James Charles and I brutally ROAST celebrity fashion

James Charles and I brutally ROAST celebrity fashion

Should I put on a wig it’s just not The shoes I’m a brunette right now. I think blonde blondes have more fun So true and if anything says hey, I’ll suck your cock. It’s a blonde wig, you know? That was kind of good right This might be everything over look if you ever needed just like fire or someone like You’re fired break up with someone because you’re bored. I Wouldn’t know what that’s like guys, I’ve spent the last few hours millionare matchmaking and I’m just really trying to get James and you have to be together and it’s Like a lot harder than you would think Earlier with the father didn’t like most bitches from the back good. I would Bend you over. I’m really here right now Online oh My god, you’re so much nicer than my the fucking like kitty bitch filters you Oh Good everything we’re like the white chicks Extreme Charles, welcome to my channel or they They haven’t seen us in the video together like a year and so on we have Coming it’s never coming. No, it’s coming in. Actually. I’ve been editing it like every day We explained our whole friendship in a video. It really is coming It’s just been a doozy for me that it this will come before well, y’all can say the officers for yesterday It would be I know it sucks like actually to do this on time You’re so brave You’re just the brain is frozen I ever did that for your service, so I’m living for this wing moment on and We’re gonna review some Oscars fashion. Not that we’re qualifying at all But also like what we said is what we said what we said is what we said Okay, I Think in case you didn’t remember last year me and Tanner reviewed Coachella outfits on her channel, which is honestly What do I favorite memories we have together? Yeah, we had a really good time coming that not only thing they ever come without finding it. Yeah, I think so, too That video did some well you guys really like us as your action reviewers that day I realized that my side passion is actually reviewing fashion, even though I know I also agree. I mean that’s all new words Which is my birch every single day I am Morgan in the National Yeah, no 100% if anyone is like qualified to review fabulous like anything We skipped attending the Oscars to prepare to prepare Vance video. Yeah Anyone tour actually called me and said hey sister. We need you to review Oscars Tasha is that I’m going My Santana girl sister your acid Anna. I’m just so busy right now, man. I was so excited to college Is that the police that’s turbo really needs a my second. Okay? she said that sister James the future of caution depends on and I said Okay, I got you girl In partnership with vogue Oscar’s half. So yeah So you have the photos from last night, oh Yeah, you’re not gonna die well but are gonna tweet me a bunch of photos of Outfits that you and the CS review and we’re about to hop up in this race. Yes. Great You took from one to time a little critiques. I’m not gonna lie to you Also, there might be some celebrities that we don’t know their names because I don’t have all the names We didn’t tweet me fashion Oscars and the people were just tweeting me bundled with no names and you shouldn’t feel like an article that listed all of that including the Names and scream some of the names that crop them all together so you won’t seem stupid We don’t know some people it’ll be like a fun game in the comments below we’re gonna do the country how disrespectful contains in Tampa Roberts, I don’t know how we do want their tap we should do what they’re done. Okay. Are you pussy? Beautiful yeah, she’s serving me like cher realness like if she was the bagger would we see her pussy? Wow, I think she looks so beautiful, I love the bob cut too picky with this dress I think it looks so good this officer. He has an 8 out of 10 Yeah, I would venture to say like 9 Madeleine pitch. Okay, so very similar I’m us kind of a select shorter hair. Yeah, my new dress with sleeves No, whoa, I would never like no like notice that at all or what that together really like this honestly I can’t really tell The sheer fabric on her arms if it’s a slight sleeve or cuz I mostly it goes over the front of the bodice to this Bodice, I’ll also give us some names 9.5. I don’t be like this no better than an Robert. Yeah, I don’t know But this is like bitch. I’m here It’s a fully beaded gown. Are you kidding? So it’s gorge Think like if your eyes just love Roberts To you but I didn’t know we were basing these opinions on a bias of if he wants the overall body Yeah, so like if we like you better like you’re doing a better rating Shay Mitchell, oh wow Honestly, one of my favorite looks overall. She looks beautiful. This collar is so tight on her skin top, dude She’s 31 like bitch. Don’t age. She looks 16 Flush, right like every bit should have bowed down on their fucking knees – Shay Mitchell Walker I think she also actually saw a young boys looks really really beautiful. Honestly ten Honestly, one of my favorite looks oh my jaw dropped at her Instagram post I got like coming in hot but don’t worry. We have some like ones up and I’ll get there. I don’t feel like looking 8.5 Hey, sweetie, I’m so sorry That’s such a goody bag. Like you’re gonna put it on the cool. Diana Roberts know that’s point five Hi, the first of all my favorite looks ten not point eight. You’re so stupid Absolutely, another one of my favorite looks I think the color is so perfect. It’s the right use of tool like the leg out. I Don’t like how the top and the skirt and the Train is all tool I feel like it needed one element of something on this. Is it? Yeah A little bit but I do how it accentuates all of her skin is so beautifully when your hands get a leg off anybody who doesn’t know she loved my favorite models ever and it’s like a seven out of ten Eight point five what the fuck is this bitch’s name? See now? I’m like here Nina Dobrev I think Rocky’s out there serving me coffee filter business. I don’t like this ya know like I absolutely hate it I think she looks tired. No offense Nina Dobrev. Maybe you’re tired The cream color the look makes her look tired I don’t like her makeup and ass I think I think it’s missing a lot and like if her hair was down and like even Like just down a loose mermaid gown, and then there’s also a peplum It just like looks like a course it meets coffee filter meets wedding dress Okay, cause I feel just a little bit much y’all neither Dobrev usually looks absolutely stunning. I think For her I literally just saw her in a video being a flight attendant and she looked better than this I’m gonna give her a 4:3 Guarantee if you show me the top half of this no peplum, I would love it. Oh, that’s a boo-boo top Queen icon mothers spit on me run me over with a semi-truck all that. She’s wearing. Oh my god. Where’s that necklace from? I just saw James like actually just bought it. I threw it away. This is three hundred thousand dollars It’s a fall time and sneak It’s what Courtney does Warner in certain terms to be like, oh t love that. We love a good Jordan ones around the neck It’s very painful I don’t love the hair I like it It’s like bitch like yes, I’m wearing this, but I did just get out of the shower. Like I’m Miley fucking Cyrus Okay, I think it’s Miley like the hair is like I’m Miley, but she’s so fucking on ground Okay no, look what makes that like Miley to Yale because Miley is always still like a little laughs a little like I’m me like, you know what I mean? Like just kind of like doing her I would have loved this with the same exact car same styling But I would love her a good Hollywood wave. Yeah, like a Marilyn almost I know. Well, I think what beer as well as a story She’s also missing nail polish. It’s a little nail polish ten. I would say a nine she could literally hit me Oh this am I dropping out apologize? All of you Oh Looks at me on a trophy business Oh, you know I’ve been really like me cause II recently like I used to like do jokes on her all the time I always sister It’s how she talks you’ve been getting into a power a lot more recently So they don’t let me this gives me very little is an IV vibes and I don’t like that. I don’t know overall look It’s very Halsey. It’s very cool. But I see this out like the VMAs. I don’t think it’s like Oscars Okay, that’s fab. The boobs. Look I Love the hair. I love the makeup looks absolutely stunning – I love the boobs. Okay. Hey, dr. Oz that dress is really Not good, but then also v to me. All right. Yeah, but I’m sad to give her that five-fold. She did it to herself. I Just watched James type five different texts to this guy and delete them all. He’s so hot. I like you’re a chill dude. Oh I love video like actually thought I was like Oh really Queen made starving, oh, I don’t like this dress. Yeah. I know serving me to pants amber illness serving me Michael’s craft store new arrivals realness Jo-ann fabrics budget the chat the length the length is not good at the length The length is not good a sculpted and sexy my article tan sexy the face the hair Cheekbones entered the chat they did again like a silver little belt like VMAs like, okay It’s okay Like you’re going to the Oscars like I don’t get it if I was doing the Oscars like I would be so fucking regal Yeah, well, you’re not to be invited Let’s not even go there As I said I said I was like, okay and you’re here like review everybody I would save for yeah for yeah Yeah, JLo look one. Oh, I thought she was not like but not all of it. Yeah, that’s the other one Oh, she had too much. Yeah, she had a potato. We love an action. So we are kind of serving me like She has a fan on her way to China little Yeah, there’s the girl at home DIY JLo Oscars outfit her she was a big they don’t fit her But don’t they look bigger half a size to it true yeah guys just Sign with you this one a 7 out of 10. Hey Her hair and makeup looks stunning and she looks stunning but that dress looks like it is like House of CB clearance I like the silhouette. I just wish it didn’t have the pattern. See this is what I wanted from my lady this way Yeah, yeah. Yeah, her hair looks phenomena with like the fur. I don’t know the longer It looks like a target pillow you would literally have a pillow downstairs. Y’all know the pillow But I love this a lot a lot I want to give a 6 out of 10 for a for My queen I might dropped at best $30 on her neck in the last Assignment Audrey Hepburn loved it and it looked bust down when she was at that fucking piano. It was fuckin like hitting the camera now Wave vote could never waste snatch hip snatch. Okay. So I love the hair of the drastic loss every day except for the makeup I don’t really see in this photo imagine like a lash wrong. It’s always very like I did this in the car Yeah She has such a beautiful natural facial features It’s not hard to accentuate those like look I’m gonna give it a 9 actually at age I think 9:25 I don’t even care that I make up a shitty Like I think that the diamonds on the dress and the hair and everything in the overall look is so distracting But if you’re not like matte into makeup, you would just look So bad I know So well, I Know who she is, but I just had to throw in here cuz I’m pissed that Is bad what the fuck a bright pink on a red carpet, dude? and it being like a High-low, and this fucking big pink bow and the girl next door like hairdo like no you’re not like, what is this? There’s like a phony for me. Why is there a black pump in there and they’re like pay less pumps 0.2 0.9. Okay, not even a one for me. I Vege I know bone troubling. Yes vagina velocity’ really Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a really lightening It’s blinding there love this effect is my fucking vagina bone looked like that Like I would wear this every day to like no, it’s like no No It’s so where the kendall Jenner does wrong – I think this is Marni X Marni who I might be working with students first eyelid Which is super exciting to know I could be a mess But you know what the good tough James and we don’t fucking where the Sigma Java. Oh, that’s kind of what you’re showing No, I know I little your target says virgin. Yeah Oh, man Spot the difference Oh sweetie. Sorry. You’re such a good girl The amount of likes traits in your snapchat best friends is insane Family verified emoji wouldn’t be a wedding ring. Yeah. Yeah if your Malema beautiful Think she looks like On the red carpet, I love this guy yeah a little site like diamond thigh garter. Yeah Yeah Yeah, solid not an attempt for me to look so like time very like old Hollywood but like sexy millennia rise But it’s very Oscars. Honestly also test you trying a good job lately. Oh, that’s so bad What is this like an alligator skin? I like snake skin or like yeah This looks like she went to upstate New York and it was Falsies that and somebody write a bunch of leaves and I’m like put it like it Yeah, and then likes like secured it on her body It looks like the foil wrapping to like a chocolate bar meets like mermaid meets like bird meats Like Windsor store Windsor like where you get like cheap prom dresses? Oh, that’s like a to to write like why I like what’s the two points for it would literally zero. Oh Yeah, I’m like her and I kind of like this yeah are gonna do they love the sparkly silver suit hate Yeah, but she rocks it it looks gorgeous on her and I love the neck. I love the collar and Puso and I remember seeing her on stage and like under the Oscars lights and stuff like it was like gleaming Yeah My king this look I gasps oh Oh, how did I not think of this? No, it’s genius, but it’s also stunning. Could you imagine me and like walking? In this Oh when it was after the class ooh and a gallon at the same time, are you kidding me? Hello? I’m like, I think this isn’t mine. I’m giving it a time. Can I pop your bucket? Absolutely not Kacey Musgraves pink tulle has it and like tool has a little truck. Yeah, I like that So I think she did a really good job. I like the color I think it was better than a lot of the other tool dresses So it’s like swinging me to like be like, okay But I don’t love it a benefit and the glittery bow is just like I want to rip it off the fucking dress so bad Well 4.5, sorry girls I’d say this is like a five. I just don’t want to talk about it anymore. Okay, Oh Oh Camilla I don’t like this it’s so expected from her. It’s serving me prom the unfreezing this looks like very like wrong like keeping Yeah, like sweet 16 like there’s a certain rebury like Macy’s Macy’s prom dress She’s stunning and it’s just not doing her justice. How’s it all like that earring like a strange trend like a strange friend stadia? Yeah, a worm even I mean a diamond worm on the word nonetheless and then I like damask flower print demas damask damask Okay, okay go upset I mean see This because I love her but I really ultra long think it’s just big like he’s bad mom Perhaps like a three before just cuz I feel bad I Love This saying often not topping those pants. I have a very very similar. It’s serving me like I am Gia. Well, they answer its problem All the makeup most beautiful except with the lips. I don’t I don’t love that I like I’m Andrew like a lash. She has a long song. You just can’t see like a bigger laugh no, everybody wants her in Miami to the I do the seven for What looks good. I Can also see myself while I pass I’m gonna do all that but like would you wear this to the Oscars? I’m, giad all skill new arrival realness to the hosters, especially when you’re like a Victoria’s Secret model study dollar point Alright, so this is a man western bag top like a mother. I love this color. It’s so flattering It’s cool and like you don’t see things like it. It’s very fostered Yeah, but I love the hair 9 she’s on by and that’s just lust yeah I remember thinking about something like who is this girl? I think even if you didn’t even like know who she was you would see this and be like wow, look who is there? To attend for me I love is I think it’s all worth it Literally looks like beautiful stains laughs by the like broken merely it looks heavy. It’s Olivia weighs 200 Ah, I guess she looks like she can’t fucking move her real but let go the fuck off. Yes. Yes. She sister stopped Yeah, we give this move on like JLo doesn’t need us to you know, Laura Marano Cos Austin ally Disney Channel It’s a really long a advice I fucking about a giant boat was about to yes and the the teal watch 1-0 Hodgins I love this do It’s so my favorite the weird ball thing. That’s sort of it’s very odd if you’re not fighting with her face for attention Absolute family areas like this s yeah. Yeah. I think that Oh my god It’s a little me mostly somebody like you just went like Santiago my boss shiny thought right then just like Tyler grab your strategic way like you’re going to the beach drop Everything you just said I can’t even dispute I agree with but I still love it. If you have a bind you then you have two big balls Okay, and me every night Eight Before and I get that Amy Adams pretty not my favorite serving me David’s fucking Bridal It doesn’t go to wedding gown and just like a cheap one You know anyway look up in the ceiling is texture Yeah, no exactly. I’m really good. White is really hard to nail to say when you’re doing a gal like Eddie You’re wrong silhouette shape is what it looks like wedding dress unless you do very carefully Yeah and I think this is really very wedding clothes and what this my background she just blends in like literally Vince is more intriguing to me Like a four five she still looks really really beautiful wow That’s annoying for me. If you’re gonna do glitter sequins where she did it, so right it’s stunning It literally was photoshopped on her body lay off and I love the pin straight hair She literally makes her man look like a fucking bodyguard like just nothing come over like get my fucking water Yeah, honestly Tiffany, huh – I don’t like this gallon at all It looks like someone trying to burn down a Christmas tree and failed. I Don’t like the feathers I don’t like the color it all out a link to the like Chevron The Chevron and the stripes just like a to the green with the feathers is just serving me like tree. It’s serving these directions It’s serving the oak panel To – to – I just had to put it into his dog. I don’t know. I don’t know that’s his zero It literally looks like she didn’t trust Alyssa. She’s going each other know what doesn’t, Coachella, sweetie I’m so sorry. But what the fuck who like you go to the Oscars like this? Yeah that Ain’t had she had to have been like on her way to a fucking pool party and disgust at the Oscars and like she didn’t Know sorry. No. Oh my god hilarious And this isn’t see this is me on the neck of a nerdiness Also at that time, alright guys that was it for our sister or sister Sanaa our sister ceremonious adopts s Sorry you had to go through that and also it’s not like these videos are really fun to do it I really hope you guys enjoyed it too. Like yeah, see we are not fashion. Connoisseurs It’s just funny to do you know, this is just for funsies. I’ve never said the word funsies and islands Are you like it is absolutely social funsies. If you like that meat itself. It’s that we did it. That’s totally okay everybody has a right to know What your favorite look was though so your least fair look and if you wants to keep reviewing fashion, yeah We took oh television yeah. Oh absolutely I liked it more with youtubers because I felt like we could be more me more yeah Okay, thanks for watching If you’re a harsh way to the dance James stays Just tiger’s eye. How about this? Yeah, it’s so good for face you too, and that’s why he doesn’t get clock tonight

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