I Spent $553 On A Sephora Haul  | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

I Spent $553 On A Sephora Haul | Beauty With Mi | Refinery29

Oh, sorry! Ah! Dropping everything. Oh my god, we’re a mess. Okay, there we go. Perfect! Okay. Hey, guys it’s Mi-Anne and I’m here at Hudson
Yards. It’s a huge multiplex in the heart of Manhattan,
that’s also home to an enormous mall. I am here to give you another haul, but this
time it’s a beauty one because we’re going to Sephora. I’m meeting up with Arshia Moorjani. She’s a content creator based in the Tri-State
area and she makes amazing beauty content on her YouTube and her Instagram pages. We are going to shop a lot today, so let’s go. Helloooo. Hi! Hi, how are you? Good, how are you? Thanks for coming and shopping with me. Thank you for having me! I’m so excited. This is my favorite thing to do, shop in Sephora
with people that love beauty. I know, this should be a lot of fun. Should we start with skin maybe? Yeah. Let’s do skin care, then we’ll do makeup and
then we’ll finish off with hair? Perfect. Okay, so I already see my first pick right
here. Front and center. That was fast! Have you tried the new Fresh Sugar Strawberry
Scrub? I haven’t! It’s so good. So, I actually don’t really like physical
exfoliants because I find them to be too harsh on my skin, but this is so gentle. It smells like strawberries and sugar and
just so good! Mmm! So, I love Vitamin C serums because it really
helps to brighten my skin, and I love these fresh pressed ones. You can add it to your foundation or use it by itself. So, I love that. I’m obsessed with this sunscreen. Oh my god. This everyday sunscreen. I love it. In the summer it’s a little heavy, though. It’s not scented, so it’s not going to irritate. Oh, for sure. We love Supergoop! So, let’s do maybe, my favorite concealer
if I can find it. It’s gotta be right here. I knew you were to say that! I feel this is the holy grail of every single
beauty guru. I like to use the shade Ginger, which let
me see if I can find it somewhere here. Yes, it’s right here. I see it. So, this is actually a few shades lighter
than my skin tone, but I love to use it underneath my eyes to really brighten that whole area
and to kind of almost highlight. I think I’m a Custard. Custard, let’s see. If I remember correctly, I haven’t used this
product in a very long time. I don’t think I see Custard. Maybe I’m not. Maybe I’m actually, Cannelle. Maybe it’s Cannelle. Cinnamon! Let’s try it. So, this is not a foreign experience for you. You have some history with Sephora. Is that true? Yes! So, I actually used to work at Sephora, this
is now like, 10 years ago. Oh, man. Back in the day. Back in the day, I know. And it’s crazy because back then I was so obsessed with makeup. I mean, I still am, but I didn’t care much
about skin care and now I’m just all about skin care, it’s crazy. That’s kind of where I am, too. When you get into it, you realize that skin
care is the prep that you need to have good makeup. That’s honestly a thing. Exactly. This is my ride or die. Is this the Modern Renaissance Palette? Yes. If I could have one palette in the world,
it would be this. Yeah. It is such a versatile palette, but it still
has some of the fun, kind of, more maroon shades and this beautiful, I don’t
even know what to call that, like a burnt peach? Orangey? Yes. Which brings me to my favorite eyeshadow palette, are these little Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette. Those are probably my favorite eyeshadow palettes
too. You know, I had to talk about the topaz. The warm tone one! I mean, seriously. Even though these eyeshadows are really small,
they’re so practical and they last forever because they’re actually so insanely
pigmented. I think I’m going to try maybe, the neon orange
today. Me too. Take one each. We have our eye shadow. It’s the perfect segue into our halftime show,
which is a little game called Let’s Makeup. We are going to challenge both of us Okay. to create an eye look on the back of our hands. Oh, my God. One minute. Anything. We can put anything we want on it. I’m using this as reference. And go! Oh, boy. Alright. Okay, we got this, we got this! Grabbing this palette, doing a little purple
situation. My drawing, I cannot draw. Oh, mine is not coming out well. I’m trying to do like a — oh my god and I
just dropped eyeshadow all over. We need to maybe use one of these. Oh my god. Oh, man. It’s over! Seriously? Yours is better. What is that white stuff? Yeah, what is that white stuff? I think one of the eyeshadows fell into it. We tried our best. And that concludes Let’s Make Up! Should we get some Champagne Pop? I love Champagne Pop though. Me too. This is one of the best highlights. It’s also so pigmented, it’s kind of crazy. I know, I love it. We still need a foundation. And actually, we’re right by one of my favorite
foundations. I’m actually wearing it today! Oh, the Teint Idole? This is my favorite. It’s long lasting, looks so
natural. I’m using the shade 415, right here. It’s my perfect match. I’m usually a light to medium. Light to medium? Yeah. I’m probably a Bisque. Okay, let’s do that. I love that we’re also next to one of my other
favorite brands, which is Bare Minerals. The lipstick that I want to share with you
guys, it’s a matte finish, it’s long lasting, but it doesn’t feel drying on the
lips at all. It’s so good. Oh, that’s so pretty. Okay, what else do we want to get? These are actually really pigmented. Mhm. Considering that they’re- Oh my god. Wow. I was not expecting it to be that pigmented. This is a tinted lip balm. Let me check. Whoa. Are you seeing that, right? That’s like— I just can’t! I’m gonna try…ooh that Coral. I want that one. I think I’m going to go with Spice, your favorite. Well, since are walking across the entire
store, I want to play a game of beauty ‘Would You Rather’ with you. Okay. Would you rather have eyeliner smudges under
your eye all day or lipstick on your teeth? Eyeliner smudges. Me too. For sure. Would you rather have all of your eyeshadow
shatter, or your favorite foundation be discontinued? My favorite foundation be discontinued. I don’t know! See, I have a connection with my eyeshadows, too. But I have a connection with my foundations too. Only a beauty guru, “I have a connection
with my eyeshadow.” Would you rather have to cut your own bangs for the rest of your life
or remove your own gel manicures for the rest of your life? Hundred percent, the bangs. Because my nails, oh my gosh, have gone through
it. Me too. Yeah. Let us know what you guys would do, in the comments. Yes, for sure. We’ve also made it to hair. I guess, we’ll start right here. Briogeo. I actually really want to talk to you about
the Deep Conditioning Mask, because this is a game changer. I don’t really use it that often, I would
say maybe like once every two weeks or so. You can use it once a week also, but I also
use other hair treatments and I also do a lot of DIYs. I just found out about this and I love it. This is the Invisible Oils, really good everyday
conditioner that doesn’t wear your hair down at all. And then to go with this, I love the Go Big
Treatment because I have really flat hair. Is this what makes your hair so voluminous? I thought it was just your natural hair. Oh, my gosh. This is it! My hair naturally is so straight and flat. I don’t believe you! No, I promise. I promise you. Tell me one of your hair favorites, what do
you love? Olaplex! Have you tried it? Again, I’m probably the only person in the
world that hasn’t. Oh, you need to try it! We need to get you one right now. It’s so good. Ok, No. 3. So, this is the No. 3, it’s so good for color
treated hair. You use it as a hair mask but you’re actually
supposed to use this before you shampoo. So, you wet your hair, you put it in, you
know, shave your legs, do whatever, and then you wash it out. I’m sold on this. Okay, can we do a bonus product? Really quick? 100 percent. Okay, because for anyone who hasn’t tried this, this is another product that’s like a must,
the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask. You’ll probably have this forever. You need the tiniest— It smells like Starbursts. Yeah. And you need the tiniest bit of product and
you wake up to the most amazing, moisturized, plump lips ever. I really like this mask, this Watermelon Glow
Sleeping Mask. It smells amazing. It smells so good. I actually just went to Korea and made this
mask in their factory. Are you serious? Yeah. And I always loved— With Glow Recipe? Yeah, I went there with Glow Recipe. Oh my god. Can I get some too? Yeah, girl. Hello. Hi. Do you want to guess how much everything is
going to cost? Yeah. Don’t look at the thing. Okay, I won’t look. I’m going to say, $450. Oh, I was going to say $375. Let’s see. So, the total for your purchase is going to
be $553.63. Oh my god! Oh my god! Makeup is expensive, man! Wait $563, you said? $553 with 63 cents. $553. Oh, my god. We were really low. Have a wonderful day. Thank you. Thank you so much! Well, thanks so much for doing this with me. It was so fun, we picked out such good things. I’m so excited. Bye! Thanks so much for watching, guys. Click here to subscribe to Refinery29 and
click here to watch another video. See you next time. Bye!

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