Isti san | Dobre cure, loši dečki | Epizoda 2 Sezona 1

Isti san | Dobre cure, loši dečki | Epizoda 2 Sezona 1

Ladies and gentlemen, before you continue watching this video be sure to click down below to subscribe. You should anyway. What the… Poetry class. And Viktor… What is he talking about? Ciao, haha. I don’t have an idea what are you talking about. I know what are you talking about. Filomena left you this morning and we all witnessed it. Right? Nina’s destiny is to get out this evening. Shut up. Ema. Ema. Dinooo. You goat! Ciao people, here is yours favorite prankster. And I know you are all impatient but we have to wait at least 20 000 people… Some mornings are happy. and some mornings are just simply… Shit! David was writing the lyrics the whole night, so long I think, that he didn’t know at the end who was writing whom. And you listen what the janitor tells you. But the time does not stop for anyone. Not even for someone with a broken heart. Come on David, go go go. Go go go, David, what are you waiting for, go. David! Need help? It’s quite simple. They are connected. Put the money into the right one and order from the left one. You’re welcome. Prankster! ,,How does she know?” ,,Who told her?” ,,Is she a ninja?” Karlo thought. But before he got his thoughts together he saw her. And his heart pounded so hard like Kong from whom flew birds of love. ,, How does the kid know about me.” Karlo was asking himself while he was noticing that the left machine isn’t connected with the right one. And yes, he is going to get 100 kunas in change. Here comes Amy Winehouse. Good morning… And? Was there any action last night? And then some. Did a prince show up or were there only horses left? Oh, you and your metaphors. Oh, there was a prince. But he left with a mare. And then his folks came back… I tried the closet first. Full. Then under the bed. There was a couple making out. Finally, I ended up hanging from a balcony. With three other guys. And that is why you are so dirty? No. We were hanging for about five minutes and then we realised that we didn’t have enough strength to pull ourselves back up. I was the first to jump… From which floor? Second. I was lucky as I fell directly into a dumpster. I even went for a short ride in it. Aha, so that is why you smell. This potato is special. This potato is unique. This potato is unique. This is the only of its kind… Jagoda (Strawberry)! Jagoda (Strawberry)! Jagoda (Strawberry)! I asked You not to call me by my surname. Mr Strawberry, You think that You can sleep in my class. Well, if you were not so loud, maybe I could. Hahaha. Maybe the principal will appreciate such humour more. Which, by the way, isn’t even funny. This potato is special, this potato is unique. This is the only pot… Yes, girl? We understand, we are the potatoes. Exactly, you are the potatoes. If someone were to eat you now, he would get a fever. And what happens to the potato when we put it back into the basket with all the other potatoes? He meets other potatoes and then he leaves home with them! No, young man. That potato gets lost amongst all the other potatoes. Oj! Oj! What do we want actually? What is our purpose? Hey! You all think I don’t know what am I talking about, but I do. I am aware of what I am talking, I am aware of it for years, days and months. We don’t have any difficulties to resolve. I think we can, if you want to. Nothing is like what you think it is like. But it will bi as you… …say it will. Let it be! You first need to peel yourself to find out what’s hidden inside of you. I will help you to turn from regular potatoes… …into… French fries! Everyone likes fries. But if you don’t harvest them, potatoes keep growing. You don’t get the point. If you are French fries, everyone likes you. But why do you want everyone to like you? Tomo seems like a cool dude but he has his weak spot. Nina. Haha, you thought it would be David? Hey! Hey! He will give anything to be with her. He would take her on any party, let her cold feet be on him… …he would, even, give her the middle of a pancake. He won’t admit it. Because he knows her heart belong to Dino. But hey! It’s not all black. He can watch. And watch… And watch… Miro just found the song David wrote for Filomena. When he read it just one feeling got over his body. Gringe! It was awkward for him in Davids name, but, again, it would be a shame that whole class doesn’t experience the same. Ok, I will spare you the feeling that this song makes, and I won’t read it to you. But I will describe it exactly what emotion it creates to every Youtuber who is reading this song at this moment. You know that feeling when you come to a meeting with your friends and you have to stand alone while they appear. Or when you forgot someones name and you have to introduce him to other people. Or when, simply, waving to someone and he gets pass you. Or when watching a film with your parents and the sex scene appears. Or when making eye contact while eating a banana. Or when you like a picture of your ex from 2013. We still aren’t even close to Davids song. Come in! They really have some good series. Vip One. But tell me, why are you here? The new TouTube marketing professor. He didn’t like my sense of humour. Well, yes, your sense of humour is unique. And the new professor is unique. He’s a little bit eccentric, yes. Unconventional, one could say. And we are here at the academy of Youtube sciences. This academy is everything but conventional. Ooo yes. So what now? And now I reprimand you in an unconventional way. Hm? Do I have something on my face? Yes you do. Emotion! Hahaha. So, keep that beautiful humor for yourself at home. Save your humour for YouTube. Hm? That isn’t a bad idea, yes. Everything OK otherwise? How’s home? Home? Well yes. It is all good. All the same. Hey, get back to me later. We can hold hands and talk about emotions. Come one, people, enough! Everyone out! Told you she’s a bitch. If you need someone to talk, you know I’m here. I would kill for someone to write me a song. Your song is not bad, but it could be better. Get some help. What kind of help? You’ll know. She tells me. “Not everyone wants to be universally liked.” Everybody wants to be adored and popular. That makes no sense. I’m through with this academy. Good. That’s all. You can go. Thank you. Tomo? Oh, and Tomo? There are other ways to impress a girl that you like. Hey! What happened? Ask the class! Who? Can I help you? Is this the poetry class? No! This is poetry class. Aha, well you’re sitting in a circle so I thought this was an AA meeting. No, we are the dead poets society. And, I thought you were a girl. But ok. I suppose you were hugged by the muses and now you long for the kisses of poetry. That is why you are here, right? Correct! Sit! Absorb! As William Shakespeare would say: ,,Shall we continue?” Today we’ll be talking about confessional poetry. Rough day? You have no idea. You can tell, huh? Yes. My name is Ida. David, nice to meet you. He’s always like this…? Calm? Yes. And sometimes he’s eccentric. Is there something funny, colleague? Oh, no, no, we were just commenting… You can leave comments for social media. That garbage and symptom of rot of our pathetic society. What? You know what? Instead of comments we will improvise poetry. Yes. Cool. Alright, me first then you. Honest lyric poetry. One, two, three. Who am I? Oh, who am I? Is this… Is this a dream? Or reality? Now you. Something funny again? What is funny? I am sorry. I usually write pop lyrics so for me poetry is still… WHAT? You write what? Music. Songs. Am I hearing correctly? Songs?! I can’t hear the first letter of this word! This is what my mom told every time when I entered her room with a customer. Out. But… Out! Out! Out! Out! You do not belong here. I think that’s obvious. So kids, our inspiration… Girls! Girls! Girls! You won’t believe what happened. You got your first period. Grgi come on… Dinno just announced that he’s looking for collaboration with someone for his next music video and everyone can apply. Good evening my Dinnos! Thank you all for your support. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t be what I am now. I am not like other YouTube stars, which are buying their fans with cheap tricks. I love my fans. That is why I decided to reward my fans. I’m doing something I haven’t done before. A secret project. And I need you. Make a one-minute video, with which you’ll prove to me that you are the person that has the D! Who knows, Who knows, maybe you’ll meet my little Dinno. Aaaaa! Noise. Sometimes the noise can mean a lot of things. Sometimes it’s happy noise. Sometimes you just need it. Sometimes you need the noise to express that, which you can’t with words. Sometimes the noise is just disturbing. What are you doing? I will kill you! Leave me alone! You can’t yell at me like that! But, there are people who use it as a weapon. Don’t touch me! That’s the only thing I ask for! Only thing! Look what you did! You disturbed my little Dino. Can I go with you? As every Russian roulette, this gun has 6 bullets. We start with something easy, balloon filled with air, then water, then milk, and then on anything we come accross. Aaaa! It is a big mosquito… Big…go away! Down!Down! No! Leave me alone! I am a killer! Aaaa!

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