Ice Diamonds and Classic Cocktails at Bar High Five

Ice Diamonds and Classic Cocktails at Bar High Five

so this is knife I use for only carving this materia is a folded iron so it’s the same material Japanese wood I sharpen the knife every day last 1012 years and it’s getting shorter and shorter it used to be a three times longer my name is a heel it’s a widow I owned a bar called about high finance very small spot in Ginza Tokyo and generally speaking most of the bar in Japan focus for classic cocktails old-school style I could say sometimes maybe conservative but I like it that way I’m gonna make very popular gin drink as called hello bloom based on gin and the local flavor Harry razandrich you look Zelda maraschino cherry Yuko and lemon juice I’m gonna put the chain and local flavor cherry person Italian mulaskey No and lemon juice once you put more than two ingredients it’s all about the balance that I taste before seconds there so as soon as I finish making I want to solve so I never taste after chickens they’re putting ice and shake it the purpose for shaking of course mix all ingredients make the cocktail cold put air into the drink in my bartending life I never have ice machine the ice I get is from ice factory the absolute Tokyo and the deliverer every day the ice week it takes two days to make if you make it longer it’s clearly harder so we get the block of ice and we cover in a different shape of ice for shaking for long green or old fashioned and ice diamonds once you go to the bar in Japan order the whiskey on the rock you automatically get ice ball people talking about to put the ice flowing into the whiskey it’s less stylish but it’s icy its melt if you leave it in the five minutes is ice ball shape like a mushroom we’re thinking about 180 degrees a different way of approach to come on the rock is a lot of cut a lot of shape that means once you put whiskey in on rock you get really shiny reflections and it looks very beautiful ice diamond I’ve been teaching many bartenders many years and how much people can do it I mean zero but endure still cannot do it a bartending job is not just a work at least in Japan is more artisans type of occupation like a masters and the poor peers so this is cocktail I invented the cold harvester this Japanese whiskey base with local grape Lacombe and lemon juice and simple summer putting a whiskey and local click the cube we have to adjust the balance after I taste so I first ruffery at putting the amount or I always put probably need a little bit more facility so when I shake white spirit I put these cubes but in this case a brown spirit base I changed to a one chunk for the big ice and different type of shaking the image of the shaking is the eye supporting in the shaker so this is called a harvester myself I can’t drink I don’t drink alcohol alright plan o am very weak for call that song from by Nature

100 thoughts on “Ice Diamonds and Classic Cocktails at Bar High Five

  1. Imagine this guy is the reason for global warming also he looks like the Japanese version of willy Wonka's umpa lumpa

  2. Don’t know about dilution time on cubes that big but I do know about liquid displacement and for wtf these drinks prob cost hell no get that block out so there is even enough room for a shot

  3. What’s the point when it’s not legal to get drunk in Japan. And you gotta wait for traffic lights if you riding a bicycle.

  4. Carves ice with bare hands. Must taste a bit of salt. Why dont he use hands, i wouldnt dere to hold an icecube for 1 minute

  5. This guy seems so full of shit. Like he owns the bar and never makes the drinks. That ice diamond is bullshit and covered in his hand juices.

  6. Start of the video: So this a knife that I use for cutting

    Me: Really!!, I thought you were gonna shove it up your ass

  7. More ice in the cup means less liquor in the glass, you still pay top price but he's conservi v alot of liquor by ice taking much more space. This guy ain't stupid.

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