Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump

100 thoughts on “Joe Biden on Ukraine Transcript, Impeachment & Defeating Trump

  1. They are really thowing softballs at Biden. Biden would never stand a chance against Trump. Trump is not worried about this guy at all. Trump wants to get to the bottom of the real abuse of power.

  2. How do you guys get away with this? Night after Night? This is not a comedy show. It is a never ending DNC campaign ad.

  3. Prison on your mind, Joe? Can you send me $50K per month, if I could lie, and play as your son. I could use the $$.

  4. He ain't talking to Obama because them two losers don't want to be affiliated with each other, and yall are going down as losers again hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 TRUMP 2020,2024,2028

  5. Don't forget to take yalls TDS meds.🤣 while I'm typing this did I just hear Biden say put one foot in front of your face? WTF

  6. "Back in 63, I nearly got sliced to ribbons by three vicious negroes" – Joe Biden trying to win the black vote. Cornpop's finest milky friend.

  7. The next political crook , this top in the politics and military are the biggest corrupt asholes in the USA , they lie straight in your face to make money and get power , now they are afraid bad things come out , corrupted crooks

  8. Hey Joe how did you get rich , how many blood is on your family hands ,tell us the truth , I don't trust your face , I'm sure Kimmel is in Hilary's pocket

  9. They released the transcript between Joe and his son:

    Joe: because you flunked out of school, I had to get you a job with an oil company in Ukraine.

    Hunter: but Dad, I don’t want to live in Ukraine.

    Joe: shut up you dumb ass. They are going to pay you $50,000 dollars a month.

    Hunter: $50,000 a month is a lot of money, but I don’t know anything about oil and gas.

    Joe: shut your pie hole son. And don’t let that Trump find out about this. Or we are both screwed.

  10. This is why we need to keep every gun that our forefathers enabled us to have. This rodent sold his influence to another country and that is the definition of a traitor.
    Those guns are the only reason they have to hide their corruption.


  12. Biden has to keep the waters muddy !!!
    It's a damn shame and disgrace that the Democrats are wasting their breath and our money trying to scam trump !!!! If you would do your jobs and stop this hatred ,but wait, you Democrats dont care about the people!! You want socialism !!!! But your not going to get it!!!!!

  13. Why when the s… gets tough the Dems use the religion card like they really care like Nancy says we need to pray😂.. the BS meter is freakin smoking!!!

  14. I think Joe is handling this crap good I would lose my mind on Trump if he came at my family like he is Joe's. Wouldn't it be great if the whistleblower was shara Sanders lol that would be amazing

  15. The best to ever happen to Trump was dirty Hillary Clinton in 2016.

    The only thing better is the far left leaning outrageous current Democratic Party.

    Biden is dirty.

    TRUMP 2020

  16. Why not ask him about his son who was being investigated by Ukraine and he went and said fire the prosecutor or no US aid money. Or maybe bring up the fact that he wrote the Patriot Act. Ask what was in those mysterious envelopes at GHWBush's funeral.

  17. Kimmel, your show used to be funny. Since Trump’s election, you just became a mouth piece of Democratic Party. Well, if that’s the way to go, you will have ample material for next 6 years.

  18. The scandal isn’t that Trump asked for dirt, the scandal is that Biden’s son took money from a Ukrainian natural gass company while his father was Vice President, despite having no professional insight that would be attractive for such a company. And when Ukrainian law enforcement started looking into the case, the states threatened economic repercussions, again, while Biden was VP.

    Biden is corrupt and untrustworthy.

  19. TRUE ! the rest of the world is watching and laughing at USA, shame on those who elected such a clown and shame on those who did nothing about it. In Peru we have put an ex presidente in jail, another one has been impeached, and the Congress has been disolved by the force of the millions of peruvians on the streets. While in the USA Trump keeps being the face of a country that creates chaos. Shame on you

  20. Jimmy Kimmel, is an ignorant fool and a wimp, this is such propaganda, if you believe this BS you need to pull your head out of your butt. lies lies lies, wake up fools

  21. Creepy Joe Biden and family abusing their political position to strongarm Ukraine into dropping corruption investigation, …then blaming the family's crime on our President.
    What a dirtbag

  22. Joe Biden was preaching to the Ukraine Parliament while his son was pocketing graft money in the same city. Does anyone believe Joe didn't get his piece of the graft. Follow the money.

  23. I cried when he spoke seriously about the incredible pain that comes with just continuing on after having someone precious just ripped away from you. I lost my father to mesothelioma when I was ten, he was a roofer when they discovered asbestos was carcinogenic. My mother died this year after an excruciating battle with breast cancer after it spread to her arm and shoulder after the first surgery. In the dead of winter last year we had barely any money, no food,, lights, or heat. We lived with my paycheck from mcdonalds and our cats helped keep us warm when it froze. We had nothing but each other and our stories when it got dark. I listened as she sobbed, and screamed herself to sleep. Something I will never be able to forget is how utterly helpless and pathetic I felt. I felt like we were drowning in a frozen lake. And I just wish I had known what to do. Please..if you can help if ANYONE can help by providing more knowledge about fighting cancer or providing a more stable and accessible healthcare system please try. We can't do this by ourselves anymore, we just can't.

  24. Why does he talk about the kkk – started by the dems, and civil war – a war that the republicans won to free the slaves.
    As for Jimmy – chugging beers & girls on trampolines was the real you – now??

  25. Please google "Trump phone script released" click on the wikipedia link, then scroll down, then click on the transcript image and read it for yourself. It is very short, so it won't take long to read.

    Then decide for yourself, without prejudice, if you think the allegations made against Trump are false, exaggerated or actually accurate.

  26. Get Trump out of the presidency Immediately, NOW…
    Trump lied about the wall and keeps everyone distracted with fear, Kim Joung is an actor not a dictator.

  27. Love you Joe Biden. Thank you for pledging to protect health care; those of us with pre-existing conditions are counting on the ACA to protect our right to access health care. From a stage 3 cancer survivor who only accessed health care because of ACA.

  28. 1:31 'no solitary" (). LOL he flip ON HIS WORRIES, he will get cell with 6 other immates. 'Solitary[ – too much luxury for such crooks.

    And his greatest friends turning to putin. see they press. LOL

  29. I hope creepy uncle Joe gets a chance to run against my President. I will be voting to Trump again in 2020 but I want to see him talk about this guy. Please please please Democrats, make this possible! I have to see this debate. You won’t be disappointed…. much.

  30. Joe Biden is a great man and I hope he becomes president because he was Obama's best friend so surely he would make a great present and I agree with his stance on healthcare it's very important

  31. Lord, the ignorance of the people commenting on here is amazing. Why don't you jackasses run for office and do a better job?

  32. I keep waiting for Jeff Dunham to chime in, but I’m repeatedly disappointed. Apparently he has done a lot of improvements on Walter.

  33. Joe Biden has no shame he was beaten out two time for presidency before nominated in the past. Joe Biden is an Hooligan, Scoundrel politician and a crook. More evident of corrupted will be exposed he faced.

  34. nobody can trust Biden……. He's an obvious liar, a phony…. a lousy record, and few people will vote for him since hes a crook

  35. Phony Democrat Mouthpiece Kimmel…”Mr. Biden, why was your crackhead son paid millions by a corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch?”

  36. Biden says he is only running to get trump out. That means he doesn’t have enough passion for the country. It’s just I get trump out !! Trump has a lot of energy and love for our country. Shut up Democrats already and let the best president ever do what he’s doing

  37. For Jimmy Kimmel our dearest Democrat puppet and all those who believe his propaganda BS here are the REAL FACTS surrounding the Bidens Ukraine dealings into which Trump has every right to investigate. This what CNN just do not want the American public to know…

    Devon Archer, business partner of Hunter Biden, is convicted of a $60 million bond fraud, this fraud was perpetrated using a bank account that consistently received large inflows of foreign money which happened to be the same bank account used by Hunter Biden to withdraw huge amounts of cash. For example, $3 million was deposited into this account by Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian company controlled by a corrupt oligarch. Bohai Harvest, a subsidiary of the Bank of China, deposits $650,000 into this account, the son-in-law of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan deposited $162,000, plus an unknown LLC deposited $1.2m using an account with small boutique Swiss bank charged with money laundering in over 6 countries. There are other bank accounts and shady deposits, but the one single recipient of the cash coming out of this account is?  Yes! you guessed it… The Vice President’s son… Hunter Biden.
    It gets better… Hunter Biden is kicked out of the military for Cocaine possession, months later, having zero expertise, zero qualifications and zero experience pertaining to the oil industry and after flying out at the taxpayers expense on Airforce Two to meet Burisma Holdings with father Joe, he is appointed to the board of Burisma on an $168,000 monthly salary. Following this, father Joe uses his $1bn leverage to sack the prosecutor investigating this entire scenario.  
    Wait, there’s more, father Joe and Hunter Biden again at the taxpayers expense, fly Airforce Two to Beijing to meet with Government of China. 10 days after this meeting Hunter Biden’s small unknown unproven hedge fund operation secure a $1.5bn private equity deal with guess who?  Bohai Harvest, a subsidiary of the Bank of China.
    But herein lies the real danger. China does not fork out that sort of money without an underlying ulterior motive. So the question is, how was that money used and invested?…  It was used to purchase shareholding interest in US company’s involved in very sensitive undertaking with the US government…????
    This all happened while Joe Biden was the Vice President under the Obama administration. Joe Biden was essentially the point person on US Chinese policy also the point person on US policy towards Ukraine.
    Where Kimmel's comments on these matters? where is CNN's reporting on this? Can you imagine the rhetoric that would be spewing out of Kimmel's mouth if Trump or Don jnr did this. His silence displays his absolute hypocrisy. This is the swamp that Donald Trump has promised to drain and they are running schiff scared.

  38. All fake, this guy is cancer for the United States. And Kimble is helping spread it. Biden is a divider of this great country.

  39. The world is run by money, banks, lobbying, corporations, politics, but certainly not the people. Thumb up if you agrey

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