How to Check a Used Car Before Buying (Checking the Engine)

100 thoughts on “How to Check a Used Car Before Buying (Checking the Engine)

  1. Don’t buy it 🙀⁉️⁉️It’s a Jaguar,, their made to break down,, Pommy Gremlins 👎🏼👎🏼🤣😂👾👾👾👿

  2. Add in the car battery. Too many times the battery goes out on me and I buy a used vehicle especially the 2013 Ford Taurus Motorcraft battery.

  3. WHAT AN ABSOLUTE PLONKER. The white sludge on the oil filler cap is condensation, NOT head gasket. I would recommend learning how a car works before advising others on what to look for.

  4. If you don't know what you're looking for or at, no you tube video will change that. Best bet is to bring it to a qualified shop and pay a nominal fee to check it out. Do NOT go anywhere the owner recommends and don't go to a chain store either. Get results in writing.

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  6. Almost made the mistake of getting a car with creamy residue under the oil cap. Luckily I had someone with me who knew to look for these things. Its definately good to look for these things

  7. This guy just needs to go buy a brand new car unless he's paying top dollar for used car that's hit in the front. It's a used car hood latch won't mean anything. Nice video did she going to buy my car I'll take it to a mechanic to plug in a scanner I would not let you plug anything into my car. Because there's a hundred other customers that won't do all of that LOL. I will tell you I'm not selling the car no more and sell it to somebody else

  8. I bought a used Pontiac from a dealer with a bad head gasket and eventually had to put in another motor $$. If i had of seen the tip to check the Oil cap first could of saved me a Lot! Thx for the tips!

  9. The FIRST thing I always do is ask to see the title.
    Make sure you're dealing with the owner – and know what liens are on the car before you spend any time on it.

    Great video – as usual

  10. I had a jetta that had froth on the oil cap and a mechanic told me it had to do with condensation. I noticed it frothed more in the more humid and rainy months. Put 60k on it over the 4 years I had it and never did my oil look milky.

  11. If you go to the residence,i always check how they keep everything else,yard,garage,kids bikes, chances are if things are unkept it's likely the car or bike has been treated the same

  12. What about aftermarket parts? And buying from a dealership, whether used, certified, or reputable?
    Hell, just come help me shop for my next car…
    Great series by the way

  13. You can bay some car with many problems very cheap. Than fixing all if you have video just say and move to next…. Do you have video when you change gasket liking parts? … Or is possible to restore worn engine at home?

  14. Is not all time if they details the engine there’s problems they tried to hide but all people who like buy a used car they like the engine to be clean and nice and this taking the price of the car up.

  15. The very first thing to check carefully is the papers. Doubtful papers are a bigger problem than anything else. I have had 97 cars One took 6 months before I got papers in my name.

  16. Very informative video to add to my favorites. Gotta think though, if we all learned new things, the seller was probably clueless too and not trying to scam. Who knew about froth build up indications?! Maybe show the video to the seller and going through it together, so if you say no, they already get it.

  17. I got a question. If you are looking at buying this car, why does the front license plate say Chris Fix. Was this video after you bought it?

  18. I have a bmw 3 series 2004 and sometimes when I start my car it will blow out white smoke but that’s like 40% of the time🤔

  19. you can also take a long screwdriver and put to varius places on then engine and set your ear to the screwdriver and listen for knocking or banging noises

  20. Another video: today I'm gonna show you how to super clean your engine bay.

    This video: If everything is shinning and super clean, they're trying to hide the problems.😂

  21. my car is leaking, my car has a loud ticking sound, smoke coming out of my car smells like gas. Not sure if the color coming out of the exhaust is blue though. My car also uses a lot of gas. Color of the power steering fluid is black too. Gotta fix a lot.

  22. Nice one !
    But just think of asking the Car Owner to start, stop, rev-up… And then tell him you dont want his Car :-):D Lol

  23. A great video! Thanks. I learned most of these the hard way over 17 years, but here it is all in 12 minutes! I can't believe how much he covered in such a short time. Amazing!

  24. Always look at the carpet wear, brake peddle, gas peddle arm rest for WEAR, that is a good example if those miles were city or highway miles, simply because those area's would be more worn if it was stop and go driving, stop and go driving wear a car 10x more than highway miles.
    Im in the Northeast US. salt and sand kill body's of cars and trucks, that's where aluminum body part would be a winner ,SALT KILLS VEHICLES, WASHING HELPS, BUT SALT TRAVELS INTO WIRE CONNECTED CORODEING EVERYTHING ! Time for car maufactures to make better products, seal everything from. SALT WATER SPRAY .

  25. i bought many used cars and i still forget to check the interior light like most of the time and most of the time the wire is cut and i get a cheap 2$ flashlight in a petrol station because trimming down the interior roof of a cheap car that will end in 1 or 2 year cause im like fck it i will spend what is nescessary not a dime more xD

  26. A+ on your production quality, man. No BS, no filler, no tacky 30 second intro, and all high quality delivery on solid info. You deserve every subscriber and view you get. Thank you!

  27. What do,you do about the P1000 code? How do you get the engine lights to come back on and how do you view that pending code?

  28. I feel as if I could be a mechanic if I watch all your videos. I'll hold off going to UTI for now. LOL. Great videos, thank you for giving your time to make them. You are helping a lot of people, including me.

  29. I'm so glad I found this. Very clear. I'm a 62 yo woman on my own. I'm getting ready to buy my first car ever. I know the bare basics, but haven't even driven in over 20 years, so much has changed. Now I'm starting over completely on my own, with finally enough to afford a cheap car if I'm careful. This will certainly help in my quest to not get suckered in this crazy modern world I'm learning to navigate.

  30. I had a 03 S Type 4.2 V8 was an excellent car. Never gave me a problem. At 15 year's old and 147k miles I gave it to my cousin when I bought a 2012 Jaguar XF Supercharged V8 Portfolio Edition. It's the WORST car I've ever owned. I've spent thousands of dollars for repairs on this horrible car. It's heading back to the shop tomorrow for it's 2 fuel pump fail. Has also had, water pump $1,400 trunk latch $450 computer $2,000+, fuel pump 1st,one $1,500, new motor mounts and transmission mounts $1,200 and the big one a blown head gasket $8-10 thousand to replace the entire aluminum block engine.
    All at 85k miles. I used Bars Head Gasket Sealer Repair. So far it's working well. The check engine light is off runs fine and no more smoke out of the tail pipe. I have left strict orders with the repair shop. If it catches on fire 🔥 don't put it out! Getting ready to trade it in ASAP. Never buy a Tata in Jag drag! The quality is really bad, especially in the newer models. You don't even get real leather interior. It's Leatherette instead. I'd never buy another Jag. Hope you don't make the mistake I did!

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