Hidden Meaning in SAUSAGE PARTY – Earthling Cinema

Hidden Meaning in SAUSAGE PARTY – Earthling Cinema

Greetings, and welcome to Earthling Cinema. I am your host, Garyx Wormuloid. This week’s artifact is Sausage Party, a 90-minute
dick joke from Seth Rogen and his writing partner, the guy who wrote with Seth Rogen. The story takes place in an alternate version
of Earth where vegetarians can’t be so smug anymore because all food items are living
breathing creatures. And not just food. Also hygiene products. And socks. But not books or utensils or trash cans or
clothes or furniture. The rules are confusing. Anyway, the groceries in the supermarket worship
the human customers as gods, and they think being purchased is like ascending to heaven,
which on Earth was known as the moon. Our protagonists are Frank the sausage and
Brenda the bun, and they are the horniest motherf*ckers you’ve ever seen. But they have to wait to have sex until after
they die. Fortunately, before we have time to think
about it too carefully, their packages get chosen, no doubt for some depressing suburban
block party. Suddenly a jar of honey mustard starts spouting
off about the afterlife being a lie and kills himself, causing a collision that throws most
of the important characters off the shopping cart and into movie history. Spurred on by the honey mustard’s last words,
Frank seeks out Firewater, who tells him “Great Beyond, more like Fake Beyond,” because that
shit’s made up. Which checks out, because the groceries that
were purchased earlier are now being brutally slaughtered. A little chode named Barry manages to escape
and ends up at the house of what I’m assuming is a congressman, what with how Earth’s Congress
was in those days. Look out, Garyx is getting political! The congressman does some bath salts, which
allows him to communicate with his groceries. This freaks him out, because it’s the first
time he’s ever listened to his constituents. Hey-o! Alright, that’s enough politics for one day. At the supermarket, Frank finds a cookbook
that reveals the horrible things that happen to food, such as microwaves and an overreliance
on sriracha. He shows it to the others, but they’re not
really much of a reading crowd. That chode Barry returns with the congressman’s head and reveals that the so called “gods” can be killed. So the foods proceed to wage war on the humans,
murdering them all in cold blood. Then they transition seamlessly into a store-wide,
non denominational fuckfest. After our heroes finish up, Firewater and
a piece of Bubblicious tell them they are actually cartoon characters voiced by human
celebrities in an alternate dimension. But what do you know, they were able to whip
up a portal to that dimension, no sweat. They go through the portal to avoid having
to explain all the dead humans, or deal with the fact that nothing has changed, and food
will never be safe from consumption for the rest of time. At its core, Sausage Party reflects the rampant
disillusionment present during that era of Earth’s history, commonly referred to as the
Middle Ages. The film’s CGI-animated food initially resembles
the anthropomorphized characters of light-hearted offerings by Pixar and Disney and Disney/Pixar. But the film shatters the saccharine tone
of its contemporaries when it portrays the sinister reality of its many genital metaphors. In contrast to the typical animated film,
Sausage Party is a cynical parable of religion and its effect on societies, both negative
and slightly-less-negative. The film reduces Earth’s major religious groups
to a hodgepodge of stereotypes. The sausages and buns subscribe to a Puritanical
version of Christianity, albeit one that allows them strut around butt-ass naked. Judaism is represented by a bagel that sounds
like Amazon Prime’s own Woody Allen. Kareem Abdul Lavash represents the Muslim
faith, He is defined by his hatred for Jews and his
regressive attitude toward bitches. Firewater symbolizes the white conception
of Native American spirituality, and the Nazis are in there too just for kicks. Orderly, synchronized kicks. The supermarket’s religious system was concocted
by the non perishables as a means to pacify society and protect them from their own stupid
brains. Or whatever circulatory mechanism allows these
monsters to live. The promise of a Great Beyond eases the foods’
suffering, letting them look to their impending demise with plucky optimism. This tactic illustrates the concept of Plato’s
noble lie, a fictitious story used to persuade individuals to accept their roles. Just remember that each time the noble lie
is used, Plato’s nose grows a little longer. As with any lie, it works best when people
don’t ask too many questions. Thus, faith is an important element in the
foodie community. When Honey Mustard returns from the Great
Beyond and tries to warn everyone, he is ridiculed and silenced, because nobody wants to slide
open the Ziploc bag of faith they’ve worked so hard to seal. The only way to challenge such a stubborn
belief is with the incontrovertible proof of a severed head. The film’s ultimate message is to embrace
hedonism, and then have sex with it. There’s no point living your life in anticipation
of some pot of gold at the end of the rainbox. In the end, you either get eaten and digested
or thrown away to rot. So you might as well put aside your petty
differences and pursue as much pleasure as you possibly can. Which is why I film every episode with no
pants on. For Earthling Cinema, I’m Garyx Wormuloid. Keep snackin’.

100 thoughts on “Hidden Meaning in SAUSAGE PARTY – Earthling Cinema

  1. The meaning seems to be a notion that is reached by nowadays knowledge and technology. However, this freedom without religion is not new at all. Egypt is one of the examples that at the time human has reached pyramid technology and worship pharaoh as a god. They don’t have boundaries and see what happened? They’re vanished like a dust and we’re stepping forward to the same loop.

  2. If your gonna die one day you might as well just fuck and enjoy life’s pleasures before the bitter end that’s the message of the movie! 🤣

  3. Great congressman jokes, but you missed a key point: ‘the great beyond’ was not symbolizing heaven, but the roles and responsibilities food has as food. Their purpose is to be eaten, which they struggle with but MUST eventually come to accept. Rejecting their roles (aka human roles, as all anthropomorphized characters are symbolic of man) leads to hedonism, homosexuality and the death of all mankind, as they clearly illustrate. They start off believing in God but are tempted, confused and turned away by the world, consumed by it, to never fulfill their role and eventually, literally ‘go bad’ with no progeny.

    Further, no consequences for their actions were shown, purposefully, as they would disprove the entire movies aim, to destroy the notion of God and our required obedience to life and the rules found therein.

    More than just a poorly executed story and propaganda piece advocating deviant behaviour & the literal killing of God, ‘Sausage Party’ is indeed a product of the times, a large neon warning sign that foreshadows what’s to come if we continue to embrace the ‘do what thou wilt’ philosophy.

    An embrace that while proudly championing ourselves as Gods and arbiters of any whim we wish to engage, aka everything the Bible and God declared as a sin, it will nonetheless enter us into the end of western civilization as we know it, just as the movie played out.

    ‘Sausage Party’ is ironically one of the most important films of today. It demonstrates the need for God more than ever while attempting to prove the opposite. It’s a very important domino that’s acceptance shows just how desensitized the general population is to how stories work and the morals portrayed. The name of the movie itself, ‘Sausage Party’ is one which implies lack of females, therefore, limited potential for reproduction, another sign of our decline as a civilization.

    Ironically and luckily there were no children present during the orgy scene, but if we are to follow the unreprimanded path outlined in this movie, nor will there be, as it takes no account for the future, only the instant gratification of ‘the now’.

  4. the worst thing about this movie isnt the fact that its the way it is. it is the fact that the creator can only come up with a few of these and that is his limit. so he makes the movie.

  5. I never saw Sausage Party, despite my brother saying it was pretty funny. I assumed it was basically a giant sex joke about food with weiners desperately trying to charm their way into buns and on and on. Just doesn't appeal to me, I don't like sex comedies. So I watched this tonight just out of curiosity and I'm really blown away. I mean, obviously it is still kind of one long sex joke. But I had no idea that there was this other meaning about religion and human nature. It seems really depressing under the surface of the silliness and vulgarity. I gotta say I respect the fact that they tried to write such a heavy and unbelievably dark idea into an animated sex comedy.

  6. 1 too many of you forget that this show is a humor based as in ha ha from an alien perspective of course the hidden meaning of sausage party might have to be explained i mean food as a symbol for religion lol and 2 if you hate the movie why are you watching this video lol i'm not an athiest but still organized religion is pure power play a big game of who is the best? that makes no sense seeing as we all have our own paths and our own journeys why is my path being different from yours wrong? why can't it just be different? also the critiquing the most out of date and backwards rules of these religions is justified you have a brain why not use it to continue to further your spirituality instead of staying stuck using some crazy rules made thousands of years ago for reasons that no longer exist. 3 if you thought it was too vulgar and were offended why did you see it in the first place i mean it was called "sausage party" for crying out loud lol

  7. I do like the the idea behind it
    Not many people dare to make a movie about religion
    But i do think it could’ve been done better

  8. Do I think a little bit of philosophical thought went into making this movie? Yes. They were probably high. You can get pretty philosophical when you're high. Do I think it was actually this deep? I doubt it. It was probably mostly made off of jokes. Jokes that were fueled by the writers subconscious philosophical thoughts, though. That would explain the "deeper" stuff that are likely just coincidence, to be honest.

  9. The Hidden Meaning in this film is 'eww, gross'. I rented this although I'm clearly outside its demographic target. Mistake.

  10. Me, in 4 years, having movie night with a friend, at real Isopod hours:


  11. Awesome video 🙂 But whats with the eyebrows? You look like the owl from zelda ocarina of time

  12. In Seth rogen fashion I smoked a big fatty with my daughter we watched it I could not stop laughing the whole way throughhow to watch it a second and third time just to pick up on every little part there was back in the scenery

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