I got an email from Dan Rothenberg, one of the co-artistic directors of Pig Iron Theatre Company. We worked on this piece called “Love Unpunished” and It was my first real experience with a company that created original work. Everyone just kind of brought thoughts, ideas to the table and as a designer, being in on the creation process from the very beginning was completely eye-opening to me. I felt like my input at the very beginning of the process was actually manifested in the content of the piece itself. That was a real turning point for me in terms of the way that I wanted to work and it’s something that I really, I find very gratifying artistically. Another thing that I really enjoy about creating work in this way is that it’s often in non-traditional spaces. Designing sets in traditional theatre spaces, I am designing a three-dimensional space but that three dimensional space is really only viewed from one side. I would love to actually design the space that the audience moves through and doesn’t just look at from one side because the experience of moving through space is actually one of the most powerful human experiences. I am Mimi Lien and I AM THEATRE.

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