How to Install a Home Theater : Equipment Needed for Home Theater System Setup

How to Install a Home Theater : Equipment Needed for Home Theater System Setup

Hello everyone! My name is Tony Ramirez and
I am here to teach you the basics of setting up your own theater system, so enjoy. Our
first step is to get all of the equipment and tools that we will need. In this example,
we will be setting up a 5.1 surround sounds system. Just in case you ever wondered, the
1 in 5.1 is the subwoofer and the 5 or the 5 satellite speakers. Here we will have 5
basic book style speakers. One speaker will be used for the center speaker, another for
the left channel, right channel, rear left and rear right. As for the 1, we are using
a powered or active 8 inch Sub wolfer. In addition to the speakers, we will need an
audio receiver capable of decoding Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound. This unit here decodes
both. Next we will acquire a DVD player with either optical or digital coax cable outputs.
These outputs carry the Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound signal to your receiver. Finally,
make sure you have speaker wire long enough to place the speakers where you would like
them and also a Digital Coax Cable or optical cable.

23 thoughts on “How to Install a Home Theater : Equipment Needed for Home Theater System Setup

  1. doesnt take a genius to figure out how to put the speakers into your amp and then its easy to plug your other audio stuff into the amp using rca's. just us the color code to plug them in and make sure there getting plug into the right place on the amp. like dvd,cd,video 1 , video 2 ect

  2. the only thing that uses optical coax is my dvd player and i can use either an s-video cable or a yellow rca cable to get the video i got the optical coax from the dvd player to my sony home theater system and i use audio rcas from my cable box to the tv in on the back then i got rcas coming from the back of my tv that are in the out audio behinde my tv to the in audio of my theater system so i have to put my theater system on video 1 if i want to hear the sound coming out the tv

  3. dx? funny on you not knowing what the digitial coax was and you send it back to the store lol. how is the 4.0? what kind is it?

  4. lol oh ok question is there such a thing where if you got one s-video socket and you want to hook two things that uses s-video can you make one into two is there anything that you can get to make it so you have two instead of just one?

  5. expert village sucks at surround sound all they wanna do is to connect things to VCR's and stuff dude the fuck next thing will be: How to connect your HDMI to your tv

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