How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Choosing Rear Speakers for a Home Theater

How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Choosing Rear Speakers for a Home Theater

Hello, I’m Reggie Hayes here with Expert Village.
Now we’re talking about choosing a rear speaker for your home entertainment system. Now remember
we said that this room that we’re sitting here is about 12 feet across? Okay. So we’ve
chosen a smaller rear speaker right here because number one, we’ve got a small room and number
two, because of our room constraints we have to put the speaker close to the couch. Now
you don’t want a big speaker here because you don’t want the rear sound to be dominating
over any other size speaker. So in this case we’ve chosen to go with a small speaker. But
if you’ve got a bigger room, and you’ve got a lot further distances across a speaker like
this, remember this one we thought we might use as a main speaker in this little room?
Well then in a much larger room, this one would probably be a better candidate for a
rear speaker. Now the reason is it has a greater, a bigger cone on it and it can push more air.
Remember in our audio segment we covered that? Well that’s why sometimes home-theater-in-a-box
systems, now we’re not bashing them, they’re fine. But if you’re trying to go for a true
well-balanced system sometimes a home-theater-in-a-box doesn’t take these things into consideration.
So if you’re really trying to go for that really nice, clean, well-balanced home theater
system choosing the right rear speaker will definitely help you achieve that goal. Now
let’s talk about the subwoofer next.

8 thoughts on “How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Choosing Rear Speakers for a Home Theater

  1. Wtf? A real big home theathre should have a floorstanding speaker as rear, the one you're having on the table is a small speaker, the one you have on the stands are even smaller speakers.

  2. I have a 7.2 setup with floorstanding speakers all around in my 12' x 14' bedroom with a 106" screen and projector. You are sorely misguided my friend. My Onkyo 805's auto-calibration helps create a flat equalization from my system and optimizes it according to my room's obstructions and sound characteristics. I'm sorry, but not only was this terribly wrong, but it was also very confusing and puzzling.

  3. he forgot to mention the most important thing. that ALL speakers in a surround system has the same sound character!!! you dont want your rear speakers sounding like some plastic garbage compared to your nice dali heliciol front speakers when mel gibson suddenly stands behind you. its gonna sound like mel transformed into hitler

  4. @bsod4u2
    yeah, to completely different speaker setups in a surround system will destroy the surround experience. why dont he mention that? its one of the most important things damnit!

  5. hi someone close can i sit up to the screen so that i can take in the whole movie image and enjoy it without my eyes darting all over the place.

    im not concerned about pixels or lines i just want to know what is the best viewing distance for the human eyes in terms of width ratio

    my room is,
    from the couch to the wall screen is 4.4 metres wile the width of the viewing wall is 4.9metres.

    so perhaps what i should ask is how big can my screen be if i sit 4.4 metres back ???????

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