Imaikkaa Nodigal Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi | Nayanthara | Atharva | Anurag Kashyap

Imaikkaa Nodigal Full Movie | Vijay Sethupathi | Nayanthara | Atharva | Anurag Kashyap

Hello Boss!
This is restricted area. Hello Guru!
Even this is a restricted area. No one is allowed inside. Hello, who are you and
don’t seem to understand. Jessica! Yes! Vignesh Hegde’s kidnapping and murder
case, which is standstill for two weeks, has been passed on to CBI from the
hands of Karnataka Police Department. This is what the Chief
of Bureau has to say— —see we’ve submitted all the reports &
files to the Special Crimes Division of CBI. Nonsense, you should ask the
CBI director about that. -Thanks , thanks…please give way.
-Sir, Sir…please Sir. Two weeks ago in Bengaluru, Two weeks ago in Bengaluru, Hegde Group of companies Chairman Pawan
Kumar Hegde’s son Vignesh Hegde— Hegde Group of companies Chairman Pawan
Kumar Hegde’s son Vignesh Hegde— —was kidnapped from
the Golf course. He is 22 years old. Ramesh Bhatt of CBI
states that— —yes officially CBI will
handle this case henceforth. We’ve initiated all
the investigations. This doesn’t look like a Kidnapping
or a murder done for Ransom. Possibly this can continue. In that case— —parents please contact
us without any hesitation. —parents please contact
us without any hesitation. We have the best officers
working on this. Have you reached, where I
had asked you to come? Ya, I’m here. Good, now turn right and start walking. Just a minute. I know my daughter
Jessica is with you. But the boy who you had
kidnapped earlier— —you’ve killed him, in spite
of the ransom given to you. If I hand over the
money to you now— —what’s the guarantee that
you’ll let my daughter go. —what’s the guarantee that
you’ll let my daughter go. Guarantee!? If you want your
daughter Jessica back, you play by my rules George. You don’t have a choice. You don’t have a choice. See darling it’s very simple. Don’t look for help
with Police and CBI, Don’t look for help
with Police and CBI, if you shut up and
do as I say— —I’m going to let
your daughter go. Now— —turn right and start walking. Move! Anjali here, Rachel come in. Yes Ma’am! Have you tracked down
the call details? Did you get a location? No Ma’am, he’s making
an internet call. He’s using TOI to manipulate
his location and IP address. It refreshes and shows up as he’s in
a different country every second. Smart! Smart! Ok guys, listen up! Yes Ma’am! Yes Ma’am…Yes! May be it’s just one guy
who’s doing everything, or it might be a network too. Just keep watching. Just follow the guy who comes
and picks up the cash from him. Just follow the guy who comes
and picks up the cash from him. Keep me updated and
wait for my orders. Keep Walking. Keep Walking. He’s here. Anbuarasan, he’s right here
and watching everything. what makes you say that, Anjali? When that Ambulance passed
George, I heard double sound. And I think, he’s also
using a voice changer. There is distraction and pitch
variations in the voice. Photograph every one of them,
who are on the phone here. Boys, Girls, Men,
Women…everybody. Boys, Girls, Men,
Women…everybody. Keep….Walking! Keep….Walking! Walk…! Keep…Walk…! Stop! Do you see a white
van on your left? Do you see a white
van on your left? Far off! Leave the suitcase
inside that George. Is someone under sight
on the left side? what van is that? and how
long is it been parked there? Still checking, we don’t
have a clear view. Officers I want someone to
check on it immediately. Keep Walking. Keep Walking. -Camera on that street!
-Uh…Ok! No, not here. Keep Walking. Shit! Oh! Oh—Oh! Oh no! CBI! I got whiff of this at first. How did they manage
to come here, George? I’m sure, you wouldn’t
have asked them to come. ‘Cause you want
your daughter back. Moreover you wanted her alive. Then who must’ve informed them? I panicked— —I did tell CBI not to
interfere in this matter. I’m totally unaware
of them being here. My daughter— —please don’t do
anything to Jessica. You raised her
with so much love. she grew up to be young women. I’ve kidnapped a **** girl. As a father, what must be
going on in your head— —they won’t know it,
but I know it very well. Poor thing— understand the
sentiments of Mr.George Mrs.Anjali Vikramadithyan SP-CBI! How are you? Anyways, let’s get back
to business, Mr.George. They’re here for nothing but
to just witness the fun. Ok, let’s put up a good show. Ask the people inside
the van to get down. Put that suitcase inside. Do you drive? He’s on top. Anjali, let’s round
up the terrace. Wait! Ok George! Do you see Barleyz at the
building opposite to you? I see it. Four floors by lift, and
one floor by stairs. I’m on the terrace. Come, Come! All officers & photographers take positions
on terrace of all the surrounding buildings. I want to know who is he? Anjali you’re making a mistake. We have weapons, lets get to
the terrace and lock him down. What’s the point? We still don’t know, if
he’s alone or with a team. What if he has kept
Jessica elsewhere. We have to rescue
that girl alive. We have to rescue
that girl alive. That’s our main objective. -Just do what I say.
-Yes Ma’am. Kailash! Damn! Take positions! Take positions! Keep Walking. Ma’am, doesn’t seem like
anyone is on that terrace. Yes Ma’am, no one is inside. Now stop! Can you please throw
that suitcase down. What!? Throw damn it! Oh Shi…! Photographers
stay right here. I want pictures of everyone getting
in and out of the basement. I want pictures of everyone getting
in and out of the basement. All eyes on the suitcase, officers
rush to basement immediately. Yes Ma’am! -That side.
-Yes Sir! Anjali he isn’t here to
pick up the suitcase. Anjali he isn’t here to
pick up the suitcase. He’s planning for
something else. -Ma’am!
-Uh! Yes Ma’am, there’s
no one inside. Jessica!….Jessica! Jessica! It’s Jessica, George. Jessi… George…! NO! Jessica! I’ve seen the Autopsy reports. Bleed to death. Bleed to death. In order to prolong the
blood from clogging, he gives them
anticoagulant injection, and drains out the entire
blood from the body. He has jammed the CCTV
cameras, wherever he went. He has jammed the CCTV
cameras, wherever he went. How’s it even possible? No fingerprints, not
even DNA traces. That girl was not raped. To be precise, he didn’t
even lay a finger on her. To be precise, he didn’t
even lay a finger on her. His motive wasn’t that— —he must’ve enjoyed
looking at them die. Must be some sort of a— —Psycho! In spite of saying so much, you
keep asking what’s the issue? Uncle, have you gone nuts!? People out here— —don’t know how to raise
a cute little girl. Look here, you don’t
have to say all that when are you coming down? I don’t like being here. It’s really stressful. Shalu did you eat? Hey, I’m talking to you. No Ma’am, she didn’t
have her breakfast. She didn’t!? Why aren’t you eating?
Who are you speaking to? What does it matter to
you, to whom I’m talking? Anyways you have deceived me. Anyways you have deceived me. Fine, sorry. Now tell me
who are you talking to? I’m speaking to uncle. Oh Arjun, give it to me. She wants to talk to you. He doesn’t want to
talk to you it seems. Won’t talk to me!?
Just give it to me. Uncle, I’m not giving
her the phone— —she’s pulling it from me
-Give it! Hello! Hello! Hello! He hung up on you! Hey, when did you
change the wallpaper? It was me and you on the
wallpaper until yesterday, I started disliking
you since yesterday. That’s why I’ve changed it. You don’t like me? You don’t like me? -Fine, come on.
-Don’t touch. Hey come on! Let me go, leave me. She’ll be back by 2pm from
school, keep her clothes washed. Ok madam. -Baby, It’s me Dad speaking—
-Baby, It’s me Dad speaking— -Are you fine?
-Are you fine? -Dear you shouldn’t be like your Dad
-Dear you shouldn’t be like your Dad -Dear you shouldn’t be like your Dad
-Dear you shouldn’t be like your Dad -You should be brave like Mom.
-You should be brave like Mom. -Shouldn’t be scared of anything.
-Shouldn’t be scared of anything. -You should walk with your chin up.
-You should walk with your chin up. -You should always speak looking into the eyes.
-You should always speak looking into the eyes. -You should always speak looking into the eyes.
-You should always speak looking into the eyes. -Shouldn’t cry, no matter how tough it is.
-Shouldn’t cry, no matter how tough it is. -I’ve never seen your Mother cry.
-I’ve never seen your Mother cry. -You should be the same.
-You should be the same. -You should never be upset ’cause Dad isn’t with you.
-You should never be upset ’cause Dad isn’t with you. -No matter how far I am—
-No matter how far I am— -No matter how far I am—
-No matter how far I am— -I’ll always be thinking of you.
-I’ll always be thinking of you. -Even if I get a short break
-Even if I get a short break -I’ll come running to India.
-I’ll come running to India. -I’ll come running to India.
-I’ll come running to India. Hey, say bye to Mom. Ah…tell me Anbuarasan. Ma’am, watch NDTV Hindu
live right away. I’m on my way to
office Anbuarsan— —I’ll be there in 10 minutes. No Ma’am, it’s really
urgent watch it right away. Ok! Five years ago— —kidnapping of the same kind and 3 murders of the
same pattern happened. Which case are you referring to? Which case are you referring to? Rudra’s case handled by CBI. Rudra! You mean the
serial killer Rudra!? Yes! The most sensational
serial killer, Rudra. From Rudra’s killing methods, CBI confirmed that
he must be a Doctor. Close friend of the
murdered victims, Dr.Vineeth is Rudra— —the case was closed by
putting him down in encounter. Yes about five years ago. I remember. Poor thing, Dr.Vineeth
was a scapegoat. In order to put a fullstops
on the sensational case, that was a cover-up
operation led by Anjali. She cooked it up completely. What!? How can we believe
everything you say? What evidence do you have? I have a living proof. The real Rudra is still alive. Yes I’m Rudra— —and I’m back! The two murders which happened
currently were done by me. And it will continue. -What!?
-Who the hell are you? You’re making an anonymous
call and claim to be Rudra— —are you trying to scare us? Do you know the punishment
for fake threats? Fake threat!? You can fool the public. You guys and the CBI know— —whether I’m Rudra or not? Murders which happened
five years ago, and the murders happening now— —is there even a small difference?
Why don’t you ask them. Anjali is not on top of
her game these days, let’s make the game
little easier. Before I kidnap
my next target— —I will definitely
let you guys know. In fact, I’ll tell
you right now. On Live! Sir…! Sunday…that’s in next 6 days. I’ll kidnap my next target. Stop me if you can, Anjali. Good Luck! An anonymous caller,
who claims to be Rudra and behind the killings, has created
a panic situation in Bangalore. He has also challenged
the CBI that, he will take his next
target out on Sunday. We’re now in front of the
CBI office Bangalore, where the CBI commissioner… He’s right! May be media and public
might not be aware— —but we know. Five years ago
Pratap, Ram, Jayanth Rudra kidnapped 3
high profile guys. He demanded a
ransom of 2 crores, the parents did give the ransom. But still he killed them all
and gave them the dead bodies. Recent murders and the murders
committed by Rudra 5 years back, have got many similarities. The same high profile
high profile kids, ransom of 2 crores. and the modus
operandi is the same. That is in order for the
blood from clogging— —he gave them
anticoagulant injection. Cut their jugular veins, and let them bleed to death. So my point is why can’t he be the
original Rudra. Like he said, IPS Anjali was
a new recruit at that time, may be due to the pressure
from a sensitive case— —might have covered it up. No Mr.Gowda, please stop it. She was a new recruit. The way she handled
Rudra’s case, the evidence and documents
she submitted were perfect. So please, she’s a
very special officer, and an asset to the department. Then she could’ve arrested Rudra
and produced him in the court. Why was the encounter done? Narayan Sir! That operation was carried
by a 5 member team. I was a part of it too. Our plan was to nab him alive. From the 148 we interrogated— —three were prime suspects. From that lot is this
Rudra a.k.a Vineeth. This is a 2 acre farm house, Vineeth must be inside the
bungalow in the center. This farm house has
a total of 4 exits. Surround it from all sides. And at any cost, I
want him alive. When we reached
there, he was drunk. He lost control and
started firing blindly. Drop the gun! I said, drop your weapon. Anbuarasan Sir, are you ok? I’m ok, Ma’am. Sir…! -Check if someone else is here
-Are you ok? Sir, be careful. Inside that room we found the
ransom money of 6 crores. Murder weapons and also
we recovered his diary. Dr.Vineeth in the
name of Rudra— —killed his own friends
for the ransom money. And pertaining to that evidence, we produced the 0.32 Webley Scott
revolver as evidence in the court. And that was the end of Rudra. So Anjali, what do you think? Who must be doing it this time? Sir may be not in our country, other countries have many
such cases like this. Jack the Ripper is
a serial killer. There’s a museum
named after him. After him, murders of the
same kind happened— —stating I’m Jack the Ripper many copy cat killers
came up that time. This looks more like it. Copying the murder pattern
in the name of Rudra, Someone alone or with a
team must be doing this. Ma’am but he seems
to be a smart one. Jamming the cameras, making untraceable calls
using technology— —may be he’s a techie. Gowda Sir! If you sit down and
research the internet— —you can do the
same in half an hour. You don’t have to be a techie. Sir! He thinks he’s smart. But he’s not. I’ll get hold of him soon. Bloody ************! don’t you have any
sense, damn it! Just a miss— Hey Arjun what are you doing? Boss sorry. Sorry,
sorry it was a mistake What!? what do you
mean my mistake? What would’ve happened
if it fell on my head? He wish to see what happens— —take this. Throw this right on his head. Hey! Hey, give that to me. Sorry boss. It’s not a joke Put all these bottles inside. -Hey, move out
-Hey! Hey Arjun, heard that
you and Krithi broke up? Is it so? It’s not that machan, you won’t
mind if I ask you something, even I have a….on Krithi… …a crush you can say. Hey, who the hell are you? So was checking, if you don’t mind.
I can give it a try. Digging his own grave! *****, I asked him nicely. Why did he beat me? Hey, you did ask him nicely— —but the thing you
asked was wrong. Ah ok, ok bye.
I’ll call you bye. guys lying on the platform
don’t forget to wake up— Fine, come on let’s leave too. Hey, wait up, let
the driver come. Huh? why do we need a driver? He doesn’t drive
when he’s drunk. -Why is that?
-‘Cause Anjali doesn’t like it. He won’t talk to his sister— —but will listen
to what she says. Let’s leave. I’ll drive. You’re drunk too. He won’t let you drive either. Come on sit down. -Hey…!
-Let the driver come. I wasn’t here for three years— —meanwhile, you’ve fallen
in love and have broke-up. Hey, what exactly happened? She changed everything, Vetri. She turned it upside down. Give me details, what did she change?
and when did she? This— —when this Vodafone switched
to Zoo-Zoo from that Dog. That’s when she changed it. You’ve been cribbing
since morning I found my soul-mate! Soulmate!? Never seen such a hot Doctor. How’s my choice? I’m going to propose to him in
pretense of giving him a brochure. No! Ey! Ey! Not a chance, give me that. I’m going— Ey, It was me who saw him first. Doesn’t matter who saw him first I’m going to be really pissed. Ey! catch hold of her. Ey, the co-ordinator won’t
like it, if you go there. Oh no…why is he looking at us? My stomach is aching. Son! Eh…Son! Hey, this is too much. Hey…it’s a girl! I knew it, when she hugged me. Take your hands off
me, don’t touch Krithi, I’m really pissed
get lost from here. Oh you’re pissed!?
Then so be it— Hey, she is been caught now Hi! I’m Arjun. Why did you come and hug me? Ask her that! Hey, start singing— —you’re singing
the wrong song. Fine, the promotions
are understood. Why do you have to come so far? See I have a problem. Guys with shabby beard
and mustache— —I’m allergic to
them hugging me Just check this out. Hey, what are they doing? How’s it? was I any good? Hey, why did you beat
me in front of them? So you remove your mask— —if you’re a girl,
I’ll leave right away. But if you’re a boy, then it’s
a totally different scene. Oh no! I’m a girl. Anyone can mimic that voice. Oh no! He has longer hair than me. Looks like they’re not
going to let us go. Hey Krithi, let’s leave. Go, go, go, go! Sir, what’s happening? Why are you humming? Checkout who is
their co-coordinator. Ok. Need to find out,
who’s this girl. Ok! That fat Zoo-Zoo
looks really cute. A girl will look at a guy only
if she likes him a lot— —but she have hugged you. It’s confirm— —so did you find her? Hey, what’s this damn it? He asked us to get her here, but is sitting like a
statue in front of her. You brought me here to talk, but you’ve been just looking
at me since we came here. You… …if you stay mum like
this, what does that mean? Ok, it was wrong to have
hugged you that day. Why so? Is it a rule that only
guys can check girls out? If a guy is cute and attractive can’t we girls check him out? Tell me, shouldn’t
we check him out? Can’t shake hands with him? Can’t we hug him? that’s why— It’s just that, in
the moment I was— —whatever! What else do you want to know? His wicket was down long ago. Fine, my name is Krithika Rao. I’m doing my final year
in Visual Communication, modeling is my interest. I’ve been doing TV commercials. I’m decent with studies,
an average student. I like to have a lot
of people around me. I have a lot of
friends, that’s it. I have a lot of
friends, that’s it. If you wish to know more— —you have my number. You can call me anytime. As a friend. actually we can be
very good friends -I love you, Krithika!
-Huh!? And…I think, I’ve
fallen for you. Seriously! He said it, said it.
She’s reacting… I brought you here
to say this— —not to be your friend nor I can sing friendship
anthem along with you. Shall we leave? What!? where are
you guys headed? Is she your girlfriend? -No.
-Then sit down. Single guys don’t seem to
understand the feelings. Krithi, one minute You said, I’m not speaking
up and just looking. I spoke what I really wanted to. Now it’s you, who isn’t talking. Arjun! See, I never expected this. I met you for the
first time today, I got fixated on you
at the first sight. But you’ve seen me twice— —don’t you think
of me like that? Fine, tell me— —with the excuse
I didn’t speak up why did you blurt
everything about you to me? I never asked. If you don’t like me
beyond all this— —you wouldn’t have looked
me up in the Facebook the lame post which I
had put on long back you wouldn’t have liked it. I can figure what
exactly this is— —but if you need
time to realize that I’m ready to give you that time. But I can’t give you space. Here on, I’ll meet you often will speak to you, text you,
and will be always with you. You won’t say no to it,
you know that very well. You can tell me, when
you feel like it. Even you’re cute and attractive I can hug you right!? ♪ Clueless language of yours— ♪—my eyes are
looking for answers. ♪ Undying moments of ours ♪ are like honey
dew from a clock. ♪ why don’t you confess
your love to me ♪ there is no need
for dramatics here. ♪ don’t cut the email
short as a message ♪ confess it right
in front of me. ♪ Just like the
evening Ad-break— ♪ your beautiful face lights up ♪ Rainbow which blooms inside
your colorless heart— ♪ —what’s the
state of its mind? ♪ I’m yours…are you mine? ♪ I’m stuck without a clue. ♪ If you confess
that it’s not— ♪ —I will stop looking
at you with love. ♪ If I pick the
flower of love— ♪ your wait for it
will come to an end. ♪ If the wait comes to an end— ♪ our paths will
start to deviate. ♪ His dreams are part of mine ♪ day and night heart
will long for it. ♪ longing dreams will
reach its destiny. ♪ In my life, it
will become a word ♪ In my life, it
will become a word ♪ Just like the
evening Ad-break— ♪ your beautiful face lights up ♪ Rainbow which blooms inside
your colorless heart— ♪ —what’s the
state of its mind? ♪ I’m yours…are you mine? ♪ I’m stuck without a clue. ♪ If you confess
that it’s not— ♪ —I will stop looking
at you with love. I never expected
aunty to come over. Thanks Ju, best day of my life. Will you say something or
you’re going to remain silent? You’re looking gorgeous! Since I’ve seen you, nothing
else seems to be good. I knew it! I knew that you must have
something up your sleeve. Anyways, your parents
will come today. I was really nervous on
what I will speak to them. Fine, why didn’t they come? What happened Krithi? Ju…I— —I would’ve said this earlier my parents are divorced. They got divorced when I was 6, and
went on being different families. In order to invite them for graduation,
I called, sent messages— —I tried everything. They didn’t even reply. Ju, this is my
family background. Will I be suitable for
you and your family, I’ll be everything to you. If anything happens to you, I’ll
be right there at the brink of it. The question is, If I’m
the right one for you? You just reply to that. Ju these three months— —it was like a dream for me. Your family, friends— —you! I wish to have everything. I would’ve confessed long back
that I liked you very much. But there was this fear— —parents who loved me so
much, just took off one day. when I think, if the
same happens with you… Just ’cause there’s
no one for me— —if you’re planning to just
goof around and break up. Let go off me now, Ju. I can’t go through a break-up. Fine, then. Time is good, shall
I break-up now? Will you be normal without me? I know how much I love you— —and I know I’m
serious about you. When you feel the same— —and when you have
that trust in me. Then you can confess your love. I’ll wait for you. Hey…! The trust is always there. Krithi dear— —everyone is looking at us. Your lecturers are
staring at us. Let them stare. No one can question
me hereafter. Arjun! this is over. Don’t think I’ll come behind
kneeling down apologizing— —I’ll care a damn about it. Please…hello! One at a time Anjali Ma’am, you tell us— —4 years ago did you
shut Rudra’s case legally? Or is it a cover up operation
as mentioned on TV by him? Why did he use your name? Sir, we want Anjali
Ma’am to speak Please wait! Please see… …as per our norms an investigating
officer can’t speak to media. But…but— —Rudra is dead. That’s the truth. Then why is someone taking responsibility
for the killings not done by him? I’m not saying that he
didn’t commit murder. But he’s not the Rudra who was responsible
for the killings 5 years ago. Sir, doesn’t matter if
he’s Rudra or not— —but he has challenged
another kidnap on TV what measures has been taken, will you catch him? The entire city is on alert security has been beefed up. There 105 checkpoints
in the city. All the areas have
Police surveillance. The kidnapping won’t happen today. It is highly impossible. Sir, he’s been replying
promptly to our questions, we could’ve asked him
directly instead. This meeting is over, thank you. Chief secretary has
called me three times— —and media has made this
case a sensational news. We’re running out of time. Sir hand over the case to me,
I’ll get that son of a bitch. No Mr.Gowda, let her do it. Anjali are you sure? That he’s not doing
this for a ransom. No Sir, that’s not his motive. He wants to tease
the department. The first time, he made us bring
the money in CBI vehicle. Today he’s sending group messages
during our official press meet. He’s doing everything to insult
us in front of the media. But Anjali, I’m counting on you. Finish this case sooner, and produce that
Psycho in the court. Sure Sir! Ma’am. Inspector Nageshwar is here. Nageshwar…!? He investigated Vignesh
Hegde kidnapping case. Oh yes, yes….come. Inspector Nageshwar
Crime Branch Ma’am. Please sit down. You’ve analyzed the case with
great detail and in depth. Very good work, very good work. Every case should be handled
the same way Nagesh. aren’t we getting paid for that? Right Ma’am, well
said…well said! Coming to the point. I went through your
investigation report. May be not to your level— —but even I’ve investigated
the case in depth. You’ve mentioned about a
threat received on CD. Why didn’t you attach that CD? Sorry Ma’am I forgot, I’ve
brought it with me now. Hey…! Idiot, give that to me. NO! Nothing much, nothing much! It’s ok, it’s ok! It’s ok…! I need a ransom of 2 crores. No Police, no Media. Ma’am pause it right there. CD got stuck itself. The player must be broken But Madam if you close your eyes— —and listen to that voice It sounds exactly like
actor Amitabh Bachchan. So did you call him
for an inquiry? Ma’am, his earning are
100 crores a year. Why would he do stuff like this? But just like him on
TV and Theater— —there are 32 mimicry artists
who can speak his voice I got them all and investigated. Unfortunately, no
one was guilty. If you see the scarf he’s
wearing, it’s new— —so he must’ve bought
that a week ago. I went though every platform
and shop in the city– —I rounded up all
the scarf retailers and investigated
them thoroughly. Almost there were 132 of them 3rd degree treatment I beat them to pulp. But that was a dead end too. This video has many clues. You were utter foolish
with no relevance— —have picked up innocent
people and tortured them. Who gave you guys the rights
to beat up the public? You can see a small
reflection here— —what’s it? News for the deaf and dumb. It comes on air at 6pm. The time when Vignesh Hegde’s
got kidnapped was 5:15pm. so he sent this video from a place which
is within 40-45 mins from the golf course. So keeping in mind, main
city and the traffic— —he must’ve been within
5-7kms radius from there. And look at this. You can see “C O” and the reflection on the
window has ” I B A” inverted. A big hoarding of
IBACO ice cream. If at all you had some sense, even if your tiny brain
had some knowledge, you could’ve looked for this
hoarding in and around 5-7kms radius and could’ve caught
him the same day. Sorry Ma’am! Now just get out. We’ll ask to trace
out that location, and look for
fingerprints or DNA. Look at that visual. It has plastic covers all over. You won’t find any traces. And you know what? I’m telling this on the
basis how he’s handling us. He’s not a person who will
leave such simple clues. His motive is to transfer
the case to CBI. He’s playing a different game. -Hey!
-Hey no…! Hey babes stop it -Hey, please just go
-I’ll be back. Who’s that!? KA – 02 – G 9341…huh! That’s right, it’s a 5 Series. Ok. Ma’am, this is Minister’s
son Swaroop’s car. Shit! Minister is here. Sir, Swaroop is not inside the car. -What happened?
-Where’s my Son? Sir put it on loud speaker. Minister Sir, your son
is inside the boot. -Boot!
-Yes Ma’am. Ask them not to open it. -Hey stop!
-Why!? Why shouldn’t they open it? There are pictures
on the back seat. Have a look at them. Ah…Swaroop! High ED bomb! customized. With utmost care— just for your son —I made it with so much care. -Bomb Squad!
-On the way Ma’am. Hey…place the barricades. Constables, place the barricades. The bomb is connected to
all the sides of the boot. Even if the car moves a bit— —disturbing the wires 200 meters radius BOOM! Seems like they’re here to die. Who are you? Tell me what do you want? Hello! Hello! Let go off my Son. Hey, who the hell are you? Let my son go. Hello! Hello! I don’t like foreplay I’ll come straight to the point. Heard that you just received a
hot delivery of 1000 crores. I saw 4 of them ranting
about it on TV yesterday. No, it’s all a lie. I’ve filed a character
assassination suit on them. They’re all terrorists. Ooooh! Locking up stating they’re terrorist
if stands up for justice is not fair. Fine, let that go. All I need is just 2 crores. Don’t get baffled with 2 crores. Just ’cause your
Son had a desire, with an Hindi actress— —father and son had a gala time
on a private jet costing 5 crores. If you can spend 5 crores
for your Son’s desire— —it’s just 2 crores for his life. Not a big deal. Fine, when do you want it? Where should I come? No Sir, you don’t come. You’re a Type-2
diabetes patient— —moreover you’ve gone
under a bypass surgery. I want someone who plays better. Anjali!? Let Anjali bring the cash. She’s been waiting to meet me. I’ll meet her face to face— —and get the cash. I’ll get back on where
and when in sometime. Go to Kundan brother’s
house and get 2 crores. Get going. Calm down. Anjali! You shouldn’t take any action. It’s enough if you just make
the drop where he asks to. I want my Son back
safe and sound. Ok Sir. How did media get
a whiff of this? It was him who sent the message. Ok, this is the plan. I’ll get the cash and
come alone in my car. All you 8 go ahead of me
and watch that place. I’m sure he’ll ask to
meet at a crowded place. I want to know who is he? We’re going to meet exactly
in another 20 minutes. How do you feel about it? I’m pretty excited. I’m excited too! Leave! Cubbon Park Metro Station. Keep watching. No matter what happens don’t
act without my orders. -Rachel!?
-Yes Ma’am. Stay Alert! Track that
GPS and follow it. -Keep me updated
-Ok Ma’am. I know you’re
restless to meet me. But what gives you the right
to violate the queue? Get in the queue just
like anyone else. Like that! There was a Tantric
Hyena in the forest you know what’s an Hyena right? Hyena! That— —loves to show the Lion
as a dummy by insulting it. Don’t we look more like
the Lion and the Hyena? Hey, did you hear that?
It beeped. Madam put your bag inside. Stop! Why is it beeping again? Surrender everything Anjali. Oh…weapons! She’s a senior officer,
ask them to let her go. Main gate security, she’s a
Senior Officer, let her go. Sorry Madam. Keep walking. Anjali. Did you get any instructions? Come to the end of
the Platform no.2. Anjali can you hear me? Anjali!? Anjali! Let’s get back to our story. -Anjali can you hear me?
-Usually— -Lion and the Hyena don’t get along.
-Anjali. Do you know why? This Hyena— —always has an eye on
Lion’s prey and pride. —always has an eye on
Lion’s prey and pride. Lion sits back and
meticulously plans targets its prey
and hunts it down. Bringing down all his hard work, that Hyena will conspire something
and take away his prey. Lion always longed for the Hyena
to get tangled and die one day. Like…! 1—2—3 4 5 6 7—and 8! Hyena kept repeating this. The fear and respect
which the Lion had— —in the forest
started to recede. You know what? In that Hyena— —found innate joy. And then came the D-Day. finally met face to face. And that day finally arrived. As the time came closer— —thinking of what
will happen finally the entire forest
was in jitters. Isn’t it interesting? uh!? Now stop! Get inside the train. Where are you? I’m waiting at the
first compartment. Come fast! Faster. Faster! Faster! Get down with the bag. What!? I said get down. Now! -Ma’am
-Madam. -This door, this door…
-Hey! Shit! Shit. So sad! Ma’am, where…? Ma’am! Anjali! Shit! Ready!? Time to meet. What happened? Power is down Ma’am. Will
be back immediately. Power maintenance!? Hello check the location. My God! Hi Anjali. Rudra! Cash!? See you soon. Damn! Rachel! Rachel! Key. don’t waste time,
give me your gun. -You track down the GPS.
-Yes Ma’am. Ask the team to get down
at the next station. Follow him, I want
him at any cost. Yes ma’am! Sir, I made the drop. Did he mention anything else? When will he diffuse the bomb? He didn’t mention anything. My only Son— —he has made him a exhibit of
an game in front of everyone. Can’t you guys do
anything about it? Go straight, go…go. Ah…left—left. Ok stop. Stop! He’s coming this way. He’s within 500
meters of distance. Hold fire. Minister Sir, cash
received with thanks. I’ve diffused the bomb. Anjali, Anjali wait. Hey, don’t play with me. Where’s my son? I’ve given what you
had demanded for. Sorry Sir, I made mistake in
telling which car he’s in. Sorry Sir, I made mistake in
telling which car he’s in. Your Son is inside the
boot of Anjali’s car. Ah…! Swaroop! Look here, my Son Swaroop…! What happened? Is he safe? Hey, if you had demanded for
more, I would’ve given it you. He’s my only Son. What!? Anjali look
what have you done? He was alive, when I put
him inside your car. He was struggling and you
took him around the city. At least be alert the next time. You’re dealing with lives. Sir is the one who is
going through loss now. Apologize to Sir. Sir, this is not my fault. Don’t add this death
to my body count. Sir! He has escaped. I’m speaking to the Home
Minister right away. She shouldn’t be
part any department. This department doesn’t require
a incapable officer like you. -Sir.
-Swaroop! Sir, please Sir. Sir! One minute! Ma’am we have to
cease your car— —give me the keys. Madam one minute— —there has been 3 murders now you’re not saying, is there
no solution to this? for God sake please
give me an answer. Madam, are you going
to answer or not? What’s happening? Arjun! Hey! Arjun. What’s wrong with you? I’ve cleared my exams. You’ve failed in three subjects. One year is totally wasted. Why are you behaving
like a walking dead? This is not right Arjun. You’ve been trying to
call her forever— —if she loves you, she
must’ve spoken to you. At least would’ve
replied to a message. Keep this in mind, she has a clear track going on but you’re here like a mental— Don’t talk unnecessarily. You think I’m blabbering look. Movie with Krithi! Coffee with Krithi! Driving with Krithi! Their
life seems to be fun. But you’ve shut
yourself from everyone, haven’t been attending
your sister’s calls behaving like a lunatic. What’s your problem? I’ve been ranting like
a fool and you…! The Vodafone number you’ve
dialed is busy at the moment. Please call back later. Tell me Arjun where’s Krithi? We’ve come down for
Anusha’s wedding. Where!? Bangalore. When will you guys return? It must at least
take a week, Arjun. Fine, let’s leave. Where to? Bangalore! Hey! I have to go. Just once, one last time. Did she leave, ’cause
she didn’t like me? Or did she leave ’cause
she liked someone else? Will swear my heart out. I’ll break all ties
with her and come back. Please trust me Vinoth. Ok let’s go. I’ll ask Vetri to come. What seems to be the
issue between you guys? Everything was going fine. Who’s that Surya? Where the hell did he come from? He didn’t crop up out of nowhere he was always with her
right from the beginning. Here…this is Surya. Model it seems. Saree is really beautiful. -You too dear.
-Thanks. Uncle! Ya right! everything….! looks beautiful. Thanks bro. [TV AD] Why does a Saree Ad,
requires a wedding chain? That can happen. Bro! How many times do you think
you would’ve got married? Hey, look at him shy away. Surya you must try this. Enough! -Just try once
-Ok fine, give it. Try! Oi…hey…come in. Sit down! Krithi come over
here, come come… What’s up bro, seems
like you’re very busy. Did you eat? Shall we share? Ya, hey Ju come on let’s eat. -I’ll serve you guys.
-Hey! Machan! This Ad of yours, I
watched it yesterday. Damn! I should say this, you
have an amazing figure. Hey Surya stop it. -Hmmm!
-Surya! Hey. Shall I stay outside? Sorry, sorry ok!? Ummm…hey I wanted
to ask one thing Hey Krithi! Hey…Hi! It’s been ages since we met. -Hey!
-Hi. by the way I saw your new Ad— —you and Surya were great -lovely pair!
-Thanks. -lovely pair!
-Thanks. Where’s Surya? Surya….? Off lately you’re
only seen with Surya. Hey…! Is he your…brother!? Oh no…! Ah…one sec. -Hi Ju!
-Where are you? I’m at the shoot. When will you be done? It might go until 2
am in the night. Fine, I’ll come and pick you. No it’s fine, you carry on. I’ll ask Surya to drop me. Surya doesn’t have
to drop you— Ok, ok Ju…I have to go, bye. Hello! Hello! Damn! I’m not such a low life. Why should I go through
someone else’s profile? It’s my girlfriend— —will listen to me. I’m not here to fight. I’ve come to talk
and convince her— —I was pacifying myself. Can’t take this anymore. ****! How can I not get
angry beyond this? -Ju…!
-Hmmm. Surya said bye, but
you didn’t respond. I didn’t. Fine, where are we going? -Ah…Krithi
-Huh!? Are you serious about it? This modeling— —and stuff. Why do you ask? It’s going fine. No…! …not that. you can do something else, something
more interesting and creative. Don’t you feel
awkward about this? Awkward as in? I didn’t mean it in
the wrong way— —why do you have
to struggle so much late night shoots without proper sleep working with strangers and moving around with them. Come to the point. Don’t you trust me? How can I say that
I have doubts? But can say it’s the
fear of her leaving me. It can be possessiveness too. Can also say it’s love. Fine, chuck it! I got something for you. Open it. I was scared that you
might buy this yourself. I wanted to gift you this
with my hard earned money. Is the color fine with you? Huggy!? I don’t require anyone. It’s enough if you’re
just by my side. So he’s your problem. I told you the other day as
well, he’s just a friend. Wait. -Ah…tell me.
-Hello Krithi. Hello! It’s not that I have to say
this for you to understand. I’m very irritated since I
dropped you back there with him. His looks and personality— —you know what’s happening
between us right? I Love You damn it! ♪ Don’t fall in love ‘O’ my
heart, don’t fall in love ♪ then don’t hang yourself
in the name of love. ♪ Don’t fall in love ‘O’ my
heart, don’t fall in love ♪ then don’t hang yourself
in the name of love. ♪ making every stray
as her friend— ♪ she cremated the true love. ♪ Mamey! ♪ making every stray
as her friend— ♪ she cremated the true love. ♪ When it was just us,
the love was divine ♪ just then came a joker in
the guise of her friend. ♪ if I get a hold him,
he will be John Doe. ♪ I’m a very cool person,
don’t turn into a monster. ♪ It’s really hard to get a girl ♪ but one day you’ll get a hot
chick, definitely the day will come. ♪ If you flirt with
someone else’s girl— ♪ then definitely everyone
will flirt with your girl ♪ She never let me,
never let me sleep ♪ she kept flirting throughout the
night and didn’t let me sleep. ♪ She never let me get through,
never let me get through ♪ she never let me get
through the exams. ♪ Don’t fall in love ‘O’ my
heart, don’t fall in love ♪ Don’t fall in love ‘O’ my
heart, don’t fall in love ♪ then don’t hang yourself
in the name of love. ♪ Don’t fall in love ‘O’ my
heart, don’t fall in love ♪ then don’t hang yourself
in the name of love. ♪ Hit it! ♪ drop it! ♪ Hit it ♪ Hit it on the dance floor. ♪ Hit it ♪ drop it. ♪ Hit it on the dance floor. ♪ Love which bloomed
sitting near the sea ♪ has become a prey to
Tinder on internet. ♪ unknown guys these days ♪ have become the
flirtatious friends. ♪ what’s happening,
it’s all an illusion. ♪ anyone and everyone
has been hugging you. ♪ It’s hurting a bit, ♪ my heart is drunk ♪ Oh damn, you’re
great at acting ♪ She never let me,
never let me sleep ♪ she kept flirting throughout the
night and didn’t let me sleep. ♪ She never let me get through,
never let me get through ♪ she never let me get
through the exams. ♪ she never let me get
through the exams. ♪ Hit it! ♪ drop it! Ju! Arjun, I didn’t do
anything wrong. Don’t say a word. It’s irritating to
hear your voice. Surya is my school friend. I was just friends with him. I never expected that
he’ll propose to me. I seriously don’t
understand this logic. You guys will go
around with a guy, will speak to him well. You’ll tease him to the core. But when they come
and propose— —how is it fair to say,
that you didn’t expect it? If you guys continue this,
anyone will think it’s love. And will definitely propose. Arjun, I’m not
responsible for that. I’ve told him clearly
that I love you. He’s fine with it, and
said…let’s be friends. So he said…let’s be friends? Hmmm…ok, ok. So no matter what happens between you
guys, you’ll consider that as friendship. Am I right!? Arjun you’re losing it. You’re degrading me. I’m a cheap guy. If decency is staying silent
looking at everything, then I’m not that decent guy. I’m a cheap guy. I should’ve given a
thought earlier. Just like your mother,
even you can’t stay loyal. Arjun! This is over. I can’t get through a break-up. Also you know that I can’t
be without talking to you. But I’m saying this now— —I don’t want to hate you. These two years— —are the best
memories of my life. That shouldn’t tarnish
’cause of this day. No matter what happens, even if you change your mind I won’t come back to you Arjun. Bye! Krithi! Krithi! Don’t think I’ll come behind
kneeling down apologizing— —I’ll care a damn about it. What’s this? I’ve been looking for
you at the school You’ve started your antics
once seeing your uncle? —what are you doing here? What was so important, that
you didn’t inform at home. Hey, I’m speaking to you. He broke up with Krithika. He’s here to meet her. Won’t he speak for himself? Doesn’t attend my calls. What’s your problem? Keep thinking about the past. Can’t I warn you for drunk and
drive being a CBI officer. Is that a crime? You should’ve stopped
with a warning. Why did you slap me
in front of everyone? I didn’t slap a stranger. I slapped you as a
rightful sister. I’ve seen many death cases
due to drunk and drive. Anjali, the other day it was
an emergency at the Hospital. We were drunk and without a
choice he drove that night. He has never done that
before even once. Ok fine, I’m sorry. You can’t stay without talking to
your friends even for few years. But when you get a
girl married— —you don’t seem
to bother at all. For twenty one years, parents
and siblings are her life. How can she forget
them all together, and stay without
talking to them. I’m really sorry to
have slapped you. Don’t stop talking to me. Come on Shalini. Anjali. What about me? Me…Me…Me…Me…! If you start suspecting
for petty things, no one will seem like a good
person in this world to you. Meet Krithika and
then come home. Bye-Bye! Check! Hey, let’s get ready and
leave for Anusha’s wedding. What about me? Just a minute. -This voice note should reach Anjali.
-I’m watching, Anbuarasu. Anyways you will keep
repeating this telecast. Ok. Tonight the entire
CBI will not sleep. Be ready to run
around without sleep. The time now is 8:10pm. In exactly an hour— —I’ll kidnap my next target. We’ll end our game with this. This audio threat from Rudra— Hello Anbuarasan, we have
only 55 minutes left. Alert all check posts. I’ll be at cyber
cell in 10 mins. Assemble the team. Ma’am what are we going to do? We have 40 mins left from
the time he mentioned. So in sometime, from him to some number— —asking ransom or a threat an untraceable internet
call is about to come. We won’t be able to trace him. But that untraceable call— —and the ones who answer
that call can be traced. If we can crack that sooner at least we can
stop his next move. Just get me that call…please. Anbuarasan, if Police
gets a missing report— —ask them to inform
us immediately. -Ok Ma’am. Ma’am I got a call. What number is it?
and the location? It’s a land-line number
Sir, Frazer Town. Hello can you answer me? you’re on my nerve
man, please…please. Ma’am I got another call. Hello! I too got a call. Ma’am not just three— —from that unknown network, there
213 calls active at the moment. calls are getting
multiplied every second He’s doing automatic
call generation. Play all the calls. -Who’s speaking?
-Hello…who’s this? -Who the hell are you?
-What’s happening? -Say something—
-Hello! -Hello…! Don’t you have the
courtesy to speak? are you jobless? this is crazy say something— —Damn it! Sir! Krithika Rao! Hotelier Gokulnath’s
only daughter. She’s from Chennai, has
come down for a wedding. And this is her photo. He kidnapped her from
Royal Eagle Club. Krithika’s mobile
is switched off. Her father’s Secretary Mr.Sunil
has got the ransom call. The same 2 crores. He has asked him to come to Town
Hall junction 5:30am in the morning. Oh Damn! One team go to that
club immediately. See if you can get
some clue there. Try to track the
location quickly. I’m auto-generating blank
messages to Krithika’s number. The minute phone comes on,
we’ll know her location. Mr.Sunil is on his way here. No, ask him not to come here. Media is all over this place. Even a small news will disrupt
our course of action. Get all the details from
him over the phone. And ask him to follow
our instructions. Let it be very confidential. Hmmm…ok! Hello, hold on, just a minute. Hello! Hello where are you guys? Anjali, we’re here at Royal Eagle
Club ’cause Arjun called so but when we got here the place
is swarmed with Police. Why did he go there? He came here to meet Krithika. Now where’s he? No idea Anjali, we’re
looking for him as well. Vinoth, if he calls please
inform me right away. Definitely I’ll call you Anjali. I’m at Royal Eagle Club— —around 9pm when the
reception was happening it started with flood lights
bursting out one by one the guests who had come left the place in fear also we heard that CBI officials
were here a while ago. When we asked the Club
Manager about this, exactly the same time when
the incident happened— —the CCTV cameras were jammed It is said that this might the
work of Rudra’s next kidnapping. CBI has to reply to this. He’s in the headlines again— —Home Minister has been
calling me profusely. There’s only an hour
left for 5:30am. What’s the plan? What would Anjali
plan this time? What will I do, If I’m
in your situation? Ramesh, Tharun and I— —have met DIG and The Collector and after explaining
them the situation we’ve got this. You would’ve got a
shooting order. What else…!? The genius Anjali have lost to me twice. What else can you do? No other option, we
have to do this. Ask our entire team to be
on surveillance there. I want everyone armed. I’ve asked for Snipers too. Without creating a panic— —after my orders and
if you get a clear shot just take the shot. After an hour— —the so called fucking
son of a bitch Rudra will be no more. So no more…Rudra! Rudra’s Game…! Are you going to kill me Anjali? How can we do this? Morning 5:30am will be crowded. -Let’s leave
-Everyone will be walking. Damn! Excuse me Ma’am, just a minute. Rudra has been live
streaming a video. What!? There, on the main screen Oh my God! Help! Help! HELP…! Ma’am he has sent a audio clip. play it. Sir! Hi Anjali, It’s Rudra. How’s the feeling of being
fooled every time, Anjali? You know what— —this tank will fill
up in next 45 minutes. She’ll drown into it,
suffocate and die. I’m going to pick up the money
in another half an hour. If you don’t bother me— —and let me do my job. I’ll come back, switch off
the motor and save her life. Anjali, you’re planning
to end a life— —but I’m trying
to save one life. Please— —understand Anjali. Anjali, we have to
abort the mission. Just like earlier if we
go trying to nab him— —and if he kills that girl? So, he’ll kidnap— —threaten with a ransom do you want CBI to stand down? If we don’t take
action fearing him few more will crop
up just like him. First let’s secure that girl. Then we’ll get to the encounter. Ok. One team proceed with
the encounter plan. Another team headed by Gowda
Sir will go for the girl. How do we go for the girl? I’ve got a plan. Sir, not in East Bangalore. Then ask them to try
West Bangalore. It’s not East Bangalore, shut
down West Bangalore immediately. Sir, It’s not West
Bangalore either. Start trying North Bangalore. Take positions. -Hold on, one second.
-Where’s this location? Sir, this is Central Bangalore. There are 13 power stations
under Central Bangalore. Rachel, you be right here
and keep updating me. -I’ll get to the location.
-Ok Sir. Hello lock Central Bangalore. Shutdown each sub station
and then switch it on. Ma’am! Zone has been locked. It’s Central Bangalore. But Ma’am, there are a lot
of Hospitals in that area we can’t totally shut them down we have to do it
one by one, Ma’am. Ask the photographers
to be ready. Rachel I’ve reached
the Central Zone. What’s the status. Sir we’ve checked
until 6th Sector nothing so far, we’re
checking the 7th Sector now. Ma’am he received a call. Do you see a Police
Booth out there? keep the suitcase inside it. -Guys.
-Ma’am. -All eyes on Police booth.
-Yes Ma’am. Hold, which location is this? Sir, 9th Sector— —16-17-18th main road Indira Nagar
-main road Indira Nagar. Go…go faster. Keep the 9th Sector power down. Ok, hey…keep this
one shut down. Ma’am someone has opened
the Police booth, do you have a clear view? can you spot his
face on any visual? He’s wearing a black shirt face is not clear,
it’s quite blurry. Sir, have you spotted
the location? Just entering Anjali. Rachel, switch on the power. No hold fire. Just reached the terrace. Sir, tank is filled with blood. -Careful…careful.
-Be careful. Careful! Anjali, I don’t
think she’s alive. What!? She lost a lot of blood,
she’s unconscious. She isn’t breathing at all. now just go ahead and shoot him. Ma’am! Arjun! Arjun! GAME OVER…! Following a series of power-cuts
in various parts of the city, a CBI operation was
carried out last night near the Town Hall junction headed by SP-CBI
Anjali Vikramadityan. Where an anonymous guy
has been shot down. He has been admitted here at the
Govt.Medical College Hospital. Who is in charge of this case? the suspect is yet to
be revealed by the CBI -Doctor!
-Hmmm. Bullets have been removed. There’s nothing to worry. Let him be at the Post-Op
ward for 2 hours— —then he can be shifted
to General Ward. And…this was
inside his pocket. Thank you, Doctor. -Anbuarasan.
-Ma’am! -Check what’s this?
-Ok Ma’am. Come on. Why did Arjun come to pick up
the money with no relevance? What happened last night? Anjali, he had gone to
meet Krithika last night. We have no idea what
happened out there. He mentioned about
getting a drink, and asked me to pick
him up in an hour. Krithika was kidnapped
from that club. Then Arjun must’ve
been with her too. I’m sure both
would’ve seen Rudra. Once Arjun regains
consciousness— —we will get answers
to all the questions. Ma’am! Narayan Sir is on the phone. Hello! Anjali can you please
come to Royal Eagle club? What’s it about? You come here,
will let you know. Take care of him, I’ll be back. Come in Anjali. What’s it Sir? Any leads? Hmmm! I’ve checked all the footage. Your brother was here
for an hour and half. But beyond 9pm, no actions of him
has been captured on the camera. Sir, as it was an
VIP’s wedding— —we gave permission to use our
extended lawn as drinks area. There are no cameras
in that area. It’s a possibility he was there. Security. Tell us where and
when you saw him. Ma’am when the first
light got busted— —I saw him at the
club’s main gate. He seemed really tensed. He seemed really tensed. Rewind to when the first
light got busted. Stop! Play it from here. Play the main gate visual on this
monitor as mentioned by the security. Play the main gate visual on this
monitor as mentioned by the security. Pause. When the first light
got busted— —is when the
security saw Arjun. Ma’am how did the cameras got jammed
when your brother crossed them. Post that wherever
Arjun passed— —cameras were jammed . Fine, what are you getting at? Over here. We recovered Krithika’s body from the
water tank on top of this building. This building was
sealed by Govt. There are no houses
in the surrounding. Neither there are
any eye witnesses. In this room— —there are someone’s
fingerprints and DNA— —forensic reports
have stated it. When we analyzed them— —it matched with Arjun’s
DNA and fingerprints. What nonsense? How’s
that possible? How did they confirm it
was Arjun’s DNA sample? Please come. Do you recognize
whose car is this? Arjun’s wallet inside the car— —hair strands— —fingerprints and DNA
samples taken from them is an exact match with the samples
recovered from that room. No Sir, there’s some
confusion in this. Just a minute, I’m
not finished yet. Open that boot. I’ve verified the numbers
on the currency— Rudra, right from
the beginning— —that is Arjun —took this money as ransom. Not only that, we were always wondering about
the cameras getting jammed This is a UV 30 VHF
CCTV jammer Ma’am. That’s attached to
this car battery If we switch on this jammer— —any camera within 100
meters of its vicinity can be jammed by just
one remote control. And— —this is the remote Anjali. How did this land
in Arjun’s pocket? How did this car get here? I’m convinced, Arjun is Rudra. Sir, if that’s the case, three
kidnappings from before— —you should prove that
Arjun was in Bangalore. I’ve already inquired about it. There isn’t any proof of him being
at Chennai at the same time. Court demands proof. Bills, Credit Card usage, phones
there isn’t any proof to support it. So we got our Rudra. I’ve asked to file
a charge sheet. Once Arjun regains consciousness, we will
arrest him and start the investigation. Excuse me Sir! This is my case. I’ll decide about charge
sheet and other stuff. Hey…hey Arjun. Arjun where are you going? …sit down, sit down! I’ve been sitting all day What’s it? Krithi— Krithika! She’s fine right? They saved her right? How is she now? Hey! We couldn’t see her. Krithika is very much alive. But— But!? Hey, she’s fine don’t
have to worry. nothing’s wrong. But…what happened? I have to see her. I want to see her right away. She’s at New Victorian Hospital. But you can’t meet her now. Why…why!? Please understand the situation. There’s Police outside also there’s heavy
Police protection. Be calm for a while. Why were you there instead of
Rudra to pick up the money? Huh!? What exactly happened there? -I shouldn’t have spoken that way
-Oh…! I know, that it was my mistake. Oh….! Ah…ah…ah! I spoke too much out of rage. Don’t know how I’ll face
and speak to her anymore. Don’t piss me off, damn it. You’ve been ranting this
nonsense repeatedly. Did a mistake for taking your word
and coming down to Bangalore, hold on a second. Sir! Main gate is crowded,
please use Gate 3. Fine, then say what should I do? I don’t care what you do. But if you comeback and
continue to have a long face— —I’ll beat myself up. Hey give me that phone— -Hello!?
-Give me moment, I’ll call you back. Hey, just wait— -Hello, who is this?
-It’s me Hey, Jenny just called she spoke to Kriithika it seems. Asked to meet her at party area. Party Area…. Are you going to say something?
Or shall I leave? You better leave Krithi. I’m not able to say,
what I wanted to. I’m out of words. I wanted to scream
and fight with you, also I came here to say that
I don’t need you anymore. But when I saw you— Do you know what
everyone is saying? That you’re committed
with someone. Have moved on— —you would’ve
believed it right away. You are well aware, that I can’t stay
loyal to one guy. Krithi, I said that in rage I still regret saying that— You’re so close to me but feels like
you’re miles away. It feels really weird. I’m scared. You broke ties for
a petty thing, that’s not a petty thing Arjun. It’s not easy to forget you. The places we visited,
words spoken by you— —the gifts not only that I stayed silent in
order to forget you even that silence
reminds me of you. I’m…I’m sorry Krithi. Don’t! Let’s end this for good. If I continue to speak
a bit longer— —I might change my
mind, hug you and cry. That’s how much I still
love you and miss you. Bye! ♪ Love which listens
to the heart, ♪ can’t obey to anything else. ♪ Love which demands
utmost care, ♪ can’t bear being
questioned its loyalty. ♪ It’s not a smooth ride
when it comes to love ♪ without separation you can’t
gauge the depth of love. If I continue to speak
a bit longer— —I might change my
mind, hug you and cry. ♪ Love is like that Sky, That’s how much I still
love you and miss you. ♪ But tears are like
those rain clouds, ♪ it can’t stay
without a downpour. Jenny where’s Krithi? She saw your message
and left to meet you. To see me…!? So!?…have you guys patched up? Not sure. Fine, then go and get her. Krithi! Krithi! They’re being atrocious. Krithi! Krithi! Krithi! Krithi! Krithi! Hello! Can you please have
a look at the TV? This tank fill up
in next 45 minutes. She’ll drown into it,
suffocate and die. I have to see Krithi. Hey…hey, Arjun. Hey Arjun! Hey…Hey! Arjun who was shot
down near Town Hall— —is a Chennai based
MBBS graduate. We got all the evidence
indicating that he’s Rudra. We’ve seized his car. With the entire Ransom
money and the CCTV jammer. Very soon, we will produce him with
all conclusive evidence to the court. Sir, what’s the
condition of that girl? Did that girl give
any statement? She’s in a very critical stage. She’s not in a state
to give a statement. But that girl’s
dying declaration— —will be a very
crucial evidence. Sir, they’re saying he’s
Anjali’s younger brother. How can trust that it will
be a fair investigation Anjali is under suspension. I’m handling this
case at the moment. -Why did they suspend Anjali?
-Please thank you very much. Hey, that’s him. Come
on run, run, run… Arjun, something is not right. They’re trying to frame you. Ey…he’s right here. Get to the hospital where
Krithika is admitted. I’ll be there soon. Hey, stop right there.
Don’t run. Hey, lock that gate. Last night Rudra a.k.a Arjun
Prabhakar who was arrested, is said to have escaped
from the Police custody. It’s said that he’s been scheming such
murders and kidnapping for very longtime. Anjali what happened to Arjun? They’re saying nonsense
on TV about him. don’t be scared, Mom. You definitely have to do that. -Shalu get inside
-Come dear Hold on, I’ll call you back. -Sir hold on, I’ll call you back
-Ma’am…! disconnect land-line and
internet connection. Nothing should get
out of this room. What happened Anjali? Scared that I might do
something in favour of Arjun, so they’ve kept me on house
arrest by Magistrate’s Order. What nonsense! You wait here, I’ll go
and meet our lawyer. Dad! Nothing should happen to Arjun. There’s a shooting
order in place. We have to first stop that. I’ll see through it. Sir—! —where are you headed? You guys are on house arrest. -Me too!?
-Ya! Is my name in your order? I have every right to
go, where ever I want. Sir is trying to reason here. Ma’am if you give your phone— —it’ll be great. Does your mother
has got a phone? No I believe. Your reports are ready you can collect your reports please consult doctor once
you’ve collected them. Doctor you must be…? did you guys monitor patient
Krithika’s plateau pressure? Did pulmonary medicine mention
any indication of ARDS? How long has been F1 on 2.6? Useless! Call the attender. Please call their attender. He’s asking things which
we’re not aware of. wait let me check Sister who was that? He’s the Cardiologist. please send her to
CCU immediately. Arjun! How come you’re here? I saw the news on TV. What’s happening Arjun? I don’t understand
any of it Jenny. Who’s he? why is he doing this? Why her!? Why did he do this to her? Doctors after going
through all the reports, are stating that Krithika
will survive this. Aren’t her parents here? We’re not able to
reach her father. His secretary is taking
care of everything. You stated that I’m
the only one for you. Even to me, it’s just you. Don’t leave me behind. I can’t be without you,
even for a second. Even if it’s not for her, at least to save you Krithi will comeback to life. She will confirm in her statement
that you’re not Rudra. Hello. -Is Arjun there?
-Yes. -Arjun!
-Huh!? It’s Anjali. Arjun listen to me you shouldn’t be running,
first surrender yourself. First you get out from there Why should I surrender for a
crime which I didn’t commit. Who’s Rudra? Why is he doing this? I don’t understand any of this. I’m in a very sticky
situation too. Nothing will happen to Krithika. Listen to what I’m saying. You shouldn’t be running. She started to cry,
when she met me. She said that can’t forget me. He beat her up to bleed and
had put her in the car. I was destroyed looking at her. Arjun I can understand
what’s going on with you. CBI has a shooting
order issued. Anything can happen to you. I don’t care what happens to me. I don’t mind even If I die. A minute before I die— —he should die. Arjun! Hello! What’s this nonsense damn it? In such a big city, Police
and CBI couldn’t find Rudra— —how do you think,
that we can find him? I can find him. They haven’t seen Rudra. But I’ve seen him. I’ve seen him in
flesh and blood. Did you see his face? Then!? How are you
going to find him? I’ve been thinking about it. That money, jammer— —how did that
land up in my car? Krithika said that she
was going to meet me, why she didn’t pick up my
call when I called her? I don’t understand
what’s happening. Hey hold on a minute. From whose number did
you call me yesterday? I called you from my number. Not the first call, the second
one was not from your number. Hey it was from my—- -Hello who is this?
-It’s me. I thought your phone was dead. hold on for a moment,
I’ll call you back. Jenny where is Krithi? She saw your message
and left to meet you. He was right there. Ask him to go to
Royal Eagle Club. Brother, go to Madivala
Royal Eagle Club. Quick! I shouldn’t have spoken that way I know, that it was my mistake. Sir!…Main gate is
crowded, please use Gate 3. Hey, what are you looking for? Hey! There are no CCTV cameras here. He knew it, and had diverted me
into this direction and followed. If so he would’ve put that Jammer
remote inside your pocket right here. I don’t think so. I was looking for lighter,
before speaking to Krithika. There was nothing
inside my pocket then. that means, he
followed me after. We have to check the
footage of this camera. Hey! Who are you guys? Hey come on this way. where are you guys going, stop. Got it! It’s restoring. Camera….24! Do you remember the time you
and Krithika at this spot? Must be around 8:45-9pm. 8:45 – 9:00 PM Stop! That’s him. That’s definitely him. But his face is
not seen clearly. Forward it a bit. His face is not clear
on any camera. He must’ve been here
quite a few times. He’s well aware of
where the cameras are. Stop. If we get hold of him— —we can find him. Now where do we find him? Hey—hey! Who are you guys? and
what do you want? What are you doing here? Hey, aren’t you Arjun? Who’s that guy? Who’s that guy? What’s it? There are three
ladies in this house you’re coming here often
and harassing them. Don’t you have manners? Three ladies uh? Where!? Oh you then you must be blind. Then go and beg at
traffic signal. What the hell do you want? I want a signature from Ma’am. I don’t know how to sign— —get out from here. Did she consider
herself as Ma’am. Shalu wait. Wait here..Ssssh! -What’s it?
-Have to complete the procedure. -I need your signature.
-Hmmm…I’ll come. Mom, please take care of her. She doesn’t listen. Shalu dear, please wait here. Shalu…Shalu, please listen. Shalu…! At least teach your
kid some manners. She talks exactly like you. I’m the mightiest— —and the only genius. If
you take too much pride. They will make a
fool of yourself. Please keep feeding
her that wisdom. Ma’am I have a doubt. What does CBI officers
think of themselves? Just ’cause I didn’t
handle the case right— —you had slapped me. He was right in front of you— —just like his pet dog you followed his instructions you couldn’t do
anything about it. Just like you, even we— —have the same
1300gms of brain. If at all you had used
at least a bit from it, there’s no reason for the case
to get transferred to CBI. You let the prime suspect go, you went behind small
vendors on the street beggars, how will it
help beating them up? What can I say. When it comes to you, you can only show your prowess
to these helpless people. Ma’am mind your words, I have hands too will raise them on you. I won’t spare ’cause
you’re a women. Heyyy! Come on raise your
hand, come on— -Hold her down.
-Put that down Why don’t you give it a try— —will raise his
hands it seems. Bloody baldy, will
twinge you damn it. Shouldn’t disrespect elders. You shut up. What are you looking at?
What are you looking at? Last warning! If you say something again… Shalu…! Ma’am…! You’ve raised your child
just the way it should be. Sit down Nagesh. I agree It was wrong
to have slapped you. But my anger was right. What’s so joyous
about me losing? It’s not only me— —it’s joy to the entire
Police Department. Regardless of which case it
is, only the Police officer, will get down to it’s core will collect all the evidence inquire all the witnesses finally when he’s about
to crack the case— —he will be accused of
not handling it right inefficient and it
needs a CBI probe. Then the case is transferred
to your department. Then the case is transferred
to your department. Not only you crack the case— —you take the entire credit
and fame pertaining to it. Our hard-work is in there too. Lion sits back and
meticulously plans targets its prey
and hunts it down. Bringing down all his hard work, that Hyena will conspire something
and take away his prey. They change the posting of the
officer who handled the case, is being suspended from duty due to that he faces
a lot of humility. Hyena keeps repeating this. The fear and respect
which the Lion had— —in the forest
started to recede. Including me, many other officers
have been affected by CBI. It’s obvious that we will be angry
when it comes to you people. 5Years ago, who was the first Police officer
to handle Rudra’s case? Martin Sir! Which Martin? Assistant Commissioner
Martin Roy, Ma’am. He was from Bombay
Crime Detection unit, officially 34 encounters there’s no count to unofficial encounters. An officer who was feared by
the underworld of Bombay. There are plenty cases of
Human Rights filed on him. Killing someone is
an addiction to him. If you ask someone about
Dareti area in Mumbai, everyone will be aware of it. In Bangalore, December 2012— he joined as ACP just in 3 months 8 encounters. the rest who were left out no one has an idea
where they went. Even we were scared
to talk to him. He was rewarded the name
“TOP COP” of the state. 5 years ago, he handled
the case of Rudra. As he was not able
to crack the case, they suspended him they transferred
the case to CBI. Moreover you cracked
the case very soon. The media which praised
him all the time, started to speak indifferently. He quit, ’cause
he was suspended. Where’s he now? No idea. When was the last
time you met him? An year and a half back
at his wife’s funeral. He use to roar like a lion it was very sad to
see him like that. After that I tried a lot, but no idea what
happened to him. Hey— —these pictures are very old. Give me your phone. Tell me Vinoth. -This is Arjun speaking
-Tell me. I’ve sent a picture to you— —that’s Rudra. Are you sure? He might come to the Hospital
anytime to kill Krithika. She’s the sole witness
who has seen him. You be next to her. -Ok!?
-Huh! I’ll try to get this
message to Anjali. I’ll try to get this
message to Anjali. Ok, fine. -Tell me Nagesh.
-This is Anjali. Tell me. Immediately, I need all the
information on EX-ACP Martin Roy his official connections and details of his
recent activities. What’s it? A small hunch. Just track him down
fast and let me know. Hey, he’s right here— —I just saw him a while ago. Are you sure about it? I just saw him near
the elevator— —just a minute ago. Hey Vetri— —no matter what happens,
don’t let him near Krithika. How many guards are
posted near Krithika. I think around 2-3
guards are posted. You get here soon. Hey! Hey, stop right there! Ey! So, now you guys
have found my house. It’s ok….! It’s ok! Ok baby, Ok. It’s ok! Hmmm….Martin Sir!? Narayan. I was going to meet you myself. I’m handling that Rudra’s
case at the moment. I need to discuss the
details of that old case. I wasn’t able to reach you. So nice that I met you here. Are you here for check-up? Sir, that recent victim
Krithika is admitted here. Come on, let’s see how’s she
doing and then we’ll leave. Ok! Sure! How long it’s been
since he got in? Where’s he now? You two stay right here. Are there guards downstairs? -Sir!
-Hmmm. -What happened?
-Rudra is right here. He has entered
into the Hospital. Bloody hell, ask them to
beef up the security. Yes Sir! -Mr.Ranjith
-Yes Sir! -you do one thing.
-Sir. Get to the CCTV room of
the Hospital right away. Ok! Check on which floor he is—- Look here you’re doing a
wrong thing, listen to me hey—open the door. Open the door, I say. No! No! Open the door! Stop him. Someone stop him. Shouldn’t let him
harm that girl. Open the door. No…! Fast, fast…open. Sir, he’s going downstairs. Sir, I think he’s
on the 4th floor. Ask to seal all the gates. Sir! He shouldn’t escape
from this Hospital. No one should get in or out
without my permission. Ok Sir! At least post 20 Policemen
as guard over here. -Understood!?
-Sir! Smart! Look if he’s out there search over there…you
go straight. Did you see the guy
in this picture? Why did you do this to Krithika? You’ve been following me
for an year and a half what your problem with me? that
you’ve gone to this extent. Sister is in CBI and the
younger brother is a murderer. Isn’t this great? Sister who’s determined
to kill Rudra— —wonder how much it will
hurt if that is her brother Anjali should get hurt— —Rudra! Who the hell is Rudra? Who the hell is Rudra!? Hey kiddo, be careful. You might slit your wrist. I’m might be a kid but I’ve found
that you’re Rudra. Martin! CBI, Police— —no one could even
remotely come closer to me. But you did it. Tell me— —what else did you
find out about me? I’ve found out a lot. You’re an inefficient Police Officer
who couldn’t crack Rudra’s case. “Inefficient Police Officer” You’re a coward who quit his
job due to humiliation. Just ’cause Anjali cracked the
case which you weren’t able to— —in order to damage her reputation,
you’re pretending to be Rudra you’re a psycho who his
killing in that pretense. Psycho—! Not bad. But are you aware of the fact? Rudra isn’t dead yet. I swear. I had almost cracked the case. I was that close. When you’re all decked up and
made to sit at the altar, and when you’re
about to say “I Do” they spit on your face and get that girl
married to someone else imagine how would it feel? I just felt the same. About your sister’s
entry into the case. That is Hyena’s entry. So what I was not on duty. I decided to crack the
case, before she does. Three murders. One pattern, Same method,
perfectly executed. I went crazy over that case. When I looked closely where I missed
it and what I missed to check out All the evidences pointed
towards their friend created a doubt on Dr.Vineeth. I went looking for
him at his place. Help! Help! It’s a 2 acre farm house. Vineeth must be inside the
bungalow at the center. There are 4 exits
to this farm house. Surround him from all 4 sides. And at any cost, I
want him alive. Drop the gun. I said drop your weapon. Anbuarasan Sir, are you ok? -Ok Ma’am.
-Please take him. Yes Ma’am! Check if someone
else is out here. Be careful. Not just one, two or three— —murdered 4 of them The sensational Serial Killer is your very own sister. Anjali Vikramadithyan IPS. The original Rudra. We’re just dummies. For fame and promotion, gathered evidence
which wasn’t true made everyone believe that
murderer was someone else. Finally she herself
cracked the case, and made everyone a
fool in the process. She must be extremely genius. That genius— —I decided to give her the
same pain and humiliation. All this came to
the knowledge— —of my wife, and she tried stopping me.
So first I killed her. Just like Anjali, I killed 3 people and framed his brother
in the process Imagine how it would be? She will regret thinking
of it all her life. Dude you live or die! Here on you’re Rudra. The thing is, you’re aware
of the entire truth but I regret that I won’t
be able to kill you. But I have other plans for you. -Hello!
-This is Martin speaking. Ah…tell me Sir. Rudra— —I mean Arjun. I caught him. Oh, that’s very good Sir.
Where are you? Just listen to what
I have to say. Don’t get your team. Come alone. Second floor mortuary. I’m coming. Game Over! Sir, Martin Sir. What happened? Where’s he? He’s inside. What are you going to do? The evidence is strong. will arrest and produce him
in front of the court. And then— Do you think Anjali
will let it slide? What else do you
expect me to do? Just like how Anjali
finished Rudra’s case, you finish it in
the same pattern. The evidence is strong— —there’s shooting
order against Rudra. This is a sensational case. Tomorrow the entire media, will be raving about you. Promotion, Fame, and what not. Narayan, how long have you decided
to be Anjali’s assistant? Be careful Sir, there are
broken bottles on the floor. What happened Anjali? Anbuarasan is not
picking up the call. I think something is wrong. I have to go. What happened? Constables get the
maintenance guys. Inform the security. Mom you stay right here. Arjun! I think you’re ready
to shoot me at once. What’s wrong with you? Ma’am. Did anyone come here? No, why do you ask? There’s a small
issue downstairs. Someone has cut down the main cable
of this building’s elevator. By the time I went
to check that out— —I felt that
someone came inside. That’s why inquired. No one came inside. Fine, I’ll wait outside. Arjun you’ve been
hurt really bad. What happened to you? What’s it Anjali? If you had shot me in
front of the Police, you could’ve got another promotion
for putting down Rudra. You missed it the last time. Shoot me now. Shoot me right here. Hey, If I knew it was you,
I wouldn’t have shot. Not Arjun, It’s Rudra— —isn’t it!? You created Rudra— —and he played with that name. In the end you turned
me into Rudra. Why don’t you shoot me Anjali? Shoot me Anjali what is he saying Anjali? Arjun, you’re not
aware of the fact. Do you really think so? Just for the heck of a Posting, a promotion, you did
everything for that. I never thought you will be it, stopping to such low level, without any humanity Arjun don’t speak without
knowing the facts. I’ve heard stories of people doing
a lot to become successful, but now I got a reality check you killed 4 innocent
guys in the process. -Why don’t you do the same to me…
-Who is innocent? Who’s innocent? What do you even know? Say, I killed them— —I agree to it But don’t call them innocent. I’m not like this. You’ve seen me in a
different character also you knew what
Anjali lost in her life. Hey, hey…hey guys. I have an
interview please listen to me. Hey—guys move away. Guys give way, come on give way. Hey put me down guys. Hey, stop it guys. What function is this? why
are there instruments here? Oh is he the groom? Who are you calling a groom? That’s right it’s him,
Mr.Vikramadithyan my brother in law. Good, Good! What’s wrong with you guys? You’ve abducted a Man and
getting him married. I’m jobless, and
not worthy of it. I’ll take care of it. Aren’t you ashamed getting a jobless
guy married to your sister? No worries. Sounds like he is not in
favour of this marriage. Just ’cause the bride
to be is a CBI officer, you can’t force him into this. Sir, you tell me. Are you interested in
this marriage or not? Sir, it’s totally a
different issue. Brother…brother. Sir, Sir…he’ll to try to
convince you, don’t trust him. Sir, it’s matter
of a man’s life. Sir save me, sir I
don’t want this. Sir listen to me, please
save me from them. Sir please save me, please. Sir please save me….Sir! I’ve stopped, take
your hands off. Step aside. What kind of family
are you guys? Hey stop right there,
where are you going? Father, even you’re
supporting this? Isn’t this wrong, Father? I raised you— —life is not just
about earning a lot. Living with the right
woman is called life. You’re being blessed with a better
life than what I had in mind. If I don’t support this,
then who else will? Don’t be annoying Father— —is this why we
waited so long? Oh so I’m annoying now? Hey, I’m going to be the first
witness to your marriage. Didn’t you love her? Just
shut up and stand here. Even Jesus can’t
forgive you on this. God Bless you Father. Vikram! Baby! I’m pretty sure they will
agree to this at my place, I waited ’cause you asked me to. Here, hold this. I can’t anymore, Vkram. Baby—- —I know how hurting it
is to live without no one. You’ve lived a happy life with
parents and your brother. You’ll get married in haste
and then will miss them later You’re right, I’ll miss them— —I would want to meet them I might cry too you should be consoling me romance with me what better job do you
have other than that? What’s this Baby? Ok fine. If my parents never
come to your terms? Will you let go off me? I’ll die! Sorry— —fine, sorry I’m sorry! I’m really sorry. Are you Ok Baby!? ♪ You and I dear, lost
into each other’s eyes ♪ Let’s live our life at
the horizon together. ♪ for this lifetime, it’s
enough if you’re with me. ♪ we can close our eyes
and sleep in peace. ♪ You and I dear, lost
into each other’s eyes ♪ Let’s live our life at
the horizon together. ♪ you’re my path and
the foot to it. ♪ you’re my destiny ‘O’ dear. ♪ you’re my sky and
the earth to it. ♪ you’re my everything ‘O’ dear ♪ you’re my path and
the foot to it. ♪ you’re my destiny ‘O’ dear. ♪ you’re my sky and
the earth to it. ♪ you’re my everything ‘O’ dear He was fine— —but he went silent
after few drinks. What happened? -Nothing, a junior at my college
-Ah…!? I got stuck ragging a
junior at the college, her brother is quite
a well built man— —he got me married to her. What can I do? I’m sad. Oh then it’s not a
matter of love? Ey…! Just look at my wife once Hey! She’s my wife she’s like a sister to you. understood? -Sister is it!?
-Yes. Sister is awesome. Hi baby, how are you? Dance!? and me!? -That’s right come on
-Hey…hey! ♪ you’re my life just
like my mother tongue ♪ I’ll descend into the sand,
if your shadow is lost. ♪ your eyes gleam with love ♪ I found myself in you. ♪ when I return very late— ♪ —will sleep on
your lap like a baby. ♪ You and I dear, lost
into each other’s eyes ♪ Let’s live our life at
the horizon together. ♪ fulfilling your desires— ♪ —I’ll turn into a
fish on hot water. ♪ I’ll borrow your love, ♪ and will bear it myself. ♪ I’m living taking yours and
my destiny to be the same. ♪ I literally die
if you shed a tear ♪ flowers on the roads bends
down to have a look at us ♪ don’t worry about the future,
just live every moment ♪ You and I dear, lost
into each other’s eyes ♪ Let’s live our life at
the horizon together. ♪ you’re my path and
the foot to it. ♪ you’re my destiny ‘O’ dear. ♪ you’re my sky and
the earth to it. ♪ you’re my everything ‘O’ dear ♪ you’re my path and
the foot to it. ♪ you’re my destiny ‘O’ dear. ♪ you’re my sky and
the earth to it. ♪ you’re my everything ‘O’ dear So you’re ready, that’s great. Let’s go. -Let’s go!?
-Ya. Why are you coming? That’s right
brother-in-law invited me. Isn’t this a send off party? If he invites, how
can you just agree? Don’t you have any sense?
Bloody fool. Aren’t you an adult enough? I’m already upset thinking I’m
going to miss my husband. I’m ready— —take this, are you guys ready?
shall we leave? -Shall we leave?
-No, it’s nothing but— He wants to Skype chat
with his girlfriend. So he won’t be coming with us. Shall we leave? -Is it so?
-Ya! Why don’t you ask him yourself? Is it so Arjun? That’s right, my girlfriend
is in Nigeria— —she’ll be on Skype now I thought of
chatting with her— Anjali said she’ll
miss you a lot, she’s pretending to
be cool about it she wants to spend some
alone time with you. She asked me to shut
up and stay at home. Fine, then you shut
up and stay back. -Ok, Ok…!
-Ok, Arjun. -Take care
-Ok— Great husband and
wife, a sweet family -Bye Arjun!
-We’re leaving Let’s leave I thought you’ll go
to Dubai or Qatar— —but you’re headed to USA. Unknown language, you’ll be
twisting it to the core You’ll have fun taking selfies
with hot American chicks. You gonna have fun. Why do you have to work abroad? Why can’t you just
stay beside me? I’ll take very good
care of my sweetheart. Thanks! Is your self-respect
pricking you? There’s no self-respect
when it comes to my love. You’ve been taking care of
me since we started dating. I don’t mind being beside you
and spend the rest of my life— —but won’t I have some wish to
do something for my lovelies. May be for 3 or 4 years— —will make as much as possible Will shower you guys with
what I had wished for, I’ll make lunch for my love— —and change diapers
of my cute little one. I’ll be happy and stay
the same until the end, watching soap opera
everyday with great pride. But to be honest— —I kept expecting the
Visa to get delayed hoping to stay
until the delivery I prayed to every God that I should
get a chance to see you both together But God had different
plans for me the Visa arrived early. So what, you leave— —once our son is born,
I’ll come there with him. Son!? We’ll have a daughter. Strong and bold, just like my dear Anjali. I want to take her
around the world. I want her to live her life. I’ll teach him what’s
good and what’s bad. Hey baby…what happened? Baby what happened? What happened? Here have some water. Drink water. Ok…Ok! Oh no! Just like you wished— —our daughter is finally here. You can teach her yourself. Speak to her. Baby! Baby…! It’s me Dad speaking— How are you? Dear you shouldn’t
be like your Dad You should be brave
like your Mom. Shouldn’t be scared of anything. You should walk
with your chin up. You should always speak
looking into the eyes. Shouldn’t cry, no matter
how tough it gets. I’ve never seen your Mother cry. You should be the same. You should never be upset
’cause Dad isn’t with you. No matter how far I am— I’ll always be thinking of you. Even if I get a short break I’ll come running right away. What’s it Vikram? You’re smothering her and she’s kicking back If the love on me fades
away after she’s born, I’ll kill you. No way the love can fade off, you’re my first love. First you get that
into your head. I want to scream into
every ear in this world, Hey, look here— —there’s no chance in the world
you can get a wife like me. Fine, then give a shout out now but there’s no one to hear it The world has it
ears, you just shout do you think so? Hey…! Give me a kiss first. Oh no! I did warn earlier— —let’s not go on a drive,
we won’t have control. We’re done for life Oh no! That’s it, we’re doomed. If they do a check-up, they’ll
know we all are under drug abuse. Don’t panic. Bloody, how can I not Vikram! We all are going to die
inside the Jail you *******. Vikram…! Hey! Vikram! Vikram—- Please— —please help us. My husband is
bleeding profusely, there’s a Hospital nearby please take us there. Please…! Hey, what’s this? Please! Please help us. Please— —he won’t survive. She has seen us, Hey buddy, we’re going
to be in trouble, Moreover she’s a Govt.
Officer, let’s ******* go. Please…please, don’t No matter what happens, I
won’t create any issue Just take my husband
to the Hospital I beg of you people, please…! We can’t just leave them here. Please…! Please. Hey! Don’t— —please don’t. Sorry! VIKRAM….! VIK…RAM…! Those eyes— —and that split second which
looked at me without batting It said that “Everything
is over, Anjali”. I was lying there
without an answer. Anjali, you’ve been blessed
with a girl child. Sorry Anjali— —excess blood loss we couldn’t save your husband. It was an head injury. Police have checked
all the CCTV cameras, according to them, no vehicle
had passed though at that hour. If we give them any information,
we can find out who it was. Do you remember anything? Car number, who it was or
anything you can remember? Hey Shalu dear, haven’t
you slept yet? I thought you went to sleep. You have to go to school
tomorrow, let’s get to bed. It’s nothing dear. It’s nothing. Huh, shall we go to sleep? Come. All of it— —happened right in front
of that traffic camera, but nothing was
captured by the camera. If there was no car
which passed by do you think the
wind threw us away. I knew the nature of those guys. I also knew people like us,
can’t do anything about it. That doesn’t— —mean we can just sit ducks
without doing anything. I lost my Vikram. Now you decide, I should live just for my daughter I shouldn’t get caught. I created a character
called Rudra, that character just
kills for the money. Don’t— -I didn’t do anything wrong. I was the one driving— —but it was him who
killed your husband. Ma’am I did tell him
to leave from there please let go off me, Ma’am. When two lives are struggling, you left them to die isn’t it wrong? It’s not only here, there are many accidents and
murders happening on daily basis. Just the way how responsible
the murderer and the accused instead of saving those lives they gather around and
gaze at them struggling even they are responsible
for their deaths. Don’t. Help! Is your vision getting blurry? are you feeling dizzy? you can feel your life is slipping
away bit by bit, don’t you? Even he would’ve felt the same. Anjali, I was very close
in killing your brother but I caught hold
of a sniffer dog him and all the information
he sniffed out I’ve kept it all at one place. Anbuarasan!? Ah….! He was feeling cold. Let him be warm. Martin let him go. Anbuarasan! Anbuarasan! Hello! Martin let him go. Anbuarasan! Anbuarasan! Ya Anbuarasan is safe
and sound burning here. So hereafter no matter
how much you try, you can’t harm me Anjali. No more evidences. If I’m done killing Krithika— Martin Sir, please listen to me. I was not responsible for
any of your sufferings. Your anger isn’t rightful In spite of that if you wanted to
avenge, you should’ve come after me you’ve been killing
people with no relevance. Hey…Hey, wait…wait! I very well know, what
you’re going to say next. Please don’t harm Krithika Am I right!? I had great respect on you. This begging— and pleading, please don’t
damage your reputation. Martin, I’m not begging. I’m advising you. I wasn’t aware all this
while, who it was. That was the only issue. But now I know. It’s going to be easy for me. Ahaan! You did mention Game Over— —it isn’t over yet. I’m telling this now— —just one more day and
we’ll finish this game. Oh is it the brother…? Good Luck brother! This evening around 6pm, it is said that entire 8th floor has
been evacuated following a fire My daughter is not safe here— —we have court orders and we’re shifting my daughter
to a different facility for better treatment
and security. But she happens to be
a crucial witness. Where are you planning
to shift her? We’re shifting her to a
high-end medical facility— Ok! the details of time and
place will be confidential. Thank you guys, sorry. Hmmm…keep an eye. Hello, Martin Sir. Did you see the news? What are you going to do? They have court orders. So we’re going to shift her. In a way, her safety is very
important for this case. Krithika is safe only until
she’s at the Hospital if they’re moving her from there Martin will definitely
plan something. No Sir, Rudra can’t do anything. The details of shifting are
kept very confidential. Morning 9:00am with
full security, we’re going to transfer
her to the Airport. Via Elahanka Airport Sub-road. From there on a full
equipped aircraft, we’ll transfer her to London. Good…sounds like a plan. Now matter what he plans— —he should be doing
what we want him to. What’s it Arjun? Please watch the News. This is Rudra speaking, I’m going to kidnap my
next target at 11am. You can’t catch me, neither
you can destroy me. If you can, try stopping me. Good Luck! Hello are you there? Just like that, I
distracted the CBI. I’m right here at the Hospital. In sometime, I’ll take
away Krithika from here. once she regains consciousness
the world will come to know, who Rudra is. You must’ve planned a lot. Until I’m alive, you can’t even come
wee closer to her. Narayan! Narayan, Rudra kidnapped
Krithika from the Hospital. He’s on the Airport road, I’m following that Ambulance. If you come sooner,
we can rescue her. Please track the
network on my phone. Go to the Airport road. Arjun…! Brother Arjun. Where are you? Let’s not play too
much of hide and seek, and if you come out yourself. Without inflicting any pain, I’ll just shoot one
bullet into your head, and I’ll be on my way out. Damn it— —no one from your family
attacks face to face? Fine! First let me kill Krithika— —then will kill Ju. Oh no! Wonder in which
corner he’s hiding. Are you watching? Brother! Can you see me? Ah…! Rudra drop your weapon. I said drop it. Drop it! Narayan. Go and check if
Krithika is fine. Krithika is not inside the
ambulance Mr.Martin Sir. Rudra, I have all
evidences against you. I said drop your weapon. He is under the impression
that the game is over. We should get him inside
this game once again and frame him as Rudra. How? In his style how he speaks, we
have to speak to the media, And we should do that
from his location. This is Rudra speaking, I’m going to kidnap my
next target at 11am. If you can, try stopping me. Good luck! Let’s go! Sir! Check if this matches with the Serial
numbers from the Ransom money. You’re right Sir, it
matches with the currency. Call up the Police stationed
at Anjali’s house. Hey, don’t you have any sense? don’t you understand? Food is what you eat, right? Hey, wait for a moment. Why are you getting tensed? Huh!? -Where’s your mother?
-She’s inside the bathroom Bathroom…!? Oh…you’re here to check? Go on, check come check. Whatever you did here— —how you misbehaved
with the ladies I’ll record everything
and post it on YouTube. If I shoot from here,
your face will be visible What should I say? Yes Sir! I’ve checked Sir. Ma’am is right here. I imported everything
illegally for him, I wasn’t aware of anything As he’s a Police officer, I didn’t think twice
before giving it to him. Sir, one unexpected news, former ACP Martin Roy is Rudra, what!? I’ve got solid
evidence against him. He planned it well and escaped
framing Arjun as Rudra. I’ll arrange for a
warrant right away. Find out where he is and
arrest him immediately. Ok Sir! Call Rachel immediately, -ask him to track his phone
-Yes Sir. -I want his location.
-Yes Sir. Narayan, Rudra kidnapped
Krithika from the Hospital, He’s on the Airport road, Track the network on my phone, I’m coming. I’ll be there right away. Go to the Airport road. GAME…OVER! Good— Good Finish Rudra! If at all you knew why
wore the mask of Rudra, may be, you wouldn’t
have even touched it. Rest in Peace, Martin Sir! Isn’t it true? every good thing which
happens in this world— —bad things too —even behind every syllable there’s love.
-One minute Arjun. How are you Ju? Are you going to stay silent? We’re far apart— —but it feels like
you’re right next to me. Do you feel the same? Will you be good to me, If
I give you another chance? Baby! It’s me Dad speaking— How are you? Dear you shouldn’t
be like your Dad You should be brave
like your Mom. Shouldn’t cry, no matter
how tough it gets. I’ve never seen your Mother cry. You should be just like her. You should never be upset
’cause Dad isn’t with you. No matter how far I am— I’ll always be thinking of you. Even if I get a short break I’ll come running right away.

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