I AM THEATRE: Fanny Garcia

I went to see a play at Latino Theatre Company
called “Dementia” and it was about a Latino man living with HIV. And I really loved the play but I didn’t see
any stories of women on the stage. And at the time I was working with women who were
HIV positive and I got to hear their stories of survival and happiness. And I communicated
this to my co-worker who went to see the play with me and he challenged me to write a play
about the stories that I was hearing at work. And I did, after avoiding the issue for a
few weeks. I interviewed the women that I was already working with and I wrote a play and
we produced the play and then we took it to a conference of Latina women with HIV. Watching
their reactions to seeing their stories on stage is what really inspired me to continue
writing. I didn’t know that words had such a transformative power and I was transformed
as much as the women who were in that audience were transformed. I am Fanny Garcia and I AM THEATRE.

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