Is Wyoming Illiterate? | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

Is Wyoming Illiterate? | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

Oh, man, I’m super glad you guys laughed at that Super glad. I have told that joke before and gotten zero I did a show in Wyoming once. By the way, Wyoming, a dumpster fire pretending to be a state Don’t know if you guys knew that. It is it is it is one big Walmart parking lot. It is not good There’s nothing there. Why are you there? Anyway, doesn’t matter I’m in wy- ha I’m in Wyoming I’m in this tiny town doing a show to like this many people. It’s a pretty big audience all right And I say that line, I say Azkaban. Complete silence, all right? I’m just like oh, okay, so y’all don’t read that makes so much sense you know? It’s rough and then out of nowhere a lady in the front row yells so loud, she goes, “why’d you go there?” What? What are you saying? I? How? How? The first part of that joke I say I’ve never been to jail a day in my life It’s not even a real place, prison for wizards. Why are we? Why are we having this conversation? And then she and then she goes it is a real place, that’s that place in San Francisco No, no, that is not correct. Okay? You you are thinking of Alcatraz, okay, which has been closed for like 50 years So you’re not even right if you were right, I don’t You know? and then the audience is like on her side for no reason, it’s just so weird It’s the weirdest experience and then and then she says agree to disagree like, That’s not how that, it’s not know anything works what? Why is this happening to me right now and one guy in the audience was like she got you though? And I was like she didn’t though she did not no one got anyone. She’s so wrong You know I wanted to be so mean to that audience, but I was like they live in Wyoming, so puni- you know the punishment fits the crime really So bad so awful, so yeah, don’t go there. I don’t know it’s just not good I shouldn’t, I talk bad in Wyoming like I have my life together. I do not as my life is a complete disaster I sneezed on a baby recently Yeah, that’s a thing I did I was holding a baby. I had to sneeze and I just hard sneezed into its face so hard You know and my friend is standing there. He’s like hey man, uh real quick. Did you just sneeze in my son’s face? And I was like yeah, yeah, I did that yep, and he was like why? And I was like, well, I had the baby And I was like I gotta sneeze so I could I was like I could drop the baby Or I could sneeze on this baby right now You know those are my two options and he was like why you could turn your head and sneeze the other way And I was like that third option was not apparent at the time. You know It just didn’t occur to me in the moment He’s like you need help. I was like I do though you know. At least I’m not from Wyoming I have that going for me Subscribe to Dry Bar Comedy for even more of the world’s largest collection of clean comedy

100 thoughts on “Is Wyoming Illiterate? | Shayne Smith | Dry Bar Comedy

  1. I know you're comedian.. however never cut down Wyoming it is beautiful and the people there are lovely and friendly I used to live in Wyoming I loved it

  2. Dudes right about Wyoming I drove from Colorado to Seattle. I kept on asking my wife. God why did you make Wyoming there is absolutely nothing here. Gosh. I’m so board

  3. "Wyoming is one big Walmart parking lot"
    Funny he says that, my only experiences in Wyoming have been in my RV sleeping in a Walmart parking lot on the way to or from somewhere.

  4. This guys sounds like he woke up with another persons tattoos. This is about the largest gap between personality and tattoos I have ever seen. His voice and demeanor shouts youth pastor while his tattoos scream "I will kill you if you ask if I was raped in jail again"

  5. In that lady's defense I as well thought Alcatraz lol. But I heard his debt collector routine b4 this lol

  6. My mom forced me to move to Wyoming, and this guy is totally right. I have to drive a whole hour just to get to walmart or taco bell. 😂

  7. At the end of the day these stand up comedians have a very low responsibility level, yet the audiences like taking advice from them, lol.

  8. As someone who lives in Wyoming, I can confirm that we are, in fact, a dumpster fire pretending to be a state.

  9. You need help… I do, but at least I'm not from Wyoming so I got that going for me. Epic ending line

  10. It has 2 US Senators! That means the citizens of fk'n Wyoming has 70+ times more representation in the Senate than California per capita. Same for Alaska. The Dakota territory has 4 Senators! Montana has 2 Senators as well, but only has one lower house representative bacause hardly anyone lives there.

  11. As someone who helped translate their school tests into Braille, I can confirm that they are indeed on the low side when it comes to literacy.

  12. Hey I live in Wyoming. For space. Depends where you were. I read 2 books a week. I got your joke. Bite me Shayne.

  13. He jokes about that lady in Wyoming but that's the knowledge and support base of a Trumper. All kinds of vast ignorance except for unfortunate but duped voters that realize Wow, we went wrong.

  14. I'm from Wyoming and I love my state but there is nothing to do there! I'm moving to a different state, but definitely going back during winter time because it the most magical place in the world during winter time

  15. It might be funny if the joke that he told in Wyoming, which is the whole point of this clip, had not been cut from the start of the video.

  16. Here’s the thing about folks from Wyoming, they go at their pace. If the situation calls for it, just get out of their way and let them go. They have someplace they need to be.

  17. He’s like a mixture of the dudes from the hangover but with hella tattoos. . Thoughts? And I’m not saying that as if it’s a bad thing either

  18. Hahaha what a rare discovery!
    Thank you random YouTube suggestions.

    Cries 16/10 should totally be studying right now. (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ)
    (╯ರ ~ ರ)╯︵ ┻━┻

  19. The face tats and hand tats tell you what you need to know. You have made HORRIBLE choices in life. You do not deserve a Netflix special. You deserve a remedial course in how life works.

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