IT CHAPTER TWO – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

IT CHAPTER TWO – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

Yes, may I help you? I used to live here. Won’t you come in? It’s the least I can do. Is it like you remember? Cleaner. Well, you feel free
to look around while I get the water boiling. “Your hair is winter fire… …January embers.” “My heart burns there, too.” [chuckles] -There you go.
-Thank you. Now, some music. ♪♪♪ There. I do apologize. It gets so very hot here
this time of year. It’s fine. Well, you feel like you
could just about die. [chuckles] But you know what they say
about Derry? Hmm? No one who dies here
ever really dies. But tell me, how is it
being back in Derry? It’s good. Strange. Strange? Oh, my! I had some cookies in the
oven before you came. Stay right there. I shouldn’t impose.
I’m gonna… No. No, no, no, no, no.
I insist. ♪♪♪ Your photos are lovely,
Mrs. Kersh. Are these your family? My father came
to this country with $14 in his pocket. What did he do, Mrs. Kersh? My father joined the circus. ♪♪♪ I was always
daddy’s little girl. What about you? Are you still his
little girl, Beverly? Are you? [screams] This meeting of the
Losers’ Club has officially begun. ♪♪♪ We can do this,
but we have to stick together. ♪♪♪ [laughing] [laughing] [laughing] [gasps] Hello. [laughter]

100 thoughts on “IT CHAPTER TWO – Official Teaser Trailer [HD]

  1. I just watched the movie a while ago. The almost 3-hr long is worth to watch. The jumpscares were on point especially the Grandma scene. Hahahaha! I love how they included comedy. Hahahaha! But terrifyingly good.

  2. IT Chapter 2 was a fantastic movie and wasn't as great as the first IT Chapter 1, but it was still a badass film. It chapter one and chapter two were one of the best horror films of all time. Who cares about what "Rotten Tomatoes" has to say about IT Chapter: 2. I'm almost 36 years old and both movies gave me nightmares.

  3. "Hi-Ho Silver! Away!" Remember growing up in the 80's and being a Lone Ranger fan who rode a Schwinn cruiser instead of a BMX/freestyle bike?! haha

  4. [Spoiler]

    It's interesting to see the director add a sub-plot of beings accepted as gay in this society. I actually smirked when the gay couple kissed, but for a completely different reason. A family decided to bring along a 7-9yr old along. First thing I hear behind me is "eew". I get it, he's (somewhat) innocent about these types of things. Yet, I hope the parents acted mature after the movie and explained this scene to him.

    As a side note I haven't read the book so I don't know if it was mentioned or not, but I was intrigued by the subtle message that Richie was gay. I also noticed (by the end) that the first death (the gay couple) was foreshadow and an exact reflection of how Eddie died and Richie feeling the most pain from his secret love towards him.

  5. I already felt that something wasn't right when the grandma in the background ran when Beverly looked at the photo. Looks like I was GODDAMN RIGHT

  6. Spoiler warning but

    Your telling me IT can do all this make life forms and TURN INTO HIS FUCKING FINAL FORM, LITERALLY HAS THE POWERS OF DEATHLIGHTS but when a couple of loser call him a clown he fucking dies

  7. It was so good I watched it at 11:15am by 6 last night I went to go buy the book from Barnes and Noble just to read this classic pop culture novel again

  8. I can’t believe the voice at the beginning is Bill Skarsgård it’s so weird listening after my friend told me

  9. I watched this film eariler today and I personally think it try's extremely hard to promote suicide it talks about it, shows it and even uses the number 27 which is a very high age for suicide and I'm personally sick of it, why do sooo many film's, tv shows all promote suicide??? There's a Whole show called "10 reasons why" or something, aswel i think it's a Joke they can promote it So openly like its fine because it's not!!!😡😡🤬🤬

  10. I felt sick
    I think it was 50/50
    I never felt so sick on a movie before
    I never watched again , and many of the theatre who was there think same .

  11. This movie is a very very bad example for kids/youngsters….80% of the movie they use F word… Gay scenes.. The teenage gal is smoking..

  12. For everyone who has Android, i made an app called "Pennywise Soundboard" with all the best sounds and quotes from IT movies! We all float down here guys

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