I WATCHED Dragon Ball Super: BROLY In Theaters SIX Times! Here Are The BEST Seats/Screenings

I WATCHED Dragon Ball Super: BROLY In Theaters SIX Times! Here Are The BEST Seats/Screenings

allow me and tell my name is all by Sam
PI and I just came back from Japan a few days ago from watching the Dragon Ball
super bully movie I saw it in IMAX IMAX for DX and regular so I’m gonna tell you
guys what is the best format to watch the travel super funny movie but more
importantly I’m gonna tell you guys which seats in the movie theater are the
absolute best for watching this movie now Funimation has announced that Dragon
Ball super brony movie has become the first anime movie in America to be shown
on IMAX to beginning IMAX screenings in America obviously in Japan they have
IMAX and way more now also in Japan this movie has made over 18 point 1 million
dollars and has sold over 2.6 million tickets that’s a lot of tickets now it
is estimated that the movies gonna make over forty four million dollars in Japan
and thus that’s just in Japan alone so that is incredible now what about here
in the United States which is the best format okay if between IMAX IMAX 4dx and
regular by far from my personal experience the best way to watch the
movie is IMAX for DX now don’t get it twisted
I’m not for DX and IMAX are not the same thing they’re very different
IMAX for the X is say an experience that you’ve never had until you go and
experience it yourself as the fight scenes are happening and Goku is
fighting against Brody your seat starts to shake and you can really feel the
motion left right back forward when Goku punches Brody you can feel it in your
seat into your back on your butt you can feel everything as as bronies fighting
against Vegeta and they’re flying in the air
chasing each other you can actually feel the wind rushing through your face
because the seeds actually blow wind on your face and when gogo gets punched and
lands in the water you can feel water land on your face because the seeds
spray water on your face it’s an experience that I have never had before
and it really immerse me into the movie I felt like I was inside the movie that
I was co cool especially because the movie has supported a POV section of
broglie’s perspective when you can actually see Brody first-person view
ah it’s great now if I much 4dx is not available in your area now you only have
two options you have IMAX or you have regular between the two in my opinion I
think you should save your money and just watch it in regular because the
aspect ratio is gonna be exactly the same across all formats okay so if you
gotta go I’m at you really just getting a bigger screen maybe a little better
audio but not much else it’s not worth the extra money
unless here’s here’s the big but if you miss your chance to watch the movie on
the opening nights because it’s sold out everywhere well I have good news for you
guys yesterday some IMAX showings opened up
across the country and if you check out the bacon of this video there are
internal seats still available for IMAX because a lot of people don’t know this
a lot of people don’t know that and i am i showing has open across the country so
they assume that it’s sold out everywhere on opening night so this is
your chance if you didn’t get a ticket for opening night you’re gonna have to
pay extra money and watch it in imax in order to get the movie on opening night
now here comes the most important part of the video which is which if should
you guys buy the best viewing angle I do not
recommend that you guys get front row seats or even center seats all right yes
you want to be in the middle but you don’t want to be right in the center and
the reason why I say this is because this movie has a ton of motion going on
so if you are by the front you’re gonna be like this and if you are in the
middle you’re gonna be like like that all right and that’s kind of
uncomfortable so if you want to have the most a comfortable experience you want
to be closer to the back in the center so you want to be either in the last two
three or four rows from the back going forward that is my recommendation to you
on the screen you guys can actually see that I highlighted which seats I
recommend you guys should get alright the ones in yellow and the two gray ones
right below that that were already taken but those are by far the best seats that
you can get if you want to get the best viewing experience and you don’t want
your neck to be hurting after the movie so that is my recommendation to you guys
not obviously if just there’s no other seats available then you got to do what
you got to do but I really hope you guys don’t have to sit at the front that’s
just it’s gonna be not fun you still gonna enjoy the movie but not as much as
if you were sitting towards the back alright you’re at the front man you’re
gonna have a rough ride that night I will be doing a non-spoiler review of
the movie and after that I’m gonna do a breakdown spoiler review and then in a
few weeks after all of you guys have seen the movie I’m gonna be doing an
easter egg heading message breakdown video giving
you guys all the information that you may have missed from the movie
okay so that is coming guys I saw the movie many times but I’m still
gonna watch it again in English dumps because I saw it in Japanese so I can’t
wait to see this movie it is incredible in every single time that I’ve seen the
movie I’ve always had a great time it’s always been an incredible experience and
it’s not boring that this is actually a movie that you can re-watch over and
over again and have a great time that’s how great this movie is so I’m very
excited get your tickets as soon as you can so that is my advice to you guys now
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