Hum Aapas Mein | Episode 1 | Web Series | Comedy, Drama

Hum Aapas Mein | Episode 1 | Web Series | Comedy, Drama

I am Karachi Also known affectionately as Mini-Pakistan. I have been serving my people for over 290 years. These people see a spark, A beauty in me. And the reason behind my glow is you – my people! Because you are the ones who take care of me, Beautify me, And enrich me. I am made up of every caste, creed and culture. And you all are even more beautiful than I am. My Karachiites! Now let me introduce you… To my beautiful, Gorgeous, captivating, Darling Ronaq! *coughs* The building, I mean. Ronaq Manzil. Now let’s meet some of its dear residents. In Apartment No. 1, we have Shaukat Bhai. Father to three children, owner of 4 rickshaws, And quite a strict man! He is extremely proud of two things: One, that Allah has made him a Muslim, And two, that his father is still with him. Ah, that’s Dilip Kumar. No kidding! No he’s not an actor. He’s a banker. A quiet, private man. Lives in with his wife Rani in Apartment no. 2. Irtiza Zaidi. A journalist. And his wife Aliya. Aliya is a doctor who works at Jinnah Hospital. Shakoor Khatri, a government employee. Lives in Apartment no. 4 with his English Medium wife. Rehan, their naughty son, is the life of this building. Neeli, Saba and Zulfi. They’ve been given this apartment by a welfare organization. With time, they too have become a family. Now the trouble is… These families like to believe that they are too unalike. Which is why they do not get along very well. Although it’s none of my business really, I bet that if they do not come together, They won’t be able to face any adversity. 6.30 in the morning. Dilip sits in front of the tap, about to try his luck. Oh boy! Water! Lo and behold! We have water! You got water, Mr. Dilip! Why the long face? Can’t you see? So much water coming out of your– Your… Really? That was it? Sorry, Dilip. You’re just not that lucky. Better luck next time! Sonia? Sonia? Greetings, Auntie! Yes? Auntie, there’s no water at our house. Would you have some extra water? There’s never any water at your house. Is there? Why don’t you ask your Dad to fill it up on time? But he did try to– Not a bad chance to skip school! People and their audacity! Extra water! Of course I have extra water… But I don’t want to infect my bathroom! Dilip’s daughter? Who else? Ghazala, water has no creed. You could’ve given them some. It would’ve carried them through the day. So you understand how bad this water situation is? What’s worse, though, is these people’s behavior. I am telling you! They’re going to be in trouble someday! Hurry up, I’m getting late. Let’s go. I’m ready. Oh, and you have to pay the bills after you drop me. Yes, I remember. I don’t know where this is going. This daily struggle of sitting in front of the tap, Praying that the water comes, Then failing, And having to buy water. It’s this flat. So far from the building’s tank that… All the water is used up before it can reach us. What do I do, Rani? You know what? Let’s get a personal tank made! We can then buy water and use it ourselves. Dil? Is this going to keep you up all night again? Sonia had to face the neighbors again. That’s okay. About time she understood what the world is like. What happened? We have water! At this hour? Yes! I’ll go and tell everybody! What? Why? They’ll all be sleeping! Wait! Dilip? What’s up, Dilip? Are you going to make us pray at 2 am? Sorry Shakoor Bhai, but there’s water in the taps. – What?
– Yeah, right! How come, Dilip Bhai? There’s never any water at this hour. It is! Fill it up! Who knows if it’ll stay till the morning? It could get bad. – He’s got a point!
– Yeah. Thank you! Ouch! That must’ve hurt! Ghazala! What happened? Help me get up! Mom… Should I get the ointment? Yeah, go! I am fine! What happened, Daddy? Mom? Should we skip school today? Go and get ready! Right now! Which idiot removed the bucket from under the tap? Hamza? Dad, I didn’t even step inside your bathroom. There’s not even a single drop of water in our house! I’ll just borrow it from someone! “I’ll just borrow it from someone!” Look how coy she is! Have you ever shared water with anyone for them to help you now? I’ll go and buy it. You can’t go like this! Then how? Will you drive the rickshaw there? Carrying a gallon in your hand? “You can’t go like this!” Be careful, son. Oh boy! Really? An olive branch? Repaying ill will with a kind gesture. So my prediction was wrong? If this remains the case, these guys could come together. Anyhow… The journey has just begun. Stay with us!

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  1. Karachi ke andar mukhtalif ek jagah per dekh kar maza aya. Mazahyia ansar bharpoor lag raha hai. Baqi episode Kab ayenge?

  2. Mashallah bht achi acting ha sab ki specially my favrt @Muhammad Salim jaan apki acting bht achi ha our apki dusri vedios ka besabri se intazar ha hope WO es se zyada achi hon best of luck

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