‘Jagged Little Pill’ Is Now A BROADWAY MUSICAL feat. Lauren Patten | [EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW]

– So I play Jo, and Jo is the best
friend of Frankie Healy. The main family in the
show are the Healys. Yeah, Jo is a really cool, queer teenager, but it’s also a super
vulnerable time in her life. She’s really actively
exploring her relationship to queerness, her relationship
to her gender expression, what all of that means for her. So yeah, it basically
means I get to say a lot of great Diablo Cody wittiness. (chuckles) So my first audition, I
was just told to prepare a rock song, and I did,
and then they asked in the audition if I
knew, “You Oughta Know,” and I said, “Yeah, yeah.” But I said, “I don’t know it well enough to sing the verse or whatever.” But I said, “I know it.” And they said, “Just do your
best and just give it a shot.” It was interesting because
I of course knew that song, but I didn’t grow up with Alanis, and I didn’t grow up with the album. So I feel like I didn’t have a super deep emotional
attachment to that song, so it sort of shielded me from the pressure of singing that
song, I think, in a way. And also, Alanis from day one has been so deeply supportive
of every actor in the show, so I never felt any kind of
pressure or judgment from her. Alanis has this kind of energy that just, she’s one of those people
where you walk into a room, and everyone goes, “Whoa.” And yet, she’s extremely
grounded, extremely humble. How I feel is that she kind of has like a Mother Earth, goddess vibe about her. That’s how she feels when
she walks into a room. You’re just kind of like, “I’m taken care of, Alanis is here.” So, a lot of us were crying, I mean it was very emotional because she is the reason that this show exists. It’s because of her, her
work, and her song books. So, I think for her
the experience has been really cathartic and
healing, and so she shares those feelings with us. To know the gift that she’s
given us with her music and to feel like we’re, in some small way, giving her a gift back is really cool. My favorite moment in the show that I truly wish I could watch
every night, is “Uninvited.” Which is an amazing song by Alanis that I did not know before the show, but also I just think
what our choreographer, Sidi Larbi, has done with that
storytelling of that number, and with that music, is one of the most stunning things I’ve
ever seen on the stage. And I just think, that this his first Broadway show, it was his Broadway debut,
which is really cute. But he’s so renowned in the dance world. I mean, when I tell
other dancers that he’s our choreographer, it’s
like their jaw drops, and they’re like, “Wait,
you know Sidi Larbi?” It’s like a huge thing. And just what he created for
that moment is so beautiful. And you know, I never get to see it because I’m like offstage gasping directly after “You Oughta Know.” So I can hear it over the
monitor and imagine it, but I’m just trying to catch
my breath after the song. But in the times that I’ve
gotten to watch that in rehearsal, I just think it’s one of the coolest things I’ve
ever seen on a stage.

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