How I replaced all the chairs in a theatre… with wheelchairs

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we get rid of
all the theater chairs and we just replace them all with
wheelchairs so that all my audience can also experience how it is to be in a wheelchair for two hours today is a very special day for me
because today it’s exactly twelve and a half years ago that my spinal
cord injury and me got together, so tonight we celebrate our
copper anniversary. For me it always was a big
dream to be on stage but I never knew: when I’m on stage what
what story can I tell? and my spinal cord injury now gave me
that story as a kind of a present… so tonight I’m
gonna tell how I became happy again after getting my
spinal cord injury but I think it’s going to be a very
special experience for me to talk to only people in a wheelchair and there will be real people in a
wheelchair here, and there also will be people that will be honorary wheelchair
users for for two hours a lot of theaters in holland’s are
capable of having one or two people in a wheelchair present at a show but if there are six
or ten people in a row that want to come it’s going to be very difficult because
they don’t have enough space and I thought: well that’s maybe a little
bit ridiculous it’s so stupid to say to somebody: well
you cannot come because you’re in a wheelchair so i thought, well for my premier let’s
just show that you can make as much
wheelchair space as you want if you really want to so we
just got rid of all the normal chairs and we said: well let’s get 150 wheelchairs and now we are there I think it’s going to be very special
for people that have never thought about being in a wheelchair because it can happen to anybody, I
never thought I would be in a wheelchair and it happened to me so if they hear my story of how I got in
a wheelchair and how I became happy again I think it’s
extra-special if you are in between two wheels. I think it’s
going to be very special!

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