Inside World’s 5 Fastest & Most EXPENSIVE Private Jets

Inside World’s 5 Fastest & Most EXPENSIVE Private Jets

(upbeat music) – I’m in the biggest Middle
Eastern business aviation show. Now there’s so many, so many, top-of-the-line, brand-new
business jets behind me. I’m gonna take you for a tour so that you can see which planes you like and which plane you might want to buy. So guys I’m inside a G500, this is the latest Gulfstream aeroplane. It’s very comfortable, it’s got this mint cabin, and Gulfstream’s trademark to me, is the huge round window here, the oval-shaped round window. And it’s just huge, and one window of this, is equivalent to five or
six tiny little windows. Man, this is class, this is like a song, like Gulfstream G5. One of the most technologically
advanced cockpits in the world right now is the G500 Gulfstream. Hi captain Brian. So tell me what is so
advanced in the G500? – Well there’s three main technologies that we put into this flightdeck. The active side stick controllers. Touchscreen controllers. – [Sam] Touchscreen controller. – And then the DC and the
data concentration network, which is the way that we pass
information in this aeroplane. – [Sam] Oh yeah, so when I move my one around, your one is moving around as well. – Now there is no
mechanical connection there, that’s all electronics. So when you move yours, go ahead and move it, and I push on you, you
can feel me fighting you. – [Sam] Yeah, I feel
how you’re moving on it, I can feel it, yeah. – Now there’s no mechanical connection, that’s all electronics
that make that happen, and it’s a feedback mechanism
that happens with the pilot. So in other words, if
you’re flying the aeroplane, I can feel that you’re
flying the aeroplane. If the aeroplane is slowing down on trim and the nose gets heavy, the aeroplane will provide you feedback, so the stick goes forward, and you actually feel the
airplane’s nose getting heavy. This is on the G500 and the G600, the G-7 family is the only aeroplane, the only business aeroplane in the world that has this technology. – [Sam] Wow. – Three different types of touchscreen technologies
in the flightdeck, there’s the touchscreen controllers, there’s the standbys, and then there’s the overheads, all of them work on resistive technology that allows us to be very, very precise, and get feedback to the
pilot about what you touched. And in turbulence, because you can touch and grab
onto the touchscreen here, you can very accurately be able to manoeuvre your thumb around, even in a turbulent
situation in the aeroplane. – Everything in this cockpit looks like it’s touchscreen enabled, and turbulence resistant
on the touchscreen. This is amazing. – And not only that, but the touchscreens, because we put this technology in, we’ve reduced the number
of mechanical switches by 70% in the aeroplane. – Exactly, it’s so clean
the design of this cockpit. Brian, tell me how high the ceiling cruising on the G500 is? – The initial cruising altitude is 41,000, flight level 410, but max, the cruising
altitude is flight level 513. – Oh, we can go up to 51,000 feet. – 51,000 feet. – And what is the speed of the cruising? – The long-range cruise is .85, but we normally cruise at .90. – Oh my god, this is fast, .90. – 9/10 of the speed of sound. – 9/10 the speed of sound. – When we go places we like
to go places fast and high. (upbeat music) – Guys welcome on board
a Gulfstream G650ER, this is their flagship aircraft. Coming aboard, the first thing you see is a galley, you see a nice microwave
oven, everything is nice. Here, this is the first zone. This is all a bit different, these are all electrically operated chairs, you can recline, and you can come up. Everything is electrically operated. In the second zone we have a nice sofa here, and a nice TV to look at, again it has this trademark, see how big this Gulfstream window is. Okay, coming on to the third cabin here, this is a really close, intimate cabin, you have a nice dining lounge here, you can sit, dine and speak with your buddy – beautiful. And that’s not it, there’s more to come. Here, there’s another little,
very quiet confined area, there’s another lounging area. And you can also sit here and read a book, and look out the beautiful window while flying at 50,000 feet, so life is very different
on a private jet. (upbeat music) This aeroplane is the best, longest range Gulfstream
on offer at the moment, I was told it just broke a record, when it flew from New York to Dubai in just 11 hours two minutes, cruising at Mach .90. Guys do you like the Gulfstream? Behind me is the ACJ
Airbus conference jet, the A319, so let’s go check it out. – Please come with me as we take a trip into another world. So welcome to the widest and tallest cabin in
the business jet world. My name is David Velupillai, and I’m marketing director
for Airbus Corporate Jets. And what you’re seeing here
is a better way to fly. I had the chance to
fly with a billionaire, his family and his friends, we were about 15 people, and his comment to me was, during and after the flight, it’s a very different way to fly. Because in a traditional business jet, you tend to take your
seat and you stay in it, because it’s awkward to move around. But in an aircraft like
an Airbus corporate jet, you can get up, you can go and talk to a group of people there, you can come back and
talk to someone else here, it’s the difference between flying and living in an aircraft. – I am so impressed, you know, the ceiling is so tall. I feel like a flying palace here, you’re so right David. – So this is the middle of the aircraft, and as you can see it’s
set out for dining, we can actually extend the
table all the way across. – We can have, converted, we have two dining tables, four people on this side, so we can have eight
people dining together. – Exactly. – Look at this model here (mumbles). – What we’re doing with the NEO, stands for New Engine Option. Thank you. We’re putting larger
engines on the aircraft, and larger engines are more efficient, because what you’re doing
is taking in a mass of air, and throwing it out the back less quickly than smaller diameter engines. And because you’re throwing
it out the back less quickly, you’re throwing away less energy, and that is a direct saving
in fuel of about 12%. Add these Sharklets at the wingtips, and it’s a 15% fuel saving, which is great for airlines, but in the world of business jets, what that means is you can fly farther, so you have this great cabin, and flying even more places
in the world non-stop. And the great thing about this cabin, is that it doesn’t have to cost you more than a traditional business jet. – Really? What do you mean by that, can
you explain that? – An Airbus corporate jet burns a little bit more fuel than
a traditional business jet, it costs a little bit more in landing and navigation charges, but, because of our airliner heritage, we can offer lower maintenance costs and lower training costs. So overall you can have this great comfort for about the same operating cost as a traditional business jet. – Guys, our tour is not finished, because what’s an executive
jet without a private bedroom? Look at this, this is a
totally private bedroom here. Look at all this! A beautiful,
totally private bedroom here. It’s just so comfortable on the bed, it truly feels like cloud nine. So saving the best for
last – the private bathroom on the 319 ACJ. Guys, there’s also a private shower. (upbeat music) So much space here, you can even hide here in the bathroom. I want to see the shower, how it is. Guys it is really good, I’m about six foot tall, this shower is taller than six foot, so the water should come
directly on top of me. Let’s see how it goes. Oh (laughs) the water
really came out, oh my god. So there is water, even if
it’s on the static display. I got wet again. So there you go, that’s
my Airbus shower ACJ, I’ve only got 116 Euro, don’t have any more money, so I can only have a head shower. I like this light here, for some reason there’s always something special
about toilets in the sky, I don’t know what it is. Maybe the lighting is so good, it’s good for a selfie I guess. I have actually known David since 2005, I remember that date, it was 27th April 2005, that day was the first
time the A380 Super Jumbo, took to the sky. It’s maiden departure was from Toulouse. David invited me to go
inside the Airbus premises, so I was like a kid in a candy store, and that was a day to remember in my life, and I’m really happy to
meet you today again David. – Good to see you as well Sam. – I’m gonna ask you one more thing, that’s the most important thing. The price tag, what is the typical price tag, or listed price of ACJ cost? – You’d be looking at something like $80-$90 million for
an ACJ320 family aircraft, including a VIP cabin. That’s an investment which
will not only serve you well while you’re flying in it, but will also be something that has retained its value over time. – This is a common Airbus
cockpit of the A320, A319 family. Does the ACJ have a longer reach than the passenger version of the A319? – Yes absolutely, we put extra fuel tanks in the cargo hold, and that gives us the
ability to fly about 15 hours in an ACJ319 Airbus. This is the Airbus common cockpit, so we’ve got side stick controllers, they free up visibility at the front, and so you can pull out a table. And that’s useful for your paperwork as well as your lunch. (upbeat music) – Thank you very much. – You’re welcome.
– Thank you. The model of the this
is called Sukhoi RRJ95, it’s even got an MSN number here, 95060, owned by Comlux. This comes out very well. What about the back? It doesn’t recline. Okay, maybe it
doesn’t recline or it’s broken. This display is all in English. All the display, it’s not
in Russian, it’s in English. – [Man] Everything in English. – [Man] Speed break, flaps. – [Sam] The gear, landing gear. – [Man] Break. – [Sam] Captain, how high is the ceiling that this aeroplane, the SSK, can reach? – [Man] Flight level 400. – Its 400. – [Sam] Level 400. And what is the speed, typical speed? – .8. – Mach .8. (upbeat music) I’m just going inside this Boeing 757-200, this aeroplane is for sale. This 757 seems to have
upgraded avionics, and they have this studio display instead of two little small ones, they have a large screen display, and makes it look more like a 737-NG. Guys, the 757 has so many compartments – here’s the bedroom compartment,
let’s check it out. Oh look at this. You’ve got everything
in one touch controller. And then put the shades down. I’m gonna check out the toilet here. Look at this. This is like a dream cabin. Wow. Facing each other, we can get very comfy, can lay on the sofa, it’s very amazing. The bins are here. Oh my gosh. This just dropped out of the bin, maybe this is something to take home. This is another compartment
here, so table layout, big space. Oh amazing cover shade. So guys behind me in the show here, it’s exciting, it’s one of the biggest
mock ups of a business jet. (upbeat music) I know you told me this
is a mock up outside, but it feels like a complete plane inside. – It’s pretty impressive Sam actually, the wonderful thing about the mock up is that it has all the characteristics of the actual aircraft. – And the 7500 I heard from you, I saw the line down there, is the flagship of Bombardier. – It is. It’s the largest aircraft that flies, business aircraft that flies. It has an exceptional range, it can fly anywhere in the
world with just one stop. – The windows just keep
being bigger and bigger, the natural lighting, beautiful. Is this the real window
size on the real plane? – Absolutely, what you see in the mockup is exactly the configuration in the actual aircraft. – This is a home inside. – Exactly yeah, this is your entertainment zone, so as you can see, there’s a couch, there’s a beautiful television set, a large credenza, you feel like you’re watching
the game in your home. – A library, a flying
library, this is so cute. Let me try it. – This is your home in the sky. There you go. – Oh very comfortable. It feels like a full bed. – [Matthew] The 7500 enables you to go to that meeting refreshed. There’s a lot of people who have an extra shower in the aircraft. – You know what my dream is, Matthew? It’s to lay down comfortably, flying at 50,000 feet, and look out at the sky –
you can have everything. That was the biggest Bombardier, and very incredible. I’m looking forward to its first flight and to it entering service. Saving the best one until last, the last one to show you is the Vista Jet, the beautiful Bombardier
Global Express 6000. – Hi. – [Sam] Hi, can you show
me the cabin please? – Sure, welcome on board,
let me show you around. – Can we offer you anything to drink? – Yes, maybe some water would be nice. – Some water, still or sparkling? – Sparkling water. – Sure, I’ll be right back. – Oh, this is too nice like. – Would you like me to
get the table out for you? – Yeah, please. – Wow, you know I like this table, because you can see
yourself, it’s like a mirror. I like the carpet, you come in, it feels very warm, very
European as well actually. This is like a reading corner, right? – Selection of our newspapers, magazines. – I like this little single seater here, because you face reversing
and see the winglets outside, and nice one. – Would you like to watch
a movie on our iPad? – So they’re actually now showing how to convert this four seat
berth into a flatbed here. So it’s very interesting, I’ve never seen how they do it. There’s a gap here in the middle. – We have a bedding mattress, so it stays in the middle there. – So you have a mattress on top? – Mm-Hm. – And so this can be fully flat seats. Excellent. Even like this it’s pretty comfy. I’ve never seen how this table
gets lifted up and converted. So let me help you,
let’s do this together, so we’re gonna lift this up. Oh nice one. – There we go. And then we just unfold it here. – Just unfold, and that’s
it, the table here. – Move the seat around. – Ah, this one. – You can have actually five
guests sitting in this area, which is really great if
you’re travelling in a group. You make such great videos, I’ve seen so many of them,
really, beautiful job. – Oh thank you, thank you, I want to showcase the best of this aviation to all the viewers. – I look out of the window and I’m like, oh it must be Sam Chui, I
have to go and check you know. – Oh my God, I like that. I really hope that one day I can buy a small, small tiny private jet. I came here shopping to
look for a private jet, and one day I can buy a second-hand used private jet to fly all my followers, and this is a true statement, and I know I’m being recorded right now. This is my next level goal, hopefully in 10 years I can make my goal. Thank you very much for
showing me the jet, thank you. So guys this is the end of MEBAA show, I’ve been to so many beautiful jets, I hope you like the programme, thank you very much, see you. – We have the pleasure to
have him with us on board. – Thank you. – And this is going to be just the start, and we’ll go forward after, after, after. – After, after, after. – Thank you so much. – Oh my god. (all laugh) (gentle music)

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