I saw Slave Play.

I saw Slave Play.

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  1. I thing you misunderstand 'swirlers'. I feel like a small minority, especially black women, enter interracial relationships as a means to gain proximity to whiteness. Trying to gain proximity to whiteness as we've seen many cultures and peoples do in the US, with varying degrees of success, is usually a lost cause for melanated people. Unless you're self hating and delusional, any POC with self awareness soon realizes that while proximity to whiteness may have some, and I mean very few, benefits it is ultimately a painful thing to sustain. At best it can put you in awkward situations and at worst you will constantly be aware of your outsider status which will make you paranoid and add to pre-existing trauma. This can place POCs on a perpetual hamster wheel where they are constantly seeking white approval because they think that if they can get it it will validate them and assuage their fears and inadequacies. Even for those dumb enough to deny this effect, it can be destructive and foster an unhealthy dependence on the white partner. There are just so many ways a white partner will not get you, your culture, or even your history as a black person and they don't have to be even implicitly racist for this to happen. Now most intercultural relationships deal with this on some level it's just that the lack of insight from a white partner can be much more detrimental to the relationship due to black history. The key to avoiding this would be not to date outside the race preferably but, since black men can be unavailable for reasons most of you already know, some of us are forced to consider other options. Most of the people I see in healthy interracial relationships date those they share key values with and are secure enough in their blackness not to need white proximity (usually because they have a support network outside of their partner that is comprised of mostly black people and other POC like friends and family). And though this may be hard, not to sweat the lack of I sight your partner and their families may have on POC issues because it's usually not meant as a malicious oversight. Even in same race relationships a partner cannot fulfill every need.

  2. As a bm, there is more than enough variety amongst bw to not have to not have to subject myself the craziness that comes with being in a relationship with an "other". Don't go chasing waterfalls.

  3. Can we stop acting like black americans in the US were the only people who went through slavery. It happened across the Americas and the Caribbean as well as on the continent and in Europe. And it was ALL HORRIBLE

  4. Why is this black American vs black everyone else becoming a thing…I hear way too much, it's becoming extremely divisive. And I'm so over the interracial storyline.

  5. "Slave Play"????? There's NOTHING sexy about any of this – unless you get off on the subjugation, denigration, and dehumanization of black people – which many people apparently do, as evidenced by the existence of this "work". As a disclaimer, I am not a prude in any sense of the word. Still – SMH – this is CRAZY.

  6. You’re trying to humanize and salvage this T R A S H. How can you make this useful to the culture ? Listen to yourself. Even after you gave your breakdown. It sounds even more dehumanizing. You’re condoning it.

    “Twerking and begging to be called a Nigress” it’s completely offensive and they’re charging hundreds for this bullshit!

    This revealed a new layer about you and your psychology I didn’t realize about you. I’ve lost a lot of respect for you here.

    This is completely disrespectful and unnecessary for BLACK AMERICA!
    Only a sycophant would want to see this and support this. Who’d want to relive something so horrid and how would that sexually arouse anyone unless you’re buck-broken ? It disturbing.

  7. I saw it as well and I agree that I wanted to see it so I could join in the conversation, like was this show as controversial as they said? Now I got a few chuckles off, but as a Black woman, I didn't enjoy it as a whole. I just didn't understand who the show was FOR… I mean I ended up feelin bad for Jim cuz Kaneesha was really sick of him in a way that she seem disgusted with herself and I was sad for her that to reconcile her feelings she wanted sexual slave role play, excellent monologue but why after all this are u even staying with this dude? And the end, she gets what she wants (the slave play), its kinda disturbing and then she says thank u and then it's over….I left the theatre like 😐. I don't need to see it again and I'm a hardcore thespian and I want more Black playwrights (lgbtq+) so im happy we got some shine on Broadway, this wasn't particularly the way I want us to be here but every other white show on Broadway isn't a diamond so having something that's not my favorite but is by a Black person is definitely something, other shows get shine so why not? I don't see the need for it to get boycotted and whatnot but am I seeing it again? Nah. But I was happy to see it so I can offer an honest opinion to the conversation. That being said I hope the woman who played Kaneesha gets a Tony nom, for what she had to do she deserves the nom.

  8. Sounds even worse after the explanation. I’m too broke for Broadway anyways but I have no hope for watching this. It’s more than just being uncomfortable it’s just straight up wrong and disgusting. Also none of these things the play is trying to shine light to is new. It’s just a disgusting plot. No thanks.

  9. This is sick and twisted, but fascinating at the same time. Slave and master play from a historical standpoint should make us all throw up in our mouths a little bit, but it’s something I have no problem being explored.
    I do like being made uncomfortable as long as it serves a larger purpose or has meaning. I’m not sure if this play does, even after this review though.
    I have been to a couple of BDSM themed events and noticed something interesting. The black women at BDSM events almost always walk around with 8 inch thigh high boots with scrawny white men on leashes. I always thought that this was the case because of history. I don’t want to go too far off the bandwagon regarding other people kinks but it’s about being vulnerable to trust and I don’t think most black women feel comfortable enough with any white man to do this. This play makes me think of that. The only thing I disagree with is consensual sex between enslaved people and white people. I just don’t think it exists. Throwing yourself at your overseer on the plantation to potentially seek out better treatment for you and yours is what I assume “consensual” means in this context.

  10. I really appreciate you giving all of this review, context and background. I'd heard of slave play but in the form of a blanket dismissal by someone who likely hadn't seen the play. Thank you for watching it for us, I know I damn sure won't be trying to see it now. I'm not surprised that this was one of those Black arts pieces for white people (and the Black people who live in or very close to whiteness). A gay friend and former classmate recently told me how common racial/racist sexual play is in gay relationships (wasn't his thing at all but its something a Black gay male will almost unavoidably encounter).
    There seems to be this interesting phenomena in white liberal spaces particularly in super(pseudo?)"woke" communities like many spaces in Seattle for example- where there seems to be a strong desire for inclusion and respect for "diversity" but many of the Black(and POC) in these spaces are already close to whiteness. So, their desires and attempts to understand, express and have their Blackness (and/or personhood) respected in white spaces I'm not able to relate to. I've always lived in Black spaces and I want to speak to, work with and for my Black people. I'm not tryna be cuddled up with a smallpox blanket like I don't know what's good for me.

  11. I'm half black , I have a white husband, and I think it's REALLY WEIRD for interracial couples to have "kinky" race play especially as a way to reflect on how race can effect relationship dynamics. Like damn, have your partner read black literature. Don't do..whatever this is. I stay the FUCK away from white people who wanna role-play slavery. I'm not offended by this play existing but it's not my cup of tea. Thanks for making content <3

  12. Okay, I'm cool with interracial couples, and I do believe that there WERE happy and healthy interracial couples during this time period in America. But Jesus Christ, why did they have to use slavery? WHY.

  13. How did the therapists in this play skip having the couples communicate in an effective way like normal adults to having them reenact slavery via sexual roleplay like what the fuck!

  14. This reminds me of the tv show 'Always a Witch' on netflix. I loved how it had a black protagonist and was pretty entertaining. Then I realized it wouldn't be getting a season 2 because of the problematic slave-master love between the protagonist and one of the other characters.

  15. Many slaves were brought up from what was known as the “West Indies” at the time so Jamaica, Barbados (which is where We Rihanna is from), etc. were heavily involved in the slave trade so maybe that’s why he put her quote in there? Idk

  16. My issue with this play is that it's about slave Play Sexual fantasy. And that's the only reason why it's on Broadway. Let's just keep it real. And he chose Rihanna because Rihanna likes to play. Let's just keep that real. So he's trying to get the play popular. Now you can be a cultural credit without actually having to engage in a product. It's really not that hard I don't care about the set designs or the costuming or any of that. There is I miss you here. Jeremy, I'm going to assume it's trying to make his way by giving white people what they want. And excuse to feel better about slavery. And this is geared towards White liberals more than white conservatives. Now if a black person wanted to write a play about a slave slaughtering a town of white people in Revenge. Do you think that would make it to Broadway? Hell no.

  17. Thank you for taking your time and money to watch and give your review. Your review confirms the concerns I had on the play, and why I would not watch it. It's a thin line between provocative and perversion. And it sounds to me that playwright has a fetish that he's trying to pass over as art. This all brings to mind Paolo Pasolini's film Salo. Thanks again and keep up the great work!

  18. I saw the play.The concept is unique, but to me the messages were clear. The messages were the point. I did not find it offensive because the role play was/IS not the point. The therapists were funny, but it WAS dragged out A white couple walked out the night I saw it. I liked Kenishas character. I liked that she called Jim like a VIRUS

  19. From what I’m getting this was probably a commentary about black/white sexual dynamics in society that was too ahead of its time for anyone to catch.

  20. Whew… intense. I dunno, I’m not black, but if there was a play about Asian folks role playing massage parlor girls or war brides or refugee shit to get closer to their white partners I would legit break out in hives. There is no context that would lead to genuine catharsis for me.

  21. The Beyonce bit was interesting to because my Grandma tells a similar story of of my greatgrandma falling for her slave owner. My grandma gushes over it and I find it disturbing.

  22. This play sounds dumb af. A way to visually and artistically make Black women (and children) complicit in their own rapes for the amusement of White audiences. Even explained in a way meant to be unbiased, this play sounds like trash.

  23. Wanting to be edgy but with no real care for how its done.
    Just playing up to these white people.
    There is noooo form of therapy that i would want if i dated interracially like this.

  24. 🤔Hmmm, "Slave Play" but not one Black male AND Black female relationship 👀…issa no brainer, a hard NOPE, no thanks saving my coin & my peace… PERIOD!! NEXT TOPIC, please and thank you!!💅

  25. Let me get this straight you paid 200 dollars for a ticket to watch the play and somehow you were not offended by this negative propoganda 🤔 definitely not worth it or appropriate for black ppl to attend

  26. Entire video: “If you aren’t willing to sit and engage with it, you shouldn’t be critiquing it. You shouldn’t complain about a play you haven’t seen.”
    Comments section: “I would NEVER spend money to go see this TRASH”

  27. It’s really disappointing to see so many people (including Kim, to a degree), coming at this from ‘black people deeply want to be in white people’s lives, they want to be near whiteness, and I don’t get it’. I don’t know how ya’ll are falling in love, but as someone who’s been in almost exclusively interracial relationships with people of various races, we aren’t falling in love based on race and building off of that, we fall in love based on our overall personality, and are then willing to go the extra mile to connect with and understand our partner’s culture and help them understand ours, because we love our partner and want to be with them, despite their flaws. You would never say that I fell in love with a Filipino person to be ‘near’ Filipinos, or a Latinx person to be ‘near’ Latinx, so why reduce a relationship with a white person to that level of shallowness?

  28. Wait there is a play called that. I dunno how feel about even after explaining it just no. No.
    I don't hsip it nor support really end the day he is still slave master

  29. in today's world is not what black women are doing right now? more black women are stepping outside their race trying to find a white man! so please if this makes you feel sick imagine how black men think. it's not all lies

  30. the fact you liked some of the show tells me your full of shit and support more white people than black…..need me to believe that you would be in an interracial relationship as well what's freaking glory and praise about how much you know about your ancestors. fake! after the first act you should have walked out.

  31. This isn't Joaquina's Broadway debut. She's done musicals in the past. The latest being The Color Purple revivial (Nettie) This is her first play. We saw the show (have a review up as well) on a whim, snagging rush rickets and that is the most we would spend on a ticket. While we personally would not recommend this production, it does deserve some props. Mainly in the black creative team realm. LOVING vs VIRGINIA took us out! It's true though.

  32. maybe the play would be different if they showed some romance between two black characters, why does there have to be a white character in each one of the couples? bc the viewers are mostly white?

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