Jaya Janaki Nayaka KHOONKHAR | Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Rakul Preet Singh

Jaya Janaki Nayaka KHOONKHAR | Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Rakul Preet Singh

Hey Amrita,
why are you so upset? I have got my TC,
I am leaving college. TC? Why what happened? Vikram’s harassments had increased. Dad had complained
to the principal too but, Vikram came home last night. ‘Who are you?’ ‘Did you complain to the principal?
– Yes I did.’ ‘Oh.’ ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ ‘Dad.
– Dear, what happened?’ ‘Vikram
– Hey.’ ‘I will kill you
if you open your mouth.’ ‘I am the moth, where there is flame,
moth will be attracted.’ ‘And it will extinguish.’ ‘Your dad has given
birth to pretty daughter and then he tells me
not to tease her.’ ‘Should I slap you?’ ‘If there is a prey in front of the
tiger, will it just keep staring?’ ‘It will attack on it.’ ‘If you complain against me again, you will lose your father.’ Bro, Amruta has told
everything to her friends. Vikram, she has shared
everything with her friends. I had warned you,
not to say a word to anyone, then also you did. What can she do? Vikram, behave yourself.
This is not right. Why are you interfering?
Should I come to your house? Should I come to your house?
Tell me, should I? Speak. Speak, should I? Hello? Yes, tell me. Someone is beating our brother. Guys, someone is beating Vikram. Come on, let’s go.
– Let’s go. Come on. Thank you so much. By the way, I am Sweety. Side please. We’ll not spare you! We’ll not spare you today. Here, smash them. Gagan, take this. Run! Come on! I have recorded all this
hooliganism in my phone. I will call the cops right away. Police? Do you know who these guys are? Have you heard the name of
Chakravarty group of companies? Yes. Are they workers?
– What? Owners. Owners? Maybe their style is like the workers
but they have a very large heart. Do you know what do
they do in the evenings? Pour some more.
– Is this enough? Dad, omelet is ready. Get it. Live long my sons. Omelet of pure clarified butter. How is it, dad? Superb. It’s delicious, son.
– Absolutely. Have, you also eat and enjoy. What are you drinking?
Soft drink? Drink alcohol. No dad, this is good for me. Father and son drink together? It’s not wrong to drink alcohol. But behaving like a drunkard
is wrong. How can you say that? Dad, let’s have dinner. Fritters. Let’s eat. Yummy fried fritters,
squeeze the lemon well. Sir, here you are. You also eat, guys. It is less oily. Eat it. Are you enjoying? Superb. Have the lemon. If somebody helps us
we should thank them, not complain.
And certainly not against them. Sir, will my daughter’s admission
in the college be confirmed? Yes, deposit the money.
Admission will be done. Mr. Goswami.
– Yes. Where and what time
is the Ashwit Narayan function? Please find out and inform me. I will reach the function,
directly from Delhi. Okay, sir. Do you need anything? No sir, we are leaving.
– We are going. Let’s go. Who is it? Who did this to you? Dad, Chakravarty and
his sons have beaten me. From when did Chakravarty
and his sons get courage? If he forcibly goes to someone’s
house and fight, he will be beaten. Mr. Goswami, what’s this? He is still a kid,
he hasn’t grown up. If he doesn’t make mistake now,
will he, when he is as old as you? Did I say anything wrong? No, you are right. Son, you can’t be a hero
by being beaten up. They person who gives back,
becomes the hero. Have patience, let the time come. We will have our revenge
at the right time. It will come. Will cut him down to his size.
Time will definitely come. You, go and party. Uncle, why are you upset? What is this? What’s this?
He printed my side profile? I look so fat,
will have to reduce my weight. It’s a bad picture. First you get into a brawl and then get your picture
posted on the front page. Why did you fight? By the way, what was the fight for? Fight for? You don’t know who is getting married,
but yet go and give your blessings. Oh God, if either of the three,
have a problem, all 3 go and fight. And then say,
nothing has happened, what is this? Fight reminds me, Bali.
– Yes. Keep a rod in Gagan’s car.
It might be of help. Okay sir.
– Rod? Students should be given books
and you are giving him a rod? Uncle. Thank you, dear.
I am indebted to you. Hey, uncle. What are you saying? If you have a problem,
you don’t quit the college. You solve the problem.
All the best. It’s your watch. Actually,
it wasn’t working, I got it repaired. Thank you. I have uploaded your fight
on Facebook. You have got 6 million views. A Chinese asked me, which style
it was Kung Fu or Karate. Do you know, what I replied? This is the style of the South. Okay, after the fight
when you go home, doesn’t your mom scold you? I don’t have a mother. Hello. Are you flirting with him? It’s a waste. He is like a wall on whom you can write,
but can’t talk. He can be a bouncer,
but never a boyfriend. He doesn’t even look bat girls.
He is a traitor. How is he a traitor,
if he doesn’t stare at girls? Yes. Girls at home are so docile. But when they are out they
become classy, trendy and stylish. Ask me why? Why? For boys like him. Even things like protein shampoo,
vitamin conditioner, hair spray, hair gel, eyebrow threading,
mascara for eye lashes, lipstick, lip gloss,
painful black head removal, foundation pack, face pack,
shoulder pack, dental pack, pedicure, manicure,
waxing. Sun screen for the sun and water
resistant for water. Why do we do all this?
So that boys look at us. They have no idea, that how much irritation
we go through, but yet wear skin tight jeans. For them. If after all this,
they will not stare at us. Cosmetics will not be sold.
The parlors will run in losses. There will be no women
in clothes stores. Fashion designers
will die of hunger. There will be no demand of products. GDP will go down,
and Sensex will badly fall. Now tell me, isn’t he a traitor? According to me the boys who
works hard from Monday to Friday. And spends the money
on his girlfriend on the weekends. Only such a boy is worth.
If he loves he will. I had a crush on him, while chasing him,
12 of my slippers have worn out. But his heart did not wear out. Graduation is going to be completed. But he never gave a hint. Now my family has chosen a guy.
I am getting engaged in 3 days. Then I won’t be able to come out. So,
I am throwing a party at the pub. All of you have to come. Okay. And you don’t come with a sad face. Enjoy openly and happily. My father and brother will come too. What? You father and brother
will come to the pub? Ma’am. I thought we will enjoy the party,
drink a lot and rock it, but my mood is off. What happened? To top it, Gagan is getting
his father and brother. There will not be a party here,
but speeches. Sorry uncle, I thought if you
came to the party then, You would have preached
more than partied. Look dear, women are large hearted. It has a lot of love in it. Lot of maternal love, her pride,
values given by her parents. Lots of emotions. Woman plays a very important role
is making a home into heaven. That’s why,
status of women is very high. Our society must not suppress
the emotions of a woman. Do you understand? Uncle, let’s have dinner. Here? Come I will get you
a special dish. Sir, your favorite fritters. Fritters? This is not fritters,
but instant recharge for the body. Uncle, nowadays,
it’s not the trend of eating fritters. Trend. You eat Pizza
and Burger at the disco. And come out and eat
betel leaves of Varanasi. You can become progressive, but mother, wards off the evil eye,
before you leave. Wow! The car maybe from abroad, but you don’t start the engine
before crushing the coconut, and hanging lemon and chili. But uncle, you can eat anywhere, but why specifically on the road? Dear, if we don’t eat from them,
poor guys, how will they run their houses? Not make in India, make this India. Let’s go. Have. Thank you uncle.
– Hey, you guys also eat. Have this. Get some more.
– Feed everyone. Uncle.
– Yes. Why can’t all fathers be like you? Today the country’s
biggest businessman Ashwit Narayan Varma’s
daughter’s engagement with mining king, Mahindra Varma’s
one and only son, Rajendra Varma. Which is a special thing. Two families are uniting. Great daughter. Presenting the mining King,
Mahindra Varma and his son Rajendra Verma. Today the countries
two big families are uniting. Move aside. Move. Welcome sir, come. Greetings. Congratulations. Start the ceremony. Come on. Mahindra Verma.
– Sir. Your status has raised more by accepting
the Daughter of Ashwit Narayan, as your daughter-in-law.
– Thank you, sir. On this occasion,
I congratulate you. Mr. Goswami.
– Yes sir. PM, could not come,
as he is on a tour abroad, but he has sent his well wishes. Talks will resume,
serve your guests. Sure. Cheers. I just want… Hi. Thank you. Thank you. Excuse me. Sir. Thank you. As soon as we are done with
the elections, your job will be done. Uncle, just a minute. Okay dad, let’s go. Did you see the balance between
the son in law and father-in-law? The son is very smart.
– Absolutely. Just have a look, uncle. Sorry to say uncle,
but I just got it. Who sent you this? My security. He knows him. Did anyone else watch it? No uncle, just my security and me. Hi, dad. Come dear, sit down. Good morning. Have your coffee.
– Thank you. Yesterday night, Mahindra Varma’s son
met with an accident and was killed. He was returning
from his engagement. It is known that
the engagement was with the daughter of country’s great
business man Ashwit Narayan. Witness present on the site
have informed that this accident
occurred by banging into a lorry on way
to the airport. His bodyguard was killed too. The body has been sent
for post mortem. As soon as the post mortem reports
are ready the police will be informed. Mahindra, Varma speaking.
Heard about your son. Condolences. May god give you strength,
and peace to his soul? By the way,
I got him killed in an accident. He showed me a video,
in which you were with a random boy. Imagine, if this information
was leaked in the media then? My reputation would have
been tarnished. That’s why I got him killed. If you were in love with someone, then you should have told me
before the engagement. Dad, we had broken up. He broke up with you? All that I have earned,
this house, property, factory, if looted can be earned again. But I cannot earn back my honor. Did I give birth to you
to stain my honor? 100 years ago
my great grandfather, had ascended the honor and
reputation to my grandfather. And my father from him. And then I was the heir to it. I have nurtured it like
the drop of blood. And you auctioned that gathered
reputation in a jiffy. What should I do? What to do? What should I do?
– Please calm down. Great daughter,
saved my reputation by dying. If somebody asks his life from
Narayan Varma, he will give. But if he stains his honor,
he will take his life. She asked for my text book,
but I refused her. Hi, Gagan. Hi. Are you free? Coffee? Let’s go, lecture has started. Let’s go. Please drink. Attitude. All is well. I will have to try very hard. Say something. Look at this. It is looking nice.
Try this. I will click a snap okay. Smile. Smile at least. Wow. Yes! Now a selfie. Hello. Dad, I am at the class.
Yes tell me. Dad. Yes, dad.
– Son. Where are you? I have come to do some
shopping with Sweety. Okay, while returning get soda
from the bazaar. It’s not there at home,
we won’t enjoy drinking without it. Okay, I will get some starters too. You don’t hide anything
from your dad? I never lie to my father. Never? Let’s go to your house. Hello dad,
I am not coming home alone. Sweety is coming too. Oh my God, all is well. Wow. Hey, come dear. Are you the one to buy clothes
and shoes for Gagan? Gagan.
– You both talk, I will be back. Hey.
– Gagan is extremely shy. You come in.
I will show you the house. This is the bedroom. Three beds? Why? The three of them can live
without each other. That’s why they sleep together. This is the bar room. Every day they drink three bottles.
And they keep sleeping till afternoon. What about the health? You can’t talk about that.
They get angry. Come with me. I will show you another room. This is war room. It has all the weapons with which
you can fight thieves and terrorists. It is for self defense, but is used more to help people. They just need an excuse
to beat someone. She is Gagan’s mother. Till she was alive,
everything was fine here. She had truly made
this home a heaven. Dear, they are very good at heart. They have lost focus, they just need
a well-mannered daughter-in-law. How are you dear? What’s up?
– Good morning, uncle. Good morning, dear.
Hope uncle is not irritating you. Let’s sit and chat, come. Sit. What’s this? This is the cap of the soda bottle
which we opened last night. Useless fellows don’t clean.
Go and throw it. Okay, sir. I don’t enjoy my drink without soda.
It just doesn’t taste. Why is he talking about
alcohol with the girl? Anyways, did you have anything? Tea, coffee, cold drinks, juice?
– Uncle, do you like me? A lot, dear.
What happened? Can I take a bit of liberty? Of course you can, it’s your house. Thank you. Uncle, what is she doing? Whatever is happening is good. Not a single drop of liquor
should be saved. Drown everything in the gutter. And give all this to the rag seller. This is my licensed gun,
it’s very useful to me. It’s very expensive.
– Okay. You can only keep this. Uncle, this is your responsibility.
– Yes I take full responsibility. Gagan, from today, uncle will just
drink two pegs, not more than that. Okay? You will see to that. All the servants come
to the kitchen. From today,
your whole system will change. So, menu change. No eating outside food. From now on, all green vegetables,
cauliflower, carrot, beetroot. All healthy food should be
made at home. Do you understand? You have to maintain this diet. I will come every day to maintain.
Okay. Uncle, please don’t
misunderstand me. If you remain healthy,
everyone will remain happy. That’s why I did all this. This change is very good. Very happy that you have come, dear. Please do come often. Oh, daddy has come from Delhi. He is waiting for me, I have to go. You have come for the first time,
eat something and go. I will come and eat tomorrow,
I have to leave now. Please. Gagan, let’s go. Bye. Such a girl should become a
daughter-in-law of this house. Gagan I know your mother
isn’t there, but why did not brother marry? Brother was not successful in love. Is that girl married?
– No. So, now she will. You thought you will talk about
the wedding and I will agree? This wedding will not happen
till I am alive. Uncle, is it a crime to love? Don’t talk about crimes please. We enquire at four places
even if we want to buy shoes. And will I get my daughter
married without enquiring. And when we enquired it wasn’t good. You can see the flashback live. Daughter, is he the one. Yes, dad. Okay. The boy is good. If you like the boy
should we get them married? Stay quiet. At present I have just seen him. He is a millionaire, earns a lot
of profit for the company. That’s good. Helps his father in the business.
That’s wonderful. But my sources have told me
he is an unworthy moron. What’s happening? How dare you call my son unworthy? Son, don’t beat him so much.
He has piles, don’t beat him. Calm down, they keep
having these bouts of anger. Don’t beat. Don’t hit there,
it must be paining him. Hit somewhere else, not there. Stop hitting. Or else will
have to buy diapers for him. Don’t. Stop it, sir.
Please control yourself. Narayan sir, please don’t get angry.
You don’t worry. Let’s get together and compromise. After beating me,
you want to compromise? I can’t sit anywhere now. And you want to compromise? Then first apologize to me. Say sorry, compromise can be done. You want us to tell sorry?
We will say sorry? How dare you?
– They started again. Don’t worry,
the bout is going to end. If you all beat him together
he will not be able to bear. Beat him one by one, individually. If you beat him like this,
he will die. Oh ho, all is well. Father beats like Tyson,
and son like Dara Singh. It takes five hours to wear my lungi. He has piles and they beat him, like how the women organizations beat,
if somebody teases a girl. Even after being beaten
so much, he did not die. Dear, they are not humans but devils. It would have been okay
if the father hit, but even the future son in law,
hit me. Tell me how do I marry
my daughter into such a house? Trust me, they have changed. Are they currencies of 1000 and 500’s?
That they will change? Come here Gagan. Fold your hands. Sit down. Stand up, smile please.
Shake hand. Say sorry, come behind. Did you notice
who much he has changed. You can test him too, uncle. Let it be dear,
Lungi is enough to test. Uncle, a home without a home
is like a desolate jungle. And they don’t have
any woman in the house. Imagine how they must be living. You are a very good human being, had someone else been
in your place. Then would have found a boy
and got her married. But, you just for the happiness
of your daughter. Have waited for Gagan’s brother, you are really great, uncle. After all that has happened, he is standing here bowing his head
in front of you, for his brother. This is the love for his brother. Please agree for this wedding. Okay dear, if you say, I trust you and
agree for my daughter’s wedding. Thank you, Sweety. Uncle you haven’t had anything.
Cold drink. Come here. Aunty, will you have.
– No dear I don’t want. I won’t have cold drink,
till he heals from piles. I have prayed the goddess for this. Okay. Make fun of me. She just wanted to serve cold drink. You gave her the full
medical report. Hi Mr. Shiv Narayan. – Hi.
– You suffer from piles? Be careful, don’t eat spicy. My piles has become
a good morning message. You have forwarded it to everybody
as Whatsapp message. I have still not informed my family. Hi, uncle, why haven’t you still
not had anything? Juice. Serve it. Please have juice.
– No, no. It’s okay. Its healthy juice. Let me know if you need anything. Okay.
– Okay uncle, have fun. Do you know she is the future
younger daughter-in-law? She is the future
younger daughter-in-law. Why are you standing like this,
put your hands down? The couple looks nice. Smile, sometimes at least. Smile. Gagan. Uncle is calling you. Go. Yes, dad.
– Look at Sweety. This girl takes care
of the happiness of others. Don’t ever let her cry. Promise me that you will
keep her happy. She will never shed a tear drop. Never in her life. Uncle, come the wedding
is taking place. Come on. Come. The wedding is being solemnized there
and you guys are standing here. Hey, Gagan come here.
– No. Come here. Quickly, come here. Thank you.
– Hey, it’s okay. Dear, it’s no longer a wedding
but a grand celebration. Because of you. The wedding is over,
now we will leave. Where are you going?
It’s a joyous day today. Two families have united together. We should openly drink today. Uncle, no limits today,
all the arrangements are done. There is chili fritters, soda,
and everything. Is it fine? Okay. I will leave now.
– How will you go at this hour? Its two in the night dear. Uncle, dad is waiting at home. He has already called me
numerous times. I have to go now,
so then I am leaving. I will come tomorrow.
Gagan, drop me. Bye uncle. Sweety. Come here, dear. Uncle, from when have you
became so emotional? I will come tomorrow,
can I leave now. Let’s go. Bye. I am very tired. Don’t you have
any other expression? Let’s go. Sweety, I had never imagined my life
would have been so colorful. And you are the reason for it. Thank you. Thank you so much. Stop. It’s an expensive car
and a rich man too. Hey, roll down. Who is she? Classmate, sir. Have you started tuitions in the car? Which subject are you studying? Wake her up I will take her exam. She is very tired. What have you taught her? You are staring at the policeman? Was she with you or picked her up
from the streets? Wake her up. Why have you increased the volume? Are you coming out to hit me? I have made many Romeos cry. What have you hidden in the trunk? Sweety.
– Have we arrived at home? Sorry Gagan, I wanted to wait,
but should I go now? Gagan, what about the police man? What are you thinking, my love. What will you do,
if someone abuses me? I will kill him. Okay go. First, you leave. This is the project of our new deal. Diamond highway. India’s most prestigious project. Length 10,000 kms. Cost, 1 lakh 60,000 crores. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari,
Mumbai to Kolkata. This project will connect
the whole country. If we finish this project on time. Then not only in India, but in the whole of Asia
our company will be number 1. Dad, we have a situation. What is it? Dad, have you heard
the name Arjun Pawar. Arjun Pawar. The liquor king of India. He owns 60% of the liquor
business of India. Come to the point. He is our competitor in this project. There is nothing wrong,
let him compete. Dad, it is not right for him
to compete. He has bought all the companies
who supply material to us. He has also bribed
four engineers of ours. He is one of them. We are his targets, dad. You have always been our
back bone of the company. I had also met JP,
the authority director of India. We can’t give you this project. Why? Your background.
– And what is that? Killing, extortion, kidnapping,
court cases, and liquor business. We don’t let drunkards roam
on the highway. Then how can we allow
people who make alcohol. Yes, you are right. 100% right. People are scared by my name. I have power, and a lot of money. What I don’t have is respect. That’s why I want to
enter this field. But you want to participate in a
very big and prestigious project. But the prestige can be erased
if you compete. It won’t be erased. You have a daughter
and I have a brother. Let’s get them married. Then both are prestige
will be the equal. And this project will itself fall
into my lap. You are talking too much. Security! Come, I will show you
what security is. Some people walk on the path. And some people walk
on by making their paths. Like me, look. I have just come for the meeting. And see how many people died. Think. If you become my enemy
then there will only be corpses. By the way they are my brothers,
he is younger and he is the youngest, Your son-in-law. Father-in-law, wish him. Hi, father-in-law. Oh, blood. Every relation which begins
with blood, is very strong. Nobody can break it. Hug me, father-in-law. Meet your future wife,
make an understanding with her. Okay. JP sir. Life is more valuable than prestige. For me prestige is more
valuable than life. Greetings sir. When is Pawar’s brother coming? Coming tomorrow. Look. Now get married. As soon as we participated
in this project, Ashwit Narayan Varma,
has got disturbed. We had scared his engineer. And he complained to
Ashwit Narayan Varma. We had not imagined
he will take revenge like this. His son has done this. We just warned,
and he started the war. Violence is helplessness for him. But it is my hobby. I will deal with both of them. Why did you call me here? Sit down. I want to tell you something. Yesterday, when you dropped me, since then I am thinking,
when I will meet you. When will I tell you? Yes dad, I am at the class,
will call you later. Uncle
– What happened? Our son has really fallen in love. He is saying he is studying
with Sweety. Tell me. You lied to your father? Tell me. Gagan, there is everything
in my life, yet. I feel there is something missing. I feel that missing is you? If you are there my life
will be complete. And I always want to stay with you. And I want you to stay
with me, close to me. I don’t want to lose you. I love you forever,
and ever and ever. Sweety. Hi, dad.
– What are you doing here? Dad, my friend Gagan. Hi.
– Hi Gagan, how are you? Good sir.
– Dad actually… What’s this,
let’s go home and talk. Okay come. Sit. Two coffees and snacks quickly. Feel at home, okay. Dear, it wasn’t a Sunday, then
why didn’t you attend the class. I have to tell you something
very important daddy. Oh, is it about the exam? About life. Life? We love each other
and we want to marry. Wedding? Is your name Gagan? Yes, sir. What does your father do? He is an industrialist. Which industry? He is chairmen of the Chakravarty
group of industries, dad. Oh okay. He eats fritters on the streets. He roams around like a
goon around the bazaar. And beats the students with a stick. He falls on the streets
after drinking. Is he the one? Sir, he is the one. People who have such habits
are called goons, street ruffians, loafer,
and drunkard. Etc. etc. Am I right? Maybe, sir. You don’t have to be
rich necessarily. You also need moral values. Dad.
– Stop, dear. We are talking about marriage. Will you park your
expensive car in a slum? So you don’t interfere,
let me talk for a few minutes. I will come back to you. Have I said something wrong? No, sir. So, whatever I said was true. Sir, dad will talk to you. Shut up. You have to take an appointment
to talk to me. Dear, till day I have just seen
a dream, that when you grow up. I will get you married
in a respectable family. And today you have broken my dream
by introducing me to this boy. Today I am ashamed to call you
my daughter. Dad, listen to me once.
– Shut up. Don’t play around. Don’t act smart. I know everything. Nowadays, the girls
tell their parents that they are going to
friend’s house to study. But she goes to enjoy
with friends at the bazaar. Leaves home for a function but, she goes to a hotel or
a farm and disgraces herself. You also have become
a whore like them. You insulted my father,
I kept quiet. You insulted my brother,
yet I tolerated. You insulted my family,
I kept quiet. But now I can’t bear it. How can you call my Sweety a whore?
– Dad! Gagan, please. I love daddy a lot. Please. I won’t meet you again. If we meet again it will be
over my body. If you cry I will kill him. Okay fine, I agree I am not
right for your daughter. I am absolutely wrong. I agree. Okay, get her married to
whom you want. But remember one thing. If I come to know
she has shed a tear, I will kill you. Whoever makes Sweety cry,
I will kill him. Gagan, I have made it the first time,
taste it and let me know. What happened? What happened, son? Where is Sweety? Dad, she will not come. Who stopped her? Her father. That’s it. Dad, not only he stopped her, but he called her a whore. Come on, son. Sweety will never come,
if you will say. Her body will come. She loves her father a lot. Sit down. I love you for ever
and ever and ever. No. Ravi, let’s go from here. You’ve gone mad. Go away. Please. That girl comes to our house
as our daughter-in-law, we all had wished that. But it isn’t happening. What should we do, uncle? Send Gagan somewhere far off. First time in life
he has loved a girl. And we couldn’t fulfill his wish. He can’t stay alive here,
without her. Send him away. Send him. Where will you send him? Vizag.
I know a few people there. Sir, the prayers have concluded. Now you can immerse it in the ocean. If you give time to your opponent
then you will not have time. Strike when the iron is hot. Gagan. Are you not Gagan? Am I right? Yes, I am right. Just chill, boss. Satyam Uncle, look I found Gagan. Look at him. I thought he would be very cool
but, look he is so boring. But I will change him.
Speak to you later. Bye. Oh, by the way, my name is Mona. Born in India, living in America. Have you come here
for the first time? I love Vishakhapatnam. Vishakhapatnam is the city of
people of hearts and fun. There are many beautiful girls
like me here. Just take a chill pill. Buffalo, can’t you see? Sorry.
– Will you honk and enter anywhere? I will pull you out of the car and
kill you by swinging you around. Sorry, sister. Sister? Can’t you see?
Do I look like a sister? You look like a shopkeeper
and calling me homely sister. Get lost from here. Sorry. Have to do all this,
only this works. Get in. Are you hurt in love?
Drink this boss. There was a time
when people loved truly. But now it’s only cheating. People are just interested in this
that in which mall you shopped. And in which pub you partied. Where all did the boyfriend take you. But nowadays
there are many options. Be practical. Boss, people get bored of the same
cell phone in 6 months. And change it. Imagine how you can live
with the same boyfriend. Stop. Go from the right. I have to go on the left. This road is closed,
please go from the right. Why is the police here? There is a man called Pawar. His brother has been
half murdered by Varma. So, Varma’s son was murdered. So, the city is on high alert. One killed the other revenged. Boss, they are playing
game of revenge. Park the car.
– Okay, madam. Gagan, come. Come in. Boss, hello boss. Have this drink,
shower and freshen up. Vishakhapatnam’s cool beach
and hot girl is with you. What can be a better
combination than this? I am your super host
and you are my guest. Get ready to chill boss. You are the ultimate, guru. Earlier I used to stay away
from love. But after meeting you,
I feel like coming closer. You have stolen my heart. Tell me, why you spared the one
who snatched your love. Come let’s get together
and take revenge. Hey. Sir. Just a minute, sir. Kill him. Son, they have killed my son. And he has come to take
my daughter-in-law. Save us. I have killed your son and snatched your daughter-in-law’s
marital thread and made her a widow. To keep her at your house?
I will take her to my house so that your reputation is stained.
Go away. ‘I have killed your son and snatched your daughter-in-law’s
marital thread and made her a widow.’ ‘Never ever let her shed tears.’ ‘Promise me,
you will keep her happy.’ Gagan! Come on, hurry up. Come on, hurry up. Move, take him inside. Quickly treat dad. First treat that boy. Go. His condition is very critical. Actually,
he is not responding back. Maybe he won’t be saved. But still he wants to stay alive,
maybe there is a reason. You please pray for him. Gagan. I will bring the guy who attacked
on you, by tomorrow. How much staff do you have
in this city? 5000. I have 50,000 staff in this city. I am bigger than you
and better than you. I know, when to do,
how to do and what to do. We wanted to enter
the field of construction and he started destruction. He was going to die, but who saved him? Son, you are the incarnation of God. You saved our life
by risking your life, dear. Thank you very much. But why was this attack? For my daughter-in-law. For daughter-in-law? In our business we become
enemies with Arjun Pawar. Dad, we have handicapped him. Problem solved. Thank you, sir. JP sir, we have a
40 year old relation. You will give your life for
refection and I for honor. We both think alike. Let’s take it to the next level. If your daughter becomes
our daughter-in-law, our prestige will increase. And this partnership
of the project will strengthen. Thank you. Thank you very much, sir.
– Welcome. Okay, let the fire ignite. The girl who was supposed to be with
brother, if she stays with them, how is it a reason to be happy? If we now kidnap an IAS officer’s
daughter, it won’t be fun. But if I kidnap
the daughter-in-law of Ashwit Narayan Varma’s
daughter-in-law, then everyone will know
accept me as the greatest. Oh. After being disgraced he will roam
around on the streets like a mad dog. He killed my son
on the wedding canopy. He snatched all the happiness
of our family. That day when you saved us, he had come to kidnap
my daughter in law. In the battle of my husband’s
honor and reputation, a lot of injustice has been
done to my daughter-in-law. Sir, she is a motherless child. I never imagined her life
would be like this. So, what do you want? I want to take my daughter
back home. You will take her and give her to Pawar? He will kidnap her. She isn’t your daughter any more. She is the honor of our family. She will live here forever. Till she is alive. You can meet your daughter
once if you want. When injustice is done to any girl,
she tells her father. But here,
I am the one to do injustice. And dear, I don’t have the capacity
to bear this shame. Please forgive me. Forgive me, dear. Gagan, your Sweety has died. Forget her. Please go away from here. If God gives us tears, He also gives a reason
to wipe it. Cry to your heart’s content. If there is anything pure than
water of Ganga in this world, then it is tears. So cry. Cry unabashedly. Now, I won’t let a tear drop
roll down from your eyes. Sweety, whether anyone else
supports you in life or not. I will. I love you forever and ever, till I die. “I love you so much, my love.” “I can give my life for you.” “You are my passion, my love.” “I swear on you, I am your protector.
Your protector.” “For you I can leave everything,
for you, I can fight the world.” “My love, I am with you
like your shadow.” “I am, I am, your protector.
I am your protector.” “I am, I am, I am always with you.” “I am, I am,
with you in all your troubles.” “I am, I am,
I am your companion, my love.” “What is sorrow,
what is happiness,..” “..I knew after I met you.” “What is love, what is pain,..” “..I knew after uniting with you.” “I love you, my love,
much more than myself.” “If you smile,
I will smile and cry if you cry.” “I am, I am, your protector.
I am your protector.” “I am, I am, I am always with you.” She has never come for any auspicious
ceremony than why has she come now? Give it to me. Brother. Have to do the auspicious
ceremony at the auspicious time. If you did in any other time,
there are chances of destruction. As soon as the girl entered the house
grievous mishap has occurred. And it will also happen in future. There is a remedy, dispel her. Shun off this sinister. We all will go to
the temple tomorrow, with her. If we went,
Pawar will not spare us alive. Is he greater than god? We will go. Who is he? He had saved us. He too will accompany us. Get ready on time. What is your name? Gagan, sir. How are you feeling now? I am okay, sir. Get yourself treated
in a good hospital. If you require anything call
on my PA’s number. Arrangements will be made. Chauffeur, take him where he wants. Thanks for saving me. Madam, phone. Pawar, I am taking the girl out. You wanted her, get her kidnapped. Do you remember the deal? You will not trouble
has concluded. Worshipping this,
the fear of the enemy, the fear of death,
the fear of terror. And all the sins have been
immersed in this flame. Now you can go and bathe
in the River Kaveri. These prayers will be over
as soon as you have a bath. Come, dear. Brother! Father, Mother. Listen. You said Sweety is sinister, but she isn’t evil,
she is a goddess. If she was ill fated, your brother would
not have been alive. Nobody would have survived
in your house. You find God in rocks,
but it is in fact in humanity. Sadly. Father, let’s go.
– What happened? Look Pawar’s brother is coming. Nobody should be spared
among them. Go and bring that girl. Gagan, take this. Gagan, Sweety! Gagan! Come on, run! Run! Come on, fight and show me. Today I swear by the holy fire
as a witness, that she is my life,
my soul and my body. I had left her with waving tears, but now I will never leave
her alone, in my life. If today onwards,
if anybody hurt her or any tear drop fell
from her eyes, I will kill him. What do you think,
anyone will just kidnap her? No way! As long as I am there,
nobody can touch her. “My heart is yours and
will always remain yours.” “As long as my heart beats.” “God knows, my love is
as pure as the water of Ganga.” “I am yours.” “Have held your hand,
fought with the world,..” “and have loved you.” “Come I will take you to my world.” “Have joined our paths together.” “My love, forget all your sorrows.” “My each and every
breath belongs to you.” “I am, I am, I am your protector.” “I am, I am, I am with you.” “I am, I am,
I am with you in all your sorrows.” “I am, I am, I am your companion.” Varma has made a big blunder
by slitting our brother’s neck. We will kill them. The one who has killed brother,
he has to die. We will not spare him. I will not spare them both. And I will kill the girl
who is responsible for all this. He took the honor of our family in front of my eyes,
and went away. And we kept watching. I thought my brothers
are very brave, they will not ruin my reputation. But they could not do anything.
They just stood helpless. Shame on you,
people of the family of Varma. Father.
– Brother. You all could not do anything. Arjun Pawar, killed my son
in front of my eyes. Our daughter in law
eloped with that boy and we could not do anything. I will not spare the one,
who tarnishes my honor. I swear on my pride. Love meant attraction for me, but Gagan explained to me
what real love was. I had heard people
give their lives in love. But Gagan has proved it today. Sweety, nobody will love you
more than Gagan. You are very lucky Sweety
that you found Gagan. I pray God that I find
someone like Gagan. Your love is great. Anyways , let’s go in. Come on. Come dear, cut this. From today,
you are the daughter of our house. What are you thinking?
Come, let’s cut the cake. Open your mouth. Wow. Dad, tomorrow is the final date
for tender. Anyhow we don’t have to
lose this opportunity. Our target is not tender
but Pawar, dad. We both brothers cannot see your reputation
stained, in our life time. Now it’s time to do something
not sit at home? Or your fear among
the people will disappear. Don’t you say,
those who fear, they die? Sir, there are Varma’s people
all around. If you come then… Will they kidnap me? With your information,
his plan is sorted how long ago? It’s been half an hour, sir. My plan started 6 days ago. If someone trespasses,
has to pass the security post. Isn’t it? Look there. Look towards the reception too. For once, look up. Do you understand, you stay out? Hanging up.
– Okay, sir. Sir, welcome sir.
Good morning sir. Come sir. You have become very fat. Mr. Goswami.
– Yes sir. It’s very hot here, let’s go
to the air-conditioned room. Sure, sir. You very well know
who killed your brother. He did. You said you will not spare
the one who killed? What happened? The pride of your home,
your daughter in law. Who kidnapped and took her away? Chakravarty’s son. And what have you done? After swearing you will not spare
him alive, you did nothing. Did you kill him? He played with both,
your power and your pride. And you both are fighting
amongst yourself. Finish off your internal fights. Kill him, the matter is over. You don’t have to pass a
tender to kill your enemy. Listen to me, both of you get
together and kill that boy. And kidnap the girl. Do the work that needs to be
done now. There is no other time than now. It’s an age old saying. Mr. Goswami.
– Yes sir. Have I sprinkled petrol
or drops of water? Splashed petrol, sir.
– Its petrol. Yes, sir. I had promised my son, when the time is right, that boy will be hard pressed. And now the time has come. Mr. Goswami, we have to
attend the meeting. Let’s go. Coffee.
– Hey, listen. Don’t spare till he doesn’t agree.
– I won’t, dad. Dear, there is no sugar in the tea. Sugar is not good for you. Sir, come in. Why are you standing there? This is your house. Why are you standing
like a stranger? There are ups and downs in life. How does it matter? Everything goes on. Life doesn’t come to standstill. I could not understand
my daughter’s love. I could not understand
your son too. He is great. I could not see the goodness
of your family. When my daughter was pained, to save her, your whole
family united together. Please forgive me,
I have made a mistake. This doesn’t suit you. She is not only your daughter,
but also mine. Dad.
– Yes. Mansi, is going to become a mother. Stay blessed, dear. Did you see, your daughter
has brought so much happiness? Please be happy now. Uncle. Give double bonus
to all the employees. ‘Happiness’ has come home.
So that the happiness doubles itself. Arrange a party and
invite everyone. Absolutely.
– Dear, today, it’s a day of
immense happiness. Today, there should be happiness
on the faces, not gloom. Sing and dance. I mean, party. Enjoy. “I am A for apple, L for lightening,
S for smooth, R for rocking.” “From A to Z, I am awesome.” “I create a ruckus wherever I go.” “I look like an angel
from the heaven,” “I rule over everybody’s heart.” “I am smooth as cream and butter,
like a piece of Tandoor.” “Let everybody know I am awesome.” “Hot desserts and rocking youth.
Come darling, taste it a bit.” “there is nothing like
the taste of mine” “Come and enjoy, my darling.” “Many have lost their sleep,
many have lost their senses,..” “..and many are restless. Oh God.” “Hottie and naughty, ice cream
chocolatey, everyone wants it greedily.” “I am the queen of the dreams.
I am favorite of everyone’s heart.” “I am juicy and spicy,
can intoxicate with my eyes.” “I become size zero.
I am the moonlight of the sky.” “When I stretch,
then there is a curfew all round.” “There is revelry everywhere.” “Darling, your moves, mesmerizes.” “You are juicy as mango.” “Let me taste,
the sweet from your lips.” “Many have lost their sleep,
many have lost their senses,..” “..and many are restless. Oh God.” “Hottie and naughty, ice cream
chocolatey, everyone wants it greedily.” “Don’t treat me like a bulbul.
I am the pride of beauty.” “Accidents occur when I pass by.” “I am such a cyclone.” “Don’t treat me like a thing.” “I can bring a storm, with my eyes.” “I am an ocean of beauty
a path for fun.” “I can take a life away in a moment.” “You are glamour,
there is nobody like you.” “You are so beautiful, your each
and every move is deadly.” “Many have lost their sleep,
many have lost their senses,..” “..and many are restless. Oh God” “Hottie and naughty, ice cream
chocolatey, everyone wants it greedily.” Come on, dear.
– No, I don’t want to come. Come on. You are.
– Please. What happened?
– What happened? Dad. All of you stay here,
go and sit there. I will check. Please. Calm down, dear. Calm down. Gagan, I heard dad was shot.
Where is he? Operation is on, sir.
– Operation? This is my hospital,
and I am the one who operates. After all who is operating him? Stop. Stop. Stop dear, stop,
there is danger there. Wait. Wait dear. Dad. Hey, stop. Sorry, please. Are you mad? What is it? What are you doing? Sorry, forgive me. Gagan, dad is there. Brother? Brother, I will be back in a moment. Keep breathing. No. Hey, you had said
you will kill me on sighting. Look, you are standing in a morgue. I have just started,
not ended. You will not shed tears from
your eyes, but only blood. Come on, let’s go. Gagan, they have taken Sweety away. Dad! I had told you, if your daughter
would be my daughter-in-law, my prestige would be enhanced. But, you served me leftovers. And to pick by this muck,
you sent that boy. To openly auction, my honor,
my reputation, my pride. You used him to taint the honor
of my family. My daughter killed herself to
save my honor but you disgraced it. What should I do to you? You can kill dad and me,
but spare Gagan and his family. Please.
– What? Should I spare the one,
who has dishonored me? Brother, throw this away. You are alive today,
because of him. This is her love. Don’t kill her. Pawar! I had no complaints, till she was
the daughter in law of my house. But the day,
she held the hand of that boy, for me she became a whore. I will not spare her. Move away! Sir, please don’t kill
my daughter, leave her. Stop it brother,
it will be disastrous. Kill her. Sir, please. Stop it. Finish her off. Stop it brother, I said stop it. Kill her! Dad had said,
Sweety should never cry. You all made her cry. Now I won’t spare anyone. Come on, hit me. What did you say?
My love is a lie? If there is a problem in life,
people don’t give up their life. They give up their love,
but I am not one of them. When I have loved,
I will stand by it fully. The way I loved my mother,
my father and my brother. I will love her the same way. I have promised,
that I will never let her cry. For that even if I have to kill,
or cut or do whatever. Nobody can even dare to touch her. Today, you made her cry. Today everyone will die. Each and every one.
Come on. How dare you! Hey, come on, come on.
– Come on! Hey!
– Hey. You said you will kill
my whole family? If you have the guts,
touch me and see. Whenever devils like you
are born in this world, people like me
are born to kill them. If I can give up my life for love,
I can also take life. And today, I will take your life. Hey! Pride gives life,
and love takes life. So, which is greater? You think your honor,
pride, reputation, your wealth and luxury is life? Do you know what my life is? The love of my family. So, which is greater? Just to kill this girl, you united
with your son’s murderer? Where is your pride?
What are you arrogant for? Go, I spare you. Come with me. Uncle, are you fine?
– Hey, dear. Brother.
– Don’t look behind. Look ahead so many people
have come to meet you. Go and meet them.
They are all your own. Come on. Are you fine?
– Nothing happened to me. Daughter.
– Yes. Should I write your name
as Sweety on the wedding card
or something else? Tell me if you have
something else on your mind. What? Sweety.
– That’s awesome. Sweety, is such a sweet name.

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