How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Home Theater Layout Tips

How to Set Up a Home Theater System : Home Theater Layout Tips

Hello, I’m Reggie Hayes here with Expert Village.
We’re talking about mapping out your living room. Mapping out your Home Theater System.
It’s very important because, and we don’t want to get into the Home Theater is, excuse
me, Home Interior design and layout, home decoration, all that stuff. We don’t need
to do that. But, we want to figure out what is the center of your room? Does everything
in your room point to the Home Theater System? Is it going to point to a fireplace? A mantle
if it’s a sitting room. Let’s assume for this right here, that the Home Theater System is
the focal point of the room. In other words, everything in the room points this way. And
the reason that’s so important is because it decides your speaker placement. And it
tells basically that if you’ve got these speakers back here, your rear speakers, and there’s
an airplane in the movie, and it flies over you, you want it to sound like it’s really
sneaking up from behind you and flying through your living room. Trust me, it’s a lot greater
entertainment experience when you can watch and view movies in that sort of manner. Now
this room that we’re standing in, just to give you an idea, is a twelve foot room. Excuse
me, it’s twelve foot wide. Alright? Now when you go to pick out a t.v., because that’s
probably the first thing that you want to pick out. Plasma, flat screens, that sort
of thing are really popular these days. When you go to picking out a t.v. you take the
diagonal. T.V.s are always measured in diagonal, from here to here. That’s how they are. This
is a twenty-seven inch t.v. It’s not twenty-seven inches from here to here, it’s twenty-seven
inches from here to here. you take that number and you multiply it times two, or times three.
Between two and three. In other words, this t.v. could safely be viewed from fifty-four
inches away. Without putting a strain on your eyes. But up to three times twenty-seven.
So if you’ve got a forty-two inch t.v. you can view it up to eighty-four inches away,
which would be about right for our twelve foot room here. That’s very important when
you’re trying to pick out a t.v. Now it looks cool to have a sixty-five inch t.v. in your
little, tiny entertainment room like this. But the problem is, they can kind of hurt
you more so, because they can strain your eyes and it’s really not such a pleasurable
viewing experience. So we’ve talked about all this, let’s get to talk about your speaker
placements and your power grids and all that stuff.

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  2. yeah there good, well, i hear they're real fragil and break real easy but as far as picture quality, there really not any better than lcd or plasma. just a lil more expensive thats all.. get LCD if its gonna be used mostly for gaming, and/or if its going too be in a well lighted room, go with plasma if mostly used for movies,(on average better contrast ratio compared too lcd) and be sure too put it in a basement or room that doesnt get a lot of daylight in it because the glass screen makes glare

  3. hi someone help!! how close can i sit up to the screen so that i can take in the whole movie image.

    im not concerned about pixels or lines i just want to know what is the best viewing distance for the human eyes in terms of width ratio

    my room is,
    from the couch to the wall screen is 4.4 metres wile the width of the viewing wall is 4.9metres.

    so perhaps what i should ask is how big can my screen be if i sit 4.4 metres back???????

  4. dude,wwhat kind of home theater system do you reccmond for a apartment? 2.1,5.1,7.1,i like the onkyo 5300 7.1 system,my apartment is shaped weird,has partial wall just when walk in that has fridge on kitchen side.the 5300 system is worth it,the reciver is like 500.00 worth,getting speakers for free.,upgrading speakers a option down the road?


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