I AM THEATRE: Lynn Nottage

I AM THEATRE: Lynn Nottage

When I was in college, I was struggling between whether to be a theatre artist or to be a doctor. There are always moments in one’s lives when you have to make that decision and for me it came in an organic chemistry class. I had taken the midterm and I remember on this particular morning that the professor had drawn this huge bell curve on the blackboard. And he put, at one end 32 and at the other end 99.
And I was sitting with one of my friends and I turned to her and said, “Oh my god, who do you think got 32?” And she’s like, “I don’t know, I feel really sorry for that person.” And this was one of those classes where you had to march down the steps. It was one of these big lecture halls that hold like 350 people. And finally, it came my turn and I marched down to get my test. I looked into the book and it said 32. And I thought, oh my god, I am the loser who got 32 on the test. And then I collected myself and I thought, I have to walk back up these steps in front of 350 people
and not let them know that I am the biggest loser in the class. And I marched up those steps, I sat down next to my friend and she goes, “Oh my god, you so rocked that test. You look so confident.” And at that moment I knew, I was a theatre artist. I am Lynn Nottage and I AM THEATRE.

3 thoughts on “I AM THEATRE: Lynn Nottage

  1. I would have done the same thing. It's never a failure, just an opportunity for something greater and kudos to you for not letting anyone taint that for you by keeping it to yourself. Smart lady 🙂

  2. Ms. Nottage your story "Poof" is hilarious. The mysticism in the story cracked me up. I don't think human combustion would have stood up in court back then. It made me laugh at the fact that just the words made him disappear – – seems like poetic justice to me. Who knows on the flip side those big crusty hands might have taken the wife out instead. Very entertaining act. You right you are Theatre.

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