Irish People Taste Test American Cinema Candy

Irish People Taste Test American Cinema Candy

-Ah! -Ah nice! So there’s popcorn… [music] -Candy?! -I think, that’s what I heard. -I thought it was tacos. -And the great thing about American cinemas is that you can put as much butter- -The butter tap! -Yes, the butter tap! [laughs]
-The butter taaap! -Dud is like, something that’s bad, right? -They look like what a hamster would poop out. -Don’t put them on the table!
-Sorry -I wanted one,
-Fine then! -(cont) not f***in’ eight of them!
-Fine then! -This’d be annoying to eat in the cinema. -Why do I have to like really work to get…is that like chocolate chewing gum? -It’s a lot better with the popcorn. -Chocolate and popcorn works. -Like, they’re- they’re good. But then they- they really shine when popcorn comes to town. -They’re a bit too… hard.
-Yeah, they’re real chewy. -They don’t look like fun, ’cause cinnamon is awful. -Cinnamon’s great. -How come American cinema candies come in boxes? -Hot Tamales. -What’s good about cinnamon? -Literally everything. -I- I think they’re meant to go up your bum? -Oh my god! -Ohhh… tastes like Christmas. -Oh gross!
-Oh no! -Ohhhhhhh! -It’s so good. It’s like mulled apple -I don’t like the texture, I don’t like the taste… …I don’t like the aftertaste or the… pre-taste -I don’t like cinnamon. -Suppository probably tastes better.
-[laughter] It’s nicer in the way what the popcorn masks the Hot Tamale taste -I think if they took out the cinnamon it wouldn’t be as bad
-[laughter] -Oh tastes like…. Ohhhh! [rattling] -Look they have normal flavours -I’ve heard of these! -Who is Mike and/or Ike? -These look like, good jellybeans
-[laughter] -Like things you get in video- like a restaurant video game [mocking] cherry, lemon, strawberry, lime, orange, hmmeh! -I’m just gonna presume, this didn’t fall-out of the Mike and Ikes. That is a screw to our American viewers -Gooood
-10 out of 10! Good job, America -These are just jellybeans -Give me some, I wanna have some! -Oh yeah -I am genuinely dreading the dentist later -Oooh!
-Aaaaaaah -Junior Mints are my jaaam -That looks like an old box, like it looks real retro
-Yeah, from like the 1950’s -This looks like a toothpaste -It does! Why is all the candy in boxes? -They all like, sort of melt, and end up, like there’s some sort of weird rat king kind of creature at the bottom of the box -Well I’m not a big fans of mints -They don’t have peanuts. I didn’t think that mints would have peanuts in them, to be honest -Wow, shit the bed these are great -Nope, still don’t like mints -Look on the inside. It’s a bit of a jizz-colour -They’re nice! They’re really good I just felt like I’d brushed my teeth, but with sugar -Even though I like the Junior Mints on their owns, when it’s combined with the popcorn, suddenly it becomes, oh here is your mint-flavoured popcorn now -The worst one was that cinnamon shite. Cinnamon shite. -What did you enjoy? -Popcorn’s still my favourite
-Popcorn [wheezing laughter] -It’s great, I would like to eat the cinnamon candy while I watch some… 3D cinema [singing] Let’s all go to the Facts. channel (x3) And don’t forget to like and subscribe -Ba!

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  1. I was reading how recipes originating out of European countries traditionally used cassia cinnamon while Mexican recipes and some others use what's referred to as sweet cinnamon or Mexican cinnamon. That said, I'm surprised at how much most of the Facts peeps dislike cinnamon. Since it's been around so long, I would've thought it was eaten widely by pretty much everyone. I'm curious if the dislike of cinnamon is a trend for the Irish.?

  2. What will really blow your minds is we actually have movie theaters that serve full meals like a restaurant now . Sirena is a lovely woman.

  3. Yeah. In America we don't call them screws. We call them fuck yous. The ones with the x on top are fuck yourselves.

  4. Raisinettes, chocolate covered peanuts, sno-caps, twizzlers… They missed a bunch of stuff.

    And everyone know American cinema popcorn is NOT served in a sealed bag like potato chips!

  5. I don't know any of thier names but if one is named Davey that is my name from my Irish great grandparents btw if that one girl likes suppositories my tongue is available for her.

  6. Milk duds are best melted in your mouth. Melt off the chocolate then melt a bit of the caramel then chew. Perfect.

  7. I hate milk duds, but I can't help but imagine that the popcorn mix is supposed to be warm to semi melt the duds, because those shits wil yank out a fucking filling.

  8. Fun tidbit- this was the most expensive shoot theyโ€™ve ever done. The cost of all the candy and popcorn was about $17,500 in total

  9. Who in America eats any of those? xD Like I swear the boxes are there for decoration. I've only ever seen people buy reeses pieces, gunny bears and m&m's as candies in the theatre…lol

  10. I agree with Irish Jame Cordon, why does movie candy come in a box? It's loud and disrupst the movie. They should use waxed paper bags like some candy companies use….

  11. Cinema bro it's 2019 and don't nobody go to the movies nomore ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚well about 2%

  12. In the UK we don't eat full meals at the cinema. It's usually just popcorn, sweets and maybe some ice cream.

  13. Him: "It looks like tooth paste," <proceeds to laugh>
    Everyone else: You need to eat the whole box.

  14. Weird but delicious combinations. Take a bite of each and let the flavor explosions begin!!!
    1. Hot Tamales candy and movie theatre popcorn….yum!
    2. Dill Pickles and Peanut Butter (Jiff)
    3. Spaghetti with red sauce and peanut butter on a slice of bread.
    4. Marshmallow fluff and cream cheese mixed together til smooth, the dip strawberries in.
    5. Good beef jerky and tortilla chips.
    6. Coffee and any cream pie.
    7. Brownies and potato chips.
    You got a video right there ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Hot Tamales are one of my favorite candies … especially the Fire&Ice combo and Tropical Heat varieties …

  16. Odd that the one guy didn't like the texture or consistency of Hot Tamales but was fine with the Mike & Ike…
    Hot Tamales are just cinnamon flavored Mike & Ikes! ๐Ÿคฃ

  17. Late to the party with this one, but does anyone know the name of the girl that say โ€œDonโ€™t put them on the tableโ€? seems to be no info on her, and the links below are dead.

  18. It works better when the popcorn is hot… it makes your Duds or Pieces or M&Ms all melty inside!! The Duds will be messy though… do not recco those as much

  19. I'm in love with the nose ring girl. Holy fuuuuuuuuck I'm in love.

    And NOT just because she mentioned jizz.

  20. I think I need to get out more. There's a movie theater not far from me that has a full liquor bar in it.

  21. Traditional American "Cinema Candy" often comes in oversized boxes in order to have enough sugar, salt and fat to snack on throughout the movie. They make less noise then plastic bags and may be shared with your companion, partner,friend, spouse, date, mate, or hook-up. Food sharing has always been a good "bonding device" (evn if you are not into bondage)….
    BTW- Only effete " urban sophisticates" go to the" CINEMA" in the USA. A few art house lovers will go to watch or see a "film". Most Americans go to "the pictures" (archaic) or to "the movies".

  22. You know what this channel needs to do ? React to music. All sorts of genres. Like heavy metal and all its categories or country, rap, etc. And not just from the u.s. but also from Europe, bands like the Gothic pop band Blutengel or the German power metal band power wolf or Sabaton from Sweden. There's so much great music to listen to. The channel would fuckin explode !!!! Somebody get this idea to the producer somehow !

  23. The pretty fair skinned blonde girl in the redder than red lipstick has lovely bussoms. And a disarming, heart-warming smile.

  24. Why does practically every video have bathroom humor? Everything either looks or smells like urine or poop? I like watching these but some of the cast not so great like in this video

  25. You're supposed to put the milk duds in HOT popcorn so it melts them a little and they're not as hard. Giving them cold popcorn didnt help at all

  26. Milk Duds aren't supposed to be crunchy they're supposed to melt in your mouth. in fact a lot of the "Cinema Candy" in here are basically just bad versions of the actual candy. Cinema's over here don't take good care of the candy so they taste bad, but trust me, some of these (Especially Milk duds) are actually incredible when they're store-bought.

  27. Be nice with a beer lol XD that's true though.
    The biscuits and gravy one was weird af. No one eats this shit here lol

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