I Paid Voice Actors To Dub JoJo Scene’s With No Context

I Paid Voice Actors To Dub JoJo Scene’s With No Context

(Licking noises)I I have an idea but if you remember from one of the previous Fiverr videos What I did was that I ordered voice actors to voice act Jojo scenes, and it was amazing If you haven’t watched that video highly recommend it not because I won’t adsense but because you should now if you’re unfamiliar with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure it is as the name suggests a bizarre adventure it is also a bizarre adventure of weird scenes that are glorious and I love and if you haven’t seen it and you want to Watch it. Don’t worry. This doesn’t spoil anything major so if you at all see know Jojo meme you’ve probably seen some of these scenes as we did in a previous video this whole Video is going to be me buying voice actors on Fiverr to voice act the most bizarre Scenes from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and if you know anything about JoJo’s it’s gonna be a pretty bizarre. So here’s the deal So I’ve wrote out the scripts for fall scenes and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and I’m gonna split them up and send them off to voice Actors, so we’re on Fiverr and we’re gonna just type in anime voice Oh It’s not that long anime voice actor and hopefully we’re gonna find some people so for some of them I’m gonna send on the script with Contacts and links to the scenes and some of them I’m gonna send them nothing I’d be really mean and see what they come up with based on half a script and no direction It’s probably to be awful and that’s fair but I want to laugh first scene Jojo versus do in Egypt sure you guys have seen the oh you’re approaching me mean that’s Well, what if we can find a British male or a gang you can do a decent British accent. I will be your high quality male talent This guy looks very high quality. I will record epic anime voice lines We found audio we can do British you can do British It’s the perfect voice actor and only for pound 20 and we have our dear. Hopefully he deliver now He’d be find out Joe true. I think this guy is fantastic. He said he could do a protagonist voice So I feel he’s problem the perfect fit comer. Oh my god. Holy Beth is going so much this guy I don’t know what he said Boom another voice actor we have our otro right that’s seen one done knowing my luck Someone’s probably not gonna do it and I’m probably gonna have to panic record another voice actor Alright scene 2 is the 7 it’s the fighting noise that do and giorno make and in part 5 there are seven whole pages of the manga where giorno is just Wailing on someone and in the anime. Oh, it was beautiful. So You get the idea it’s pretty intense so let’s find some voice actors who can pull it off AAAAHHH! Their voice like we just got back to me. I cannot believe what this Thank you for your purchase. Just making sure you want to to voice act a man’s voice British accent with stereotypical gay Enunciation correct this month being so British sound gay. Yes anime girl Voice dude, she recalls on audacity in stereo. A lot of other reason I joke is cuz there’s no reason to record audio in Stereo every single XLR microphone records in mono as well. We’re ordering this now. Yes was this goes on with Confirming pink I kind of want to get more people to do that Order another voice actor for the seven-page movement. Let’s not get carried away plenty more scripts go around Do you have the the cherry licking scene? No doubt some of you’ve already seen this gift floating around we’re going in our So I want to see what some voice actors could do it hell yeah, I want a cute anime girl voice do my mother I should want to mail to try the 7 page mood as well. I will voice anything that you want I have a willingness to lend my voice to whatever you want what an angry guy threatening song with the promise of a slow and Painful death. I’ve got you covered. He’s actually describing the 7 page movie. We have to order this gentlemen Let’s get Adam a boyfriend in on this action. The final scene that I have is Joseph looking through a keyhole You might have seen this gif it’s one we goes It’s very short scene shouldn’t be difficult. Hey, thanks for checking me out Boys for your project Videos that’s pretty fun videos sign me up that up. So I guess without further ado. We just wait Hope this all goes well knowing my luck This is this is gonna pick up somehow and I’m gonna have to re-record some things or I’m gonna have to go and order more Things off camera, don’t worry the results I hope will be worth the wait and let’s cut to the Future now and we are back It has been nine beautiful days and we’re back and I’m happy to say that some things went wrong We had two people cancel, which is pretty normal. So I went and quickly ordered two more people who did their lines So now we have many clips to go through. I’ve only seen one of these clips the rest I had mood an edit informal as I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises for me I want to go into this and then enjoy these clips in all their beauty so we have four people who have done the seven page muder and I think it’s only fair that we rank them all as our Favourite to the worst without further ado. Let’s begin Re I want to say thank you. That was very sweet of you But I will now judge your clip and I will show no mercy Oh That was amazing That was everything I wanted it to be any more I maybe should have told you to keep going on longer as there’s still a lot more punching left like another 10 seconds of punching, but I’m gonna give that a 7 out of 10. No, bud. I I would like to punch me. Thank you for the lovely message it Made my day. All right. Next up is Jill Potts. All right, let’s see Message feed first of all, my quality is not good because I’m recording these voice messages on my phone and definitely not when I try to scream second of all of my voice acting skills are not good enough for something like this and Third of all, I can’t believe you just made me do this. Thank you RV. Yeah I’m sorry for doing this to you, but I did pay you. So I want to see what you come up with All right, let’s go Did you really think? Why does it sound like you’re also recording this in like a Cathedral it sounds like you’re in a church oh I’m gonna give that a 5 out of 10 that Ari took off two points in my mind It would’ve been a seven out of 10 for sure. That sounds like you recorded in a church. I Did it next up is LMA FAO anti fantastic name? I’m very excited to come up with So I wanted to buy some time the time I needed to make the bullet that would be your head earlier Involve and return to your womb. Just thought I mean in your head Lord the bullet and return to being stag beetle Very good. Very good, sir You were giving bud pre sure like my car made that noise one time when I stole You know, although I’m gonna give it a 5 out of 10 I felt that the mood is which is one has got the rule as the others I felt that bad mood is worse stronger But fantastic job mumblers loved the final amudha I kept talking because I wanted to buy some time The time I needed to make the bullet that went through your head earlier evolved and returned to your wound Some parties are made in your head Lord the bullet return to being a stag beetle. She said that if I stick to It. Oh, please did you really think you’d be that lucky a piece of bed like you? Ok? Nobody? Oh Very well done. My sir very well done, you know off the the lines in the staff they were okay They were nothing special. It wasn’t bad But you brought your a-game when you started Moody and I’m pretty sure you haven’t seen the show because you did the ryan Correctly, I mean listen to this mood our man listen to this. Oh You know what that guy that’s a nine out of ten that’s a nine out of ten listen to this scream that he does That’s like me whilst I’m like eating Chipotle and also the thought that my ass is gonna be destroyed later like The legend next up we have the cherry licking, okay I was I wasn’t sold on the star you went ham on those noises could get a replay of that You must have gotten so close to it for this one I’m gonna have to give it a five I think the the the just kidding was But then the licking was good good job on licking. You’ve clearly had practice and your microphone Sounds I feel sorry for your Because I think mood and You know, I gotta give this a 9 out of 10 This was just a masterclass in being a degenerate scum and you did it. Thank you There’s there’s licking sounds and the johto come I didn’t ask you to say Joe troll cone that you did that yourselves And that shows you’re a weap, and I appreciate that. Thank you clearly To experienced at this next up is Anna Mae boyfriend with the nice seam Hmm what I’m told to wait I wait but where to spend half an hour I think near Lisa Lisa’s door is probably best. Would it really be such a big deal if I took a peek through the keyhole? I mean I can’t think you were familiar with the clip because it could have been dumped up a little bit but overall pretty good Very good. I’m a boyfriend. I’m gonna give that a 7 out of 10 the big boss delivers again. Hell, yeah. Oops Is this I’m total weight by weight. Is there really such a big deal to the piece of the cable? I’m dying. Can we play that nice again? This is what I did this is why I did this is why I love being an idiot online What is this voice you’re using this? Your natural voice would have been way better? listen The electro-voice see though there have big peepee energy takes that big peepee energy right and change that and put it in your voice What is this anime voice listen to this anime voice? This is a mockery Totally we know what is this listen to this nice Is what I won’t be saying about your performance two out of ten But thank you. I really appreciate you giving your time to my project. It was a lot of fun having you the other kids I mean no offense by that. I just like getting worked up, you know confirmed Small P P Next clip so I guess without further ado Let’s have the iconic Standoff between Jo TRO and do with budget voice actors on fiverr edition with zero directions Yonex Jo Jo Time to die. You bastard what like jojo’s voice nice, dear Oh, you’re approaching me Instead of running away you’re coming right to me What is this sound like a predator from like How To Catch a Predator? Even though your grandfather Joseph told you the secret to the world like an exam student Scrambling to finish his problems on an exam to the last moments before the chime. Oh Then come as close as you’d like I’ve in love come as close as you like and I’ll give you a good Reacher agile Too slow too slow. The world is the ultimate stand Even without his power to stop time his speed in power far exceed out of your star plaque No, I wanted to try a little test to find out just how much more powerful the world was compared to your stand, right? Is that what you call just patting me and not even enough to hurt? Well, I guess he ripped my 200,000 Why are you Joestar? So stubborn about admitting defeat? I suppose I shall rise to your silly provocation and test you just a bit more I’m really really praying that they nailed the muder I was a good mood a mood. I’m I’m very happy the Joseph wasn’t too bad more than the worst thing in the world deal I’m not sure if I was Fond of the the static on your microphone. Oh, yeah wait you’re the guy who also said I should make it sound gay shouldn’t I just Sounded like a bad British accent do all British people start gaming you. Yes, overall. I’ll give that a 6 out of 10 I’m mildly impressed by that could have been gayer. I want my amazing job like you To punch mother. Well, I think about it. Did I just spend a week and a hundred dollars to? Make the dumbest video on earth. Yes. I had a lot of fun with this video I’m sure you guys could tell yeah, you know, even if no one watches this video. I really don’t care I had a really fun time making this video and this is one of the favorite things that I’ve got at a very long time And I really appreciate you guys for watching till the end If you did if you did enjoy this video please Do share this around? it is the best way to ensure that people get to see my videos and you get to show other people my content if you Are interested in checking out any of the sellers featured in this video? There are links down below a lot of them worked very hard and I did not help them at all and some of the big amazing jobs, so Props to them they did amazing. And finally if you do want to support my dumb antics you can go to Patreon.com/crashcourse Apparently YouTube requires you to do that. Anyway, I will be heading off now, but thank you so much My beautiful weeps for watching and I will see you soon. Bye please do not forget Like mommy, I was a terrible world all about I’m gonna

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