How to make movie theater style popcorn

How to make movie theater style popcorn

You will need a small pot with a top, Pure Coconut Oil, Flavacol, 1/4 cup, 1/4tsp, large spoon, and popcorn kernels. Turn heat to high. Put two large spoons (my spoon is about the same size as one tablespoon.) into the pot. Put 3/4tsp into the pot. This is the seasoning so the more you add the more salty it will be. Mix the oil and Flavacol together. It should look like this. Add 1/4 cup of popcorn kernels. Put the top on the pot. Reduce heat to meduim. Swish the kernels around while keeping the pot close to the burner. Swish again. And again. AGAIN!!! Listen for the popping to slow down. Shakie Shakie… Pour the popcorn into your favorite container. Now that’s some good popcorn!

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  1. i started to say, shake that pot up good or it will burn on the bottom ! The orange colored coconut oil is the secret. You rarely see that on the hundreds of YouTube videos out there on how to make "Movie theater" popcorn…this is simply the best way

  2. I make popcorn about the same way. Just wondering about using a Teflon pan and the high temperatures required to pop corn? A vented lid might help get the moisture out quicker so you get crisper corn. I use the same size pan as you do but pop 1 cup of popcorn at a time. I shake a lot and when the lid starts to lift I pour off a portion into a warm metal bowl. Then back over the heat to continue popping. I make probably 2 gallons of popcorn at a time. You will need a friend or 3 available to help you finish eating it though. The large batch also works well for caramel corn.

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