I WANTED to love the BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4k…. but then this!?

(groaning loudly) (laughing) – That is an intro. You know how people say
there’s a price for everything, or you get what you pay for? This was supposed to be the
one to break all those rules. The Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Of course there’s a lot of suspicion when you have a camera with this kind of capability for $1,300 bucks. You’re getting raw and ProRes in 4K. Looking at this sheet here,
you’re just like, wow. They seem to have done a lot
of improvements in their color and low light and noise, and all that other stuff. And I actually really enjoyed using it for the five minutes it worked. (box slamming against the wall) Don’t worry, it was an empty box. I just put some weights in
there to make it more dramatic. ♪ Here in your arms ♪ Look at this. What is this? Why is it green? Johnathan was holding the
camera when this happened, so, you know, we can
blame Johnathan for this. Maybe it’s like a check
fields thing or something. That’s false color right there. – [Johnathan] That’s false color. – [Gene] Or something in the
monitoring settings maybe. I’ve had about 90 seconds
of playing with it, and I was like, here, Johnathan,
why don’t you play with it? He broke it. – [Johnathan] This bottom part’s so hot. Is it embedded? – Holy crap.
– It’s embedded in the video. – It’s in the video. We got one clip that looked nice. (laughing) Our very first test was a blurry
shot of somebody sleeping. And then all the sudden, boom. He’s getting married, by
the way, very shortly. So congratulate him in the comments. I just realized that I can
click bait this video now. The Black Magic broke immediately! The Black Magic is super unreliable! Don’t buy the Black Magic! Oh my God. The click baiting opportunities
are endless right now. When you came over, the
RED stopped working too. I think he’s a curse to cinema cameras. ♪ Here in your arms ♪ Alright, let’s call Black
Magic customer support. When I call them I don’t
want them to know who I am. I don’t want them to know I’m a YouTuber or a tech reviewer or whatever, so I’m gonna have to go
undercover secret agent status. My name is Brutus. I am a camera operator from Austria. Dude, I’m so bad. I’m sorry for my ignorance. I’m really bad at accents. (phone ringing) By the way, do you guys like this merch? It’s not my merch. It’s Camera Conspiracy’s shirt. I bought it. Maybe I shouldn’t be promoting merch that I don’t a profit off, but it’s a very nice, soft shirt. It worked fine for the first 10 minutes, and then all the sudden it turned green. – [Man On Phone] Gene Nagata? – Yes. How did they know? Great, thank you so much. Gonna keep it up, man, I suck. Okay, so they basically want
me to record a little DNG file, and they wanna take a look at it. ♪ Here in your arms ♪ They asked me to send some
sample clips from the camera. I sent it to them. They looked at it, and they were like, yup, there’s
definitely something wrong. Now I’m basically spending all morning filling out all these RMA forms. I have to pack everything
back up, ship it back out. Luckily it went bad on us while we were just chilling out and eating pupusas, but this really bums
me out when one minute the camera is working fine, and then all of a sudden
it just stops working. But that’s the problem with trying to bring out a camera that’s super speced out and trying to bring it in at a price that undercuts everybody. It’s because you’re gonna
have to cut a lot of corners. I think I know where they
cut corners on this one. I can’t speak for all of these cameras because it’s possible that I just happened to get a bad unit, which happens for all companies. Is this just a coincidence that I happened to get the bad unit or is this a big problem where Black Magic is not quality controlling
all their devices because they’re selling these
things for $1,300 bucks? If any of you guys are
Black Magic camera shooters, I wanna know if you’ve ever had any issues with your camera in the past. I’m kinda pissed that
I’m spending all morning just troubleshooting this camera, and I gotta go and ship this back. But when I get it back, and I test it out, and if I love this camera, then it could be a
camera I would recommend. It’s just I would recommend getting two so that you always have one on standby, especially if you’re a professional. I would definitely never go into a shoot with just one of these. If you’re a hobbyist then
it might not be as crucial to get that backup ’cause, you know, if you take this camera out and it stops working,
then it’s like, oh well. But if you’re on a job,
a high pressure shoot, and there’s a whole crew supporting you and a lot of talent and a bunch of resources pooled together and the camera goes down, and you’re like, oh crap, that’s not a good position to be in. At least the customer support’s been pretty quick at responding. They answered the phone pretty fast and they were able to let me talk to somebody pretty quickly. They’re getting this RMA
set up pretty quickly. So hopefully this gets
resolved pretty soon. Black Magic design. I mean, I like you guys a whole lot. You guys did DaVinci Resolve,
the industry standard. There’s no better color grading software out there for professionals. When I first picked up the original Black Magic pocket
camera, I saw the specs, and I was like, this
is pretty interesting. I looked at a shot, and there was a bunch of these
horizontal lines going across and it was the noise pattern
or something like that. I was like, is this just the monitor? Or does the footage
actually look like that? We downloaded the footage. You could literally see
these horizontal lines, these noise patterns on the shot, and I’m like, okay, I
don’t need to touch this. This is definitely a big
step up from those days, but I guess I can’t find out because this one doesn’t work mother (beep). I mean, this might end up being a camera I do end up recommending to
a certain group of people if this is what I think it is. So I don’t really wanna talk too much crap about Black Magic, but I already burned that bridge. Black Magic, on your YouTube channel, why are you guys disabling
the like and dislike? That’s a YouTube sin. That literally just mean if
people are talking negatively about your stuff or your product, then you guys just wanna go like this. Comments are disabled also. Come on. Do you guys just not wanna
hear what people wanna say? I have to follow up on this video, but during the first five minutes, I was able to play with it, I was pretty impressed with
the sharpness coming out of it. I really like the ergonomics of it. You know, the function buttons, and the ISO shutter, white balance, all just laid out right there. It feels kinda like a DSLR except for if all the buttons were laid out specifically for video shooters. So I like that. LUTs, you can draw on
guidelines, false color, all these things are a button touch away. The menu is very
straightforward and simple. Micro Four Thirds, I know a lot of people are disappointed about that because you have that two times crop factor, but with the right lenses, this may still be a very, very good tool. We’ll find out. I just need to get this
fixed, so I have to come back. ♪ Here in your arms ♪ Alright, so I got my RMA
and everything figured out, so I gotta pack this back up, and it is going back home. They’re making me pay
for the shipping back, which I’m ugh about because I’m already starting to spend money on this thing even though I’ve only had
it for like five minutes. But regardless of this whole situation, I’m still optimistic and kind of excited about the camera. I mean, yeah, obviously the reliability is not the top feature of this camera. I think we could all agree on that. But there’s still a couple features that I’m really excited about. One being the price
point it’s coming in at, and the value it offers. ProRes, raw, high dynamic range, all these features that you would expect out of a more expensive camera. And I love the fact that
you have a mini XLR port which has Phantom power
so you could plug it into professional microphones,
which is very, very useful. And I really hope that
more camera companies can start thinking about video functions when they’re designing their cameras. Like, I love how there’s a
high frame rate button here, so you can just toggle
in and out of slow mo without having it go into the menu. I can’t really talk about colors or characteristics just yet, but come back for that. I’ve never really shot on
a Micro Four Thirds sensor, so I am curious how that’s gonna work. I’m also ordering a speed booster to see if that’s gonna help me get that cinematic look a little bit more. Another thing I’m a
little bit concerned about is also the weight of this thing. It’s a good thing that it’s light. But if you have a small camera without image stabilization in the body and you’re running glass that doesn’t have stabilization either, then you could end up
with some shaky footage. So a rig or a cage can
help add some weight to it, especially if you start
putting on V-Mount batteries and all that other stuff onto it. Then it might be better
for handheld stuff, but, again, I have to
test this out to see. And finally, image characteristics. I’m very curious about
how this camera looks, and the image characteristics, because that’s something
that you can’t really throw onto a spec sheet, so
I kinda want to throw this up next to the RED camera or the Arri Alexa and just see how the image
quality looks side-by-side. And this might get surprisingly close, especially with that speed booster and some real nice glass on here. This might just do the trick, but sounds like you guys
are gonna have to subscribe and come back later when I get
this back from Black Magic. So in the meantime, this
is going back home to the Black Magic facilities to get fixed. Time to read some comments. Top comment was, “Next review:
Girlfriend vs. Arri Alexa.” Oh, you’re just trying to get me in some hot water with Carrie, aren’t ya? She’s very aware that if I had to choose between the Arri and her, I
would definitely go for Arri. But at the same time, if
she had to choose between her doggies and me, she would
go straight for the dogs. So we have mutually agreed to not care that much about each other. Just kidding. We’re moving in together,
along with Geo and Dylan at the end of the year,
so, it’s gonna be fun. You guys are gonna come
on this journey with me. It’ll be exciting. “Why are you not reading my comments? “I entered your contest. “Do I need to send nudes to get red?” No, no, no, I’m reading
your comment right now, so please, don’t send nudes. Leon says, “You are saying Huawei wrong. “It’s so funny.” Wait, how do you say Huawei? Is that not how you say it? Who-a-way? Hyah-wee? I don’t know. Chris Rollins says, “Time to
test the Red Hydrogen Phone “vs. Red Cinema Camera.” Ooh, I have not heard a single good thing about that Red phone. Rodrigo says, “She’s the man of the house, “Gene is the housewife.” You know, it’s actually kinda true, ’cause she has the day job. She goes out and she knows
power tools, she’s into sports, and I’m like, oh, yeah, the
basketball sports and stuff. “I meant you are thicc, she’s
no where in comparison.” Oh, this whole time I kept thinking you were calling Carrie thicc, but yeah, I agree, I’ve
been working out my thighs. Have you seen Matti Haapoja’s latest video about primes vs. zooms? I kinda give you guys a little tease of my thicc thighs, so go check that out. Thanks for clarifying. Now my self-esteem of my
thickness has gone way up, so thank you guys. You guys are the best. “It isn’t like people are asking if “she’s your girlfriend
because they don’t know. “They are asking because
they are surprised “you actually have a girlfriend.” Yes, I have one. Why would you be surprised about that? I’m a ladies’ man, dude. “I am more excited to
see what his thoughts “on the Black Magic Pocket Cinema 4K are.” Me too. I wanna know. “Potato Jet is the best YouTube “in the whole YouTube industry.” Oh my gosh, thank you. I’m so flattered. Thank you so much, Afroman Fro. Dom says, “It’s taking too long for you to “get to a million subs; you
should already have it.” That’s what I keep telling YouTube. I email them every say, say,
why am I not at a million subs? What the (beep)? Camera Conspiracies says,
“Potato Jet with beauty filter “is too beautiful for this world.” Oh my God. Did you guys see my last video? Did you guys see how
freaking gorgeous I looked? “I can see you delaying
for that 10 minute mark.” I do no such thing. What are you talking about? I would never. “Hey, are you doing, man?” Oh, I’m doing pretty well. No one’s asked me that for a little while. I guess I’ve been a little bit stressed. I have a shoot next week in Arizona for, like, two days,
so I’ll be going there. I kinda wanna spend
Thanksgiving with my family. (upbeat electronic music)

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