Hidden Meaning in Doctor Strange – Earthling Cinema

Hidden Meaning in Doctor Strange – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Doctor Strange, starring
patron saint of cheekbones and Revolutionary War scapegoat Benedict Arnoldbatch. The film follows an Earthling doctor named
Stevie Strange who thinks he’s all that and a bag of starch wafers. But then a car crashes into his hands and
he can’t be doctor no more. He tries everything to fix them, including
whining, but nothing works. Then he learns that there’s such a thing as
Eastern medicine, so he travels to Asia to meet a middle-aged white lady with a British
accent who agrees to teach him fireworks. Strange studies super hard and reads a whole
bunch of library books, almost as if he’s never heard of Thug Notes. He even reads stuff from the secret, off-limits
section labeled “time control powers that might come in handy later.” The librarian tells him not to be such a nerd
or he’ll end up like Kaecilius, a former student who liked spells so much he joined the Dark
Side of the Force in an entirely different Disney franchise. Kaecilius’s ears are burning, so he shows
up to see who’s talking smack. And this time he’s joined by his new squeeze,
an evil space cloud named Dormammu. Kaecilius kills the Middle-Aged British One
and destroys two of the three magic buildings that protect Earth, but not before revealing
the Middle-Aged One’s darkest secret: she’s bald. Strange stops off for a quick makeover montage,
then meanders over to Hong Kong to protect the final magic building before tea. The only problem is that tea is almost over
and Dormammu is already slurping down Planet Earth like it’s his job, which it isn’t, because
clouds can’t have jobs. Strange uses his illegal time powers to trap
Dormammu with him in a single moment forever, a.k.a. my wife’s signature move. Finally they strike a deal, and Strange sets
Dormammu free on the condition that he go bother some other planet full of innocent
people that’s out of his jurisdiction. Doctor Strange explores the nature of human
consciousness, especially if you watch it high as shit. In the beginning, Strange views the world
as a materialist and a reductionist, as evidenced by his lack of facial hair. He’s a basic bitch, so he believes any phenomenon,
no matter how complex, can be reduced to its most basic physical mechanisms. That and he loves pumpkin spice lattes. This ideology contributes to Strange’s lack
of empathy. Since to him people are just masses of cells,
he can ignore intangibles like emotion or human decency and freely behave like a sweaty
little plasma-sack. He feels no particular inclination to help
people in need unless one or more of those people are him. But Strange adopts a more metaphysical perspective
when the Middle-Aged One grants him his holy goatee and opens his “eye”. The film draws from religions such as Hinduism
in its use of the eye to represent a tiny, near-sighted gateway to higher consciousness. The eyes of Kaecilius and the zealots are
blackened and oozing, reflecting their abuse of this gateway, not to mention their punk
rock lifestyle. Another prevalent theme in the movie is time,
which Kaecilius views as not being on his side, no it isn’t. Doctor Strange is similarly fixated with the
hands of time, despite the fact that hands are a sore subject for him. Medicine is a battle against the clock, all
in the hopes of fending off death as long as possible. But as he learns from his culturally-appropriating,
snow white guru, life is meaningful only insofar as it is finite. Strange embraces this wisdom when he demonstrates
his willingness to sacrifice his life over and over to save the ones he loves and also
the ones he only likes as a friend. Whereas Strangehe once collected expensive watches
that reflected his cavalier attitude toward time, in the end, Strange wears only a broken
keepsake as a reminder that his life will someday end, and that he must value his life
and the people in it. At least until he can make a trip to the watch store. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Time… to go.

86 thoughts on “Hidden Meaning in Doctor Strange – Earthling Cinema

  1. He becomes time lord in phone booth, or like other phone booth travelers ted and bill >it is bit bogus adventure dude>

  2. He becomes time lord in phone booth, or like other phone booth travelers ted and bill >it is bit bogus adventure dude>

  3. i watched this movie twice when i was heavy into LSD use, i had to watch it a second time on another trip because i got so sucked into the movie i lost time, popped out of a trance in the end of the movie, and didn't remember a thing.. hands down the most confusing trip of my life, twas very strange

  4. This is what's wrong with youtube channels they have 2 million subs wich is enough to generate plenty of revenue then they hold back content and ask for more money

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  6. "Kaecilius, a former student who liked spells so much he joined the dark side of the force"
    I died

    And then the time stone brought me back

  7. Dr strange is in the top 5 marvel movies. The ancient one got to me and for some reason I’m really drawn to Tilda Swinton in this movie as I’ve never liked her before remotely.

  8. So, the movie is a rebuke of Dr. House’s atheism.

    great we totally need more people to be convinced you can’t be an empathetic moral person with an emotional investment in Life unless you buy into spiritual MAGIC !

  9. has anyone ever thought about watching this (high and;) in vr but see everything in benedict's point of view???

  10. Unforgiven. Eastwood, God, and Mississippi Burning. King Arthur’s last stand.

    Magnificent Seven…..

    I mean…..

    Seven Samurai. Ran. Yojimbo. How could your vault lack Kurosawa?

  11. Boy was I wrong. I thought Dr. Strange only meant to make lots of money without bothering with interesting characters or an original plot.
    Sure, the character changed from materialistic to empathic – in the most corny way possible – but that in itself doesn't make it a 'deep' movie.

  12. Hidden meaning in Doctor strange? Huh this one’s easy: there’s none, let alone a hidden one. Nice attempt to push meaning into a shitty generic movie though.

  13. I loved the movie, but if I hear that bullshit line about death giving life meaning one more time I might throw up.

  14. To all this 'life only has meaning if it can end', well, I certainly never had any problems enjoying life before I was introduced to the concept of death.

    In fact, you could say the constant looming spectre of death has actually made my life worse. :p

  15. I watch this movie after a 3.5 gram shroom trip! I discovered secrets about existence that I couldn’t conceive otherwise, too bad I forgot most of those lessons.

  16. “Strange uses his illegal time powers to trap Dormamu with him in a single point in time forever. AKA my wife’s signature move”


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