iPhone 11 Pro Video Quality is KILLER!!

iPhone 11 Pro Video Quality is KILLER!!

– So, here it is, the iPhone 11 Max Pro, or the Pro Max, whatever. iPhone 11 Pro Max,
that’s the way to say it. Literally the only
reason why I bought this is for that third lens right there, that ultra wide angle lens, if it wasn’t for that lens
I probably would have found a much smarter way to spend $1449 Like, I coulda gotten
Pita the luxury dog bed that he’s been asking for. But no, instead I got this. I mean, come on, I’m a youtuber, all I care about is getting
dope shots of myself. This is what influencing
400,000 people looks like. Yeah, I’m having so much fun! “Sam, can you edit out my double chin?” Sure, better battery life
and faster processer, all that good stuff, cool,
but I really just want my videos to look as good as possible. After using this camera for a little bit, the very first thing I
noticed was the improvements on the selfie camera. So let start off by comparing
this camera to the iPhone 10, which is two generation ago. Across the board it’s just a better image and that highlight roll
off is a big deal to me. Basically, whenever
your face gets blown out or turns to white, it just
looks really harsh on the skin, it doesn’t look very natural. Like, look how harsh that lighting, around my forehead. – It’s like right here. – And your eye, yeah it’s
so intense on the 10, looks so much better on the 11, so, this is a noticeable difference. You can also see it in the
background of this shot, on the iPhone 11 you can
still see what’s back there but on the 10 it’s completely blown out. And if you’re walking while vlogging, you’ll notice the stabilization kicking in more on the 11 pro, on the 10, you feel every
single footstep and bump but, the 11 smoothens that out a little bit, you can sometimes see the artifacts of digital stabilization kicking in here, but I think the majority of people would rather have
that stabilization on and just deal with that side effect. Now let’s take a look
at the iPhone 10S Max which is just one generation ago, and for this phone they decided to punch in this selfie camera quite a bit so you can see that if
I put them side by side it’s a lot closer and more zoomed in on the 10S Max opposed to the 11 which I get a little bit more space with. It may not seem like a huge difference now but it’s definitely noticeable. Especially if you want to
feature multiple people in the same shot, you kind of have to hold
it all the way out here, “Hey, hey Peter, smile.” Compared to the wider shot, where I can get us both fitting very comfortably and easily, “Oh you must be tired”, and then I can hold it all
the way out and get all of us, look at that, that’s a
cool wide angle shot, huh Peter, what do you think? The way I see it, with
these, the wider the better, because I could always hold
the phone up close to me, but once you’re extended and you want to get it further away, you can’t. Unless you’re Elastigirl. Is that, is that from,
that’s a character right? Elastigirl? Is that from the Incredibles? You think? So the new 11 pro just seems
like the best of both worlds. We get that wider angle like
we do get in the iPhone 10, but also the better image quality, the better highlight roll off, the dynamic range and image stabilization, that we get out of the 10S Max. So I’m Potato Jet and I
approve this selfie camera. Now, I’ve been dying to test
out this wide angle lens so let’s go. All right, so, here’s how the ultra wide angle lens looks like on this camera. So, far I’m really liking what I’m seeing, and I am just hand holding it, you can stabilize it with a Gimbal like the DJI Osmo Mobile 3, which is probably the
one I would recommend for this specific camera. And how’s the sound quality? Hopefully it’s decent and usable if you do want better audio quality you can always plug in
an external microphone, but wow, I’m really impressed at how wide this frame is
on this wide angle lens. I can’t actually see what
I’m filming right now because the wide angle lens
is on the back of the phone, but knowing that it’s so wide I can just hold it out like this and I know that I’m getting
everything that I wanted to get, so that is cool. If you’re familiar with
full frame cameras, then this is equivalent to about a 13mm, so its wider than what most
vloggers are using right now, I shoot on around a 16 typically, and it’s not quite as wide
as something like a GoPro, but it’s not too far off, it kinda does feel like I’m filming with an
action camera sometimes. So now that I’m back here in the studio looking at some of the
super wide angle footage, oh my god! I am so impressed. It looks so good. And it’s so smooth too
at this ultra wide angle, you almost don’t even need a Gimbal, this is just footage of me
just walking with it and it does definitely help
to have a wide angle lens if you’re trying to get
footage to look stable, so that mixed with the
optical image stabilization in this lens, so good. I really think not having
this ultra wide angle lens is really what was keeping me from using my iPhone camera very often, but now I feel pretty
comfortable using iPhone footage in my videos. Like anything, if we look closely enough, we will find some imperfections like the purple fringing that goes on in the top left corner here. But still, for something that
is always in your pocket, this is phenomenal. Yo, Jonathan, here check
out this camera real quick. – Oh what’s up. Yeah, it’s almost like a fisheye. You could literally get right up there. (laughs) – [Gene] It’s pretty dope
having it in the phone though, huh? – [Jonathan] Yeah, I know. (laughs) that’s insane, dude. I’m close. – And are you still
seeing most of my face? – [Jonathan] I see all
your face and Steve. – What about this close? – [Jonathan] Yeah, I still see your face. – And can you still see Steve? – [Jonathan] Yeah. – No way, I’m like right up in it. Look, look. Gene look how close I am. – [Gene] I know, (laughs) I’m seeing how close
you are to the camera, and look at that. – He’s all up in it. – That’s good. – [Gene] It’s cool having it huh? – Yeah, that’s good. – No stabilization on it yet. – [Gene] Yeah. – [Jonathan] No it does. Its super stable. – [Gene] It has optical stabilization. – [Jonathan] And I have jiggly hands. (laughs) – [Gene] Jiggly hands. – I’m impressed, yeah. I’m impressed. – Look at how cute they
are all the way over there. So that’s when we pull out
our two-x zoom lens here, so here that is and I’m holding it handheld and it’s looking pretty stable, so. The stabilization is
optical, on this lens, so that’s pretty good. Anything past this is not gonna be an optical zoom anymore, it’s gonna be a digital zoom. So, lets see how that looks, we’re at two-x zoom right now, that’s about a three-x zoom. So, yeah the six-x zoom, nothing special, it
definitely looks pretty bad, digital zoom, yeah, no thank you, but it’s good to have. The telephoto lens is also the way to go if you’re trying to get
some of those super close up macro shots too, it does a pretty good job with that. And you could very quickly switch between the different
lenses, while recording, which is nice. I’m not much of a photographer but let me just play around, see what happens. So the ultra wide angle
in photo mode is also super fun and you could definitely
see the HDR kicking on to kinda even out some of those shadows. It’s not bad. It’s really pretty impressive. Of course, portrait mode
is still cool to have, especially if you’re going for
that blurry background look. Few parts where you could clearly see that it didn’t get the perfect
outline around your ear, and I think it just, like, it couldn’t tell what that cable was. – [Steve] Oh. – [Gene] There’s a little USB dongle that’s hanging out in front of your face, and it just tried to erase that or blur it out I think. For the most part, it’s pretty solid like these look pretty good, here. And just for comparison, this is how a photo
looks out of this camera. (camera shutter sound) (upbeat music) All right so now we’re in the shade, let’s try to take a few more shots of Sam over here. I didn’t tell him to pose like that, but let’s just go with it. The ultra wide lens is like ultra wide, I love it. I don’t know how to
feel about these photos. (laughs) again we’ve got some portrait mode shots. What else do we have here? We have, high key light mono. Whoa. Its actually just like masking, he’s just like, real time masking. Its crazy. I’m impressed at how smart this camera is, there’s no effort going into these photos, it’s literally like, sit there, and then we take a picture, boom, and a relatively good photo for that, wow. With the wide angle lens I am noticing that there is a lot of distortion around the edges, which is pretty common
for wide angle lenses. Like, right here my face
looks kind of skinny but as I come to the edge, it looks like it kind of
bubbles out a little bit, which is common, but on here it seems like it’s doing it more. Look how skinny your
head looks right there. So quick tip, when you’re shooting
people with this ultra wide try to keep them as centered as possible once you start getting
to the edge of the frame it just kind of widens out like that. All this looks great in all, but the weakness definitely shows in the dimly lit, or low light situations. If we’re talking about just that standard wide angle lens, it’s definitely shown some
improvements over the 10S Max, a little bit richer, and a little bit better
contrast and detail. So in low light, still nothing amazing but it’s getting better, so that’s a plus. And to get the best video in low light, definitely keep your
camera at the one-x zoom, the Standard wide angle, and then if you go into telephoto mode, you go into a F2.0 so not
as good but still decent. Next up is the selfie camera, it definitely does not look
that great in low light, and the worst of all is
the ultra wide angle lens, it just looks terrible in low light so, even though I love that wide angle lens, just don’t do it when you
don’t have enough light. So, that slightly better
low light capability is awesome to have in video, but the night mode for Photography is pretty insane. So, we got Sam here
being lit by this candle, lets see how this looks. On the first one Sam came
out blurry ’cause he moved, but, Sam let’s try one more, this time stay as steady as you can. Here, we go, and. (camera shutter) All right, let’s see how that looked. Oh, that’s, that’s pretty good. Dude, you look really creepy. (laughs) All right, let’s just try
going completely dark, let’s blow out that candle. (blows) Okay, so, already it’s
actually pretty impressive. Three, two, one. How’d that come out? Wow! It’s really impressive what this thing is capable of doing. Super cool, I’m digging it, with the telephoto lens
you can do that as well, but there is no night mode
on the wide angle lens, and this is how dark everything looks. Slow motion capability’s always super fun to have in a phone, right? So, 240 frames per second
on this rear camera, awesome, yes, I love it. The resolution definitely
takes a huge hit, everything looks quite
a bit softer, but again, we’re talking about super
slow mo on a cellphone so, heck yeah. And of course super slow mo
does require a lot of light, so if you are in a somewhat
dimly lit area or shade, I’d recommend shooting
all your super slow mo on that one-x zoom lens. You could even get up
to 120 frames per second on the selfie camera or
“Slowfie” as they call it. But overall, just super
impressed with the images coming out of this camera. And as usual, whenever I get a new phone, I will be comparing it to another camera, I’m kinda curious what kinda camera do you guys want me to compare this to. I could compare it to this Canon EOS R, I’ve got my Red right there, ooh, maybe this, the
Blackmagic Poket Cinema 6K, that’d be an interesting comparison. You guys take the vote,
right there, let me know. Anyways, let’s wrap this up by reading a few comments
from my last video, which was kind of a vlog
we shot over in Ireland about just kinda getting over
my fear of public speaking. Top comment, “the segment
when Sam wants to get a selfie was hilarious”. (laughs) What’s funny about that whole segment was that you were actually
kinda nervous to talk to Peter, right? – Aw, dude. Ever since I started
working for Gene I’m like “Can I please meet Peter”, “Oh now that we’re in Ireland you’re gonna get the chance to” and I kept begging him, “Okay
just don’t embarrass me, don’t embarrass me”, and then Gene goes, “Oh, you know he’s actually
like a really huge fan of yours” (laughs) and I’m like “Oh my god, stop”. – He like turns so red. – And I actually did get my selfie guys, so there’s this one, this one, this one, and this one. – “You actually look nice
in your young days, mate.” How about now, huh? Huh? We need to get in shape, huh? – Yeah. – We’re gonna get ripped. See this? This is gonna be gone. (laughs) – Potatoes today, french fries tomorrow. (laughs) – That’s good, that needs to be a t-shirt. – “Having a Sam in my
life is friendship goal. God give me a Sam”. So I actually took a screenshot of this, I circled it, and I sent
it to all my friends, and I’m like “You guys
take me for granted”. (laughs) – I can attest to that. I think the fact that you
think everything is funny, and the fact that I think
everything is funny, we’re just non-stop
giggling 100% of the time. We should never go to a funeral together, that would be bad news. “Why you seem to me fat
version of Jet Lee”. If Jet Lee had a double chin
would that look like me? – Yeah, he looks like a
better looking version of you. What do you mean? Not that much better
looking though, right? (upbeat music)

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