How Danny DeVito Eats An Egg on Broadway | Acting Class

How Danny DeVito Eats An Egg on Broadway | Acting Class

Are these hard-boiled eggs? Oh, thank God. Hi, this is Danny DeVito, and this is how
you eat an egg, and still say your lines,
on Broadway — without choking. That’s not true. Solomon takes
hard-boiled egg out of the portfolio
and cracks it on his knuckles. I use my cane. It’s kind of funny, I think. What’s this now, lunch? You give me such an argument,
I got hungry. I’m not supposed to get
too hungry. We’ve had some difficult
nights, you know where the
peel doesn’t come off. Some of the egg comes with it. I got a thumb movement and I’ve developed a this —
you know, this thing, kind of, like, “tadadit,
tadadit, tadadit.” Aiming toward the bag, always aiming toward
the bag, because Solomon doesn’t clean. That’s the way it is. What, you want me
to starve to death? I try to, like, take a nice
hefty amount in the very beginning. It’s really good to dig into
the yellow, because that’s where
the kind of masticating conflict is. I’ll be very quick here. I’m going to give you a good
price. Don’t worry. I’m gonna knock you off your
feet with the price. It is very difficult to eat
just a dry, hard-boiled egg. So, you know, it really
motivates, if you get enough in there,it motivates the next line,
which is: There wouldn’t be a little
salt, I suppose? Because you really would like
a little salt. You need some saliva,
you know. I mean, right now I’m spitting
all over the place. Don’t chew with your mouth
full! Why? It’s funny. I’m not going running for salt
now. Don’t be blue. I’m going to knock you off your
feet with the price. You’ll see. It’s fun every night. It’s different every night. When you’re up there,
it’s like skiing. It’s like you’re going
down the mountain. Yeah there’s rocks and things,
and things happen — all kinds of stuff. The audience gets into it and we do stretch it out
a little bit. It’s very difficult for me
to go on stage and have — just eat the egg
and, like, let it go. Not to stop the play, not to
stop the play, because the play
is like the thing, so — But the idea is that
you gotta — you have a little fun
in the middle.

100 thoughts on “How Danny DeVito Eats An Egg on Broadway | Acting Class

  1. After seeing him with white hair and a cane makes me realize we don’t have much longer until this legend is gone…appreciate his existence

  2. being fully serious here, danny devito is an incredible actor. he just completely disappeared into that role. very funny and interesting to watch.

  3. I watched the Irishman the other day and it made me sad to see all the greats so old. This too. Who could replace DeNiro? Pacino? Davito?

  4. danny the white dye looks really nice but please go back to you’re regular color

    ik he’s older now but i don’t wanna believe it 😭😭

  5. Danny Devito is starting to look like my grandpa
    Edit: Danny Devito and Rowan Atkinson are most memorable characters

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