InvizAudio – Speakerless Audio Systems Home Theater Review

InvizAudio – Speakerless Audio Systems Home Theater Review

I was just having two big speakers up
front and maybe a couple little in the back like your normal surround sound and
he came in here and put out 22:24 speakers in here with two 10 inch subs.
We got a Dolby Atmos across the top which is awesome you hear the bullets
flying by then like where’s that sound coming from like they’re all on the wall
so it’s that “Cone Effect” which I don’t really understand it but it works it’s pretty
legit all you do is show somebody one time and it’s NUTS! your experiences like when
it’s fired at the first time yeah I couldn’t believe it it was just the
sound so crisp there’s just a completely different experience I’ve never heard
anything like except for a movie theater It was incredible!
I want that! I want that!
So it’s exactly what I wanted and more! it was very fair I mean it was I went
into it not wanting to spend all that much but I wanted it all I wanted
whatever that other guy had that I saw the room and so but it was fair pricing
it was cheaper than I thought it would have been after all said and done I
looked at you know by myself like I’d go to Amazon and look up different things I
could have done myself or have somebody install …but I said, I had a buddy that
got this done and so I saw him like who did this?! When I walked in that house I
couldn’t believe how good the picture was. At night, it’s unbelievable how crisp
it is but it’s crystal clear I would say it’s the next best
thing I mean you can’t you can’t you can’t beat
it! You can’t see any speakers anywhere and there and there’s 24 of them here
and that just blows my mind blows up People coming in they’re like where are the speakers? I see the subwoofers, where are the speakers? I’m like, they’re in the walls dude, they’re
all in the walls they just… it just blows their mind! and I think that uh I don’t see why you would want to do
a media room any other way! it looks awesome
I click on the right thing you see Matt Ryan’s eyes! When you get to a movie, a
video game, anything like that it’s… It’s unbelievable! It sounds like you have
speakers like all over the screen is what it sounds like…when you ‘re sitting
down here…everybody who comes over here loves it! and if you look, if you look how…
I’m 6’ 5″, about 230lbs and I look tiny compared to this TV right here!
That shows you how big it is!

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  1. So it looks like your walls become your speakers. Brilliant. Can you please provide contact information. I'm interested. Richard

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