High Capacity Multi Function Workbench Build / Part 4

High Capacity Multi Function Workbench Build / Part 4

This is the presentation video of my new multipurpose woodworking bench. As you can see in this summary and later at the end of the video, I’ve attached a cutting station that will allow me to cut whole boards, make repetitive cuts or miter cuts in a more comfortable way. I’ve also installed a vise on the front
and made some bench dogs and holdfast clamps which I can use on the top or the front of
the bench to hold pieces or tools. I’ve installed a vacuum system with an automatic on/off switch inside the bench, thus reducing the amount of noise it makes while working. I’ve fitted two power strips that can take
the wattage required by the vacuum system and another power tool. One of them supplies electricity without switching
on the vacuum, and in the other I can plug in several tools that will activate the vacuum
automatically. I’ve left a gap under the bench where I
can store the vacuum hose when not in use. The vacuum and the hose usually take up a
lot of space in workshops. In my case, I never know where to store them so that they won’t get in the way while working This way I’ll always keep them handy while
avoiding that problem. In these gaps I can store the protective boards so that I can work on the bench without damaging it, The workbench offers a lot of storage capacity so we can keep our tools handy and in one place. It has 20 drawers in the front and doors in
the back. I used high-quality beech finger joint board to build the benchtop, sent to me by the company Basicmadera. Of course, we could use hard plywood of a similar thickness, or even glue several boards together until they are about 40mm thick. Under the benchtop, there are also gaps where I can store the rip cut guide and other thin guides I’ve also installed these wheels sent to me by the manufacturer Caster HQ. I believe they are the perfect complement
to this bench. By turning a gear, I can raise and lower a
rubber pad to activate and deactivate the wheels, which will definitely be useful in
order to provide stability or mobility to the bench when necessary. They will also allow me to level the bench
when it’s going to be in a fixed position for some time. I’ll show off some of its functions by building
the doors and drawers for the bench itself. Here are all the drawer parts. Since we’re dealing with a large number
of drawers, I’ve configured my 3D router to speed up the process. I make some countersunk holes for the screws in half of the pieces. Now I hold them with the vise to sand their edges more easily. I also sand all of the surfaces and apply
some matte water based varnish. I made this simple jig that will allow me
to put the drawers together. I fasten it to the bench so that I can drill
and put screws in the rest of the pieces much more quickly. I’ve already installed almost all of the
bench’s drawers. I’ve left the last drawer column for last
to show you how to place the slides. I’ve cut several jigs with the appropriate
distance between slides. I also use a piece of wood as a jig to leave
them all at the same depth. In order to screw on the drawers, I follow
the same steps, I put jigs between the drawers to leave them at the desired height, starting from the bottom. I’ll use a piece of wood as a jig to screw
the slides to the drawer and so that they are all at the same depth when closed. This is the vacuum system I’m going to install
inside the bench. Since I don’t have a lot of height to work
with, I’m going to remove the wheels that come with it. I work out the position of the hole where
I can insert the hose and drill with a hole saw. I round off the edges with the router to avoid damaging the hose. Now I’ll cut the drawer doors and fronts
from this veneered beechwood MDF. I mount it on the bench after placing the
protective boards on the top. I adjust the height of the rails on which
the rip cut guide slides, they must be at the same height as the board. I put the plunge circular saw on the guide. I could attach a fastening system here, but in this case, the plunge circular saw fits in so tightly that it won’t be necessary. I set the desired cut measurements, as well
as the depth of the cut. I start cutting gently, pushing the saw and
the guide at the same time to achieve a clean, accurate cut. I think we could also use a circular saw without a plunging system, although these kinds of plunge circular saws are more comfortable. In order to cut whole boards, I’ve thought about making an attachment for the bench’s sliding rails, but after some tests I noticed
that stopping the cut and sliding the board is enough. Now I set the cutting station to make cross
cuts. In order to do that, I remove the protective
boards, set the longest rail to the maximum height and the shortest to the same height
as the board we are going to cut. I insert the aluminum rail that comes with
the plunge circular saw and put this stop on the front so that the aluminum rail won’t
move and achieve square cuts. I set the cutting depth and now I can cut
the drawer fronts and doors. The cutting is very smooth, and thanks to
the body of this circular saw and the vacuum, there is barely any dust. I’m going to precut the four pieces from
which I’ll cut the drawers, this way the wood’s grain will look consistent. Once I have all four pieces, I attach the
miter track stops and set them to the required measurements. All the fronts are ready, and as you can see, the cuts are very clean and the grain in each front matches that of the drawer that’s below. I also cut the four drawer doors. With my homemade CNC, I’ll make a few holes in the vacuum door so that it can let out air more easily. Now I’ll sand all the sides and edges and
apply two coats of water based varnish. And now I can already screw on the fronts
of the drawers. I’ll show you this old trick involving using
playing cards as spacers to leave the necessary gap between the fronts. I place all the fronts, fill the gap with
cards, and divide the number of cards that fit in the gap between the total number of
gaps. This way all of them will be evenly separated. First I take measurements and drill the holes for the screws. I fasten a couple of them, which will stick
out about 2mm. I put two even stacks with the same number of cards that fit under the fronts and hit it to mark the screw’s position on the front. and now I can already screw on the fronts of the drawers I’ll attach handles to the drawers. Attaching the fronts like this is pretty straightforward! I drill holes for the door hinges and screw
them on the bench. I adjust the hinges so that the doors are
properly centered. That’s all for today. Don’t forget that you can buy and download
the plans for the workbench from my website, if you are interested in contributing to my
channel or building your own bench. See you soon!

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  2. One question, aren't you ruining the top of the bench by using your mighter saw? I saw the blade digging into the bench when you were doing your crosscuts. Are you always using the same spot for the crosscuts, or you can use different sections of the table as well?

  3. WOW! What an amazing demonstration of wood craftsmanship! Amazing attention to detail! Fantastic video! (I also like your custom made tools!)

  4. much like everyone else on here, i have to say that this is the baddest workbench EVER! You have every thing considered when placing wood, tools, accessories, EVERYTHING! i only have one question… how did you set up your vacuum to turn on automatically when you use a tool? plus, the 361 people who didnt like this video are people who cant make it, and are jealous.

  5. Ive been looking for a good rip cutting guide lately. I think I found one. Very cool idea to put tge sliding track system on the side of the bench and rip cut your pieces. So many great ideas in just one video. You have another subscriber.

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  12. I noticed when you're using your crosscut sled with stop blocks with your circular saw the blade is cutting into the beautiful workbench top. Why not use scrap pieces to protect the bench top? Does the crosscut sled need a modification? Great bench and nice job building all your tools.

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  14. echt eine richtig krasse Werkbank!
    Ich baue mir dieses Jahr auch eine neue Werkbank… da ist dies sicherlich eine tolle Inspiration!
    Gruß von meinem Kanal,

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  19. Only people that dont know how good is this bench could put a dont like to this or they are just sad and nothing else said.

    Congratulations it is a amazing bench

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