Heritage Minutes: Viola Desmond

Heritage Minutes: Viola Desmond

All I wanted was to see a
movie. One down please. I can’t sell downstairs tickets to you
people. How dare they. I could afford to buy the more expensive ticket. I run my own business. But they refused to take my money. They left me there all night. On what charge? They said I didn’t pay the theatre tax. But it was really about colour. Sister Desmond, appeal this conviction and your community will stand behind you. Do you have any idea what this will do to us? So what are you going to do? Make it right. Viola Desmond’s case inspired Nova Scotia’s civil rights movement. She was pardoned 63 years later based on the injustice of her conviction.

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  1. I'm so happy to see you guys producing more of these Heritage Moments.
    They were always a favourite childhood memory of mine.
    It's also a life goal of mine to get to work on a production for one these in the near future.

  2. yet still so many people make statements like "the law is the law, you should just obey" in order to justify bad and racist law. Today more then ever we should support the activists who face these laws head on and in turn make life better for us and future generations

  3. sovereign rights is what she should have pursued ; civil rights are for black americans who where never granted the same sovereign rights as the whites .

  4. Interesting channel.
    There were many injustices throughout history that were far greater than this.
    Regardless, the this channeled pulled a race card.
    It's really getting old- it happened but we should focus on more important topics.

  5. I'm confused… at 0:12 there are black people up on the balcony where she looks not white… but considering they are all black, there must be a meaning or message that I'm missing. Can someone please explain to me?

  6. Love them all and have now seen them all in one place. Really really like the Nursing Sisters and Viola Desmond ones.

  7. This is great, I'm glad that these Canadian Heritage moments aren't as white washed as they used to be, but I'd love if they did a Canadian Heritage moment about the destruction of Africville in Halifax.

  8. Thanks for putting her on the $10 — Thank you, Viola, for helping our country get one step closer to being socially just — we still have a long way to go, let her face on the new bill serve as a constant reminder that we do better.

  9. Her face will grace Canada's new $10 bill! The Rosa Parks of Canada. How come I knew all about Rosa, but Viola's story was never taught in my school in Toronto?

  10. Isn't it telling that her name is unknown in Canada, especially as compared to that of a certain person in the United States? Such a remarkable person, so shamefully treated.

  11. Happy to hear Viola Desmond is on the Canadian 10 dollar bill. BUT it is sad so few Canadians know about this courageous black woman. She was a business woman and she was successful in life. I wish more Canadians KNEW about her story.

  12. I'm glad she did something, this is a beautiful women that more children should be taught about. Because she teaches people to believe in what's right, stand up for a good cause and not discriminate because of colour.

  13. This ridiculous miscarriage of justice hinged on her 'defrauding the government' out of 1 cent of tax, nonsense because her request to pay for a main floor ticket was refused. Her fine was $26 for defrauding the government out of a tax of 1 cent.

    When you decide to go to court, don't ever expect much in the way of justice, esp if you live in a bigoted society.

  14. I never heard of her until last year, and I still wouldn't have if she hadn't been chosen for the new $10 bills. Women and minorities have always been treated shamefully in Canada despite the fact that we pride ourselves on being tolerant and progressive.

  15. As a black Canadian female, specifically a Nova Scotian, I couldn't possibly be any prouder of this woman.

  16. Ok, so she wanted to enjoy the movie instead of contending with rude people walking in in the middle of and talking during the film, so she chose to sit in the Whites only section…this is a big deal.

  17. I am an American and this is the first time of hearing about Viola Desmond… she is similar to Rosa Parks

  18. It's interesting that people are not allowed to comment in all of the other videos about her on Youtube. What's up, Canada?

  19. Viola Desmond we will all ways remember you for the changes you did and all the hard work r.i.p viola Desmond we will love you

  20. This is so depressing. But I’m happy I live in a country where the injustices of people in the past are broadcast as a reminder to all who live here.

  21. Really? We're going to add this woman first, and not an indigenous Canadian?

    Oh. And she was mixed race, not "black." In fact, if the standard is just calling her after the skin colour of ONE of her parents, then I guess I'll just call her "white. "

  22. Business woman,has her own salon,it’s not her fault she got arrested it’s the coloured peoples fault they had no more seats.

  23. So excited to see her on the new $10 bill. Celebrating courageous changemakers like Viola and giving her the spotlight even if it's decades late is so important.

  24. I love these new "wasn't Canada awful" heritage moments. 25 years ago our heritage moments rightfully championed Canada for freeing 30,000 runaway slaves. The Underground Railroad ran right through Nova Scotia but now all of that doesn't seem to mean shit. This theatre and its staff doesn't fairly represent our past and John A macdonald being taken off of the ten is an absolute travisty. It's a combination of politics and placating and its bending our past towards the ugly side of history. Canada is so much much much more than its most famous victims!!! Just think…Jackie Robinson was being embraced in Montreal at the exact same time as Viola was being turned away in Halifax. Did we forget about him?

  25. OK here is the truth on this matter, Segregation was rare in Canada and there was NO slavery. The theater she was in did NOT have segregation.
    The theater had balcony seats and floor seats, the tickets for the floor seats where better and as such more expensive than the balcony seats.
    This woman paid for the cheaper balcony seats and then took a spot on the floor. Taking the seat away from someone that did in fact pay the higher price for the floor seat.
    That is why she was asked to move, not because of color.
    She was no hero at all, she was more of a swindler (as we'd called it in those days).
    Him putting her on the $10 bill is more egg on Trudies face.

  26. Wow. I never knew Canada had discrimination. This movie is not entirely true. However many facts have remained. There was USA immigrants at the time persuading the residents of Halifax. I find it hard to believe the Canadians would accept the views of the USA so easily at this time. Either way she does deserve to be the representive face on our $10 currency.

  27. Her story is great and Im happy its recognized. I just wish they would stay historically accurate. She did not know there was a difference between balcony and lower level in terms of segregation. SHe was sold a balcony ticket, and being near sighted, moved closer to see the film. THEN she was told to leave, THEN she knew it was segregated, and THEN she refused (still heroic, just a different context). Her hip was injured during removal (atrocious) and her appeal case failed (atrocious).

  28. I'm wondering why her picture is portrait though when everyone else's is landscape.

    Also wondering why I've never heard of her until now. School's should at least mention her name.

  29. Elegant, goal oriented, independent, fearless and unbreakable in spirit and conviction. What more could one ask for in a person? How can one be more exemplary and uplifting? Be a Viola. Viola is an inspiration and a national hero! My face literally lights up everytime I see a Canadian dollar bill adorned with the beautiful smile of an ACTUAL QUEEN and not the scornful snooty smirk of that geezer monarch. History may have been cruel to you, but generations after you will now testify of your greatness.

  30. Civil rights activist Viola Desmond featured on the "Bank Note of the Year" Award for 2018. "…there is no distinction or preferment for any soul in the dominion of His justice and equity. – Universal Peace, Baha'i Faith

  31. Oh is this the Rosa Parks of Canada? Sighssss come on Canada why do we always have to copy everything from the United States and still claim that we're distinct?

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