How Gucci’s Alessandro Michele Overcame Bullying at School | i-D

How Gucci’s Alessandro Michele Overcame Bullying at School | i-D

Let’s try something. Try to walk. Yes, it’s very similar to the
previous one we did. – Nibbled by the mosquitoes.
-The legs. Did you have some problems
with the mosquitoes? Yeah. They attacked me. It’s crazy, the south of France. I think it’s maybe the
most mosquito-y place. In 2018, i-D joined Gucci Creative
Director Alessandro Michele as he prepared to show his Cruise 2019
collection in Alyscamps, a Roman necropolis in the Southern
French city of Arles. We then travelled with Michele
to his hometown of Rome to find out how his Italian
upbringing has inspired his work. Hometown Yes, but at some point in here
everything gets stuck. And then they come from up here. See everything here is stuck. My universe, is a universe
where the possibilities are endless. I love fashion, because
it always seemed like something where imagination can be realised. The ability to dress,
to wear, to change the codes
of your appearance I’ve always seen it as
something powerful. When I was a child I was different.
I was clearly different from the others. I always felt the need to be
that way, but also to protect it. The trees were tiny. The trees were so small
when I lived here. And right there, there was my bus stop
that I don’t see anymore. By the way, I was even beaten up
at this bus stop when I was little, when I was a teenager,
just because of how I was dressed. Put pink, the pink one. This one’s beautiful. -Want to try it like this?
-Yes. OK. When someone wants to put up
boundaries in your life, you want to break the barriers,
right? So I thank those that built up
those boundaries around me, because I wanted to break
through them, by any means, I used all of my energy
to break through. Today, walking down this street
after so many years, it’s very moving, because as a kid,
I dreamt of everything and then it all came true. Ladies and gentlemen, We have one hour from now,
one hour from now. Fashion is justification for
our own strangeness. The eccentrics can hide, or enter into this territory,
called fashion, which really united all humanity. Fashion is not just the catwalk. Between the end of the 70s
and the beginning of the 80s, there was the dark punk trend. I was covered in pins, my hair was dyed, I dried it with a hand dryer
to have it stand up. I loved coming here,
because where I lived… I was almost always made fun of, or I was a weirdo, while here, in this fabulous place. It’s no coincidence, this place
I’ve returned to [the Piazza] is where all the young people meet, especially those with
interesting clothes, it was almost like a catwalk –
a place to show off what subculture you belonged to. Having come from that place
which you saw. It was hard to imagine getting
a different life. I even had moments where I thought
‘maybe I should choose an easier path’ Instead I say, choose the
more difficult path, the most complex, the one that is unclear, the road where no one guides you. Because that path least taken,
when you see it, and it’s darker there are a few more shadows, that’s the road that will take you
to wonderful places. So follow it.

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  1. When he said how growing up where he did made him think about taking the easier path… I felt that… I’ve been there and I just never want to entertain that thought ever again. He’s so right, the unknown is much more exciting and promising.

  2. When I first saw the bag that he designed it’s overwhelmed me so much. Beautiful, Elegant and Different. I really love the Dionysus bag so so much!

  3. really? we need to know about how he survived bullying: fuck off. Italians are insufferable. just show the collection.

  4. Him being creative direction of GUCCI seems so down to earth and meanwhile my local gay designer feels like out of this world I can't stand that

  5. This has to be a snl sketch, who likes these clothes let alone buys them ? Looks like 70s homeless thrifting…..give me a boring tshirt and a jeans anyday….

  6. Che orrore, vestiti e trucco e parrucco che deprimono e imbruttiscono denza avere una vera forza trasgressiva

  7. Es una gran inspiración este hombre. Muy contenta de que esté en Gucci y haga este trabajo tan místico, él es un claro ejemplo del arte hecho persona.

  8. You do not have to know Italian to understand….. Turn on the english captions….. Him and Leto are friends…. Leto doesn't make fun of models' money…. The models are all his friends, as well….. And the list wasn't made by Leto. It was made by a magazine and printed in a magazine first…. That is where the list of model's salaries came from, and it's one of many lists for the cover of 'AMERICA', THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS' 5TH album…. Only 5 albums and look at how much Thirty Seconds to Mars has been doing…… I hope they have made money from the last 3 albums, I can understand the record company not paying them for the first two….. But, if they haven't received any money from from album 3 and 4……. Most definitely should have from #5….. And if not….. Fuck record companies, they aren't even working for the artist….. The artist is doing their own hard work and record company keeping all the money and keeping all thier songs too…….

  9. He’s a good person and incredible creative director. He has literally changed fashion and Gucci is HUGE because of his vision. I am thrilled for his success!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  10. quest'uomo è un genio, si esprime attraverso il suo lavoro. amo il modo in cui non ha lasciato che i bulli abbiano un impatto sulla sua vita e come ha continuato a fare in modo che Gucci raccontasse una nuova storia rimanendo fedele alle radici della casa.

  11. You can, and probably have found these uninspired designs within a Topshop/F21. Let's take a look at some of the more recent collections that give a strong nod to actual 1960/70's culture.
    Fendi [Haute Couture] FW 19/20
    Daks SS19

  12. Damn ! The whole collection looks like a joke ! Carnaval outfit maybe… Fashion, the only world where the most ridiculous you look, the more people worship you ….

  13. The morning is comeing. Now that we are able to reach the truth. The pearson who can make clothes for himself is happy.

  14. Contigo, reviví mi infancia al recordar la moda que usaba mi madre, y sus amigas. Gracias por tan bellos recuerdos a mi memoria.

  15. Of course the dude who created this tacky shit can't dress his damn self. 😧 Lookin just like all the hipster fuckboys on youtube who wear this shit. 😂

  16. Looks like Russell Brand is back on the drugs again. This time he thinks he’s an Italian fashion designer.

  17. I overcame bullying by chasing higher goals, I've never stopped thinking about good things in life. The problems are always the same, you look different, my blond hair, I wasn't strong, so then people started fights without any reason, but somehow I won all of them, but it was very hard because I wasn't violent, you never forget these hard times. I have a friendly channel, so if you need any support just contact me 🙂

  18. We shouldn't be revering these people based on the fact that they're producing clothing that costs hundreds/thousands to wear. How ethical is the company? What is he contributing to society? Art? Debatable. It's worship of a false 'deity' in the name of money and everyone's up here commenting that he's a visionary. Please. We've totally lost our way if this is what we're supposed to be inspired by in life. The only ones gaining from this farce are his bank account and the rich kids who can afford to wear these luxury items. It does not make them good people.


  20. He never truly overcame it though. His collections show he is deeply disturbed and his Spring, summer collection was not good.

  21. Italian men are way more attractive than the women. They’re like the Arab world, men are beautiful, and the women are very average and have a lot of make up on all the time. The same applies to Greece as well.

  22. Ahahahahahahaha take everything you can on garbage and second hand shop and put on model and that is a Fashion… Very creative… Ahahahaha

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