumbs up and subscribe
if you haven’t done that yet, and I’ll see you guys later with another video. Bye!

6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play | Theatre Review | NO SPOILERS

  1. Aw como me encantaria poder ir a ver la obra! 😭 no sabia si reir el libro porque lei muchisimas criticas malas y me hizo no querer gastarme 20€ "en un libro que quizas no me gustaria" pero me has hecho replantearmelo 😊

  2. Me encantaría poder ver la obra!! la verdad es que el libro me gustó pero sí que sentí que estaba hecho para ser una obra de teatro, quiero decir, que como obra de teatro tiene que ser increíble pero, obviamente, no es como otro libro de Harry Potter. Aún así estoy bastante contenta de que lo sacaran para aquellas personas como yo que quizá nunca puedan ir a verla. Gracias por compartir tu opinión, un saludo!

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