Interview with CJ, who lives with Arthrogryposis,  and how you can overcome being different

Interview with CJ, who lives with Arthrogryposis, and how you can overcome being different

Hi guys Shanty here and i’m here with a very special guest …. Hello!! CJ!! As you know we have interviews twice a month and the first interview was Mr. Peters which is linked down below if you want to go check it out and now we’re doing CJ!! We’re doing him. I’m interviewing my little brother, and I’m just gonna ask him some questions about his life His love for sports and superheroes So we are going to get started we have our dog with us now, Teddy Bruski So we’re just gonna get started. I’m gonna ask him some questions It’s gonna give some great answers, and we gonna do this. Yaas Queen! Okay, so if you could spend the day with one athlete who would it be? Steph Curry. Why? He’s like God of three-pointers and I’d love to learn how to shoot Do you think he’s a cool person? Oh yes! Why? Because he plays great. Is he a team player? Of course, everyone on the Warriors is a team player Okay if you could spend the day with one celebrity who would it be and why? Easy! Stephen Amell. Why? I want to see the Arrow Cave, I want him to teach me how to do Taewkondo. And how to shoot a bow and arrow You’re already pretty good at that. Yes. I am, I am very good at that He practices all the time. Yes, yes I do! All right, so what is the best part about playing sports for you? Oh it relaxes me, it calms me down Yes, it helps me release lots of energy I have. What are some of your favorite pro sports? Basketball, soccer, football, boxing. I love them all! You love them all, can’t choose? All right. How has your AMC changed the way they play sports? It’s made it harder. Why? Not mentally, but like, physically that I get tired a lot easy. So you have to have to sit down? Yeah, I get tired easier, I have to sit down, I can’t run this far, but I can play a lot. Okay, How many surgeries have you had and do you remember any of them? five and no five surgeries yeah when you were a baby baby and younger And what is one bright side about your condition? Meaning something to be… I get a free pass a wheelchair pass in Disney and Universal. What does that mean? Which basically lets me skip all the lines and go Oh, on rides? Yeah Do you like it when people treat you differently? NO. Why not? Because it makes me feel bad, it hurts my feelings, like, I think people should treat everyone equally Why do you think people should treat everyone equally like you don’t like? like people should, not to get into too much detail, people should treat people how they wanna be treated How is your condition made it harder in school, maybe harder to keep up harder to write? Run, like keep up and How have you ever come that. I have a walker. I go 150 mph I break the school speed limit so sad. So sad? And do you have anyone that helps you in school? Mr. P. and he also helps me in one other thing. He makes me hungry He makes you hungry? Yes. Why? He shows me pictures of CAKES and food! But you have a support system that helps you in school? Oh yeah! Are you grateful for them? Really grateful! Do you think your support system, like friends and your family, makes your AMC easier? Yes, I love what I could they give me support. They make me happy and they make me grateful to be alive. Yes? You’re gonna make my cry! if there is like one piece of inspirational moments, or advice that you can tell the viewers that People that think that something makes them different they might not be able to do something if you If you feel like you want to do something Doesn’t matter what people say, what they think of you go ahead, and do it, don’t let other people Stop you from doing what you love Thats good. And what if you’re different? If you’re different Acknowledge that. Make that inspire you and if they bother you, don’t let that Tear you down Let you let that bring you up, bring your motivation up, try harder if if you need to! Quote from CJ Fierro Thank you so much for taking the time to meet with me and I’m just gonna end it with a little riddle Okay, so what is one sport where the team on offense Can score points by not touching the ball? Baseball How did you know? Well, I watch Sports Center and my best friend plays it Well there you have it folks, the mind of CJ FIerro, one of the best people that I know Oh my God, stop it! You’re about to make me cry well Well that is it for this interview catch us next month for two more interviews Thank you so much! Make sure to subscribe Give it a big thumbs up and just comment down below who you’d like us to interview And if you have any more questions that CJ can answer Are we gonna say them BYYYEEE

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