How to Install a Home Theater : Speaker Positioning for Home Theater System Setup

How to Install a Home Theater : Speaker Positioning for Home Theater System Setup

Everyone’s home is different, so this section
will only show case of basic setup for your 5.1 home theater system. First, make sure
your seating is centered to your television. Setting up your speakers before you run the
wires from your receiver to the speakers will allow you to judge the length of the wires
you will need. The three setups we will show you are with the speakers at an eye or ear
level to the person sitting on the couch. Setup A will consist of left center and right
speakers facing the sofa with the subwoofer on the right side of the TV. subwoofer placement
doesn’t matter as much as your satellite speakers. Although, I would recommend having
your subwoofer in front of you as opposed to behind you or on the side of the sofa.
As you can see here, the rear speakers are set close to the sofa facing directly forward.
Setup B is slightly different with only the rear speakers being moved. The rear speakers
are set at a 45 degree angle and placing them farther away from the sofa. This setup I use
in my own home. I believe it gives a greater rear speaker surround affect. In setup C,
the rear speakers have moved farther away from the sofa and are now facing directly
at this side of the listener. This setup is the beginning of a more advanced 7.1 or 6.1
setup; that’s another lesson. To end our example, we will set up our speakers in setup
B with the rear speakers at a 45 degree angle.

33 thoughts on “How to Install a Home Theater : Speaker Positioning for Home Theater System Setup

  1. Ok… I got about a minute into this video, and it's all wrong. Where did you get this info from? The front speaker should be at a 45 degree angle as well… All speakers need to be pointed at one specific "sweet spot", usually the center seating position (based on THX standards, which pretty much means the best way to set it up). This is a horrible video.

  2. Actually, your front speakers should be 30 degrees of axis from center… but what do I know, Im just a silly audio engineer…

  3. do you mean sound like shit as in you cant hear it very loudly or does it just generally sound like shit ? i mean i have a polk psw1000
    it sounds great no matter where i have it

  4. it should drop lower then a 10 it should sound good set all settings at half way see what that sounds like and for the cinema effect usually its better setting the bass quite low volume well until it all blends in as one

  5. so true I hate the stupid short clips why dont they put them all in one. One time I was trying to figure out how to install a motorcycle exhaust and it took them a good 4+ videos to do so. I purposely try to look for non-expert village videos but like you said they have just flooded youtube. I have also found that their "experts" arent always the expert on their topics giving false info.

  6. hey guys is it true that the rear satellites should be higher than the front speakers? and should i position them as A, B, or C setups (in correspondence with how expertvillage refers them to)? (btw i have the Logitech G51 speakers, in case it matters)

  7. they split them up so that their channel is more prevalent <,< grrr at the cost of our convenience, we are able to find more expertvillage vids on our search results for w/e it is we're looking for. it's just a way for them to get the channel more views than other instructional vids

  8. dont quote me on this but i dont think it matters wether your rear speakers are higher then the front ones. In my setup i have the rear speakers higher then the front ones soley so they clear the back of my sofa. i would go for setup b (thats how mine are positioned) however i would move them nearer the corners.for the best room acoustics you should have the sofa placed 38% of the total room length from the back wall (thats only if you are setting up your speakers at each corner of the room)

  9. I don't think it really does matter where to put the subwoofer,if you want to put it right or left must to be the same, if you want to get a nice and deep bass, just spent some bucks buying a good sub

  10. @GreenArrow1616
    wow your dumb, how do you get sofer short for subwoofer?? evry1 knows that the short version of that word is sub and when theres more then one subs.. you know absolutly nothing about sound. he was also talking about the sofa couch when he messed up and said sofer…. wow your so stupid.

  11. well how I have mine, are, the two back speackers are behind us, the side speakers, on the side of us, the front speark is mounted above the screen…. in front of us, and the sub-wolfer is below the screen, in front of us…. its 2 back, 2 side, 2 front…. it shakes the room…….

  12. In my experience of setting these up its best if (for example) if your sitting 8 feet away then have your fronts 8 feet apart pointing at the listener, backs i just direct 45 degrees into centre of room. In most cases if you hear the sound but cant tell wee exactly the speakers are placed then its most likely set to optimal sound quality.

  13. wtf is a "sofer"!!!!!???? lmao its SO-FA, NOT SO-FUR. and "doesn't as matter as much"???? lol before you do a info. video<PLEASE LEARN HOW TO TALK PROPERLY. YOU SOUND NERVOUS

  14. This information is all wrong! Just google 'Dolby speaker placement' and go to the first link. There you will find detailed info on how to properly set up the speakers.

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