How to Run an Independent Film Theater : Booking Films: How to Operate a Movie Theater

My name is Nancy Adler and today on behalf
of Expert Village, I am going to teach you, tell you how to operate a movie cinema. Right
now I am inside the ticket booth where people buy their tickets on the way into the cinema
and the projectionists would be upstairs in the booth getting ready to run the show. The
way we get our films is I have a middle man that I work with, a booking agent. He deals
with all the big companies and he makes the deal and then they send me the film. There
are different parts to it. There is the booking and then there is the transportation of the
film and then when the film arrives, it arrives in cans on reels in cans. As you can see,
these cans are waiting to be picked up. These are films that we have finished with and usually
the delivery service comes at night; they have a key and they just come and go. Once
we decide which film we are going to play, then we have to place an ad in the paper for
the upcoming week.

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