Independence Day Special | Y.M.I. Yeh Mera India (HD) Full Movie | Anupam Kher,Sarika, Rajpal Yadav

Independence Day Special | Y.M.I. Yeh Mera India (HD) Full Movie | Anupam Kher,Sarika, Rajpal Yadav

‘I’ve fallen in love with ‘I Love’.’ “I love you.” ‘My heart says ‘Wow’.’ ‘Pen’, India’s number one
software library.’ ‘Listen, I will tell you
a fantastic story.’ ‘There was a great scientist
in America who never believed in God.’ ‘One day he came to India,
he toured whole India and when he went back to America
he straight away went to a church and started praying to God.’ ‘Everyone was shocked so as to
what must have happened to him and how this atheist started
believing in God.’ ‘The moment he came out
people started asking him, ‘What is the matter,
did God appear before you in India’.’ He said, ‘I saw that
country very closely and I thought this country
is very strange.’ ‘Here there is no one
who doesn’t know any language.’ ‘Here the Hindus hate the Muslims
and vice versa.’ ‘People from high caste
hate people of the low caste.’ ‘People of the city hate people
who come from out of the city.’ ‘The car owners hate
auto rickshaw owners.’ ‘The whole country is full of hatred and then also this country
is progressing.’ ‘This should be because of God
and no one else.’ ‘I am sure that God exists.’ What? Look, we reached.
– Okay. Please stop here… Stop it here. Take this.
– Thank you. Where do you want to go? Hey, I want to go home,
where else? On 14th floor. But Jatin sir is staying there. Yes, I myself am Jatin Ganguli.
Now, open the gate. Sir, he is having Tata Safari
and you have come in an Auto. Today my car got stolen.
Now, you will open the gate or not? Open the gate. You came?
Where were you all the day? Is this the time to come? Mom, I am hungry. Do you think this house as a hotel? Mom, I got stuck in a traffic jam. I got down to see what the
problem is and guess what my car got stolen. What? Your car got stolen?
– Yes. You had bought it four months back. Couldn’t you ring me up and tell? ‘The climate is hot in Chennai.’ My phone was in the car. ‘It is cold in Bhopal.’ Isn’t there any PCO in the city? ‘The climate was rough in Delhi.’ Mom, I don’t have your number. ‘And there are predictions
of a storm in Shimla.’ I had so much work in office and the servant also didn’t turn up. Do you know how many bomb blasts
have occurred in the city? I was so much worried
and you are laughing. What should I do? I cannot take the pressure
of the city so what should I do? My car got stolen and
should I have beaten a beggar? The watchman didn’t allow me
to come in. Should I slap him? If the servant doesn’t turn up should I take my anger on
someone else? What should I do? ‘You are again welcome
to Zee News.’ ‘I am Bhushan. Let’s see
the breaking news.’ ‘A big bomb blast in Hutatma Chowk,
many people feared dead.’ ‘An attempt to kill the Administrator
of Hinduja Hospital Sushma Talreja.
Doubt on the servant.’ ‘Famous TV Creative head Jennifer Ali
was shot by Ashfaq in a five star hotel.’ ‘Jennifer is in coma.’ ‘Famous encounter specialist
Chandrakant Shinde was injured when he was running
behind an underworld gangster.’ ‘He had to undergo
an emergency operation.’ ‘There was a rape attempt
on a Call Center girl in Malad.’ ‘Famous party members
are under scanner.’ ‘Famous builder Arun Talreja
was threatened by underworld.’ ‘Now, the news in detail.’ ‘Same day morning’ ‘7:30 am. CST
Friday 11th July’ Porter! You know that a man is
sitting here daily, even then these people
spit and go. I cannot sleep at night and
have to do business in the day. Sir. Yes, what is it?
Where do you want to go? Will I get a job here? From where have you come? From Motihaari Bihar. There’s no work here.
Go back to your village. The city has been populated
by the people like you. Get going from here. But Banwari used to tell that
no one slept hungry in Mumbai. Yes, Banwari was right. Because you don’t get sleep when you
are hungry. Fool, come on get lost. Idiot. Give alms to the blind man. Give alms to the blind man. Give alms to the blind man. Give alms to the blind man. ‘8:12 am. Pali Hill’ No, I had told you that deal
is not okay for no, no. Okay, there is any
call waiting for me. I will talk now, okay bye. Yes Sunil, she was hot
like a hot plate, you know. I was saying Shaina and Dolly,
the group leader, she had given me the contact, yes. Oh. She was asking for a flat
in Lokhandwala. She was searching for a broker,
I told I will get her one. That’s it. I set her up.
– Oh. I took her for a coffee at the Taj. Then to Ritu Kumar’s boutique..
– Then? I told her I had to choose
a dress for a friend. You choose. You have a nice choice. She was happy to buy a dress. Then? She chose two dresses,
Rs. 18,000 each, man. So expensive?
– What do I do? I told her to pack both. Then sat sticking to me
and then everything happened. Oh. Of course, then what? I winked at Joseph and told him to
get the best wine in the club. Asked him to get best wine
worth Rs. 10,000. We finished a full bottle
at one sitting. I made her tipsy.
– Okay;. Mangnani had left his keys
and then I told myself, ‘Come on Talreja lets go
to the room’. I went inside the room
and had a blast. Tell me what happened next. Then what? She asked me to leave her home
at three in the night. ‘My husband is supposed
to come by a morning flight’. ‘Please drop me’.
– Wonderful. So, I went till Bandra to drop her
in my Mercedes. You’re a stud. Everything is sellable,
only the rates are different. You’re right about it. Yes. What are you doing at Friday night?
– We’ll meet up in the evening. If everything gets set, then I will be
at the Bungalow at Madh. Dad.
– Yes, Tanvi? I will hang up now.
Bye, take care. Dad, I want Rs. 25,000. Why, 25,000? Mom didn’t give you
the pocket money or what? Dad, I want to go
to the disco tonight. Disco at night! I can’t let you go,
it’s too dangerous. Don’t you know what kind
indecent people roam at night? Oh, relax dad,
I am going with my friends. I don’t know any one
of your friends, Tanvi. Dad, what is this? What? You don’t understand me. Tanvi. I really want to go. I really don’t care. What is it, Tanvi?
– Please, Dad. Okay, stop crying. Take this.
Rs. 5000 is okay. But come early at night.
Understand? Go and tell your mom. Go. ‘Go away!
I don’t want to stay with you.’ ‘Go away!’ ‘I don’t want to stay with you.
Go away!’ Sush.
– Yes? Did you see my Rado watch? One minute. You have started watching
serial in the morning. No, I am watching
the one I missed yesterday. I am looking at the repeat telecast. Tanvi, please pick the phone Mom, you answer. I am busy. I can’t even watch TV. Hello, I am Sameer speaking.
– Mr. Sameer, yes. I wanted to talk to Sushma Talreja. One of our patients is there
in her hospital. Babaji. Please hold for a minute. Yes. Tanvi, where are you going?
It is a holiday for college. Mom,
Roshan’s boyfriend has left her. She is very upset and
I am taking her to a disco Did you listen to her language? Left her, ditched her.
Know from where is she learning? From the TV serial. All of them are full of
extra marital affairs. Any soap serial you take
for instance. You should stop all these serials. You’re watching from 15 years.
There are no changes in you? This is not done. What is she wearing? Her dress.
She watches the music videos, in that girls wear skimpy clothes
and roam here and there. Those who act, they are not ashamed and those who make such
video are not ashamed. All these people should be jailed. Then don’t see it.
Why do you watch? Then what should I see?
Watch movies? I watched a movie last night. What was its name, ‘Family man’. But that was released
just last week then how did it come on TV? It was not on the TV. The video parlor man
gives pirated copy. The hero in that
smoked cigarette in style and the children will imitate it. And there is no sense of responsibility
of your society and culture. All the film personalities
should be made to stand in a row and shoot them. That is the only way to end the
corruption and save the country. Shoot it also.
– Whom? Phone. Yes, Mr. Sameer.
– Yes. The bill of your patient is about
one and a half lakh. So, you have to clear
that today at any cost. Cheque will do? If you pay by cheque, then there
is a service tax of 12.5% and if you pay by cash,
then we will adjust the patient in the charity quota,
that’s better. Yes, okay. Okay. Yes and you had talked
with my husband about the flat in Ocean View. Yes. He has called you today in the
evening at five in the office. Okay, I’ll be there.
– Okay. Are you okay, Jennifer? Yes, baby. It is just indigestion. Then take a holiday. I have to go. Oh God, it is not easy to be a
creative head on a TV channel. It’s so demanding. Babe, today you are meeting Talreja, right? Yes, in his office at five. Oh no, today I have a shoot. The TRPs of the serial
has come down so much. I have to go and fix it. Do you know what?
Behl was saying Mr. Talreja is in a financial crunch. So, let’s use that to our advantage. You have to bargain real hard.
We’ll be benefitted. I’ll do whatever happens
good for our profit. I will take out the car.
Come fast. “Everywhere,
every time lots of people.” “Then also man is alone.” Wow! Wonderful! Brother, the call is connected. Pack. Talreja, didn’t you
give the cash for this time? I told you, I don’t have money. Fool, you are the owner of six
call centers and minting money and get girls from there,
don’t I know that. My three projects are
stuck in CRJD. My money is stuck. You’re lying. He is in a scam with
the Government in TDRS and Slum Development scheme. From that time,
you’re minting money. No one gives anything like this,
we’ve to give money from CM to the peons down there
of the municipal party. Are you a big mafia
than the government? Look, if you don’t give
the money tomorrow, I will put iron in your head
and gunpowder in your back. Your wife,
who is running a hospital even she can’t save you. I am not afraid of threats. Do whatever you want to do. Connect a call to Noor.
Wow! Well sung. The license pertains to Bihar. Then Bihar is also in India. Hello! – Shinde,
I am Arun Talreja speaking. Ashfaq called again
and was again threatening. Okay fine, do one thing, keep two phones besides you,
when he calls inform us from the other phone
so that we tap his phone. Okay? Bye. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Till when you will you stay quiet? Till when? When will your blood boil? Our country is being attacked,
our lands are being seized. Why? Only because we are finished. And what is happening with our
wife and children in our country? They are being burnt alive! What happened after the report
of Sri Krishna commission? Has anyone being punished? No one was punished,
everyone is roaming free. Till when should we sit quiet? We have to take revenge
of this crime. Hail!
– Allah O Akbar. Hail.
– Allah O Akbar. Read this book nicely and act on it. Hail.
– Allah O Akbar. Father, your phone. Yes, Noor. You know Arun Ganja.
Yes, Talreja builder. He is acting smart. Five of the builders have
refused to give money this month. We have to kill him
to set an example for them. Collect the weapons from Ansari. Whom will you take along? I will take Raja. Who? Raja, the communist? Yes, that’s right.
He did a neat job last time. Okay, take him with you, but keep an eye on him. Because these educated unemployed
youths are very dangerous. Okay, Boss. The meaning of ‘Jihad’ means, fight for your religion. Ma’am, give me alms.
God will bless you. Raja, you were supposed to return
on the 20th from Delhi? I did not go to Delhi
for the interview. Do you know there were so many
applications for 10 vacancies? 3 lakh applicants. Just for a clerk’s post,
there were 5000 double graduates, 12 doctorate applicants. It’s all destiny
you can’t beat it. Farmers are committing
suicides every day and our political jingle is
‘India Shining’. Scoundrels! It’s all destiny… Where were you for two days
if you did not go to Delhi? I went to Pune.
I met brother-in-law. Really? You visited him in jail? Yes. How is your brother-in-law? Fine. He was remembering you and was asking when he would
be bailed out? He’ll have to stay in jail till
he is destined to come out. Why do you always
talk about destiny? There’s nothing like destiny.
It’s all our deeds right or wrong. Until the poor blame it on destiny,
nothing will happen. They cry. Nonsense. Tell me one thing, look at me. Your brother-in-law was
an ordinary honest clerk, still he’s rotting in the jail
and the real culprits are roaming scot free. Why? You are well educated,
but instead of being a professor you are working for
an underworld don? We had a big farm with 50 people
working for us and today I work
in people’s houses. Why, Raja? Why? If this is not the destiny,
then what is it? Read what Marx has written about the economic imbalance
in a capitalist country you will get all your answers. I don’t know what Marx has written, but do you know how much
I earn as a maid? No, right? I get Rs. 450/- per month. That is the blatant truth. Crying is futile.
Take the bull by its horns. The power flows out of
the barrel of the gun. I have heard this many times. Just tell me what else
did Ramesh say? Nothing besides talking about bail. I have already saved Rs. 20,000/-
including this golden chain. Next month I’ll save Rs. 5000 and bail him out. Here, this is for you. No. I’m observing fast today. Today, I can’t even have water. I am doing this for Ramesh. I have prayed to
‘Shani’ (God of Wrath) also. Mark my words, God will change
my destiny for the better. I will go now.
I am getting late for work. Sushma ma’am will shout at me
if I reach late. Mr. Noor, tell me. Raja, Ashfaq had called,
you have to kill someone today. I am leaving from Mumbra now. Meet me at Santacruz station
in an hour or so. We will go to Goilbar Slum
to pick up the weapons. Okay. ‘Ram Kutir’- Mr Shripad Joshi
(Opposition Leader) ‘We are proud to be Hindus’. This should be slogan
of this country whose 80% of the population is Hindu. But nowadays if you say
‘I am a Hindu’ then you are called a racist. Why? I think that every religion
is incomplete and has its pros and cons in it. But with changing times
people should also bring changes in their religion
for the betterment of society. We threw out the obsolete
traditional practices like sati and human sacrifices. But Muslim are very, very rigid
and don’t want to change at all. Because of their rigidity
in accepting the modern thinking Muslims have remained the
most backward class of the nation. And on this basis they are
asking for reservation. What nonsense is this? Mr. Udit, what say?
– You’re absolutely right. There should be something
to give them reservation. – Hello. Hello? Is that Mr. Nachiket Joshi? Yes? Sir, I am calling from
Radha Krishna Bank. Our bank is having a new scheme
for people between 19-26. If you take our free
lifetime credit card we will allot you a girlfriend free. I see. On every 100 reward points,
you will get one kiss free. On 200 reward points, 3 kisses free. And on 400 reward points,
8 kisses free. And on thousand reward points?
Nothing besides kisses? After that you’ll get a tight slap
from your fiancée. Where are you? You took so long. I am at the call centre. Even today? Anyway,
many happy returns of the day. Thank you. ‘There should be something
for reservation.’ ‘There are so many
rich Muslims also.’ Why they should get the
benefits of the backward class? That won’t be fair. There is a strategy for
reservation in our country. Dad’s press conference is on
I’ll see you for lunch. Where? In the same restaurant
where I first said ‘I love you.’ I love you too. Chadda, I have come to call center
to freshen up my mood. No, in the afternoon… Okay, I got to go. Bye. There’s no point in meeting.
Confirm the deal. Then we’ll negotiate.
I will call you. Okay, bye. Good morning.
– Good morning, sir. Good morning. Dolly, come to
my room when you are free. Sure. Hey! Hey stop! Hey! Hey stop! Hey stop! Stop! Hey! Hey stop! Stop there! Oh, sir! Where are you going? Station. Station? In such a hurry? Yeah, someone is waiting. Waiting? So, you want to
leave behind things? What? Show him. Show it to him.
What is it? This is not mine. You are sweating. Are you fine?
– Yes, I am fine. Are you fine?
– Someone is waiting for me. Get some water for him. I don’t want to drink water.
Why don’t you understand? I’m saying it for your own good.
– You don’t understand. Let me go. Strange. Mr. Noor Ahmed, take out the card. Sir, get your shoe polished. Sir, please. Get your shoe polished. You wait here. Sir, get your shoe polished. We are medical representatives and
want to meet Dr. Ansari. – Come in. Check it. I bought Poison for you. Wow! You know sir, this is very costly. Do you know Julia Roberts
also uses this? Thank you very much, sir.
– Dolly, only thank you? You are not taking care
of me nowadays. Since how many days you haven’t
introduced me to any of your friends. Makhnani’s bungalow. No party.
Dolly, what’s happening to you? Come on, do something. Sir, it’s Asha’s birthday today. Which one is Asha? Sir, Asha, the fair complexion girl. Oh! That beauty? Dolly, make the plans for tonight. I’ll pay for the party. Okay? A special gift for her and you. Thank you so much. But you know, sir, she is an
introvert and won’t open up. Every girl opens up. I’ll tell you, how to open her up. Order a big cake from Taj and sandwiches from
Oberoi. They are very tasty. Tell the watchman to get Ritu
Kumar’s outfit packet lying in my car. Done? Done, sir. Sir, you are so amazing. I know that, Dolly. Long live Maruti Kamble! Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Excuse me,
what’s going on there? A backward student has immolated himself
over the reservation issue. Now, the Backward caste
and Muslim minority front have blocked the road in protest. What do I tell you?
They’ve created a traffic jam. Let me go.
– We’re in a hurry. He had to immolate himself
today itself of all the days? Don’t be rude, Baby. Babe, let’s get real. Your country is being run by only 2
agencies, CBI and the Court. Most of the time the court
is held on the road by the people. This country is definitely changing
you must have patience. Long live Maruti Kamble! Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Yes, I know, I am a judge.
So what? Should I stand on the road and scream my guts out
that I’m a judge? Let me go ahead. If I was valued so much, people wouldn’t be holding
their own courts on the streets. Yes doctor, I’m trying. I’ll try to reach the hospital
as soon as possible. Yes. Keep it ready. Sir, there’s a traffic jam
from past half an hour. I don’t know when the traffic
will get cleared. Sir, give me.
– Move aside. Sir, give me.
– Move aside. Talreja always leaves
office at 6:30 p.m. We’ll pull the trigger
before he sits in his car. First we need to arrange for a car. A car? Oh! It’s right here.
It’s been parked for us. What are you doing?
– Nothing, sir. You trying to steal a car.
– No, sir. It opened.
Please come, sir. Take this. Bye.
– Sir. You’re stealing such big car.
Give me something. Sir, please give me something. Take this. What is this, sir? This is called laptop. Say it. Lap… top.
– Laptop. Hurry up, it’s not our car. Mr. Noor, our guru said,
no one should posses’ one thing. Someone’s car is ours,
our laptop is now his. Long live backward caste
and Muslim unity! Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! What the hell is going on? Do you know how much of
an inconvenience you are causing to people? Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! One moment. – Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Please, listen to me. My daughter is about to
deliver a baby and it is going to be a caesarian. Her husband
is out of the country. I have to sign an indemnity
bond before the operation and I’m carrying with me medicines. If I don’t reach the hospital
on time… One moment.
It must be the doctor’s call. Long live Maruti Kamble! Long live Maruti Kamble!
– Hello? I am trying my level best, doctor. Doctor, I’m trying my level best.
I’m in a major traffic jam. – Sir, can I suggest you one thing?
– I don’t want any suggestions. Please, please.
I’m just trying to help. If you want you can take my car. What? My car is right over there. The road is little bumpy,
but you can take the car out. There is a lane
on the left hand side. It is a one way street,
but go down it anyway. And if I get caught? Just give the cop Rs. 50 or Rs. 100. Do you want to reach
the hospital or not? What about my car? I’ll get it in the evening.
What’s your mobile number? Thank you very much. There is the lane. Please come. Thank you very much. Everything will be fine. Don’t worry. And take care.
– Thank you. Long live Maruti Kamble! Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Look at this nonsense! I tell you, in this world
there is only one country where the government
pays for breaking the law. And that too in millions. What nonsense? Of course, darling. I mean, come on. If you build an illegal hut
on someone else’s land, steal water and electricity
and live without paying taxes, you should go to jail,
shouldn’t you? But, our government gives him a
readymade 225 sq. ft. flat and over and above that,
organizes its monthly taxes as well. Then he sells it and goes somewhere else and gets
ready to build another illegal hut. Tell me where our taxes go? To pay for this
criminal activity, doesn’t it? Let’s shoot down
the descendants of Manu! Trust me Sameer,
this country is going to dogs. In this country you’re not
going to get anywhere. Why are you wasting your time here? For years, I’ve been telling you to
get a good job in the US or UK and settle down there. I’m telling you, life is going to be
so much better there. Babes, I’ve been telling you from years
that I feel very comfortable in India. Whenever I think of leaving India,
Babaji comes in my dreams. Too much of pressure on me. You know what? I hate to say this,
but I hate India. I love India because it is
the world’s most secular country. Listen, where is my car? Two guys stole your car
by breaking the window. What? Sure? Two people… Oh no! ‘Stop traffic’ Sir, give me something. Move aside. ‘Stop traffic, stop work, stop the
demolitions, Narmada dam’. ‘Stop police’. ‘Stop racism’. ‘Stop progress’. ‘Stop mafia’. ‘Stop the Biharis’.
– Stop the rail’. ‘Stop smoking’. ‘Stop Rakhi Sawant’. ‘Stop Coca Cola’. ‘Stop remix’.
– Stop Valentine Day’. Just stop! Stop! Stop! ’12:00 pm, Mahim’ No, I can’t vote for Indian guys. Dealing with them
is to lose your sleep. Look at Mangesh. That day everything was decided and he was ready to work
for 20% commission, but when he got the contract
it mentioned 25%. Now, if this is the state
of affairs to start with what commitment
will there be later? I just don’t understand. I will not work
with these guys. It’s impossible. It’s just crazy. I can’t. One more..
No, I… Rs. 40,000? What the hell ‘let it be’?
First, let the police come. Why did you run into him? He rammed into me.
– He broke the signal, but you were also
talking on the mobile. So, you broke the law first. You did the crime. So, you must first pay him
the damages. Yes, you have to pay for the damages.
– Yes, pay him the money. You have to pay for the damages.
– Sir, what’s going on here? What? You also want to be
the judge now? It’s not the question whether
I am a judge or not. It’s a question of emergency. My daughter is in the hospital..
– Cut the crap. It is always somebody’s daughter
or brother in the hospital. Every Indian wants to go first. Do you feel shy to stand in queue? What? – Someone misses their train, sometimes somebody
has an upset stomach. Shut up! Let the police come. Till then I am not moving my car
from here. That’s it! Why are you laughing?
– Not me. Look… Don’t answer it. His car was stolen in a
terrible crowded place. It will take him at least an hour
to reach the police station. Hello? Good morning, sir.
Is that Mr. Jatin Ganguly? Yes, this is Jatin speaking. I’m calling from the HMFC Bank. Our bank has selected you
for a credit card. Really? Is my credit so good that you’re
giving me a credit card? Do you pay income tax? No, I don’t pay but collect tax
on other’s income. Sir, you won’t earn
any credits for you. What will my credit limit depend on? Okay, I’ll start wearing a suit then how much credit will I get? Sir, can I get a job? Yes. See, I have about 7 to 8 credit cards
so I don’t need one. I have a friend.
Can you give him a credit card? What’s your name? Bhola Paswan. Yes.. Mr. Bill Paswan. Bill Paswan? He is an N.R.M. Not N.R.I. He is an N.R.M. Yes. I’ll check.
– Yeah. Credit? He supplies milk to half of Mumbai. Okay, how much?
Rs. 50,000? One moment. I can’t provide you food, clothing,
and shelter in Mumbai, but I can give you a credit card
and mobile. Stop! Stop. Which place vehicle is this?
– Bihar. Stop the music. Go. His house has been raided thrice
in an year. You have to give him
credit card with a limit of 1.5 lakh. Is that enough? Yes, 1.5 lakh. His address? One moment.
What happened? Police is checking the cars.
We have to go by the other way. You call me after some time. It’s not possible to move
the car out. What do we do with this box? Bhola, come here! You want a job?
– Yes, sir. There is food for an ill child in
this box. He’s admitted in the hospital. We can’t reach there
because of the traffic. His father will meet you there.
His name is Ram Ratan. Okay? He is wearing a red vest,
yellow shirt and green pant, okay? Wait for him and give this only
to him. I’ll come and pay you. – Okay. Go.
– Okay, sir. Sir, can I pass through? Did you ask permission for coming? Then why are you asking
permission for going? Go. I have this box of food. Then why are you eating my brain?
Go. Go from here. Stop the car. Okay. Check the car. Sir, that man did not turn up. And he’ll never turn up.
No one wears such colored clothes. Hello? Sir, I’m calling from HMFC bank.
I spoke to you some time back. Right, you want Bill Paswan’s
address. 15, Tulsipipe road. Not bungalow no. 15. It’s the number of the lamp post
under which he lives. Here, talk to her.
Say, ‘Hello, I want work’. Yes, I want work. Give me a job.
– What? I ate food was when I boarded
the train yesterday. 24 hours have passed since then.
I haven’t eaten anything. Do you want food? No, I don’t want food.
I want work. Give me some work. Sir, as of now, Bihar call centers
have not yet opened in Mumbai. When they open, you can apply there.
Thank you. Good day. Hello, hello. Where did they go? ‘We haven’t seen people like you.
How do you bear grief no one knows.’ ‘All have seen combination
of all religion here.’ ‘No one saw the pain of my heart.’ Excuse me, what do you want? Constable, are robberies on
the increase in the city? Where is everybody? The entire force has gone to control
the agitation at M.G. Road. What is your problem? My car has been stolen.
I want to file a complaint. Got the information of stolen vehicle?
Blue Tata Safari No. 1939. Blue Safari?
It just passed by. Couldn’t you inform me earlier?
Which place are you from? Wai.
– To hell with you. You are telling me so late. Idiot. Asha. It’s Asha’s birthday. “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday to you.” Wow!
– Happy Birthday to you. I’m sorry, I can’t take this.
– You must. You must, my dear. I insist.
– It’s so costly. Wow. Give this to me and why don’t you
give the first piece to sir? Come on, go ahead. Wow! Oh, my God. How dare you! You bloody dog! Shabbir, get me my
Louise Philip jacket. What happened? What happened? What happened, Asha? I quit my job today. Why? Talreja,
the proprietor of Call Center tried to molest me. Tell me what did he do? Tell me. I’ll bash him up. What’s the point in bashing him up? Will that change the way
every man looks at me? You have no idea Nachiket, how much mental trauma
I have suffered as a child. Do you know, you are the first
and the last man in whose looks, words, and touch I have found love? Nachiket, I am tired. I am tired of living alone
in this city. When will you marry me? Tell me, Nachiket,
when will you marry me? Asha, I can’t promise you anything
without asking my dad. Why not? Right or wrong, one has to
take decisions in life. See, I have made a decision today. I will not take rubbish from anyone, including you. Do you understand that? You will have to give me
the answer today. Otherwise, don’t even try
to meet me from tomorrow. I am done with you.
Do you understand that? Very well. I’ll let you know by evening. ‘I thought you’d understand
the story of my tears.’ ‘Where there’s a flood
and where is the fire.’ Have you finished, Sharda?
– Almost done. Finish it soon. Look over there.
You always miss out the corners. Okay. Where’s the bottle of perfume? Where are you going, Sharda? Ma’am, I am done
with my work. Can I leave? Yes, go. Get me a glass of water
before you leave. Get me plain water, not cold. ‘I don’t find a shore
of my silent destination.’ ‘You’ve placed many hurdles
in my journey.’ Sharda, hurry up. I am coming, ma’am. Why is it taking so long? Come at 7:00 p.m.,
not later than that. Okay? Okay. I’ll go and keep this. Hey, stop! Ma’am, riots have broken out
in the lane ahead. All the shops are closing down. Don’t show off your gold ornaments.
Somebody may snatch it. Okay. Give it. Give the earrings too.
– Yes. Be careful. Here, take this.
– Be careful. Hurry up. Oh, God. No! What happened? What happened?
Get some water for her. Have some water. No, I’m fasting today. Have you lost anything? Nothing. It’s just my bad luck. Okay, let’s leave. ‘Every hope fades by night.’ ‘I don’t know when
You wrote my destiny.’ No, don’t put such allegations
on me! Who is this man from your town? How are you related to him? Mom, I swear by God. He’s like my brother. But he’s not your brother. Since the time your husband
has gone to Dubai, suddenly all your so called
brothers have started visiting you. Can you explain why? Vimla, don’t provoke me. Cut! What’s going on? Why isn’t her head covered? How can an Indian woman
not have her head covered? Ma’am, what’s wrong with this? We have done survey in Hoshiyarpur.
What about our T.R.P.s? Go ahead and retake all these shots. We have already shot 10 scenes. I don’t care. Cover her head and reshoot
everything at your cost. You get it? Blood bull shit. Come on, cover your head.
Let’s shoot. No, that’s fine. Yes? Ma’am, can I get some work? What can you do? I push handcarts. Mr. Behl, weren’t you
looking for a driver? Yes, ma’am.
– Why don’t you hire him? Can you drive a Mercedes?
– What? Of course, he can push it
like a handcart. Good joke, ma’am. This city is full of uneducated,
unemployed people. Close the gate! ‘If someone’s heart breaks,
the eyes shed tears for a while.’ ‘This world is of flowers,
which are pierced by thorns.’ ‘We meet well with
an enemy too in our town, to see your city it pains.’ The way a human takes new clothes
and donates the old ones, in the same way a soul leaves
his old body takes a new body. Excuse me, sir.
Mrs. Talreja wants to see you. I have given the cheque.
– Please come in. Have a seat. As administrator of this hospital,
can I suggest something? Yes, sure. Why don’t you take Babaji home? He can’t get better than this. So, why keep him here
and waste your money? I owe it to him. Maybe, but you don’t owe it
to our staff. Whatever fruits you get,
my staff eats most of them. I deliberately get more so that
they take better care of Babaji. That means you are encouraging
my staff to steal. Tomorrow they will start
stealing from other patients also. In that case, I would advise you
to raise their salaries. Then they will not
have to be dishonest. Mr. Sameer, now you are telling me
how I should run my hospital. Anyway, you don’t know how lethargic
these lower class people are. And because of their feelings
hospitals reputation gets tarnished. Ms. Sushma, it’s very strange that you buy pirated movies, you indulge in illegal cash
transaction to evade tax, and for all the ills in society, you hold everyone else
responsible except yourself. If your children misbehave,
TV serials are responsible. If your children form bad habits,
film makers are responsible. And if your hospital’s reputation
get tarnished, then the lower staff is responsible. You are the only infallible one! Remember one thing, children first learn to imitate
their parents and then others. That fool messed up the plan otherwise the whole city have been
burning with riots by now. Abbas had called me
from party office. Police has set up check points
in important part of the city. They have the information
that some terrorist are in the city. Okay, the heat will go down
in a couple of days. Don’t talk rubbish, they will intensify
the checking from tomorrow. This job should be done
today itself by any means. Today, Wasvani is addressing
a public meeting. And Joshi is also going to
attend that meeting. If you pull off this blast today, I don’t know in which hell
Joshi and Wasvani would go. But I’m sure of your seat
in the heaven. My seat in heaven or your seat
in the parliament is sure. I’ll do the preparation for the blast. This blast has to be so big that
it should rock the entire Nation. Do you fly birds? Look, control your expenses
or I’ll hit you and break your hand. Yes. I don’t want you to greet me.
Hang the phone! Don’t irritate me.
Hang up the phone. Have you seen a
Tata safari parked here? No. MH04 1939.
Do you know who drove it? I don’t know,
I just came from home. What is your name? Ram Prasad Yadav. Have you come from Bihar?
– Yah. You people couldn’t find any other
corner of this country to go? Where will we go then? Let us live here, what bothers you? Yes, it’s totally our fault. All the politicians have messed
up Bihar, that’s our fault. All the engineers and doctors
have fled to Bihar with the fear of
kidnapping and extortion. That is our fault. And more so our government
maintained law-and-order and encouraged development. That also is our fault. Look, we are also
citizens of this country. We can go and live in any
part of the country we like. No one can do anything to us. We know our fundamental rights.
– Yes. Being a citizen of this country you should know your
responsibilities as well. That you should not vote
for criminals and corrupts. You should not encroach
upon other people’s land. And after eating betel leaf,
you should not spit on the road. There is a Rs. 500 fine. How dare you teach me the law? Come on, clean that up! Tell me something, which case
is going on for so many years? My wife Manju suffered heart attack
nine years ago. We took her to Dr. Mandade’s clinic. He checked her and left. After two hours,
Manju’s condition deteriorated. I called for the doctor. She told me that the doctor
was on his way. I waited and waited,
but the doctor didn’t turn up. Manju passed away. Next day, I slapped a case of
medical negligence on the doctor. You did right. After Manju passed away,
I settled in the USA. Look, it’s been 9 years
since the case began. 5 judges have been changed so far. And for the case, I have to come
to India at least 15 times. The judgment is expected today. My lawyer is saying that
the doctor can get 3 years of jail. Very good. Anyway, I don’t think I will
ever come to India after this. Hurry up and come in.
Our case is next. Let’s go. Oh no. Who is he? He is the new judge, Mr. Kaul. He has read all the material and
will be delivering the judgment. Oh no. 1998 case no. 594 Complainant Mr. Amarjit Singh Gill. Yes sir, he is present here, sir.
Come on, hurry up. Accused Dr. Mandade. The court has gone through
the testimonies evidences and the statements
of the witnesses. And has arrived
at the conclusion that Dr. Mandade is guilty of negligence and cause of
Mrs. Manju Amarjit Singh’s death. The defense council has failed
to satisfy this court that Dr. Mandade was really stuck in the traffic jam. So, this court finds him guilty
and sentences him to 3 years of jail. Yes! The judgment is differed
for 15 days for accuse to appeal in the higher court. Mr. Mandade, I am sorry. No sir, I am thankful to
you for the lesson. Duty should be kept
above everything even above our
personal differences. Thank you. I think that the justice is done
to you, Mr. Amarjeet Singh. Even today it is proved that
if the responsible person does not reach a patient
in time, the patient can die. You mean your daughter… No, no my daughter is all right. But I lost my grandchild. It was a baby girl.
– Oh my God, I hope… There is no hope, Mr. Singh. Her husband is planning to
file for a divorce. And this child was her
only hope to bring him back. I am so sorry.
– Are you really sorry and wish… Yes, of course. If there’s anything
I can do, please tell me. Not as a judge,
but as a father I request you to withdraw your complaint
against Dr. Mandade. But why? Mr. Singh, it is very important
that Dr. Mandade doesn’t lose his faith in humanity. Good luck. I know you wish to marry
that lower caste girl, but I can’t tolerate the front
page headlines that will follow. ‘Joshi marries Ambedkar’. But why, dad? In the press conference you… Because all my senior party
members are upper castes. So, what do you expect
from me, dad? I want you to be my political
successor after me. But you know, I want to be a pilot. I am not interested in politics. But why? Because I cannot lie. Are you taunting me? Me? I have brought my political
career this far with great difficulty. I was just a teacher in a small town. To reach up to here
what hardships I have gone through, only I know. Today my name is recommended for the
party Presidentship. And if you marry Asha now, my entire political career
will be ruined. Dad, but Asha is not at all
ready to wait and I… If you elope with her and
get married, then remember, I’ll announce publically that
I disown you. So, what do I do dump Asha? Of course not. Buy some more time from her. Personally, I am not
against the marriage. Sir, the car has arrived. Okay. That girl Asha is pressuring
Nachiket to marry her. Keep an eye on Nachiket.
See that he doesn’t do anything that will ruin all our plans. You’re the only one
I trust in this matter. Sir, you don’t take any tension.
Leave it to me. Spacious sea view, this is the best. You won’t regret it. Congratulations. I am giving you a good deal,
because I like you. You are a nice man. Thank you, how do we
proceed with the payments? Give me 10% advance today
and the rest within 3 months. Okay, I will issue a cheque. You prepare the arrangement letter.
– Right. We’ll make the agreement later. You give me your card
and I’ll prepare the letter. My card.
– Thank you. Sameer Ali? I’ll just be back. You please
wait in my office, I’ll be back. Take this.
– Mr. Sameer, I am really sorry. The flat which you wanted,
is gone. But…
– My partner just said that this morning he has
closed the deal on this flat. But you had said there were
4 unsold flats in the building, you can give me any one of those. No! All four are sold out.
I’m really sorry. No, that’s all right. Why wouldn’t you sell one
to me if it was available? Why would you deny?
– Yes, of course. Sir, tea, coffee, anything? No thanks,
it is time for my prayers. If you don’t mind,
Sushma told me that you recite the Hindu scriptures
to your father in the hospital. But you are… Oh, so that’s why you
thought I was Hindu. No, he is not my father,
he is a teacher from my village. I was very good at my studies, that’s why after my parents’ death,
he bore all the expenses and sent me to college in city. And then to Mumbai
for higher studies. He didn’t care if I was a Muslim. He used to recite Hindu
scriptures to me as well as send me
to the Mosque for prayers. He taught me, ‘No religious teachings are bad only some people
interpretation of it is bad’. Thank you. ’04:22 pm. Masjid Bunder’ I’ll offer prayers and will be back.
– Yes. I’ll park in the lane.
– Yes. Hello. Sir, this is Altaf Chowgule speaking. Who Altaf?
– From Bombay Furniture. Oh yes, tell me. Noor Khan is here.
– Noor Khan? The one who was involved
in the Zaveri Bazaar shootout? Tell me. What is it?
– Near the mosque. Is he alone? ‘No, there is one more guy
along with him.’ ‘How is he to look?
– He has come here in a safari.’ Oh no, I was going to
Siddhi Vinayak now. All right. I’m coming.
– Yes, okay. Yeah, baby.
– Babe, did you crack the deal? No, I don’t think they
want Muslims in the building. They don’t want Muslims in this. Not in that. They don’t want
Muslims in the building. And still you want to stay
in this country! Babes, it is time for my prayers,
I will talk to you later. Okay? Bye. Please come in, sir. Give me a packet of Gold flake. Aren’t you Raja? Raja Shetty?
– Yes. We had met in Student’s
Revolutionary Movement conference in 1990. Chandiya Shinde! Come on in.
It’s my friend’s showroom. I’ll take the change later. Have a seat.
This is my friend’s shop. Altaf, get two cups of tea. So, are you still a part of
Revolutionary Movement? No man, life got all messed up. Why? What happened? I got a call from home
on the last day of conference that my father had suffered
a heart attack. So, I rushed back. When I reached there.
He was already dead. My father was in the police force. So, I was offered a job
in your Police force. I was fighting against the system and before I could realize,
I became a part of the system itself. Where are you staying now? That is also an another issue.
– What is it? We had a property
in Naigaon village Shinde Vadi. My father had kept a
poor Bihari as its care taker. He even built a hut
for him to live. I was out for 2 years
on my Police training. When I came back
I was shocked to find Bihari and his relatives had
encroached upon our entire land. Encroachment!
– But you are a cop? But his relatives are politicians. So, where are you staying now? On rent
in one of the Bihari’s building. Life is all messed up. Forget it. Anyways, you tell me
what are you doing nowadays? When I had come for that conference I had an appointment letter for
the post of junior lecturer in a college. Is it?
– Yes. But we had all those
revolutionary ideas. At the conference,
I befriended a group from Andhra. It was affiliated to Naxalite
(Radical Marxists) Movement. I joined them there and
there are and left with them. 2 to 3 yrs we worked for
the poor and oppressed farmers. Worked real hard. Then, I was arrested in a Bomb Blast case and was sent to jail for 2 years. And when I came back,
everything was in shambles. All my Revolutionary friends had sold themselves to politicians
and become their goons. Now it’s been almost year and
a half since I’m in Mumbai. Damn… What we had set out to achieve
and where we have reached. We had vowed to change the world, but the world changed us instead. Hey! What happened? Nothing, my friend. Just got nostalgic. Yes, friend. Today, I just feel like starting it
all over again. Yes. Have tea.
Altaf, where is he? Sir, he’s gone
towards Hutatma Chowk. He’s fooling me. Yes, brother. Congrats on completion
of 500 episodes. We will come in the evening. How can we miss your functions? Oh sorry. Do you know because of
people like you we have to hang our heads in shame? We also feel ashamed
of Muslims like you who lick Hindu’s feet. Doesn’t your blood every
boil against these Hindus? No. Your blood boils with
hatred because you only remember
the atrocities of Hindus. And I only remember
kindness of Hindus. That’s why my blood
doesn’t boil against Hindus. Where did he go? Nab them.
– Run! Look there! He escaped. Find him. Come on.
– Hey, where is he? “You are angry
and I am pacifying you.” Boss. Your turn.
– One moment. Get me another bag of OP Builder. I didn’t get that. Why didn’t you get it?
– You didn’t tell me. What didn’t I tell you?
Did I tell you not to bring it? Boss, you should’ve told me..
– Are you out of your mind? Boss, last night that bag.. What stories are you cooking up?
– Boss, you were drunk last night. Boss. You play. You continue to sing. “You are angry
and I am pacifying you.” Pednekar, I think Jatin Ganguly’s
mobile was left in the car. Call him,
maybe the thief will answer it. Sir, he’s disconnecting the call. Wasvani, go ahead!
– We are with you! Long live Wasvani!
– Long live! Wasvani, go ahead!
– We are with you! Wasvani, go ahead!
– We are with you! Wasvani, go ahead!
– We are with you! Long live Wasvani!
– Long live! Long live Wasvani!
– Long live! Brothers, we need this right,
that right, I am asking you…
– Listen, where is Gore? He’s with Nachiket. Okay.
– I asked a few question to people. He’s Talreja. Recognize him. Mr. Noor, I was thinking
communism is such a thing, which can be used to mend any filthy mistake
of a human being. Even a murder. After meeting you, I felt
even religion is the same. Isn’t it? You’re murdering Talreja thinking you’re doing a good deed.
One non-believer will decrease. I am thinking,
a capitalist will decrease. Our country will take another step
towards communalism. Interesting, isn’t it? What say? That’s the reason I bring you along. If you die, a Hindu will decrease. Mr. Noor, if you die,
a Muslim won’t decrease for me. A friend will die. Come forward. Youth of our country, get educated. Not just injustice
or corrupt politicians, uproot the corrupt system. Mom… Mom… What happened?
Did your mother get lost? Yes. Take this chocolate. What is your name? Sana Fathima.
– You’re not finding your mother? Sit here. Your mother is lost. You sit here, don’t go anywhere. I will find your mother, okay? You eat the chocolate. Don’t go anywhere. With corruption. Mom! My child. What is your name?
– My name is Mukesh Modi. I study in the second grade
in Rayan International school. Bye. Brother! Brother! Brother! Brother! Today’s day is bad. Bad Friday. I lost a deal. Sir, there’s good news for you. I’m meeting another girl. Really? That’s good. I’m meeting her at 7:30 in Malad. I will get her to Madh Island. Dolly, you’re a darling. Keep me happy. I’ll take good care of you. Okay? Thank you so much, sir.
You’re such a darling. This country belongs to them who are the citizen of this country
and they have to get their rights. Let me make this clear to you that… I won’t be back. If Sushma madam calls, tell her that
I’m at Oberoi with NRI party. It’s a very important meeting. Okay? I don’t want to be disturbed.
– Okay. I will call her.
– Yes, sir. Okay, good evening. They create commotion in our country. Such people should be… Mr. Noor, our target is out. Such people should be
shot publically. Talreja is here. Come on. Noor! Noor! Noor! Noor! Noor! Noor, come on. Noor! They talk about their rights. Noor! ‘When the shore was near,
spirit drowned the boat of life.’ Pick it up! What happened to me? I… Hey, pick it up. Pick it up. Move! Hey! Take me to the hospital. Take me to the hospital. Hey, where did he go? It’s hurting. Come on. ‘J. J. Hospital’ Nurse, we’ll operate on him. Mr. Shinde, don’t worry.
You reached here on time. He’s calling you. Yes? What is your name? Bhola Paswan from Bihar. Whether Bihar or Andhra,
you’re an Indian, right? Right? Did you eat anything since morning? Take this. Greetings, ma’am. Sharda! Yes, ma’am.
– What are you doing? I had brought clothes. I had given him 12 clothes,
he brought back only 11. Hello, Mrs. Patel?
– ‘Yes, speaking.’ I am Mrs. Talreja speaking.
– ‘Yes, tell me.’ Sharda works in your
house too, right? ‘Yes.’ I wanted to talk something about her.
– ‘Did anything happen?’ No, when I returned home, she and the washer man was here. You know, I mean,
seeing their face, I could know… ‘Let it be. It’s their personal matter.
What can we do?’ I don’t know about your house, but, Mrs. Patel, such things are
not allowed in my house. ‘I never felt anything like that.
The washer man is a good guy.’ Hello security?
– ‘Yes, ma’am.’ What are you doing there? ‘Oh God, what was I thinking?’ Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am! Ma’am! ‘Hello, Talreja builders?’ Sushma. Ma’am, sir has gone to Oberoi
for a meeting with a NRI party. It’s a very serious business meeting. He asked me not to disturb him. ‘He will call you when the meeting
gets over. Thank you, ma’am.’ ‘Please record your message
after beep.’ Ma’am, nothing will happen to you.
I am with you. Ma’am, what happened to you? Dolly, where are you, my dear? Sir, we’re entering the bungalow. “Keep the palanquin ready.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” “Feeling hot, hot, hot.” Good evening, sir. Dolly.
– How was your day? Oh, as usual, you’re excited. Sir, a girl named Meena is here. She works in a BPO.
There’s another girl with her. Sir, she’s 18 years old.
– Good. I think she’s sweet 16.
– So young? Dolly…
– I think she’s rich too. Okay.
– I think she’s a drug addict. Okay.
– She’s a drug addict. Her name is Tanvi. Her name is Tanvi. She’s asking for Rs. 25,000. Sir, you say, everyone gets sold, but the price is different, right? Shall I call her inside? Go out for a minute. I will call you. Come on. What happened?
– I’ll call you later. I’ll call you later. ‘Her name is Tanvi.
She’s asking for Rs. 25,000.’ ‘Dad, I need Rs. 25,000.’ ‘I have to go to disco tonight.’ ‘I really want to go.’ ‘I really want to go.’ ‘Sir, you say, everyone gets sold,
but the price is different, right?’ When I used to drink,
she made me quit it by swearing on her.
– Wonderful. I sat with friends, they made me
drink by swearing on them. Wow! Well said! The bottle that you’ve hidden
it in the shroud and drink it in the grave.
– Stop this, Nachiket! Do you think getting drunk
will solve your problems? Hira! Yes.
– Get me soda. Okay. You must know where to stop, Nachiket.
– Even you have to understand. Dad is going through
a political crisis. If he asks us to wait for some time,
then we should wait. What about the crisis
that I’m going through? I can’t defy my father. Nachiket, you must take
charge of your life. Otherwise you are turning
into a spineless parasite. Enough! What did you say? A spineless parasite! First I’ll kill you and
then I’ll kill myself. Have you gone mad? Yes, I have gone mad. This is what you
and my father wanted. No! Somebody help me! I am a spineless parasite. I can’t take control of my own life. But I can end my life. No! Stop it. Nachiket. Stop it. Who I taught as a cuckoo,
turned out to be a crow. I thought he was a friend,
but he turned out to be my foe. I used to drink missing her,
but she started drinking herself. Wow!
– The girl is running away! Nachiket is lying unconscious
on the terrace. Wonderful, wow!
– Shut up! You go and see the girl
may have done something. Rest of you come with me. Come on. ‘Religion is not bad,
but humans are.’ ‘You say everything is sold,
but the price for each is different.’ ‘Why?
– You are great.’ ‘I feel she is sweet sixteen.
Tanvi is her name.’ ‘Shall I call her inside?’ ‘How dare you! You bloody dog.’ ‘You are so so amazing.’ ‘Should make them stand
in a queue and shoot them.’ ‘That’s the only way to end
the corruption and save the country.’ ‘Religion is not bad,
but humans are. – You’re a stud.’ ‘You say everything is sold.’ ‘Tanvi is her name.’ ‘Should make them stand
in a queue and shoot them.’ ‘That’s the only way to end
the corruption and save the country.’ ‘How dare you?
You bloody dog!’ ‘You say…
– You’re a stud.’ ‘Should make them stand
in a queue and shoot them.’ ‘Tanvi is her name.
– That is the only way to end the corruption and save
the country.’ Hello? Tanvi? Tanvi?
– Dad, mom has met with an accident. The maid Sharda had called me.
Please come quickly. I am here.
– Okay. She is very serious.
– I am coming. Okay? Search her.
– She may be somewhere around. Today, I’ll teach her such a lesson, that she won’t be able to show her face
to Nachiket for the rest of her life. Boss there she is.
– Catch her. Help me! Please help me, sir. Please help me. You? No. Hey, stop. Leave her alone!
What is going on? You don’t touch me. Go away!
– Tanvi! You don’t touch me. Go away!
– Tanvi. Tanvi, listen to me.
– Don’t you dare touch me! Go away! Go! Don’t touch me.
– Tanvi! Go away! Go!
– You! I will kill you! Thrash him! Hit him!
– Beat him! Go from here. Take her. Come on, take her. Leave me! Take her! Leave me. Run! Idiots. I am here. Tanvi. Tanvi, are you okay? Don’t worry. Okay. ‘What hopes I had on her
and what has happened?’ ‘Where was I supposed to go?
From where did I find a way?’ ‘The God I was thinking of,
he was neither a stone or a glass.’ ‘I used to take it as a stone,
he is my God.’ It’s okay. Calm down.
Calm down, Tanvi. Calm down. Yes, I’m staying in this hotel. I’m catching morning flight tomorrow. That’s why I asked you to come over so we can have dinner
together and… Here’s my application to
withdraw the case against you. Please submit it to the court. Please!
Doctor, we all make mistakes. Just like I did it today. The judge told me the story about how you helped him
in the traffic jam. And he said ‘As a judge, I can’t give
benefit of doubt to Dr. Mandade, but at least you can give him
the benefit of goodness’. Congratulations on
completion of 500 episodes. Thank you.
– You’ve done a great job, Mr. Behl. Certain people call our
serials regressive and cheap, but the fact is that we have shown
the reality of an Indian household, that’s why our TRPs are so high. We understand the pulse
of the audience. Don’t you think so? Yes, serials are the opium
of the masses. I am going to get myself a drink.
Can I get you something? Yes, can I have a glass of wine? Of course. “My eyes met yours.” “My eyes met yours.” “My eyes met yours.” “My eyes met yours.” Show. But first put the money. Ashfaq, no credits here please. “Your eyes has cast magic on me.” Yes.
– ‘Bomb blast rocked Hutatma Chowk.’ ‘Noor Khan was killed in it,
but Talreja survived.’ “You’ve stolen my heart.” Two glasses of wine. ‘There was a major bomb blast
at Hutatma Chowk.’ ‘There is a possibility
of few deaths and many people being injured.’ ‘The bomb was planted
in a Teddy Bear.’ ‘Zee news correspondent
Mr. Tiwari who was covering Mr. Wasvani’s meeting
marked a suspicious person carrying a Teddy Bear
and videographed him.’ ‘You are watching that
exclusive footage.’ ‘Mr. Tiwari showed this footage
to the police immediately after the blast which confirmed the identity of the culprit.’ ‘The police acted upon it
immediately and prime suspect Jalil was
arrested from CST station in Khushinagar Express
bound for Gorakhpur.’ ‘His name is Jalil and he was
carrying Jehadi literature.’ For God’s sake why are all
the terrorists Muslims? Yes, you are absolutely right. Look there. ‘Police commissioner praised
the team of Zee news saying just because of the
alertness of the team of Zee news, immediately
after the blast.’ Hi.
– Hi. I think your information
is incorrect. The people who massacred
6 million Jews during the Second World War,
were not Muslims. Pol Pot who was responsible for 2 million deaths
in Combodia was not a Muslim. Khalistani terrorists
who terrorized Punjab for 15 years were also not Muslims. Even the radical Marxists
who have killed 100s of policemen and villagers in and
around Andhra Pradesh for last 20 years are also not Muslims. And the members of LTTE who
assassinated our Prime Minister were also not Muslims. All terrorists are not Muslims. Sorry. Mr. Behl, our TRP is falling.
You have to do something about it. This is Soni.
She is a very talented actress. She must be given a chance,
you know. Behl sir, you have to see… Excuse me! Aunty, where is the bar? You idiot! Do I look like a
bar tending aunty to you? Why are you abusing? You drunk pig!
Just get out of my face, Okay! Idiot! Strange woman! Call her aunty
and she starts abusing, call her honey and
she starts abusing. So, what should I call you?
Wife? You bastard! Get out! Get the hell out of here! Get the hell out of here! Why you? Why? Why you? Why you? Why you? Why you? Why you? ‘The one who has given girth
to human of this era, He is my God,
is not acceptable to me.’ What is going on here?
It’s taking long. What is going on? I can’t understand
what are they doing inside? They have closed the gate
from a long time. Look, if Wasvani is
made president over me, I’ll quit the party. Because in spite of my seniority, you are purposely sidelining
and humiliating me. I have already spoken
to senior leaders and I can join the party
any time from now. You talk to your high
command now otherwise the press is waiting
outside for the ‘Breaking news’. But that is a secular party. How will it justify your stand
on reservations and minorities? I want to give you all
some good news. My son is in love with
a lower caste girl and wants to marry her. Well, how will this breaking news
look on the front page? ‘Joshi weds Ambedkar’. You are waiting here for the
‘Breaking News, aren’t you? Then come, I will give you
some sensational news. Come. What is all this nonsense?
Nachiket, get out! I am not going
to take any more nonsense from anyone. Not even from you, Dad. You wanted to use me like
a pawn in your political chess. All of you, listen to me carefully, from now on I disown you
as my father. I relinquish my rights
over your property your house. I don’t even want your name. But please don’t ruin this country
with your dirty politics. Make this ‘Breaking news’. Sir, why are you quiet?
You have to answer us. I am standing outside
Hotel Crown International where they are taking
Jennifer Ali’s body. The news is that Jennifer Ali
is a very famous… Someone has shot at her. There’s chaos all around. Mr. Pradhan,
patient is bleeding profusely. Keep the operation theater ready. Inform Dr. Shobha. Call the anesthetist to the hospital
immediately. It’s an emergency. Don’t create a traffic jam. Sir, please move your car ahead. Thank you. I, Maulik Shah, reporting from
Hotel Crown International where the creative head
of the leading Channel was shot. ‘She is fatally wounded and
is being taken to the hospital.’ ‘There are very less chances
of her survival.’ ‘There is chaos all over the place.’ ‘You can see people behind me
running helter-skelter in panic.’ ‘What can I tell you?
You can see behind me.’ ‘Don’t know whether
she will live or die.’ Jennifer, don’t lose hope. Come back, my child.
Don’t lose hope. Come back, my child. Come back. Asha? Asha listen to me, let me explain.
– Go away! Leave me alone. I hate you. Please Asha, listen to me. I hate you. Go away. Get out of my life. Listen to me. I am sorry. I love you. Sameer, can I tell you a secret? You promise you won’t laugh because I may sound more spiritual, but, last night as I was
lying unconscious, all I could hear was our Babaji
calling out from nowhere, ‘Don’t lose hope.
Come back’. That ethereal voice gave me
the strength to fight back. Otherwise me and our child
would have been… If you wish,
we can settle in America. No! No! I feel that there are more
people in India who love me, than in the US. We’ll stay here with Babaji. I am sorry, Sameer. I am really sorry. I am really sorry. ‘Senior leader Mr. Joshi’s son
Nachiket rebels.’ ‘Walks out on his father and
the party in presence of the press’. Nachiket. Nachiket. Nisha. I am sorry. I’m so happy you are okay. Sharda, this is for you. Take it, Sharda. No, sir. I’m not trying to compensate
for my daughter’s life. It’s just a token of appreciation. Take it, Sharda. This is for you.
I brought it for you. ‘Mark my word,
from tomorrow God will change my destiny
for the better.’ Rest! Attention! March. Left. Left. Left right left.
Move forward. Left. Left. Left right left. Aftab! Aftab, leave it. It is fake.
I will give you a real gun. Really? When? When you grow up and become
a military officer. Why? For this. Always hold it aloft. Okay? Run!

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