Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Mohabbat Hai Mirchi | Hindi Movies | Action Movies

Hindi Dubbed Movies 2019 Full Movie | Mohabbat Hai Mirchi | Hindi Movies | Action Movies

‘This Ameer pet of Hyderabad
is known as place for youth.’ ‘New boys and girls keep coming here.’ ‘Madhura Hostel is
situated in this place.’ Hey! Stop, stop.. At last I have reached. Come on remove it from pocket. Studious children. If you keep right foot
then it is auspicious. Welcome to Nana hostel. – What was this?
– Inauspicious thing is removed. I would have died if
it would have struck my head. But it did not fall. – What is written there?
– Nana hostel. Loves like mother
and caring like father. Even I want to see motherly love. – Is that so?
– Yes. Hey, why have you just taken one idli? No, brother. – I don’t want it. – Leave it.
How will your body become strong? Take some more. I may not be your father
but take care of you like children. Don’t I know how
much food everyone eats? Brother, what interest
do you have in this? I do not have any interest
but have selfish motive. I feel very happy when
your hunger is satisfied. If you all grow to
be rich and famous people.. ..then I will feel that
I have achieved something in life. My selfish motive is that
I want to achieve happiness. Wait for a minute. Take this as well. And caring like father? – Do you want to see that as well?
– Yes. What if Nana sees it? He must be lying somewhere.
How can he see? How dare you smoke a cigarette? I will not spare anyone if
I see someone smoking in the hostel. – Oh God. This is useless..
– You didn’t enjoy, right? – Good morning, aunty.
– Good morning. – Is there aunty in boys’ hostel?
– I shall slap you. – I am the aunty.
– How can you be aunty? I love like mother and
I am caring like father. – I think he is Nana’s favorite.
– I have heard. Come on now. Hello! Hello, darling. What has he put on his head? This is his tower. He wooed
a girl and keeps on finding signal. – What if he goes far?
– Then the girl will leave him. Come on now. Sir. – Who is he?
– He has come here. – From the neighboring village
to stay here. – Okay. – New admission.
– What is your name? – Avatar.
– Tell me your full name. Avtaaram.
Just for style I have cut it short. If you keep showing style.. ..then you will be a zero
all your life. Understood. Now tell me your name. – Anand Ramji.
– Okay. There are certain
rules of this hostel. Youth always breaks rules. I will not spare you. The gate closes after 9 at night. – What if I jump and come?
– I will break your legs. Write down your father’s cell number,
landline number here. – What for?
– Because.. ..if you study properly then I
shall serve tea to you even at night. And if this does not happen.. ..then I shall hit you hard
even at midnight and throw you out. – Sign here.
– Come on. – Hey, take him Sidhu’s room.
– Okay. Sham, he is Avtaar.
He has just come in today. There are four rooms here. You will stay in the last room. Don’t touch.
Cleanliness is very important. You leave and you come.
Come. What are you doing?
What were you doing? Is this a place to do hair cut? – Aunty.. – Tell me is it
a barber shop or a hostel? – Forgive me this time.
– I will call up Nana now. – Aunty sorry, sorry..
– Get lost! – He is a beggar.
– Okay. Why did you call me a beggar, aunty? – Then why were you cutting hair here?
– What did you say? – Clean it quickly.
– Okay, I will do it. – Come on.
– Okay. – You come with me.
– I am coming. – Hi! I am Avtaar.
– Get lost! I should not see you again. All seem to be fools here. This is Sidhu’s room
and you will stay with him. This room should have
photographs of girls.. ..but this seems to be sports room. Shall I slap you?
This is Nana’s hostel and not a club. But where is he to
whom this room belongs to. He will come in the evening.
Then you can meet him nicely. Where is he now? [English rap song] [English rap song] Hey, you thrashed me so
now I will tell you who I am. Hey, who hit you? – He is the one who hit me.
– I beat him. Why did you hit him? Hey, just imagine that you are
in a good mood and playing cricket.. ..then how would you feel
if I interrupt and remove the stumps. – Tell me what will you do?
– I will kill that person. – Will you thrash that person?
– Yes. This is what I did exactly. I did not kill him but
just thrashed him in my style. Just leave from here. How dare you threaten
us by coming in our area? Don’t you know brother?
It won’t be good. I do not see area if I have to thrash.
I just see the reason. Aren’t you scared? Don’t you know brother? Why? Is your brother
a great celebrity? If I get irritated then
I will not listen but just thrash. Now you are speaking too much.
I will tell you at night. – What will you tell me?
– Let’s go from here. ‘What will you tell me? I will
not spare you. Let the night fall.’ Don’t worry.
We will teach him a lesson. – Look, he is going to attack
from behind. – Let us see. Brother, you wait here.
I will handle them. You will not be needed.
I will handle them alone. Avatar has come here. If you want to live then escape from
here otherwise do not regret later. Yes, he is the one
who thrashed us in cricket. He seems to be very delicate
like a Yashraj movie. Did he hit you? What are you talking? Did you hit my gang? Look at my body. I would kill you. Did you listen or not?
Why are you staring at me? Oh, God!
In just one shot he thrashed him. What is this, brother? Now you are fighting like
a hero of Raj Mullay’s movies. Come on let’s escape from here.
The police have come. Let’s run away from here. Hurry up. Let’s go. Come on.
Hurry up and move from here. – Come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Hurry up. I think the police has gone. Good. How can all these face Avtaar? You are right. Hey, you all were hiding here. – Yes.
– You are dead now. – Leave me. Please, don’t beat me.
– Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. Beat him. Come on. Why did you wait there
when all of them escaped? No one will ask you to come and sit. Now you must have realized
that how they thrashed you. He started the fight
but I got thrashed. They were in group. I wouldn’t have
spared if they would have come alone. Hello. Yes, tell me. There is a discount of 90%. Where? – Not today but I will come.
– You.. Hey, I am dying in pain and
you are bothered about 90% discount. – Brother..
– Quietly give me hot treatment. Who was he? Who was he?
Who thrashed Avtaar? Brother.. Brother, he was alone
and thrashed me like dogs. Who is he? He is my friend. He is my childhood
friend from Hyderabad. Brother, don’t spare them. Green belt, blue belt, yellow belt
and black belt in Karate. Understood. Don’t expose your body too much.. ..otherwise it will look
like a gay’s room. – Just wait and watch.
– Give me hot treatment. I have not made this
body unnecessarily. – Every part is yearning
to do something. – Very good! I had done exercise for every part. I have decided that I will not
spare whosoever comes in front of me. I do exercise of
each part of this body. Don’t you exercise of this part? We will meet in the evening.
Your roommates are very dangerous. – Hey, wait!
– Leave it. They will kill me.
I will go to village. – Wait, Avatar.
– I wll not stay. Listen to me.
Sidhu does not just fight. But today he will
entertain us as well. – Is there entertainment today?
– Yes. Where are you? “Love has awakened in heart.” “Why is love following you?” “You are crazy and queen of my heart.” “Let our hearts meet
and give me your number.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “The mouth burns whosoever eats it.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “Body become hot and
makes mind restless.” “Guys, let’s go and have fun.” “The traffic police have gone crazy.” “I saw green light
and red light in you.” “Everyone on seeing
you loses peace of mind.” “The road opens for one who sees you.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “The mouth burns whosoever eats it.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “Body become hot and
makes mind restless.” “For long I was finding you.” “Don’t go away from me.” “My heart was mesmerized
with your beauty.” “Love has awakened in heart.” “Why is love following you?” “You are crazy and queen of my heart.” “Let our hearts meet
and give me your number.” “I don’t want to live without you.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “The mouth burns whosoever eats it.” “The chili is hot and spicy.” “The mouth burns whosoever eats it.” Some people waste time
on facebook and some on phone. – We perform live with girls.
– Amazing. Whatever you may say but it is.. ..a different experience
of meeting a girlfriend. – Right.
– I am saying the truth. Do you think I am joking?
Stop here. The institute has come. Stop here. – Get down. I am getting late.
– Wait. Let me get down. You are always in a hurry. Listen! All the best as you are going
for the first time to meet the lover. – Don’t do anything wrong
on the first day. – Thanks. Sidhu, where did you go leaving me? I had some work so had gone to Vizag. You should have atleast informed me. You do not even receive my calls. I feel I woo you like mad so
that is why you do not pay attention. It is not right that
you get angry on petty things. – Come on let’s have coffee.
– Okay. It is so late. Where is he? – It is his call.
– Pick up the phone. He is calling. – Hello.
– Hey, my dear. Where are you? Since long I am waiting for
you in the park but you haven’t come. – What are you wearing?
– What am I wearing? Yellow branded shirt,
smart blue t-shirt. I am wearing stylish clothes my dear. – You will recognize me at once.
– I have a condition. – What is the condition?
– We are six girls sitting here. We will not tell you but
you have to recognize the one. And if you do then
your love is true. Okay. Not just in six but I will
recognize you among 100 girls. This Avtaar is a great personality. Then what are you waiting for?
Two minutes. Here I am. Here I come. – Hi.
– Hi. Hi. Hello. – Hello.
– Hello. Here the ratio is of 1:6. Unnecessarily I wasted time on net. I should have found it here
and would have definitely wooed her. I am Avtaar from Amarpur. I will not accept defeat
but will surely recognize her. I will recognize her now. – Hello.
– Hello. Hello, hello.. – Hello..
– Hello.. – Hello..
– Hello.. Oh no. Six phones are
ringing on dialing one number. Who is the one among them? Look that side. As soon as you see a
boy you start showing style. Dear, you are the queen of my heart. – Leave me.
– Come with me. Come on. Come. Please, come. – Not only in six, I will recognize you
among 60,000. – What is he doing? – Leave my hand!
– Come with me. Oh no. Leaving me you are
holding my friend’s hand. You were the one who said that on
seeing me your heartbeat gets faster. – Okay, you are the one who talked
on the phone. – Such an expression! – Isn’t your love true?
– Oh, God! Wrong connection. Mahi, you tested me
so I tested you as well. – Test?
– Generally when you hold.. ..hand of friend of a lover then
lover is obviously going to get angry. And it has been proved.
None of them got angry except you. This means that you love me. There is hot connection between us.
Am I right, fatty? – Are you through?
– Exactly Mahi. Everyone reacts in
the same way as he is. Your thinking is very narrow.
Believe me. All of you are cheap girls,
cheap location, cheap restaurant.. ..but I am a rich man. IMAX, CINEMAX,
KFC..wherever you say we will go. – Tell me where we should go darling.
– Shall we go to Westside? Okay, I will leave. Bye. – Bye girls.
– Bye. Bye. Come on. – Hi.
– Hi aunty. Don’t call me aunty.
Call me Elly. Eleana. She is no way around her. Food should be tasty. I have lost my advance. How will you like of hostel
when you eat with boyfriend? What is this? You were supposed
to go out with boyfriend. How did you come back so early? His purse is empty
and I am not in a mood. That is why nowadays we
should maintain 2- 3 boyfriends. At one time we had
so many boyfriends.. ..and now we do not
have anyone wooing us. – You are right. – You had gone out
for the first time with your boyfriend. – How was he?
– Very exciting. Movie in IMAX, chicken in KFC.. ..and at last he recited
two poems in my name. – Really?
– Do you know? Yes. Now he is reciting poems for you. Later those poems will be of no use. See hens and goats in the house.
I want money urgently. I am ini love. – We have to do shopping for lovers.
– Come on.. – Yes.
– Come on.. – Come on..
– Is he calling me? – Come on, come on..
– Yes. – I am not calling you.
– Why are you then saying come on? I have uploaded something on OLX.
I am calling customers. – Why on OLX? – Don’t behave like
a dumb on hearing about OLX. We can sell our old things on this. TV, fridge or washing machine. You can sell anything.
Anything, anywhere from everywhere. Tell me what will you sell? There are many foreign
customers for old things. – Is it so?
– I am saying the truth. Goggles got sold for 10 lakhs. Now I am selling my
old shoes in the name of.. – It would be fun.
– Superb buddy. But who will believe
that shoes belong to.. – Everyone will believe.
– How will they believe? – You are doing it?
– You are just saying anything. Look, a customer has come. Who put the shoes on site? – I put them.
– Disgusting. Did you steal them from
temple and put it here? How can you say this? You have been born as cross
breed of Google and Youtube. – What did you write?
– Yes. Have you ever seen him? Not in reality but
I have seen him in photo. He wears Goggles and keeps
a handkerchief in his pocket. – And keeps snake in his hand.
– Snake in hand? If I punch you then your face
will be spoilt. Got it. Disgusting. – Look, how this cat is talking to me.
– He is right. – I will not talk to you.
– Hey, Sidhu. – This is too much buddy.
– What else? If you sell slipper in the name of.. Then the cat can
do something else also. Who has kept this fool in the house? – Hey!
– Why? We have kept you as well. – Have you forgotten?
– Yes. Am I a fool?
My body is too strong. Look at your personality.
It is like a switchboard. I am not going to
get involved in love. I will find a nice girl.
Marry her and settle down. You think twice before
eating food and you think.. ..you will be able to get married. It is useless talking to you. Brother,
you are enjoying well in life. After seeing your fight
I swear I have become your fan. Are you a king of romance as well? – I don’t need it.
– Why? I already love a girl. Do you love a girl? – Who is she?
– What is her name? – I don’t know.
– Where does she stay? – No idea.
– Where will we find her? I don’t know. Did you see her in dreams? No. I saw her in Madhopur. While going for college
internship six months ago.. Thief, thief..look
he has stolen my purse. Someone catch him. Thief, thief.. He stole a purse and running away.
Catch him. He stole my purse and running away. Stop him. Stop him. – Thief, theif..
– Catch him.. – Someone catch him.
– He is running away with my purse. – Catch him.
– You.. How dare you run after stealing? – I will not spare you.
– He is running away. How dare you steal student’s things? – What are you doing? Leave me.
– Hold him. – Why are beating me?
– And give me the spray. Tell me what did you steal? – Tell me, where is the bag?
– He is the one. He stole it. – He stole the purse.
– Why are you thrashing him? He has done stealing and not him. That means you have
not stolen anything. Why will I do the stealing? – Sorry. Sorry. – Without knowing
anything you sprayed on my face. Leave me. – Quickly give me water.
– It is burning. – So sorry.
– Bring water. – I am really sorry.
– Hurry up and splash water. Please, I am really sorry. Sorry. So sorry. Where were you running? I am going to Delight
Campaign Internship. Okay come, I will drop you there. Okay. Please, come. This is the address
about which you told me. All the best. – Thank you.
– Okay. If you don’t mind can
you give me your number? What for? Okay, atleast tell me your name. No. Goodbye. In every girl I find her reflection.. ..from the time I have seen her. I always feel that I love her. That is why from that
time I am finding her. You will surely get your love,
brother. Is chatting going on? No, no.. Actually I am sending mails to
get funds for Mother Teresa orphanage. Wow! Superb. All the best. – Bye.
– Bye. It was very nice. Even I liked it. I shall pick it up
before anyone takes it. Oh, God! It broke down. Can’t you see? – Hey, can’t you see?
– Are you blind? Where are you going? Wait. – What if something would have
happened to me? – Idiot! – Can’t you see?
– What is he doing? Sorry, I did not see. Where are you going after apologizing? What should I do then? Our gift has broken. Actually he opened the door without
seeing and I banged against you all. Pleased don’t feel bad.
I did not do it purposely. Who will pay for our gift that broke? Why should I pay?
That car owner should be paying. Hey, don’t you understand
that we are talking lovingly? Are you paying the
money for it or not? – How much is the gift for?
– It is worth Rs. 300. – Give us the money.
– I do not have so much money. – I cannot give.
– Show me your pocket. Don’t take this. This is my phone. The phone is good.
Get money and take your phone back. Please give me my phone. – Let’s go from here.
– Please don’t do this. – Let’s go.
– Please give me the phone. How will I talk now? – Hey, you scared me.
– What were you doing? You were given warning in the hostel. – I will call up Nana now.
– Come on you too smoke. – What will I do of it?
– Don’t you smoke? Why will I smoke your cigarette? Today I will spare
you but not next time. – Understood.
– Sorry. Sorry aunty. I’ll beat you. – The brand is useless.
– Okay, fine. – Smoking here! – He will smoke
in the hostel and that too branded. One day I will put fire on his bump. This must be his call.
Give it to me. I will talk to him. Even we want to hear as
to what he will talk to you. – What do you mean? – Even we
should know what he is saying? Yes. Hello, listen. Basically I do not
give advice to anyone.. ..but I do not why on seeing
you I wish to talk about three pages. Stupid. You must be thinking that I am joking. Leave all this. next year
I will get your statue in Hyderabad. I will break his mouth
if he comes in front of me once. What are you doing? I want to hear
what he is saying. Remove your hand. Tomorrow morning at 10o’clock please
come to the park is Mathura Nagar. I will give you the money. – Do you need the phone?
– Yes. You.. What is this?
Why did you break his phone? What will I tell him now? Now he will trouble me. Let him come once.
I will break his head. – Hi. How are you?
– I am fine. – Are you waiting for long?
– No, I just came. – Did you get the phone?
– Your phone.. Now don’t increase the amount. Please forget whatever that happened. In future I will not
make such a mistake. Please. What is going on here?
I will get some money out from them. The thing is that.. Tell me the matter first. – Hey, can’t you woo her?
– You have come at the right time. – Ask her to fix the rate.
– You.. How dare you ask
police to fix the rate? – Come to the police station with me.
– There is no need to go to the station. I am talking about the mobile. – Please, tell him.
– Now you are talking about mobile. Earlier you were talking
about co-operating. Don’t fool me. I have an experience of 20 years. I will listen to what you say but first
come with me to the police station. Why should I go to police station?
Let’s settle it out. Rs. 100. Get lost. Take this as well. Okay go. Take her if you are able to woo her. Why did you give him money
when we have not done anything wrong? It is okay that he has
taken the money. Let it be. You would get insulted if you
would have gone to police station. You would be disgraced
among your friends. It is my fault. I said it in
a wrong way so he understood wrong. – Sorry.
– Okay. Even I have come to apologize to you. Your phone broke on falling. – You broke my phone?
– Yes. I will buy you a new phone. No problem.
Shall I tell you something? “Let’s go..” “How I wonder what you are?” “How I wonder what you are?” Oh dear, I was missing you. You had said that you
would take me for a movie.. ..shopping and you
have still not left. – I am coming. – I am waiting
for you for last one hour. – I will reach only if you keep the phone.
– Okay, reach as soon as possible. Do I have money in the pocket or not? My purse is empty. I do not have money. My money gets over
because of her calls. Where should I get money from? Till I have gold on my
body there is no need to cry. I am coming. Hey, can’t you look and walk? It is his life and his wish. If he drives properly then
he will go home otherwise he will die. You don’t worry. Don’t torture others. – Hi.
– Who is he? – Why is he greeting you?
– Why are you standing here? I think you have forgotten me. We both had met in Madhopur earlier. And you had caught hold
of me thinking me to be a thief. Oh about that day. I had forgotten. But I could not forget you. From that day I am just finding you. Okay, you will reach
home if we give you address.. ..and call if we
give you number. Right? Yes, exactly. But she will not be wooed.
Come on hurry up. Who is Sinu here? Are you Sinu? Hurry up and call Sinu here. – Who is it? Are you Sinu?
– Uncle.. Please don’t speak loudly here. – Let’s go inside and talk.
– Why should I sit and talk? – Please make him understand.
– Let’s go. I have not come here
to sit and talk to you. – What is happening here?
– Today it will be decided. Why are you shouting like this here? – I am talking. Who are you to ask me?
– What kind of sound is this? – Who is he?
– Have a look, sir. So, he is Nana. What do you think of yourself? Where is the responsibility?
Responsibility? You just take money from
children and nothing else. Do you have any information
as to where children are going? Who will answer this? Tell us as to what has happened. A boy follows her, honks behind
her and goes wherever she goes. – Is this you’re caring?
– One minute. Is it true whatever he is saying? She is a young girl.
What will she speak? I will tell you. When she came out of the college
then he said I love you to her. Did you say it or not? Tell me. – Leave his collar. Leave it.
– Speak. Come on. If you touch his collar again then
I will not be bothered about your age. If they will not fall in
love then do you think we will? What nonsense are you talking? Rather than making them understand
you are supporting them. This boy loves her and what
is wrong if he said I love you to her. After 18 years of age even the
government gives you right to vote. After a certain age.. ..if a boy and girl fall in
love then they do not ask from anyone. Hurray! Calm down all of you. Say yes if you like
him otherwise apologize. If he misbehaves then thrash him with
slipper in the middle of the road. What did you do? Rather than talking inside the room.. ..you are talking about your
daughter among so many people. What is this?
What kind of father are you? Take your daughter home. Go. Come on. let’s go from here. Listen to me, child. Tell me and not your father
if he troubles you again. I will thrash him hard. Go, dear. Okay. Nana, you are great. – Superb! It was really nice an amazing.
– What are you doing? – Amazing.
– Great! Your family has sent you here to
study and this is what you are doing. Sorry Nana. I did not do
anything forcefully with her. I like that girl so
I said I love you to her. Is that so? Okay then go and call the girl with her
luggage. I will get you both married. – Marriage?
– Yes. How can I get married, Nana? – But you love her, right?
– Love is.. Yes. You are in love. You will take the girl out,
enjoy and that is it. And when it comes to marriage.. ..you will have to take care
of the girl and keep her happy. You will have to do all this. No, then you shirk away
from responsibility. Right? Actually love means responsibility. Accept the fact that the girl
whom you have said I love you.. ..from then she becomes
your responsibility. Understood. Do you know why did that
girl’s father came here to fight? You do not work then
how will you take care of her. If you were working.. ..then her father would
have come with marriage proposal. This is the truth. Everyone listen. Go now. Move aside. Let’s go. Let’s go. – Come on, everyone. Let’s go.
– Hey, let’s go inside. – Hello.
– Can I speak to Miss Vasundhra? Yes, speaking. You had asked for fund
for Mother Teresa Orphanage. I am Raman speaking. – Sir, is that you?
– Yes. I appreciate that as a student
you are working for the society. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I have a nephew by the name Sidhu.
Just note down his number. Okay sir. One minute. – Tell me, sir.
– 9347744044. 4044. Okay, sir. Do one thing. Call up Sidhu
and stay in touch with him. – We can see what we can
do about the fund. – Okay. – All the best, dear.
– Thank you so much sir. Thanks a lot. Okay. – Hello.
– Hello. – Am I speaking to Mr. Sidhu?
– Yes, tell me. I am talking on behalf
of Mother Teresa orphanage. – How come this girl is here?
– I just had a talk with your uncle. – Hello..
– Sorry, I will talk to you later. He disconnected it. She was here. Where did she go? Where did she go? Hey.. I missed her again.
You called at the wrong time. Good that I got Rs. 1000 in the
morning and did not see anyone’s face. Do one thing. give me Rs. 500. I do not know who you are. Uncle, please help me. Great. You seem to be
junior Mahesh Babu and NTR. Tell me, what help do you want? Just ring the bell of this house once. Did you see?
There are so many people on the road.. ..but children asked help only
from me. This is called face value. They seem to be junior
Krishna and Bheem. If you ring the bell
then you will be thrashed. Why are you always scared?
Am I a fool? – I will ring the bell.
– Okay then ring the bell. Wish me luck. He is a coward. Come on children. – Come on.
– Surely he will be thrashed. Never be scared in life.
Always keep fighting. Which bell do I have to ring? – This one, uncle.
– Okay, this one. The door will not open
by just ringing once. You will have to ring it four times. Not once but I will
have to ring it four times. – Yes uncle.
– Look! – One, two, three four..
– Come on, let’s go. Now the door will open.
Where did they go? How dare you? What did I do? I rang the bell because
your children asked me to ring it. They are not my kids. For last four years I was in Dubai.. ..an now when I am trying
for children you spoiled my mood. Get out. Don’t ring the bell again.
Get lost! Oh, God! They were not kids..hey hero,
come here. Why did you get me thrashed?
I was going quietly on the road. Why did you get me thrashed? Nothing, uncle. Whenever my mother hits him she says
that my five fingers will get imprinted. My brother has doubt that
how can five fingers get imprinted. So did you see brother that
fingers have been imprinted.. ..on nose as well as on cheeks? Did you find me only for trial? – Yes. – Come here I will
not spare both of you. Let’s run. Oh God. Come on let’s go. We are very late. Okay. Hey, hi. Today only you two are there.
Where is your friend? Why? Are you talking about Vasu? Vasu. The name is very sweet. But why are you asking? What are you talking?
We all are friends. But I like your friend’s
nature of social responsibility. – That is why I am trying.
– On the girl. Right? I am trying social service. He is doing too much over acting. – One minute. I have to receive a call.
– Let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Hello. Is that Sidhu speaking? Yes. Who is speaking? I am speaking from
Mother Teresa Orphanage. I had a talk with your uncle Mr.
Ram Nath in US regarding funds. He has asked me to be
in touch with you for details. I had called in the morning
but you disconnected the phone. If I had asked you to call later
then will you call after every hour? Don’t I have any other work to do? Have I taken loan from you? Keep in touch does not mean to
call up again and again and trouble. I think he is a fool. Where have they gone? I think she has born to disturb me. Hello. Are you free now, sir? I am calling from
Mother Teresa Orphanage. Oh no. don’t you have
any time table to make a call. Even you should be kind enough. A person wants to help
small children staying so far. And you are staying here.. ..and still showing so much
attitude in coming to orphanage. – You are speaking too much. – I would
have waited if it was not so urgent. Sir, you are making me call
so many times to help small children. This is not right. Help if you wish to but
do not make me wait for so long. I am calling as uncle
had asked me to be in touch. Good bye. Krishna, give me three cups of tea. My brother-in-law is a millionaire
and is going to contest elections. Hey, we can easily earn crores
of rupees but cannot earn votes. Tell me how will he win? Ask your brother-in-law to have fun if
he has money and not contest elections. – Give me tea.
– Are you scared? – Why? Don’t you understand anything?
– Shut up. You are looking very dull. – Nothing. I had gone to
Muthoot finance. – What is it? Oh no, whom am I talking to? Sidhu, I urgently need 50,000/- 50,000/- for what? Tomorrow is my darling’s birthday
and I want to gift her diamond ring. I have to maintain my dignity. Hey, you are saying lies for love and
because of this you have sold your gold. – And one day you will be begging.
– What are you saying? You do not know anything about love. I can sacrifice my life for love. Who is this fool who can
sacrifice his life for love? Keep quiet. It is my uncle’s call. – Hello.
– Sidhu, listen to me. I am going to give fund of
1crore to Mother Teresa Orphanage. 1crore fund to children of orpahange. Just go once and get the details. Okay. I will go there
to enquire and then call you. – Okay.
– Okay. Bye. Brother, tell your uncle that I
am an orphan so give me money as well. Hey, uncle is giving fund to orphans
who have no near and dear ones. He will not even look
at you so keep quiet. – I am going.
– No problem. – You have no value for friends.
– Get lost. How dare you? Excuse me.
I will arrange loan for you. – Do you know me?
– No need. I saw you and your need. You can sacrifice your life
for love so your commitment is great. – Come with me.
– Okay bye. I think your bad time has started. Leave me. Brother, I will get money. I shall call and ask for money. The number you have dialed
is currently switched off. His phone is not working
then how will you get money. He will give money. I am a financer. I give money on seeing
the returns. I do not see sentiments. What is correct?
Leaving your wife with them.. ..or you going to hospital
to sell your kidney and get money. No one dies if one kidney
is removed from body. Listen, he has understood.
Take him to the hospital. – Take him quickly.
– No.. Greetings, brother. What is it Tinku?
Nowadays you are often seen here. – Your blessings, brother.
– Greetings, brother. – Who is he?
– Hi. I am Avtaar from Alkapuram. Why are you telling this? This is my style. Brother, he is Marwari.
He is our buddy. That is fine if he is your buddy but does
he have anything to keep as mortgage. If I had gold I would
have got it from Muthoot.. ..and if I had bike I would
have got it from Tirupati. Why would I come to you? Tell me. If you speak too much
you will reach hospital soon. – How much does he want?
– Only 50,000/- Look dear. I finance weekly. If you do not give me money on time.. ..then I shall sell each
part of your body one by one. All conditions are written in it. If
it is acceptable to you then sign it. You are helping me in my
need so I don’t need to read it. He helped me to meet you.. ..and after meeting you it seems
as if I have met God. Give me pen. – Thank you.
– Thank you, dude. I saw money.. ..and now I am going to my heroine. He thinks himself to be Chiranjeevi. Hi darling.
I am coming there in five minutes. Yes! There is no one here. I think everything is fake. Till now you were calling and troubling
me. now I will teach you a lesson. I will teach her a good lesson. How did you reach here? What are you doing here? What are you doing here? You are the one who had mailed
to get funds for orphanage from uncle. Yes, I am the one. That means Mr. Ramnath’s nephew.. ..and the one who was talking
rudely on the phone is you. You are caught, dear.
Somehow manage it. Why are you comparing him to me?
He is useless fellow. I feel ashamed in
calling him my roommate. His name is Siddharth
and my name is Sidhu. Okay. – Has she agreed?
– Children, you go inside and study. But Mr. Ramnath had said
that his nephew’s name is Sidhu. You can call Siddharth Sidhu. Then how should we believe
that you are not that Sidhu. That is not the case.
Don’t think anything. He and I are different. That’s it. I was there when you called at night. I was surprised seeing
your love towards children. Is there another person
who thinks like me? I was shocked. So I taught him a good lesson
for the way he misbehaved with you. I called up uncle. He is my uncle too. Now I am going to handle this entire
fund. I have promised this to uncle. Don’t worry. I am there. Because of kind people like
you these orphan children get help. We are very kind hearted. If you don’t mind
can I have your number? Yes sure. Give me your number and
I shall give you a miss call. – Okay.
– That’s better. 9705889629. Thank God I am saved
because of dual sim. Otherwise I would have got trapped. – Okay.
– Okay, come. Yes. Actually he was not responding
so I was feeling scared. Honor your mother as God. Honor your mother as God. Honor your father as God. Honor your father as God. Honor your teacher as God. Sister, what does
Matru Devo Bhava means? Mother is like a goddess. Goddess is like a mother. My mother left me on the station.
Wasn’t my mother a nice woman? Mother is always nice. Okay. Are you crazy? You are helping that girl and
yet not telling her your feelings. You must tell your feelings. I know that. She will come
wherever I ask her to come. But nurturing my love
in the name of fund.. ..and I don’t want to nurture
friendship by taking advantage of her. This would not be good. Really, nowadays girls
don’t think that way. But I truly love that girl. You are great.
Do whatever you wish to do. – Hello.
– Hi Sidhu. Hello. I had a talk with uncle.. ..and within two days
the fund will be transferred. Can I talk to you only for funds? If you don’t mind
can we meet for coffee? Yes. Why not? Bye. And it’s suddenly fall down. How funny you are?
I can’t stop laughing. I cannot live without you. I brush my teeth after
listening to your voice. I eat breakfast only after seeing you. Will he have a bath without her? Do you really love me so much? We measure milk in
liters and sugar in kgs.. ..but I do not know
how is love measured? Otherwise I would have told you. Great. Boys do not know what
to talk to impress girls. So what should boys
do to impress girls? Why do you want to know that? Generally. You can tell your opinion. Generally boys impress with their
talks and get girls trapped in love. But their talks are not true. If a boy cannot speak truth
then how can he love someone? If he is in love then he
should have faith on the girl. And should tell her the truth. This is called sincerity
if this relation continues lifelong. If a boy wants to impress a girl then
he should have sincerity and honesty. I want to tell you the truth. It is not true that Siddharth
and Sidhu are two different people. Both of them are me. I am saying the truth, Vasu. I was in tension so
I was talking in this way. I lied to be friends with
you and continue our acquaintance. But I did not want
to play with your emotions. Sorry Vasu. “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart finds you all the time.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart yearns
for you all the time.” “I love you, love you baby.” “You took my heart away.” “I love you, love you baby.” “I am not able to do anything.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart finds you all the time.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart yearns
for you all the time.” “From the time I have been with you” “How to tell you how happy I am.” “I am totally lost in you.” “After getting you
my dream is fulfilled.” “Now I wish for nothing else.” “All my desires are fulfilled.” “I love you, love you baby.” “You took my heart away.” “I love you, love you baby.” “I am not able to do anything.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart finds you all the time.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart yearns
for you all the time.” “How have I passed this time?” “Your memories keep
showering on me like rain.” “You have made this
weather so loving.” “I think about you day and night.” “And wish that you were
with me all the time.” “I want to get lost
in you every moment.” “My heart is waiting for you my love.” “It just listens to you.” “My heart is falling for you,
my love.” “How will I pass my days?” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart finds you all the time.” “From the time I have
seen you I am restless.” “My heart yearns
for you all the time.” Some day they are
really going to kill me. Seriously. Isn’t it amazing? I could
not stop laughing for 20 minutes. Oh my God. I loved it. Christmas party. – Hey, hi.
– Hi. – Surprise.
– Rahul! You idiot. Where were you? You could
have called if you couldn’t mail. Sorry baby.. .. but I missed you. I missed you too. How are you? – I am fine.
– You are looking so gorgeous. – Thank you.
– Who is he? He is Sidhu. Boss, will you sit at the
next table for five minutes? It is personal. – Thank you.
– Sidhu.. Thank you, boss. – Sit down. Listen to me.
– Sidhu.. So let’s sit here. Come. Sit down. So tell me what are
you doing nowadays? What is going on? Our college days were really amazing. Yes. Do you know even Sahil
has gone to London? – Shall we move?
– Yes. I will see you later. – Bye.
– Bye. We are getting a busy
tone on this number. Please.. He is kept it busy. – Hello.
– What is this? I am calling you since long.
Can’t you receive the call? Tell me what the matter is. Why did you leave like that? You both seemed to be busy
so thinking why I should disturb you.. Did you get jealous
if I was talking to him? Okay, I will talk later. Bye. He is so dumb. Idiot. He is behaving like fools. Vasu, have you told your
feelings about Sidhu to him? Not yet. I love Sidhu. Yesterday he saw me
with my childhood friend. I was about to tell him
about my feelings yesterday. You should have told him. How should I tell him? He does not understand my love,
anger and expressions. How should I make him understand? As soon as I get an opportunity
I will tell him everything. Yes, I love him. One day he will also say this to me. I shall keep wearing helmet otherwise
someone will catch hold of me. Now I will have to smoke through this. My heart beats fast when she calls.
Keep the phone. Hey, I think those people have come. Hello, hello.. Don’t bang against the tree. Why are you spoiling
your health by smoking? What if we have to sell your lungs? Do you think we will not be able
to recognize you if you wear a helmet? Oh God! Be careful.
What if the neck is broken? Is that you, brother? I could
not recognize you because of helmet. It is okay but I recognized you. That is not the case. I had
put it on because it was very hot. It has been two weeks since
you took money from brother. You still haven’t returned it. I shouldn’t be hiding from you.
This month there is financial crisis. My brain is not working. We are not going to listen
to your suffering and pain. If you do not pay brother on time.. .. then we will make
entry in comic scene as well. We have our own scene. Hey, doctor.. – Why are you calling the doctor?
– Wait and watch, buddy. Check him. From behind as well. Touch him and check. – What are you doing?
– We are doing blood test. Why is he taking out blood?
Oh God! What is this, brother?
Why did he take my blood sample? We should know what
is your kidney group? Kidney group for what? Didn’t you read the
agreement properly? No, this is wrong. Does anyone remove
kidney by just signing the agreement? Tell me one thing Avtaar. Would you like if we kidnap you,
remove your kidney and then tell you? Can you harm us in anyway? Pick up the phone when I call. When we do the cutting
then cooperate with us. Okay? Hey, show him the complete agreement.
Understood. Hey, give it back
to him to hide his face. – People just come to take money.
– Listen.. She keeps troubling by calling. I am calling you since long. Don’t you have the common
sense of picking up the phone? Are you so busy that
you cannot pick up my phone? Tell me where you are? I am in the same park
where you always get me. You stay there and today
I will take a decision on you. So you are here.
Tell me what your problem is? You are my problem. You do
not call me when I give you a ring. You do not pay credit card bill.
You disconnect my phone. Who do you think I am? Tell me. I will speak only when you stop. I have understood.
Now your love towards me is reducing. How should I love you?
I have sold everything for you. Earlier you used to say that I am your
world. Now your world has reduced. That time I did not know that because
of your love my life will be spoiled. Rather than talking to you it is
better that I drown in Hussain Sagar. Why do you want to go so far?
I shall I push you in the well. What has happened now? Because of you my gold has been sold.
And you do not value me. The moment you touch
me I become penniless. You are hurting me. You are talking to me in Hindi
and English mix. Talk to me in Hindi. Why are you hitting the child? – What is it? Is she your daughter?
– No. – Have you ever taken her to gold shop?
– No. – To Cinemax.
– No. – To IMAX.
– No. – Have you spent any amount on her?
– No. I had gold all over my body
and today I have become penniless. And you have come to do enquiry. You.. Tell me whatever you wish to say.
What is your name? Ma.. Mahi. What is your real name? – Mahakali.
– Oh no. That is why you are Mahakali.
Is this your habit? You come to city and
talk lovingly to boys. And then go with them to watch movies. I have become penniless
because of you. Did I ask you for all this?
You used to take me to IMAX.. I will slap you if you
intervene when I am talking. Not only you but I will have
to thrash your father as well. After giving birth to a problem
he has left you in the city. It is okay whatever you said about me
but talk respectfully about my father. Oh, so now you are talking
respectfully about your father. Till yesterday you used to insult him. Hey Avtaar. Till yesterday you used
to address me respectfully.. ..and today you are
addressing me with disgrace. How dare you? I will not spare you. Come here.
Today I will worship you with belt. Come here, Mahakali. Do not interfere, uncle. – Hail to Mahakali.
– Hello police station.. Call up anyone you wish to.
I am not scared of anyone. Hey Avtaar, you thrashed me. Now I will make sure that I file
a police case like that of Nirbhaya.. ..and make sure you
are hanged to death. You are threatening me of police.
How dare you.. Call up anyone you wish to.
I am standing here in the park. Hello police station. Will you arrest me
if I thrash my lover? I am reacting on my situation. This
is my habit. This is my character. There is lady constable to
arrest a girl. This is the rule. But why did you arrest a man?
Why? Answer me. Actually there is
problem in the system. What is this? Old set up. Old get up. Dusty files, old typewriter. It seems as if we are
sitting on terrace. Am I right? Right. What has happened to you? Have you
seen police station in Hollywood movies? If you have not seen then
I will give you English DVD. Watch it and learn from it.
Understood. Arundhati. Actually you
are very lucky. Do you know why? Because I am not hurt. Otherwise I will whistle
once and you will lose your uniform. You will lose your job. And in the next scene you will be seen
outside the temple selling flowers. Buy flowers, buy flowers..your
condition will become worst. Look at your face, dress and size. Will you be able to run if a thief runs
away after snatching the chain, fatty? I want an answer. Say again whatever you just said. Say again. – I was just joking.
– Will you snatch away my job? – Forgive me.
– What else did you say? – You did not like my dress.
– Oh no.. How dare you? SI Arundhati is on duty now. Even if a husband raises his hand on
his wife I will put him behind bars. Forgive me. I will not do it again. – I will not spare you.
– Forgive me. You are talking too much. Now speak. Please, forgive me. I have gun in my hand and
they have logs in their hand. If you talk like this again
then I shall shoot you. Understood. Hey, thrash this fool once again. No! Please, leave me. – Excuse me, madam.
– What is it? Our friend by the name Avtaar.. I am here. Save me. I am here.
Save me. I have got trapped here. Avtaar, what did you do? He slapped a girl in public place. But why have you kept him
in underwear in the lock up, madam? Why are you talking
to her respectfully? Keep quiet, you fool. Listen to me. That girl is nice so she just
reported saying that he thrashed her. If she would have filed
a case of murder or rape.. ..then this friend of yours
would be behind bars all his life. – Is the court so fast?
– Yes, the court is very fast. Forgive me. Madam, our friend would
have made a mistake unknowingly. Please solve the matter at your end. Listen, I cannot do
anything in this matter. Now if you beg in front of that girl.. ..and she takes the case
back something can be done. Nothing can happen before that. Okay madam, we will do something. – Idiot.
– Don’t leave me and go. He thrashed me in public. He slapped you and I swear if I catch
hold of him I will not spare his life. Mahi’s boyfriend
thrashed her in public. – I am also coming.
– He did something wrong. He shouldn’t have done that. – It’s absolutely wrong.
– Brother, we have to talk to Mahi. Ask him to call her. Please call a girl named Mahi. – Wait. Mahi, Mahi..
– What happened? Get back. Get back. How dare you slap her in public place?
And here you have come to apologize. I have not come to beg.
I am not talking to you. Call the girl who filed a case
against him. I want to talk to her. – Are you so courageous?
– Do you want to see? – Mind your language.
– What will you do? Are you crazy? Wait. Look Vasu, if she does not take the
case back then his life will be spoilt. Till now they were lovers.
What is all this? If they were lovers then will
he dare to beat her in public place? Yes, he will hit. First ask her to take the case back.
Rest we will talk later. She will not take the case back. You know who is at fault and still you
are supporting him. You are too egoistic. Whom are you talking to?
She is their leader. If she is slapped once she will agree. Will you slap her? I will not spare you. How dare you? What do you think of yourself? Stop. Rashmi, Lata,
Kiran come down immediately. Come quickly. There has been a problem
in girl’s hostel. Hurry up. We will not spare them today. Beat them. We will send them away. Beat them. Beat them. Stop it. I am asking you to stop it. What are you doing? Get out from here. They all are fools. What happened? What is your problem? What is your problem? Do you remember how our
Avtaar was before falling in love? He had gold all over body. After falling in love
he has gone to jail. I never asked him to spend
money on me. I used to stop him. But for his prestige he
spent on me and now he is in debt. Leave that. Listen to this. Look at her. I wasted my
time by falling in love with her. Otherwise I would have
been a collector today. From the time she has
come my life has spoiled. Stupid. He collects
change by collecting coins. You have a cheap mentality. Getting trapped in your
talks I fell in love with you. I should hit myself for falling
in love with a man like you. Stop crying. You may take as many births.. ..but can never understand
what is going on in a girl’s heart. If a girl loves someone then she
keeps that love alive till she dies. Even if she dies
she does not leave him. Oh no.. Really! Your friend loved Avtaar. Now after putting him behind
bars she is comfortable here. Is this true love? Sidhu, you take everything
on the wrong route. Not he but your friend
took it on the wrong route. Didn’t you see her route?
Straight to the jail. You all very well know
why a boy follows a girl. You do not stop knowing
that it is not right. Isn’t this wrong?
Frankly speaking.. ..there is no one as egoistic
as girls in this world. You are talking too much, Sidhu. You talk cheaply with girls.
You do not have manners. Manners..oh no.. Did you hear friends? Are these manners to hug
anyone saying him to be your friend? Vasu, there is no point
in talking to these fools. Hello. Same feeling. Even we boycott? – Boycott means?
– I shall explain. Till now we used to
waste our time wooing you. Boycott means from today we
will throw you girls out of our lives. Boycott does not mean this.
Girls will be cut off from boys. – We reject you.
– We reject you all. Let’s go from here.
There is no point talking to them. We too reject them. Let’s go. Reject. Let’s go from here. Go from here. Let’s go. – Hello.
– Hello. – Arundhati here.
– This is the DSP. – Hello sir.
– Did you arrest some guy called Avatar? He’s the son of my close friend. Let him go. – Okay?
– Okay, sir. I am ruined. I am completely ruined. I lost whatever reputation
I had because of her. What reputation? They are bloody vagabonds. I squandered everything
I had on her. Bloody misers. I bought his first pant,
shirt, shoes. He’s a leach.
Bloody begger. – Do you know why girls flock to us?
– I don’t know. You don’t know. So that they can suck our blood. She hug each and every girl.. ..that’s why they
think she is cheap. I would’ve clobbered
him with my shoe. Come, brother. Should I be scared if
they handed me to the Police. All I’ve to do is make one call.. ..and the Prime Minister of the
state will come to bail me out. I am Avatar. But I have one complaint. They stripped my clothes
in the Police Station. Forget about us. But he’s a true lover.
He used to love her so much. He even helped her so much.. ..but she forgot all that. No Sidhu, I cannot forget
your love in this lifetime. Believe me..I apologise you. If anyone even looks at us now,
we’ll gouge their eyes out. We’ll never meet them again. – Or talk to them.
– Or go out with them. Nor sit on their bike. Nana’s here. What is this?
Cigarette. Alcohol. Having a party in Nana’s hostel. What is going on? We are drinking, Nana? I know you tried to explained us.. ..about how important life is,
but we didn’t listen. But I couldn’t endure her betrayal. I feel humiliated. The year changes after December 31. Similarly, we’ll change our lives. From tomorrow we’ll do as you say. We won’t call anyone
but our mother. And won’t go out for
anything but interview. Just forgive us once.
Please. Are you telling the truth? – We swear on you.
– We swear on you. Don’t listen to them, Nana. They are drinking. How can you talk to them?
How can you forgive them? To err is human. You might not trust them, but I do. And since that day the
entire area calmed down. Girls and boys
started living apart. I think they will
give this question. They asked it last year too. – We should prepare for it.
– You’re right. Is this a miracle? Where are all the female pictures? I guess they have all reformed. These are signs of
becoming a successful man. I will pray from my heart. Avatar.. Avatar..can I get tea or coffee? Don’t disturb me. I am studying very seriously. Pass me the book. Move. Let me too. You’re putting up
Sharmila’s picture. There was a time when
boys used to dance to her tune. – I am her fan.
– Great. Madam, we’ve run out of rice,
lentil and oil. What is this?
I just bought all that a week ago. Girls eat three times a day now. It was better when they
were with their boyfriends. They would go out
with them and eat out. And now..all they do is stay
in the hostel and even eat here. This won’t do. Now how I do I order food for them? Aunty, there’s no water. Yes, I’ll get it.
I’ll order a tanker for you. They won’t stop until I am dead. Come on. Cook what you have. Oh, God. I can see dead people,
but not at girls. They are just bad luck for us. You guys look like dead people. And now you’ve jinxed us. – Let’s not talk to them.
– Let’s go. They have jinxed us. If anything goes wrong,
I’ll show these guys. Let’s go. Open Facebook and
bring up Mahi’s picture. I’ll post her picture all over. Okay. Just a minute. What..how did my
picture come there? They are more advanced than us. They put Avatar Singh on sale.
And on rent too. Wholesale and retail as well. You’re done for. Look here. They have posted
your picture with dogs. She used my idea on me. Bro.. You used to eat only in KFC.
What are you doing here? When we go out with them,
I prefer only KFC, chicken burger. But alone this is
my KFC and Subway.. Hey..how was your function? Function was great. But I got really
irritated in the bus. Why? Because I was wearing a sari. I am completely drenched. They have got us
addicted to luxury. Hey..what are you doing? I see..isn’t it exposing
when you wear a bikini. And if I lift my
sari I am exposing. Okay, fine. – Its really hot.
– Switch on the fan. – How much for butter scotch?
– 60 rupees. Oh, God. – And Vanila.
– 50 rupees. So expensive. Have you ever bought
anything more expensive? She’s following me? Sell it to her. Idea. Hi. Hi..Sidhu. What a surprise? You’re looking really fresh today. What are you saying? I was on a leave,
so I missed my practicals. Is that so? Give me a hug? Sidhu, that’s too hard. Wow..what a surprise? Sidhu..why are you
getting so excited today? Not exciting,
baby, one should always be happy. I am so happy today..so excited. You want chocolate? Chocolate? I love chocolate. This one’s for me. You know I love chocolate. You take good care of me. Wow..I love you. ..you’re a great friend. – I like you very much.
– Why hug me for a small thing? When someone helps me,
this is how I thank them. This is my style? Are you leaving? Are you leaving? Okay. See you. Feel the Madhuranagar. Feel the Madhuranagar. Been so long since I
was last in my birthplace. Very tasty. My birthplace. Madhuranagar. No one around. Where is everyone? What’s wrong?
What’s wrong with my country. When I left, the people
of Madhuranagar were happy. Girls and boys used
to play together. What happened?
Where did they all go? Where are the girls? I don’t see a single girl here. What’s wrong? Wow..girls. Where are you going? Don’t you know? No. I left three years ago.
And I’ve returned again. – You weren’t here for three years?
– No. Why? He doesn’t know,
so let’s give it to him. Give me what? Don’t beat me. Why did they beat me up? I think this is a bad time. – Giri..
– Uncle. You’re still alive. Nice to know. I won’t die until you
don’t return my money. You haven’t forgotten? How can one forget
the guy who’s bored money? Uncle, first tell me
what happened on the 3rd. What happened on that
day never happened in history. I can see everything clearly. Is this why they separated. What are they doing? Why is that girl with him? – They are new in the area.
– Wait, I’ll talk. Brother. Do you love her? Yes. I love her a lot. What type of love is this? Type? What is that? Just like there are types of girls,
there are types of love as well. Is that true?
Who are you? I am a senior. Three years ago I used
to chase behind girls. But unfortunately I found no one. I got fed up and
made this great App. That is Check The Love. Check The Love. Meaning? This App will tell you
what’s in your lover’s heart. – Yeah..
– Let’s test it no them and find out. – You want to see.
– Yes. What is your name? – Deepika. – And yours?
Suresh. Let’s see whether
Deepika loves Suresh. Come on. Deepika. Suresh. Does Deepika love Suresh. Let’s see. – Is that the love symbol.
– No.. That’s the girl’s heart. What is that?
There are so many pictures? So many?
And where am I? Don’t worry, let me see. But that’s a cat. It’s a male cat. She will be with you
until you have money. When you run out of money,
she will bite you like a dog. You’re such a liar.
Playing with my emotions. I trusted you. Don’t show me your face again. Big brother. I wish you had met earlier,
then even we would’ve been happy. Sir, you saved my life. Kids..I am here to save
people who failed in love. There are four types of girls.
So even love has four types. Meaning.. “Listen to me..” “Listen to the types of love.” “Listen to me..” “Listen to the types of love.” “One is Facebook love..” “The second is WhatsApp Love.” “After that is ATM love.” “Now do you understand..” “..what are the types of love.” “We never imagined that..” “..love will trouble us so much.” “Love.” “Fake love.” “Fake love.” “Fake love.” “Posts on Facebook,
and insists you like it.” “Poor friends get trapped too.” “Saying Hi dear on facebook.” “Saying Hi dear on chating.” “This is WhatsApp love.” “Makes your heart skip a beat
and takes your card.” “Flaunts her style
and goes shopping.” “This is ATM love.” “Now do you understand..” “..what are the types of love.” “We never imagined that..” “..love will trouble us so much.” You mean girls these
days don’t love sincerely. I didn’t say that. Girl’s
change lovers like carry bags. “Shah-Jahan made,
the Taj Mahal for Mumtaz.” “This is sincere Love.” “Even we’ll make building.” ..but where will we get Mumtaz.. “I’ve heard everything you said,
and know you’re so sly.” “You only lie to us.” “But no..” “This is not love.. They are all liars.” “They hit on every girl.” “This is not love.. “They are all liars.” “They hit on every girl.” “Now do you understand..” “..what are the types of love.” “We never imagined that..” “..love will trouble us so much.” “Cheap Love.” “Cheap Love.” “Cheap Love.” They challenged
students of Nana Hostel. As a senior I am telling you.. – How is Nana?
– How do you think he’ll be? – Nana is great.
– Super. Stop showing off
and tell us what to do. Let me think, brother. Thinking is no good.
We’ve been thinking for two months. I didn’t my gold, or the job. In fact I lost all
the money to buy gold. When you lose hair,
you should think about a wig. The hair won’t come back. The girls want to drive
us crazy and run away. We must shatter their
pride and teach them a lesson. We’ll shatter their pride. They should start sweating
whenever they see a guy. They should feel embarrassed. Stop going so much in detail,
and tell us in short. Imagine..if girls will run helter-skelter
when they see us at night.. ..they will push
and shove each other. Imagine the ambiance. Girls will scream “Help”. They should run around
the entire hostel. Imagine the ambiance. All this sounds sweet. I am not jus telling
you to think about it. I’ll show you live.
Start operation Ghost. Why are you watching this
film instead of a romantic film. No romance, only horror. Thank you. There’s..a ghost. Ghost. Of course there’s a ghost.
It’s an English film. Believe me. I saw him. Really? Show me? – Come on.
– No. – Come with me.
– Don’t be scared. Come with me. Don’t worry. You don’t even let me see the film. – Come, show me.
– I am scared. Come on. – It’s a ghost.
– Don’t be scared. I am very scared. What a bore. Show me. Power cut at this hour. Show me the ghost.
Where is it? Run! Run! Ghost. Scared you, right? No one should see me. Run! Run! Ghost. Run. Run. Run! Run! Run from here. Help. Madam. What’s the matter?
Never seen a power cut before? I saw him.. Calm down. – Tell me one by one.
– There’s a ghost in the hostel. Yes. Ghost. Without makeup you’ll
look like a ghost. One of you must be the ghost. Come on. Go back to your rooms. She never listens to us. I won’t believe it until
I don’t see the ghost myself. Looking nice. Run! Run! Ghost. Run. Run. I don’t see the girls. – They all disappeared.
– Yes. – Plan’s wasted?
– Yes. We must find all the
girls in this hostel. That’s my order. – Okay.
– Let’s go. She is fast asleep. I’m going to scare you. I’ll kill you. Let me wear it. Doesn’t even fit. I am tired of looking. I need a smoke. Let’s smoke here. Let em grab a cigarette. What is this? My mask. let me hide here. You guys fell on me. Move or else I will die. Move. Move. I won’t get up. I am scared. I am scared too. I am very scared. I won’t get up. You have all put on weight. You are all become so heavy. Somebody is here. Let’s run. She is all alone.
Let me scare her. Romance is going to begin. All your friends ran
away and you’re all alone. You’re brave. Are you waiting here for me. Fine. Am I right? You look fine from back. Are you going to
scare me from the front. You think I’ll get scared. I am not like other men.
Turn around. Stop it. Stop it.
I’ve seen this charade before. You might have got a urine test,
blood test.. Now we must check whether
you’re actually possessed. I’ll check whether you’re
possessed. And confirm it. See..blood. If you’re a ghost,
then drink my blood. What are you waiting for?
Drink it. Drink it. Let me go. Stop drinking my blood. Forgive me. – You were offering me your blood.
– Forgive me. So let me drink your blood. Give me five minutes.
I’ll send someone more plump. You can suck all his blood. You are lying. I won’t let you go. Believe me.
I’ll send someone more plump. – Hurry up. Call him.
– Wait here. I’ll send someone. Don’t make a sound. Come in. Brother. Come inside. Come in. “Shakalaka Baby.. Shakalaka Baby..
Love me all you want.” What is this brother?
Having all the fun alone? Is it right to romance alone? I want to romance her too. I want my love. You my friend have got it right. You want a lover, don’t you?
I’ll give it to you. She is very beautiful. Handle with care. Go on. What are you waiting for?
Go no. “Shakalaka Baby.. Shakalaka Baby..
Love me all you want.” Now give me a kiss.
Who are you waiting for? Is it me? Don’t wait. I am here now. You sent me to a ghost for romance. I am in the same condition. Let’s send the other two guys in. – Right?
– Very good. I’ll send them in. Come in. Come in. Why call me here? We’ve arranged a
girl and bed for you. Now get ready. Don’t think too hard. And go. – Okay.
– Go. Having fun. Come soon. No.. go away. Your brother-in-law loves to kiss. Don’t you guys want my kiss. Hey.. We don’t. We don’t. Don’t say no. Or I will kill you. What are you saying? This is legally wrong as well. We should respect the law. I was a law student. What are you saying? Is he right? He’s calling you brother-in-law. Yeah..she is our sister-in-law. I beg you. Let us go,
and I’ll never look back. I’ll go home. Why..how dare you scare my girls? No. Beat them. Beat them. Don’t let them go.
Beat them. Beat them. Where’s the senior? He ran away. The coward. Nana’s here.
Keep the bottle aside. Where are you coming
from at this hour? From a friend’s party,
we got a little drunk. Quiet. You scared those girls
in the hostel as ghosts. – And now you’re lying to me.
– Nana. Leave me. If they make a Police complaint,
they will all be jailed. You guys are shameless. – Shameless.
– Forgive me. First you make a mistake
and then lie to me. What is this? You’re not our father
to hit us like this. – Sidhu. What are you saying?
– He is right. He is right. He’s too much. – He beats us for everything.
– Right. Even my father never hit me. And you hit me. Sidhu, you’re not in your senses. Stop interfering.
Get lost. Or else I will kill you. Nana is only saying
for your own good. Yes, I’ve seen do-gooders like him. I quit drinking milk 15 years ago. They took advance from us.
And say no for everything. Listen..people are willing
to let us stay in their hostel. They even lay out the red carpet.
Understand. I don’t want you guys in my hostel.
Get lost. We’ll sleep on the streets.
We don’t care. Stop talking to him.
Pack your bags. Good riddance. We won’t
have to see his face again. – Yeah..
– Let’s go. Always threatening
and bossing us around. We won’t stay here. We’re lying out here. Get up. Hey.. I ordered shoes for you yesterday,
do they fit. Is the size perfect? I forgot to measure it, Nana. Nana.. Nana.. Nana.. – Go and check the size.
– Okay, Nana. – Let me know if they don’t fit.
– Yes. I forgot to tell you that
the laundry bill was 3000 rupees. Babu, I’ve settled everything
with the advance that you gave me. You still have to pay me 2000,
but I am in no hurry. You can pay me whenever you like. You know I don’t have
any other source of income. Nana..we’re very sorry, Nana. Forgive us. Let it be. No need to say sorry. We don’t know what
we said when we were drunk. – Forgive us.
– Let it be. Let it be. Forget it.
You were right, you know.. You stay here on rent. Why do I interfere
in your personal life? I am no one to you.
It’s right. Nana..sorry. Why are you crying? – Come on, get up.
– I’ll never do it again. We’ll never drink again.
I swear.. You guys are right. But I didn’t mean
to humiliate any of you. It was for your own good. Do you know why
I started Nana Hostel. Until 5 years ago.. I had a son that was your age. Even he came here to study. No one would eat
until he wouldn’t call. We would wait or him to call and say
father I’ve become a successful man. We kept waiting. Later we received a call.. ..from the hospital. He was drunk and driving. He collided with
the divider and died. This would’ve never happened
if he had stayed with me. I ask God why he did this? What was my fault? That day I decided.. ..I won’t let this
happen to anyone else. I don’t want any other father
to go through the same ordeal. That’s why I built this hostel. No, no.. Forgive us.
We’ll never do this again. Check the newspaper
for any job interviews. – Job..
– Yes. I checked last time as well. Look..there’s an ad
in the job classified. – Really?
– We should try this. This one? – I got a job. I got a job.
– Hey..water the plants properly. Here.. – Nana..
– You got the job. – Have a sweet.
– Congrats. I am very happy, Nana. But I am sad. You achieved your goal and
brought sweets for me I like that. But how and when did
you send your resume? Who inspired you? Shit..you don’t know anything. You don’t know what
it takes to do a job. – I’ve to do everything.
– Fine.. There are vacancies
in three companies. I’ll apply for you.
You just wait. Yeah..now you remember. Yes. You’re sharing your
happiness with everyone.. ..but you should talk to her as well. Why? Will it hurt your ego? – No.. – When you succeed,
some people will encourage you. But..only one will believe
that you will succeed. Only one.. The one that inspires
you always takes backseat. And secondly..one that believes
you will always be with you. She will never leave you. Come what may. So who believed in you. What are you thinking? That girl did. She is your life. Call her. Call her right now. She must have planned something. – If he tries anything, we’ll
break his bones. – Sure. – Let him come. We’ll teach him a lesson.
– Right. Look, he’s coming. Come on,
Let’s hide behind the tree. Come on. Come. – I am sorry, Karuna.
– What are you doing? I am really sorry. He’s saying something to her. What do you think he’s doing? I got a job, Karuna. He’s a changed man. First get up. I got a job at Wipro. Congrats. Thank you. If I couldn’t share this happiness with
you, then it would’ve been meaningless. Are you happy? Great.. You two are friends again. This is not the first time. Okay, okay, we’re friends. I’ll throw a party for all of you. Isn’t that what you want. Yeah.. I told you I made a mistake,
so forgive me. I am not satisfied. Tell me what I should
do to satisfy you. Doesn’t matter. Is anyone watching? I’ll beat myself with my belt. Oh, God. Oh, God. Oh, God. Forgive me now.
Forgive me now. I won’t give it. Will you hit me? Are you thinking
I am going to hit you? I won’t hit you.
I’m just kidding. – Now we’re friends.
– What? Friends? What the.. They said they will
never talk to girls. And now they are sharing ice-cream. Come back to the hostel
and I’ll show you. So..everyone looks
to be in a good mood. Yes. What’s in the bag? Why did you hang
that belt on the wall? Why did you hang that
belt on the wall? Take it off. – It was always there.
– Let it be. You come here. – Come on.
– I won’t.. And get that bean bag. Come on. Sit. – What happened?
– Sit. Sit.. At least tell me what happened? So Avatar..you’ve been having
feelings for girls these days. Positive or negative? Real ones. Girls are a pain in the neck.. ..but gives good feelings. What do you think of this belt? – Belt? I don’t know.
– Hey, sit down. – Sit. I told you to sit. Come on, sit.
– Brother.. Tell me where did the argument begin? – From me.
– Correct. But who got dragged into it. – You.
– Me.. Can I use the belt now? How dare you make a fool of me? You go out with girls
and I get fooled. I am going to break
this belt on you today. – I’ll skin you alive. Get up..come on.
– No, brother. Don’t do it. You go out with girls
and I get fooled. What is this? – I’ll beat you. I’ll beat you more.
– Stop it. – You go nout with girls?
– I say stop it. What is all this? This is a hostel not a fist market. You’re fighting. You’re fighting. – Aunty. Aunty.
– You’re fighting. You too. Hitting him with a belt.
What are you? Did you come here
to study or bully people? I’ll call your father.. How dare you hit me? How dare you hit Aunty? – Let me call..
– You want to call my father.. What are you doing? This phone is empty. – Where is the battery?
– I forgot to install the battery. – And Sim-card.
– I never got a sim-card. So you’ve been fooling
us all this time. You’re a very smart. Continue with your game.
I am leaving. Don’t spare him. – Bye.
– Where do you think you’re going? Beat him. Come on, beat him. – Beat him.
– What is your name? Aunty? No. Bunty. – What must you serve in the morning?
– Coffee. – When we’re fighting.
– I should leave. – If we come late in the evening.
– Doesn’t matter. – And what must you do now?
– Run. – Beat him.
– Then why didn’t you? They have put me down. – Get up.
– Brother.. – Get lost. Come on.
– Okay, brother. Sorry. This is all my fault. Why don’t you two forget this
squabble and become friends again. Hey..don’t be sad. Take my advice and
tell her you’re sorry. One apology will set things straight. – She is a smart girl.
– I want to meet her too. Even I want to talk to her. But I am going to
say sorry to her first. Okay, okay. Throw to me. Yes. Yes. ‘What is he doing here?’ Vasu. You’re right. – Yes.
– Excuse me. – Yes?
– Are you Vasu? Take this. – What is this?
– He gave this. Please, please.. Idiot. Vasu.. Oh, God. He’s torturing me. The program was great. Did you see it? You’re right. Look at this.
Sidhu has been bothering me. – This is too much.
– What is it? He’s been sending me sorry messages. He’s been torturing me, you know. – Really.
– Idiot! Sorry, madam. – What sorry.
– Sorry, madam. Please, madam. – I am tired of you.
– Please, madam.. Why do you keep sending
me messages at night? What do you want? Vasu, what are you saying? Why will this waiter
send you messages? Sidhu will drive me crazy. What’s wrong with you? He’s been saying sorry
since yesterday and doesn’t stop. Don’t you trust me. Let me show you his messages. I deleted them. You’ve a positive corned
in your heart for him.. ..that’s why you
keep thinking about him. – We will never believe what you say.
– Yes. – That’s not true. it’s just..
– Sister. Uncle sent this card for you. Uncle sent this card through you. – Where is he?
– There he is. See..like I said. He must have written
sorry in this book as well. – Read it out.
– Vasu, you monster. You’ve a round face. No matter what you wear,
you look like a pole. And when you laugh, you scare me. I won’t spare him. – Sorry, sorry, listen to me..
– How dare you call me a monster? – What are you doing, Vasu?
– Do I look like a monster to you? It’s not my fault. I wanted to say sorry for my mistake,
but you don’t listen. Atleast this way
I get to talk to you.. ..so I didn’t want
to miss this chance. Smile, please.. Don’t say no. Just smile once. Stop. Vasu.. Vasu. No, Vasu. “We’re going to do something..” “..says the heart.” “Something just happened..” “..now you dwell in this heart.” “Now that the days
of happiness have arrived.” “Give me your hand, I wanna hold you.” “Never leave you. I’ll stand by you.” “Let me tell you,
that I care for you.” “I swear to you, that I love you.” “We’re going to do something..” “..says the heart.” “Something just happened..” “..now you dwell in this heart.” “As I locked eyes with you,
I couldn’t get over you.” “I couldn’t control myself..” “..don’t make my heart pine.” “Oh, darling. I love you.” “You are a spicy chilly.” “Oh, darling. I love you.” “You are a spicy chilly.” “We’re going to do something..” “..says the heart.” “Something just happened..” “..now you dwell in this heart.” “Give me your hand, I wanna hold you.” “Never leave you. I’ll stand by you.” “Let me tell you,
that I care for you.” “I swear to you, that I love you.” “Nothing will hold us back,
sweetheart.” “I am gonna live and die with you.” “My heart has fallen for you.” “I’ll make you mine now.” “The world is cruel.” “Hide me in your arms.” “I don’t care about the world..” “..I will keep you in my heart.” “Darling, I wanna love you.” “You are a spicy chilly.” “Oh, darling. I love you.” “You are a spicy chilly.” “We’re going to do something..” “..says the heart.” “Something just happened..” “..now you dwell in this heart.” – Have some tea.
– What’s wrong? You don’t know how tensed I am. – Only I know my pain.
– Why are you so tensed? Travelling straight for
an hour gives me a backache. It will. You’re going old, right? You’re the midget.
Don’t talk about me. Find out where is Avatar. Find him. – Boss..there he is.
– Yeah, right. – Let’s go.
– Pub or club? Do we look like fools to you? Brother, it’s you boss. All well? You’re overdoing it now. Why did you bring these people along? We’re here to take
a group photo with us. Group photo. Give me a minute.
I’ll wash my face. – Hey!
– Brother.. Let’s go..or I’ll cleanse
your face for good. – Boss said I should bring you along.
– Brother.. Where are you taking him?
Let him go. – Hey..
– Leave him. Boss, they are my friends. – Friends.
– Yes. See this knife. I’ll cut you open. Where are you taking him?
What do you want to do with him? – Shut up.
– Come on, I’ll tell you. We’ll take him with us,
and take one of his kidney’s.. ..and bring him back here. – Brother, what are you doing?
– Come on. No, brother let me go. – Someone save me.
– What are you doing? – Come on.
– Sorry, brother. Let me go. Brother, save me.
They want to take my kidney. That’s him, brother. ‘What are you staring at?’ Hey, who are you guys? Are you their leader? Are you going to save him? Who do you think? A star? A hero? Boss, don’t lock horns with him?
Let’s just get out of here. We already challenged him once. – And he cleaned our clock.
– Coward. Get lost. Just because you’re clean shaven.. ..and wearing a T-shirt,
you think you’re a star. Even I’ve glasses and shirt,
even I am a hero. But I don’t flaunt it like you. Look. I’ll cut you to pieces
with this. What say? How dare you.. How dare you hit me? If you talk calmly,
then I can settle this. If you try to bully me,
I won’t like it. Now..do you want a
beating or will you leave? What’s the point in getting beaten up.
I’ll leave. – Let’s go.
– Yes. – Let’s go.
– Yes. – This is what I was saying.
– Come on, get lost! – Always getting is humiliated.
– Hey! Don’t think we’re
some third grade goons. Next time I’ll come
prepared and show you. – You..
– Get lost! – Don’t show me your face again.
– Let’s go. Hurry up, start the car. Thanks you saved me. We returned their money,
so why did he come back? What do I say? They have been
charging me heavy interest. I couldn’t pay their interest.
And now they came here for recovery.. You.. How much is it? I’ll clear it for you. Don’t borrow from that madman again. Let’s go. Come on. Mummy.. Hello, mummy. Listen to me, Vasu. Come home when your exams get over. We’ve to prepare for your wedding. Okay. What now? I was going to call you,
but you called first. Very nice. What is it? – Sidhu, I must speak with you.
– What is it? Not on the phone.
Meet me at the coffee shop tomorrow. We’ll talk then, okay. – Will you come?
– Yeah, sure. – We’ll meet.
– Okay. – Hi.
– Hi. Vasu. Be careful. – Come on.
– Leave me. – Come on.
– Vasu. – Hey!
– Sidhu. – Come on, sit.
– Sidhu. Vasu. – Let’s go. Let’s go.
– Sidhu, save me. Stop. Vasu. Leave me. Hey.. Bye. Bye. Bye. Your hair is so soft. Which shampoo do you use? Local or imported. – Boss..she is gorgeous.
– She’s off the age. You are feeling uncomfortable
among all these people, right? You must be. My boys went to recover their money.. ..and your boyfriend intervened.
Imagine my plight. Listen, baby. I don’t have anything to do with you. But I have everything
to do with your lover. I lent money to his friend. And when my boys went
to recover that money.. ..your boyfriend intervened. Now he’ll understand
why we abducted you. Hey! Doctor..new patient. I’ve a customer. We’ll sell every part of his body. Midget. You go. No. I won’t go. You go. Are you crazy? You go. I’ll go. Just watch, boss. Do you know why I called urgently? Can you imagine my condition? I am getting married in two days. I got engaged to him before I met you. And now I love you. What do I do? And if I love you,
how can I marry him? You suggest me something. I love you. I love you. I wanted to tell you that. I was ready to say I love you. But you got into an argument. ‘Manners..’ ‘Oh, God!’ ‘Did you guys hear?’ ‘Do you think you can hug
any guy calling him your friend?’ ‘Is that your manners?’ You humiliated me. You hurt me whenever you got a chance. And I am not talking
about what happened today. I have promised my father. But I cannot marry someone
else when I love you. This is not in my control. When someone is blessed with love,
they feel elated. But love only brought
sorrows in my life. I am sorry. I will never hurt you again. I promise you. I need you. I love you. I’ll talk to your
father about our love. That’s not possible, Sidhu. Because according to my
family this marriage is my choice. And if I tell them about my love. Then father will be embarrassed. And he will never be
able to tolerate this, Sidhu. My father’s reputation
means everything to me. You are important for
me and so is my father. And I want to get
married with his consent. Please, do something. Trust me. We’ll do as you say. No, no, not in Australia, man. This is Amlapuram, small village. They eat lunch on leaves,
breakfast on plates.. ..that’s the kind of people they are. – How much are you going to swindle?
– Atleast 10 million. 5 million before the wedding,
and now 5 million after the wedding. Won’t they find out? How will they find out? When I asked for tissue paper,
they brought me a towel. They don’t know what’s a tissue. They asked for cold drink, and
I brought fruit salad for everyone. They are ignorant people. Villagers. Hey..now hang up. Hey man, what is this? Grow up, dude. Don’t you know how
to dress up for a wedding. You morons. Let me tell you.. You put on any shirt,
and put on a stingy necklace.. ..an old loincloth
and a towel on your shoulder. I swear..you’re
looking like a villain. – Father. Father.
– Love you baby. Oh, God. He’s talking too much.
Who is this fatso, son? Not a fatso, sir. My name is Baji. – Wedding planner.
– You see, father. He plans celebrity weddings. I saw him on TV and invited him here. From the decorations to the wedding,
I manage everything, sir. I am the total controller, sir. Look at this. I don’t care
if you’re the wedding planner. But we respect our guests. I’ll manage if the food is less spicy. But if you misbehave with a guest.. ..then you won’t leave alone. Okay, sir. Hey.. Focus on your job. Nothing more. Let’s go. You should listen
to your elders, dear. Look at your face.
It’s not glowing at all. Stop bothering my daughter. See for yourself.
She isn’t listening to me. She is my daughter. You said she will get spoiled
if she goes out to study. Vasu.. Your mother was scared
that will stop listening to us.. ..if you go out to study. She is crazy. You are my daughter. I raised you. My daughter will do as I say. One more thing. I am very happy. You’ll be happy too, dear. Dear, are you sad because
you’ll leave us after the wedding? Don’t be scared. Do you know what
your father-in-law said? If Vasu wants, then even my son will
tie a nuptial thread around his neck. Like I said. I won’t listen to
anyone for this wedding. – Be quiet. – If he creates
trouble now, I will break his bones. And listen carefully. Don’t
start complaining once we get there. I will skin you alive. Once this wedding is done.. ..I’ll ask her father to support me
in the upcoming MLA elections. He’ll make the entire village
vote for me. Understand. I told you I don’t want to marry her. I’ll fall in love first
and then get married. That’s my dream. My ambition. Who get married without
falling in love? You will have to get married. – What are you saying, brother.
– Be quiet. – Listen to me..
– Did I ask you? When you were little,
you insisted on not wearing clothes. But your mother made you wear them. It’s the same thing all over again. If you want to fall in love first,
then we’ve three hours left. Do it. Fall in love with your bride. – Love cannot be asserted.
– You’re right. But you’re going to get married. That’s my ambition. Don’t worry, son. Sister, your friend
from Hyderabad is here. Really? Thanks. Sidhu. I am here now. No need to worry. Okay? We will get married. Brother, how can you two get
married until her father is around. – Hey!
– What are you doing? – How will you two get married?
– Of course we’ll get married. Vasu, don’t worry. We’ll do as we’ve decided.
Okay. Now you go. Oh, my God. I guess the bride
doesn’t like her groom. If the groom’s side finds out.. ..the marriage will be
cancelled and I won’t get paid. I won’t let them find
out until the wedding. I won’t get married
until I don’t see the girl. I want to fall in love with her first. Long live love. Love is my life. I will run away. Hey..where are you going at this time. Where else? Outside. Wait. If you leave, the marriage will be
cancelled and I won’t get paid. Wait! – The groom’s trying to run.
Somebody come here. – Leave him. What’s going on? Your son was trying to run away,
I stopped him. I told you something,
why don’t you listen. I said something too,
but did you listen? I want to see my bride first. Then I’ll decide whether
I want to marry her or not. – Oh, God. – What diet were you
when you were pregnant with him? You go. I’ll explain to him. – Enough. Come with me.
– Will I get rewarded? – I’ll give you an entire bottle.
Now let’s go. – Okay, okay. – Let’s go. You’re great!
– You’ve really lost your mind. Can’t you see? She is very beautiful. Marry him, son.
Listen to your mother, son. – Will you listen to your mother?
– Okay, fine. – What’s your plan?
– Nothing. Vasu wants us to get married
with her father’s consent. We know that too. So I’ll need a father. One needs a bride to get married,
not father. I need a bride to get married. But I need a father
to stop Vasu’s wedding. That’s the plan. – Father. Father.
– What are you doing? Stop. I am fed up of my son.
He’s lost his mind. – Listen, what are you doing here?
– We’re here for the food. – Father. Father.
– Come along then. Don’t worry, have a drink. Father? What are you saying? I am already very stressed. Get lost. Stop bothering me. He will understand soon. Father. Who is he? Calling my husband
his father. Father. Father.. Who is your father?
Stop bothering me. – Father.
– Stop screaming. What is this?
He’s still calling him father. What’s next? – I don’t know.
– What are you doing? She is very beautiful. I’ll marry her. And love her forever and ever. Let me go tell everyone
that I am going to marry her. Baby, our marriage is fixed. I like it. I love you. I am coming. – Father.
– Who is this guy calling me father. I am tired with the
one I already have. Where were you, father?
I was looking all over for you. Now listen. Call me father
again and I will slap you. I beg you father,
do whatever you want. But listen to me. – Come here.
– What happened? I’ll tell you. Please, come with me. Come with me, father. Where are you taking me? Leave me. Stop bothering me. Do you want details
or full information? What information will you give me? The groom, your son.
I can’t see him. He ran away. – Ran away?
– Yes. Who ran away. And where? – Just the groom, bro.
– Doesn’t matter. The groom ran away.
What about my payment now. Stop overacting. My son ran away and you’re
worried about your payment. Sir, I am here for the payment. – You’ll get your money.
– Father.. – Yes. – Stop thinking about
the one that got away. Think about me, father. Who is your father?
Why are you bothering me? Fine. Doesn’t matter
if only I call you father. Fine, I’ll leave. But..I’ll tell the bride’s
father that you’re not my father. – Okay?
– Hey, wait. Where is that fatso? – Fatso..
– Hello. – Tell me, sir?
– Remember what I said? What, sir? I said I’ll kill you
for even a small mistake. – What happened, sir?
– Where are the betel leaves? I served fruit salad to everyone, sir. Idiot! Forgive me. I can’t endure mistakes. He hasn’t arranged
for betel leaves yet. – Come with me.
– Goodbye. My payment. He can kill him over
a small betel leaf. What will he do if the
marriage gets cancelled. That’s why consider
me as your younger son. Listen, you should try and manage too. Your son has run away. Consider him your son
and save your reputation. After that I’ll get my payment. So you admit that you’re my father. – You admit it, right?
– Yes. – Yes, I admit.
– Such a crazy papa you are. – I like it.
– Listen.. I am concerned about
my MLA seat more than you. – Do what you want but will you manage
everything? – Done, deal, let’s go. – You go.
– My payment will be done now. – I am there.
– Let’s go. – Where did he go?
– What is this? Who is this boy? He’s my younger son, I just decided. – I always knew you were
having an affair. – Not you too. – Don’t you want to be an VIP?
– Yes. So admit that he’s my younger son. – And our son.
– He ran away. – Don’t talk about him.
– Okay. Mummy.. – What a handsome son.
– Yes. He’s handsome too. And a mama’s boy. – But you’re my son now.
– The bride’s father is here. Hello. Hello. Who is this boy? My younger son. We just decided that. Just decided. He lives in the city
and just got here. Hello. Everyone’s inside
attending the wedding.. ..while you are all out here.
Come inside. You go ahead, we’ll join you. Come on. – Come. Let’s go.
– Okay. Let’s go. [Sanskrit chants] Ma’am, the auspicious
time is almost here. Bring the bride and groom. Vasu.. Come, sit here. Where is the groom? Go get him. What do we do?
Let us get out of here. Why is everyone looking at each other? Bring your son. – Yeah!
– I’ll tell them. Brother didn’t want to get married.. ..so he ran away
without telling anyone. What did you say? The groom ran away. Raghav. – Bring it here?
– What is this? – You are ahead!
– Sir, sir.. Sir, sir..what are you doing, sir? Kill us. Kill us. Kill us all for brother’s mistake. – Come in front, mother. Kill her too.
– What are you doing? Sir, one thing is true. My father was extremely
happy about this relationship. But my brother ran away,
he’s a selfish man. You don’t have to compromise.
Shoot us. – Shoot us. Come on.
– What are you saying? Stop coaxing him to shoot. He’s holding a gun and
his finger’s on the trigger. He can can shoot us all. He won’t shoot, sir.
Because he’s a great man. But think about the bride. If this wedding is cancelled.. ..then what about this reputed man. Tell me, father. Tell me. Father’s feel proud when
their daughter get married. And when he walks her down the aisle.. ..his joys cannot be expressed. He only prays for
his daughter to be happy. We feel the same pain as you, sir. I apologise for my brother’s mistake. If you’re still angry with my father,
then shoot me. Shoot me. Do you really love me so much? – Mister..
– Such respect for me. I was angry because
your son made a mistake. But your younger
son knows about my pain. He might be your younger son,
but I like him. I’ll be very fortunate
if my daughter marries him. If you give your consent.. Why wouldn’t I? Lord has bestowed
me with his fortune.. ..and I can take whatever I want.
So why wouldn’t I say yes. I accept. What is your opinion, son? My opinion doesn’t matter. Everyone is thinking
about this girl’s betterment. I can’t say anything. But let’s find out about her opinion. You’re right, son. My opinion alone
isn’t important alone. Let’s ask her whether
she likes you or not. If she accepts,
then we’ll go ahead with this wedding. They have tied me up in here, mother. Come quickly.
Take their picture from front. For the family album. Keep them in the centre. – He’s entering at the wrong time.
– Father.. – Sir, my payment.
– Wait a minute. Father, we need to talk. – Father, listen to me.
– Come with me. – Listen to me.
– Come with me. Why did you bring me here? If they find out that you’re back,
then there will be a massacre. We just want to forge
a bond with them. Once I become MLA, I’ll get you
married to any minister’s daughter. – Stay inside.
– But I like her. Stay inside. Come on. Stay in there. He ran away then. Open it. We’ll explain your
father sooner or later. Bless you. Vasu, bless you. Bless you. “We’re going to do something..” “..says the heart.” “Something just happened..” “..now you dwell in this heart.” “Now that..”

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