Haseena Parkar Full Movie | Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, Apoorva | Bollywood Movie

Haseena Parkar Full Movie | Shraddha Kapoor, Siddhanth Kapoor, Apoorva | Bollywood Movie

Finally the case is registered against
Haseena Parkar… …who is operating the underworld business
of her Karachi based brother. ‘But it seems like disappearing is the
inborn talent of her family’* Just as Haseena’s brother fled
after he was arrested in 1980. Since two weeks Haseena is also missing
after the court orders were released. Today when she has to appear in session
court, police has no clue about her. But there are rumours that she may be in
Karachi, Dubai or then in London. Now shall we consider it to be her
strength or weakness of law and order. Don’t worry at all, it’s your day. Yes, but she has still not
come to the court. Haseena has come, ma’am. -Hello, Roshini…
-Listen, I’ll call you back, okay. Ma’am, from all of them who is
Haseena? Real Haseena come to the witness box
and prove your identity. I am Haseena Parkar. ‘In a gang war a man was shot’ ‘Gawli gang killed Haseena Parkar’s
husband.’ ‘Then Parkar created a chaos.’ ‘I don’t need to go to any court,
I’ve my own court’ Your Honour, Ms. Haseena Parkar
has been booked under… Section 386 extortion. Section 387 attempt to extortion. Section 389 extortion in fear of
accusation of offence. Apart from theses, she is been charged
against conspiracy to murder,… …and Section 420 fraud also. It seems Prosecution has read
the entire book of IPC. Sorry, you’ve missed Section 302 murder
and Section 304 attempt to murder. Along with other charges you would
have accused her of that too. Your Honour, my client is being
dragged to court… …just because her brother is
most wanted in this country. That’s it! And in his name and operating his business
she commits extortion. This is FIR copy. Which was lodged against
Haseena Parkar by Pramod Advani. Your Honour, Mr. Advani wanted to
start a construction business… …in partnership with Haseena Parkar. He had paid a crore as advance also. But when business didn’t start and
Mr. Advani asked his money back… ….then Haseena Parkar returned just
80 lakhs, saying that… …remaining 20 lakhs is
protection money. Poor Mr. Advani when he started to
pressurize to get back his own money… …then Haseena Parkar threatened him
that she will shoot him. Enough of it. Now tell us,
where is this Mr. Advani? The day summoned was issued
against Haseena Parkar… Mr. Advani received six calls from
Karachi’s unknown number. Since then where is Mr. Advani,
no one has any clue. -Your Honour…
-You mean… Prime witness of your own case
is not present. Wonderful! Your Honour, scared of her and her
brother… …the public prosecutor earlier to me
had quitted the case only. Mr. Advani is after all a prime witness. But your Honour, I’ll prove that
Haseena Parkar… …is operating the underworld business
of her Karachi based brother… …right from the illegal estate to extortion
to money laundering in Bombay. My client is a school dropout. How is it remotely possible for her to run
so many businesses? Even I’m very eager to know this. And I want to prove this. Whether it’s to operate her brother’s
business or it’s about extortion. There is link of many small incidences
that Haseena Parkar has… …been conducting in
the name of her brother. She has snapped every single opportunity
from her brother’s rise in underworld, your Honour. Your Honour, there is no debate competition
going on over here. There is no case over here. Haseena Parkar is suspected in
88 cases. I’m sure you are aware of this,
Mr. Keshwani. But this is the first time that she has
been dragged to your court. And today also if we are not able
to argue in this case… …then using some loophole or using
her brother’s power… ..she will free herself from here. Don’t know how many Advani will be exploit
because of her and her brother’s fear. Court will like to hear prosecution’s
argument. Ms. Haseena, to even gain the
business experience… …it’s important to be educated,
atleast a little bit. How do you operate such a
big business? It’s very strange! Your question should be,
how you can operate it? Because I cannot operate. I’m not so well educated. Brother’s business is very
huge for me. Till where have you studied? VII standard! Then why did you leave it? I didn’t get along with books. Your parents didn’t say anything
to you? We were 12 siblings. How many were admitted to school that
also, they must not be remembering. How would they know, if
one left the school also. That means your father’s less income
was not the reason for you to leave the school. If I’d have not left it then may be in
future that would have become the reason. Exactly! Because there were 12 children and
when there are so many to fed… …then a lay man surely finds some side
income to run the expenses. Hey stop! Let it go! What is this? According to police sources your father,
head constable Ibrahim Kaskar… …was suspended in smuggling case. May be, you and I know different
Ibrahim Kaskar. Ibrahim Kaskar that I know, his belt would
never differentiate between criminals. Even if his own son was
in front of him. In department people swear on my honesty… …and you’ve been in the same
jail as a criminal. Being a constable’s son you
smuggle gold. Amina, tonight don’t give him
anything to eat. This rascal has eaten enough today. First eat your share. I have eaten. You didn’t say, you’ve
smuggled it. Why? Does it show incorrect time? With whom should I match the right time,
here no one has a watch. If you don’t want, then return it to me.
Give it me. I didn’t say that. -If father comes to know?
-Then next time I’ll get food for you. You be happy, huh. What is right and wrong,
leave it on me. Okay? Father! -Hello uncle.
-Hello. -Quickly, get water.
-Yes mom, getting it. -Father, water.
-What happened? Till now only one… ..but now Shabbir has also
gone astray. -What have they done?
-Looted bank in broad daylight. Arif… Since then both are missing… …in department people were questioning
me as a criminal. -You don’t worry…
-I can’t wait for so long. I’ll not spare them. Where ever they must be hiding,
I’ll nab them. I’ll not spare them. Ahh..!! Idiots…why you both had
to be my children? People in this locality respect me
so much. Father don’t hit them. -Idiots, you robbers.
-Father, don’t hit them. Rascals, today I can’t face
anyone. You rascals… Father…don’t hit them.
Don’t hit them. -Don’t hit them.
-Be in your limits. Be in your limits. Cover your head with a veil or I’ll
nail you down. Go inside. Come..come to the police station. Come.. Put both of them behind the bars. Don’t show any sympathy towards them. Hit them so hard that they never ever
think of repeating the same mistake again. Move! You narrate stories very well. Not she, you are narrating
a story. You want to prove that Ms. Haseena
is running her brother’s …so called underworld business, right? Don’t get away from the point. I’m coming to the point, Mr. Keshwani. Okay, let’s believe your story… The more your father beat your brothers the
more determined they became. Both’s views didn’t match,… …that doesn’t mean
brother didn’t respect father. To prove himself in front of father
it was okay as far as smuggling…… but what did your brother want to
prove being a gangster? It was not his hobby. Oh I see! You mean to say system, society,
compulsion, circumstances, right? If my brother was so weak then Appa
wouldn’t be arguing so much for him. On a point of a dragger a dacoit alone can
also plunder the entire bus, Haseena. That doesn’t mean that he is brave. That’s the difference… Not to attack but to save himself from an
attack, he had taken weapon in his hand. And this path was also shown
by these people. What are you trying to say? Brother, father is very worried. For next six months I don’t
want to think… …whether food will be cooked
for dinner or not. What’s wrong in it? That’s right but he has to face
humiliation at the police station. You think, we’re staying very proudly
in that small house, right? Dad has the strength of facing the
embarrassment of one person and that’s me. Pathan bhai…what is such a well known
man doing here at Mohamadalli market? He must be out to buy Bombay. -Let’s go, brother.
-Big man..big thinking! But his brother Shabbir is
not to be seen. Can’t you see, he is out
with his sister. No brother. So that he gets a good discount while
buying Bombay, dude. Hold..hold this. Get going.
Go. Come… -Tell mother, I’ll be late.
-I’ll also come with you. What? We are not going to any zoo,
you go home. I’m so small, how can I go alone,
I’ll go with brother. Come on, get down. Number of fights you have got into is
more than your age. Hey… I am talking to you. -He started it.
-So, you will end it. I don’t like it but if I keep quiet
I’ll be no more. Not in bits, if you want to finish
them then do it in one go. These Pathans have… You get them down, we’ll not stop
you from coming up. This is a promise. What do you say? I will think and tell you. Save this story for a news channel, they
will get breaking news for entire week. As far as I know, till now your brother
has not killed anyone. But he got them killed! Now should I call him a coward or
clever, I am not able to decide. That’s the thing…you have read
about my brother… …and I have read my brother. Will that make him a revolutionary? He was a gangster and he is a gangster. One who didn’t pay any heed to any relation, to
any thing or any principle to come up in life. Your brothers wanted to reach where
Karim lalla could never think of reaching. And to get there, they needed to break his strength
and that were Pathans working for him. Please forgive me, bhai. From middle of water of middle of
road, they would grab their consignments. Clashed the gold prices, brought all
the Pathan buyers on his side. Bought Pathans men. Made them work against Pathans. And in no time Kaskar brothers names
were at the top in the world of crimes. Take this, buy something for
yourself, okay. -Isn’t biryani very tasty?
-Very delicious. Anyhow I want Shabbir. -Hello.
-Hello. Instead of interfering in each other business,
why don’t you work together? Even after working together they won’t
cheat, who will take that guarantee? Look around, everyone has cheated someone
or the other and have reached here. But one thing is for sure, no one from
us will go to heaven. A man to see the hell before dying will
be you, for that I can take the guarantee. You b******d. You’re lucky that you’re standing with the
man whom we consider to be our Aka. One day I’ll surely teach you both
brothers a lesson. Remember it. You’re wholly to blame for
what we are today. You had said, I am out to
buy Bombay, right? Bombay belongs to us! So there is no need to buy it. But one day, we’ll make you
bankrupt, that’s my promise. Goodbye, Aka sir. Did you see these idiots.
As if we are no one. A sister who is so close to a brother
would surely stop him. Infact she had become habituated
of that kind of luxurious life. Am I right? If that was the case… I wouldn’t be happy living a normal
life after marriage. Money is not everything but
power is also very important. And when you’re going to be husband is
the right hand of your brother… Haseena Parkar’s husband Ibrahim Parkar
used to run a restaurant at Jayraj lane. I’ve heard, he used to keep
a gun with him. From whom you have heard,
present him here in the court. But scared of her and her brother who will
dare to come to testify in court, your Honour? Your honour, this is perilous. Mr. Keshwani, there is no theory stating that
a restaurant owner… …cannot be a part of underworld. Yes, there is no theory but without
any proof. Mr. Keshwani, confession itself is
the biggest proof. You proceed. Thank you, your honour. Were you aware about the ordinary
lifestyle of your husband before marriage. Yes. Then you could refuse for the marriage. As you said… Money is not everything. -Mother…
-Huh! Mr. Ibrahim is really very impressive? Didn’t I tell you, I was speechless
looking at him. If my eyes would get out of him then
only I’d have said something. 6 1/2 feet tall, broad build and
was so dashing… …as if God has blessed him with
all the beauty in the world. Then the number of people jealous of
Haseena will increase. That’s very true. Oh Haseena, what are you doing,
you burnt the shirt. How are you? Is everyone fine at home? Are you feeling cold in the
month of May? For just one question,
so many answers. In..infact looking at you…
-Got scared looking at me? No..yes! Do you know, why boy’s face is
not shown on engagement? Or else boys looking so deadly like
me will remain unmarried only. Looking at him, the girl will refuse
to marry him. Come…now atleast I’ve overcome
a fear of mine… …that I’ll be able to make you
happy or not? Take this.
Goodbye. Listen…house keys…
-Imran… Yes. Come here.
Come here. -What is this?
-I was just about to clean it. When?
After the hotel is shut down? Do you keep your house also
so dirty? Remember, for every stain I’ll deduct
50 rupees from your salary. Come on, clean it. Yes. Where are you running away, Haseena? Does Mr. Ibrahim look at the floor
and comb his hair? Oh brother, you don’t know… …it’s fine if I’m not seen in
the house… …but no dirt should be seen
in the house. -Hello.
-I’m coming upstairs in 10 minutes. Okay. Is everything looking clean?
-Don’t know. I’ve not seen the house so
spick and span before. Brother tell me, is everything
else fine? Nothing has changed in my life… You tell me, do you miss home? Here also it’s just like home… …from making any decisions to looking
after the accounts, man only handles it. Have to go out in Burka(veil) But now in that Burkha there is a
feeling of freedom. Do you remember when our team used
to go to any restaurant… …we like it or not we had to eat
what father used to order. Now when I go with him, I’ve the
liberty to choose the food I like. Have the freedom to choose the place. But doesn’t have the freedom
to choose a film. Film! See carefully. During the fifth month of pregnancy,
it’s not good to watch such a movie. Look..look..quickly
have a look. It’s you! In six months also, you don’t know
me completely. Did you eat Kebab?
How is it? It’s very tasty. How did you come in this film? Since 10 years I’m working
in films. What are you thinking? Like how heroes fly in the film,
can you also fly? Just flying, I can walk on water also. I can pass through fire, I can jump from
one terrace to another on bike. You have not married any ordinary man. What happened? I also want to see. Okay. -‘Roll camera..take 5.’
-Action. Good.
Hit more. Hit hard. Yes! How is Mr. Ibrahim? Yes…do you think, someone
can hit him? What?
No..no! He is so naive. I am asking because really
like this happened. Who hit him? A short man was going on hitting him
and even he was also not doing anything. -When did this happen?
-Last week. And no one said anything? Yes and there was a man who was
asking him to hit hard… Did you go to watch a shooting? -Yes. -Dear, everything is fake
in shooting. Hero must be hitting him. Just a short man and a hero? He can jump from my husband’s shoulders
and commit suicide. Your tap is there, right?
Then go and fill water from there. -That tap is broken.
-I don’t know all that. Pick up your bucket and get
lost from her. Get lost! Do I need to make you understand
separately? This tap belongs to us, understood. Tap belongs to this locality. You won’t heed me so easily. You don’t know, who am I! I don’t regret the fact that
I don’t know you. I regret that you don’t know me. Do you want to know,
I am whose sister? If you come to know then personally you’ll
go and deliver water in every house. Get lost! Oh you… What was the need to
take your brother’s name? Thank you, Haseena. Today because of
you, water problem is solved. Okay fine.
Thank you. We have to stay in this locality… You’re very lucky, Mr. Ibrahim that
you have such a nice wife. She is our Hero!
Hero! Okay, fine. -For such small issues…
-Haseena is a saviour for us. So your husband has never used
your brother’s name in his business? I didn’t crack any joke over here,
Ms. Haseena? A thought of mine made me laugh. For what reason my husband would
take my brother’s name? I’m brother-in-law of Don speaking,… …hotel’s ration is over.
send it across. Good! With this joke you can hide
the truth… ..but how will you change it? In our community women are kept
far away from business talks. That’s the reason, if it ever happened
also, I don’t know. And you used his name or power just
for social service, right? I’m not a cheap goon who’ll threaten
for small issues … …but if someone hurts my
family members… …then I’m not a saint either
who’ll stay quiet. -Mister..pay your bill.
-Next week. It’s strange, everytime you do
the same thing. Why are you cribbing, am I
running away somewhere? Past bills are also pending. Didn’t I say next week.
Don’t irritate me. This will not do.
Clear all your dues. I won’t pay, do what you can do. -Strange rowdyism is this?
-Rowdyism! I’ll show, what rowdyism is! Are you gone mad? You are right. If you are clever then
don’t ever come here again. Understood. Now respectfully
clear all your bills. You’ll save your hospital bills. Come on, pay the bill. Ms. Satham after this household chaos,
arguments with the vegetable vendors… …you will get all one after
the other. But how is this all related to
the bigger picture in the question? Your honour, these small issues are the
ones that have encouraged her. Ms. Satham, we are not writing
any novel on her. You just talk what is relevant
to this case. Thank you, your honour. Ms. Haseena, 12 February 1981, does
this date has importance in your life? Fill the tank full. Hello sir.
Give the keys. Sir, keys. Goodbye, sir. He is Shabbir bhai,
you know him, right? Come on..get going. What? I’ve come here uninvited,
so you felt bad? I can see, coming in a group you
have shown your true colours. Didn’t I tell you, one day I’ll surely
teach you a lesson. -Hello bhai.
-Hello. -David Pardesi.
-Yes bhai. This is imported, American gun. Can you operate it? -Very easily.
-Goodbye. Next case Amirzada Pathan. Pathan…! A lay man used to be scared to
step out of the house… ..what if by mistake the bullet
is fired at him. This city had turned into
a battlefield. What are you trying to prove? You want to say Ms. Haseena
was involved in gang wars. -I didn’t say that.
-Or you want to prove… …that only you have researched
about gang wars. Will you give me a chance to
complete my discussion, Mr. Keshwani? Madam, so many accusations you
have put on my client … …to prove them is very far off thing… …but even to reach to the point you’re not
able to present a single valid argument. Mr. Keshwani, I am just trying to
co relate… -..without knowing Haseena’s past…
-Madam, what is the case…? -What is the case…
-Mr. Keshwani..Mr. Keshwani… If you’ll let me complete, then you
will know that Haseena …-Madam… -Listen to him…
-Hold on! I’m paid to listen to both
the parties. That’s why let me listen
to her also. By the way, Mrs Roshini what are
you trying to say? That 30 years ago,
Haseena Parkar’s brother’s… …aim was not just to finish
the rival gangs. But it was to give the message to
entire city that… …that no one can stand
against their family. Till date she is taking the
advantage of it. To the extent that no one is daring
to testify in the court. -Your Honour but this doesn’t prove…
-Mr. Keshwani..Mr. Keshwani… You may proceed. Ms. Haseena, when did you last meet
your brother? I hope you know, he didn’t come
for her father’s cremation also. So, if you are trying to prove, cheating police
Haseena Parkar is been meeting her brother… I didn’t say anything like that, you
yourself is getting to conclusions. -Then why are you aksing personal questions?
-Personal? What is personal over here? There is nothing personal over
here, Mr. Keshwani… …everything is strictly business. And the business we are talking about… it’s not possible to abandon it without
handing it over to someone. Am I right, sir? Ms. Haseena, what did you say, when
did you last meet your brother? Haseena… Haseena… What happened? What happened? Your brother Iqbal is been shot by
Karim lala’s nephew Samad Khan. He is badly injured. Samad..what’s the hurry? Wait for some more time. If I’ll heed you all the time,
you’ll stop respecting me. Sit down. In this office I don’t want the
burden of one more file. Just wipe them off. And yes, don’t be emotional,
use your brains. Two bullets will be enough for them. And one more thing,… I don’t want any enquiry on any officers
regarding this case. -Is it clear?
-Yes, sir. Mr. Khalid..at this hour. Downstairs Bhai has come
to meet you. Brother, at this hour,
you are here? -I just wanted to meet you once.
-Is everything fine? I’m leaving the country and going. For how many days? I hope, I could tell you. But even I don’t know. After all, what happened? After Shamad’s murder,
police has become very aggressive. They will not let me roam
here freely. -But airport…
-From here I’m going to Delhi… …there a new passport is arranged. From there I’ll go to Dubai. Brother, first brother Shabbir
and now you. What about me…? I’m leaving the country and
going, not you. Your brother is not going so far that
he can’t stay close to you also. Khallid was always be with you
as my shadow. Take care of yourself. Goodbye. I said, I don’t remember it. Such an important day of your life
and you’re saying, you don’t remember it. That day was not any festival or a
new year… …how will I remember when
I had met my brother? Court needs a date. When means incident also. You want me to answer whether he had
handed over his business to me or not… …in his last meeting. Answer to it is a big No. Then what was the need for someone
to break the principles of underworld. In your underworld there is a
unwritten law…-Your Honour. If a family has nothing to do with that world
then they don’t harm them. -Go out and play.
-Okay. Father… Father… Father… Danish! Danish! Bhai…! Take him and go inside. Bhai! Go inside and lock the door. What happened, lalle? Where are the kids? Lalle, you are shot. -Kids are inside.
-Nothing will happen to me. Lalle come, let’s go to hospital. Nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you. I am there! Call for a taxi. Lalle, nothing will happen.
Driver, drive quickly. Lalle, keep talking nothing will happen.
Driver, hurry up. Driver, hurry up! Lalle..look at me.
Lalle, nothing will happen to you. Nothing will happen to you.
Nothing will happen. Nothing will happen to you. lalle..Lalle! Mother! Mother, what happened?
Mother! Mother, what happened?
Mother! Mother, why are you crying? Mother, where is dad? Promise me, you’ll never leave
your mother alone. Promise me. You will not go before me. Lalle! Lalle! Hello. Hello. How are you, dear? Fine, I’ve just finished my prayers. Don’t worry, just pray. Everyday I pray only… …that one day everything
becomes fine. God bless you. What will you take? I got what I wanted. ‘Late night at 3.30 two unknown men started
firing at the JJ hospital.’ ‘Their aim was to take revenge from
Arun Gawli’s sharp shooter.’ ‘They were shooters who had killed Dawood
Ibrahim’s sister’s husband Ibrahim Parkar.’ ‘But it’s very sad that due to underworld
enmity so many innocent died.’ ‘From them two were constables and
three hospital staffs…’ Hello. Your prayers is accepted, dear. -Brother..you…
-I had decided… I’ll surely avenge his death. Don’t worry, your brother
is with you. Good bye. According to you, to take the revenge from
your brother, your husband was killed. Correct! At that time, she was not that little sister
who would be happy with a smuggled watch. She was that Haseena who very well knew
the power of his brother. And you’re saying, your brother took such
a big step without informing you. You’re accusing my client for abetment
of murder. Because I cannot accept that JJ shoot out
was planned without her knowledge. You’re arguing as if your some
personal agenda is there. A man for his personal agenda enters a
hospital in broad daylight… …opens fire and kills seven people and
you’re questioning me, Mr. Keshwani That has nothing to do with this case. -Don’t you know…
-I didn’t say. If I would have said, then I wouldn’t
hesitate to accept… Nor I would regret! And if you have any brother then
ask him… …if you were in my place what
would he do? You will get your answer. So you’re trying to say, such a big
shootout at JJ that your brother… My honour, she is doing
baseless arguments. Ms. Roshini, do you have any solid proof
to prove what you’re saying is right? You can accept such a big thing
in front of all. Then why don’t you accept that you operate
your brother’s buisness here in Bombay? Just give me a reason why would
he handover the business to me? Trust! Your Honour, 2000 crore
property in Mumbai… …and relative just one. Who can’t understand the electricity
bill of 2000 rupees… …will she operate
2000 crores business? There is a world outside the kitchen
and children, I didn’t know only. Come on, come. Goodbye mother. Learning a new thing everyday
was scaring me. But I had to run the house. I thought of restarting
my husband’s hotel. If running a food business was as easy
as cooking then there would be no problem. ‘To bring the condition under control
State government has asked… Central government to enhance
the security.’ ‘By the time government could reach
to any conclusion it was quite late.’ ‘It’s 4.30 and in no time 450 years old
building collapsed in front of all.’ ‘In many parts of the country people
are in state of panic.’ ‘Prime Minister has requested
citizens to remain calm’ ‘Today’s news ends here…’ ‘Communal riots has broken in Bombay.’ ‘Late night few Muslim youths barged in
and set Hindus slums into flames’ ‘Bombay is into most horrific rites ever’ ‘Hindus attacking Muslims and
Muslims attacking Hindus.’ ‘Incident of 6th December has left a
permanent scar on city’s face.’ ‘Riots have spread across every lane’ ‘Hindus and Muslims are
killing each other’ ‘Bloodshed doesn’t seem to stop’ ‘Bombay Police has announced curfews
in various sensitive areas.’ ‘The maximum city has come to a
grinding halt’ ‘As the riots took an ugly
turn yesterday…’ ‘Rapid action force was called to
control the situation.’ Hello. Dear, now it’s not safe to
stay in Bombay. You get the kids and come here. -Relatives are here, brother.
-Get them also along with you. That’s the whole story, they
don’t want to leave Bombay. And I can’t leave them. Dear try to understand, all day long
I am worried about you all. Don’t worry,
just pray. My god is with me, nothing
will happen to me. Goodbye. ‘The after mark of clashes has claimed
almost 350 lives.’ ‘With the death toll rising everyday.’ ‘the law and order situation seems
to be only theoretical.’ Has come from Dongri. You go, I’ll join you later. ‘Dawood is not our brother… …he has not done anything
for Dongri women.’ ‘Series of 10 blast in Bombay
left 257 people dead… ..and almost 700 injured.’ ‘These blast have been in India’s
commercial capital namely…’ ‘The Bombay stock Exchange, Worli Passport
office, Zaveri Bazaar… ‘The Centaur Hotel and Lucky Petrol Pump.’ ‘Bombay city has never seem to
be so quiet.’ ‘Lonely roads, empty trains, it seems as if
after the blast entire city is in shock.’ Who are you? You are been called.
Quickly! Come on quickly. -Where is mom going?
-Quickly! -Mother..mother..
-Study well. Sit here. Ms. Haseena, this place will
not be new for you? Oh, because your father
was in police. Water? I have with me. Tea? Only question! Ms. Haseena, what do you think
about the blasts in Bombay? What sort of question is this? So many lost their life, definitely
I’ll feel bad. What you think, who is responsible
for these blasts? You are in police, you must know it. Certainly! Look, our reports say that blasts
planning was done in Dubai. Is it illegal to answer a question
with a question? Certainly not. Ask. His mother and sister stays
in this city,… …do you think he
will do like this? Look, I am not saying anything… He used to smuggle gold and
he is still doing it… I can scream and say this in
the middle of the road. But he will not do this. For you Bombay is a city… …but for my brother it’s
his first love. Mother! Mother..how to make this? Come on. ‘Indian government has declared
him terrorist.’ ‘Mother, what is uncle doing
on the TV? Mother, what is terrorist? Sir has called you. ‘Crime branch is trying their best
to solve the blast case.’ ‘They are continuously calling
Haseena Parkar for investigation.’ ‘From Haseena Parkar crime branch has
not got any solid proof.’ ‘To prove that her brother was responsible
or not for Bombay bomb blasts.’ ‘Only she or her brother knows
what is the truth. -Mother has come.
-Mother, come let’s eat. -Come on, mother.
-Mother, I am hungry. -Come on, mother.
-Mother, come let’s eat. -Mother..mother..
-Mother, what happened? Hello.. -I am tired, brother.
-Dear, is everything okay? Scared of stepping in the house.
Scared of sleeping at night. All the time police keeps
calling me for investigation. What I don’t know, they keep
repeating the same question. What should I tell them? Do you know your brother? I can answer the police, but what
should I answer the kids? Danish is asking, what is terrorist?
Why uncle is seen on TV everyday? What should I tell him? Only those people are tested by God, for
whom he has confidence that they’ll win And I also know my sister. So easily she will not give up. Have patience and keep faith in
God and in your brother. Brother, you have done it or not? Brother, what I said to police
was true, right? Brother..brother.. Look, if you know anything then
please don’t hide it. My phone is tapped, so for sure I
cannot know more than you. No..no.
I am not blaming you. You are his sister… You will hold my brother responsible for
whatever wrong happens in the country? If tomorrow someone dies of heart attack
in your family… ..then also you will say,
my brother is responsible for it. And then you will call me
for investigation? Now what to do? All your brother and sisters
left the country and went away. Only you are in Bombay that’s the reason
we are calling you. That means I made a mistake staying
in my own city. Even you could leave the city. For sure your brother must be aware that
his name was involved in these blasts. Because my husband will
not want this. After him, his family is my
responsibility. Since a week, they are getting food
in time.. …my children are reaching school
safely or not… I am not aware of anything. Though I am not at fault,
I’ve to come her daily. Keep quiet! Lower your voice! I’m talking amicably doesn’t mean
that I respect you a lot. Not just a week, if I call you have
to come here for a month also. Your brother is accused of bomb blast
and not for any Patriotism tasks. Children have eaten food or not!
Damn it! Many parents have not got their
children’s dead bodies also… …and you’re sitting here
and being arrogant. But what’s my mistake? That you are his sister! And this you have to tolerate
all your life. Sooner you understand this… …that much less will be the pain. ‘They have no rights to stay here.’ ‘Your brother is a terrorist’
‘Your brother is a Killer’ ‘She is hand in glove with
her brother’ You must have understood that they
will trouble you because of your brother. So, you decided, as much they will pull
you down that much you’ll keep rising. And you did what was very easy for you. It seems to be illegal work… I tried to convince him that you
don’t get into all this. Get him.
I am coming. Sincerely I want to do the cable
business…. …but he is not letting me
step in his area. Every time he gets furious. When I try to explain him amicably,
he threatens me. After trying every possible way… …now I’ve come to you. Tell him Sunday evening snacks
is at my place. My cable line used to operate
at the area number 8, 3 10. Now he has come to interfere. -No fighting while eating.
-Then what should I do? My business… You are not the sole owner
of those areas. -Don’t try to be over smart.
-Quiet! Walls of these house are
used to loud voice of only mine. From Mohamadalli to Tardeo
is your area. In rest you play. -My business and my respect…
-Is it more than my words? No harm will come on your
business. But madam… To explain more than this neither do I
have patience nor words. Will it be fine if you receive a call from
Dubai regarding Mohammad Ali Road issues. You have eaten my salt… Regarding money talk to Khalid. Solving so many mutual understandings
in few years… From Jayraj lane Chawl she reached straight
to a posh flat of Gordon Hall… …where she used to have
her own court. From husband wife tiffs to business
rivalry, there was not any such… …dispute that she has not solved. Suddenly a 7th failed Haseena Parkar
became Bombay’s most expensive and… …and reliable arbitrator. And from Haseena you became
Haseena Appa. Elder sister of Nagpada. Many Dons were born in Bombay… …but Appa was only one. Isn’t it? People gave me respect … I just accepted it! Appa!! This was the time when your brother handed
over his entire Bombay business to you. Hello! Dear, till now you have been
very far from such things. Don’t do it. Have I ever let you feel the
dearth of anything. Without asking I’ve got a lot, brother. Some things that… …didn’t ever think of. -I know because of me… I’m not holding you responsible
for anything. But we both cannot deny that
on every step of my life… …there are footsteps of
your feet. Though you wish you
cannot wipe them… …same way even if I wish,
I cannot step back. But what will you acheive
doing all this? I had asked you a question… …you didn’t have any
answer for it. I regret, answer to your question… I don’t have. Goodbye. Your brother must be aware that
settling the disputes between the builders… …you yourself have got
into real estate business? Yes. Then I don’t see any reason,
your honour… …why he wouldn’t ask her to look
after his illegal properties. Mrs. Satham, when will you get this? My client is just a real estate agent. Real estate agents just takes
commission or brokerage. Not protection money! If anyone comes to my client
for settlement… …and for that if she charges a fee,
then that is not protection money. Tomorrow you will say arbitration
fees is also protection money. Then we lawyers should also be
convicted for that. Your honour! Settlement was future planning. To maintain her hold. Monopoly… To spread the terrorism. To the extent that no builder in South Bombay
couldn’t dare to purchase any plot. To do construction on that plot
is far off thing… …without her consent no one couldn’t
even dare to sell their house in her area. Mother, aunt has come. Look Ms. Fatima… …what most I can do for you is
I can give money… …or can help you to look
for a new house. My husband is paralyzed… …at this age where will
I take him? Mother, she had only son who
died in riots. Her neighbours are
her family. How will she survive? My daughter calls Ms. Fatema
her aunt. Come to point, I am sweating here
in litres. This country, man! Try to understand her situation,
how will she vacant the house? I am NRI investor, I have come
here to make profit. Not for any charity. Can there be some solution to it? She can vacant the house or
increase the rent by 20%. That means she should
vacant it. You know she can’t pay so
high rent. That’s not my problem. I’ve come here from Dubai,
I need to take a flight… …you must have not heard
the name also. And yes, there we think with our brain
and not with our heart. Not like India! Who are you…who are you
to talk to me like this? Hey man, talk with respect. Khalid, didn’t you hear he
has a brain. He has all the right to say. Convey Haseena Appa’s regards to
your brother Ashfak. What Appa? You remember Appa that’s
enough… …no need to remember the name. Goodbye. -Give it Mr. Keshwani.
-Okay. Can I sit? Thank you. God has given so much money then why to
make someone homeless for little money? That day you didn’t tell me,
who you are. I knew you will heed me amicably. After all, with money God has given
you brain also. Right? Right! Actually, I was thinking of
reducing the rent. 2000 rupees… I mean less than 5000 also. I am sorry if I’ve made
any mistake.
. My entire family is in Dubai,… …if you call up there and
complain against me… …you wouldn’t do like this…right? I’ve not even heard
about Dubai. Right? Shall I leave? Sorry! Ms. Fatema, did Farhan Kazi forced
you to vacant the house? What did you say? No! Did he serve you the notice
or not? Yes, he had given the notice. But at this age where would I go
with my ailing husband? That’s why you went to Haseena Parkar. A good NRI with all his rights
wanted to sell his flat. But scared of her, he did not only
gave up the idea of selling the flat… …he suffered loss in the rent also. What is this, if this not extortion? He considered my request as
a threat. Then what is my mistake? With your words don’t mislead
the court, Ms. Haseena. You only tell me… …did I take my brother’s
name in front of him? Or threatened him at gunpoint… Not to sell the flat or
just sell it to me… Then how is this extortion? Your greetings was not less
than any threat. Do you have any FIR copy or
any witness for this? Mrs. Satham, do you have any FIR
copy or any witness? Sir, I think I am making
a fair point. Mrs. Satham, do you have any
material evidence… …to prove that Haseena Parkar
threatened him? Did she get anything
done forcefully? Because of her fear, coming to Bombay
is far off thing… …that NRI has disappeared
somewhere from Dubai itself. No one has any clue about
his whereabouts… -Ms. Satham, please…
-If no one will come in front… Proceed and call the next witness. My next witness is
Inspector Amol Solanki. Since how many years you are
in charge of Nagpada police station? 8 years. Did you receive any complain
against Haseena Parkar? Yes, few. But people who came to
complain had no clue who she was. Because who know her will never
dare to do so. Who had complained? 1-2 builder had complained that some goons
barged and thrash their offices… …sometimes for money… ..or to get the plot in her name. Did Haseena Parkar sent the goons? What even if we were sure, after the arrest
goons used to back out… ..or builder used to deny that goons were
sent by Haseena Parkar. That’s why, you stopped trying. Had appointed special informers,… …for once I felt she has
come into control but… Did you get any information? Not against her… …but against the person from whom
she used to get her work done. His son Danish! Danish was a normal trader. Whomever he wished he would kill. Sir, prosecution is mentally traumatizing… Mr. Keshwani, defence will be given a
chance for cross examination. You may proceed. Power is the biggest habit … …and a person can cross any limit
to maintain that… Danish and you, both had crossed
that limit. From Nagpada to Dongri, no one could
obtain that place… …that his brother had
obtained. Being Bhai’s nephew, this was
very easy for Danish. And that has not become his strength
but her strength. Whenever she wanted she used his name
to threaten people to get her work done. Bhai’s nephew is going to come..
Look, here comes my bhai… Look there is the manager. Do you know the charges
of incoming calls from Dubai? I’ll only pay the bill. How much do you know Danish? And how much do you know… …this Inspector? All your information is useless
just like you. You have taken so much money,
what the hell do you with it? Sir, that’s not the thing,
please believe me. Is it? I meet Bhai’s nephew and his minions. They are planning something
very big, sir. -That’s true, sir.
-Then get some clue. I’m not paying you just to blabber. How dare you take brother’s name? How many times I’ve told you, don’t
get into other problems. Don’t you understand? But mother, he is my friend. Friend! You have a mother, wife, sister, don’t
you think of us before doing all this. One day you will die because
of your friend. All day long I am
worried about you. When will you reform? He has eaten enough today,
don’t give him anything to eat. First you. I have eaten. You say, I don’t heed you… …then how can I believe this? It pains me more than you when
I hit you. If I don’t hit, you then
what should I do? I don’t know any other way to
express my fear. I am scared of losing you. My brother, your father… …all the members of our
family went away. You are only one around me… …if you’ll not understand the
responsibility of this house… …then on whom should I depend? Mother, as I proudly say that I am
Haseena Appa’s son… One day, even you will proudly say that
Danish is my son. This is my promise to you. Hey man, you get a scheme for
the girls in our area. Not you, Danish had
got into the fight. So, do you have any problem? -He is my brother.
-Yes, that’s very great about you all. You keep chanting your uncle’s name
and he’ll keep chanting your name. -Calm down!
-What wrong did I say? I allowed you to stay here,
gave you respect… -…that’s my fault, come on, get lost.
-Why? Is this your uncle’s area? Does your uncle rule this place?
Very soon he’ll be behind the bars. -Sir..sir..
-Who thrashed you? Look, Bhai’s nephew thrashed me. Look at this..
He hit me. He tried to kill me. -Kamale..
-Yes sir. File his FIR. Ok, sir. -Come.
-Go. Friday is over, you’ll
not get the bail today. Do the preparation to send
him to Khaid. On Monday he will directly come
to the court. Mother with Akhbar’s… Everything will be fine, Appa. Mr. Keshwani… …whom I loved the most. They proved all my fear
to be true. Where is Danish? If you come to know,
then inform me also. Ms. Haseena, did you ever think,
why Danish met with an accident? Did you ever feel that the accident
was pre planned? ‘Car is reaching.’ You did not only take over his
business but his enemies also. You can’t deny that your husband
and son died because of this reason. Doctor’s son wants to become
a doctor… …engineer’s son wants to
become engineer. But what example did you and
your brother set for Danish? …what other option did he have…
-Enough is enough, Mrs. Roshini! Since morning you’re narrating
stories one after the other. I am stating the fact, she is
the one who is narrating stories. All your allegations are based
on articles and rumours. You are wasting everybody’s time. Just because someone doesn’t
appear to testify… …that doesn’t prove that she
is innocent. Are you a lawyer or a
news reporter? There are rumours only when
there is some truth. Madam we are not here to compete
for some election… …here it’s about some lady’s
dignity. You are talking about what dignity? If she is so clean, then why did she
mislead everyone? Why she came to the court
hiding her face in veil? Now even that is a crime?
Wow! She feared her brother’s enemies
or whom she had extort… That’s the reason she came to
court hiding her face. Enough! No sir, I am just trying to establish that
she is trying to prove herself as a victim… -I object, your honour.
-Enough! Both of you! Mrs. Satham, first of all I’ll
like to say… I really respect your courage. Mr. Keshwani, you’ve to accept,
she has given a tough fight. But Mrs. Satham, this was just
a debate… …not a case! I’ve heard you very well,
considered all your arguments… …but you don’t have any proof
or evidence. -But your honour…
-Enough! -Defence want’s to say something?
-No, your Honour. Can I say something? Yes. You’ve all the permission. When there is knock on
someone’s door… …you are so excited… …maybe there is a news
that son has cleared his exams. Or some wanted guests have come. But when my door knocks… I get scared! That there may be a news of someone’s
death who is very close to me. Or some police officer
must have come. Not because I am Haseena… …but because I am sister of
my brother. I may have chosen many wrong
things in life… …but I didn’t choose
my relatives. Does anyone gives any
rights to choose them? My brother has committed
crimes… World knows this… My elder brother and my husband
died because of this reason. To realize this, I don’t need to go
to any court. Number of heads that have
bowed in front of me… …are more than the fingers that
were raised against me. That she is a terrorist’s sister. And the case to change my reality … …neither you can fight… …nor you can give it’s judgement. If it’s a crime to live this reality… …then I accept… …that I commit this crime daily. Listening to you I can’t decide whether
you’re a victim of circumstances… …or the smartest lady of
the world. Your brother is your shield… …or the reason of all your problems. Don’t know. But my decision is not based
on my thinking… -Just go through this list.
-Okay ma’am. That’s it!
Let’s see, what happens. Green colour doesn’t look
good on everyone. It looks good on you. Thank you. Your mother has chosen
this sari for you? How do you know? Because only mothers think
something different from the world. Right? She had got this from Kolkotta
on my birthday. So…! Though we met in strange situation
but it was nice to meet you. Case has just begun now,
Ms. Haseena. We shall meet again. Same way…! In court! ‘In the matter of extortion,
Bombay session court… …has accepted Haseena Parkar’s
anticiptary bail.’ ‘If we believe the sources, she has
been released due to lack of evidences.’ ‘Prosecution will appeal in
High court or not…’ ‘Or just like her brother, Haseena will
also remain far away from law custody.’ ‘Will know with time.’ Yes brother!

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