JOKER – Teaser Trailer

JOKER – Teaser Trailer

Arthur, does it help
to have someone to talk to? ♪♪ My mother always tells me… …to smile and
put on a happy face. She told me I had a purpose. To bring laughter
and joy to the world. Hey! Hey! Stop them! Is it just me… …or is it getting
crazier out there? ♪♪ What? [laughing] [laughing] What’s so funny? Freak! [laughing] ♪♪ Gotham’s lost its way. What kind of coward would do something
that cold-blooded? Someone who hides
behind a mask. I used to think that my life was a tragedy. But now I realize… …it’s a comedy. ♪♪

100 thoughts on “JOKER – Teaser Trailer

  1. The way he moves is really Ledger-esque I think he’s gonna do a great job bringing another version of the Joker to life

  2. I bet the first half is going to be nice but they won't be able to show in a logical way how he gets enough power to cause chaos.

  3. God I love Warner Bros and DC. Their style and substance are out of this world. They deliver premium content and actually make you think in that plot-line. Can't wait for this one. That's why I always prefer Warner Bros over any studio ever. They go an extra billion dollars just so they can support an original, genuine, and premium content to the people. Disney has gone to become shit and has all become about remakes and superhero craps.

  4. Just like Batman or Joker

    in this world anyone can be a Hero, anyone can a Villain
    that depend on how society will treat them
    this is what DC trying to tell us

  5. The stairs – at 0:10 he's Arthur Fleck, his life is an uphill struggle – at 2:11 he's The Joker, he's willingly and gleefully descending (into madness?)

  6. I dunno. Joker is at his best when he is a force of nature, uncontrollabe, unreasonable. Not everyone needs a humanizing story and a tragic background. Explaining his backstory kills his mystery. It's like explaining a joke.

  7. What if the movie ended with a black screen and you hear Joker say "Atleast I think that's how it happened" the Joker title pops up and you hear his maniacal laughter as the credits roll

  8. No it doesn’t help to have someone to talk to! I can’t wait nothing helps! Just release the damn film!

  9. This better not let me down bc I'm fucking wishing this movie is as good as advertised not like suicide squad that flopped real bad….

  10. The trailer is dynamic, Music is purely awesome. Movie gonna be awesome to watch and that's how the DC Should be.

  11. I won't be disappointed if this movie fails.
    This trailer will last forever, and this is, this was and this will be the best trailer of a movie of our generation.

  12. So no new trailer coming? Its been 4 months now, october is just around the corner Almost and still no new trailer? :O

  13. I cannot express my love for this trailer, finally an accurate portrayal! A perfect song, absolutely adore this. Whoever decided to put Jimmy Durante as the main song, deserves a raise, seriously! Magnificent, can’t wait to see it

  14. I cannot express my love for this trailer, finally an accurate portrayal! A perfect song, absolutely adore this. Whoever decided to put Jimmy Durante as the main song, deserves a raise, maybe more. Love the direction DC is going, far better than the part marvel is going now. Magnificent, can’t wait to see it!

  15. Everybody makin this teaser seem like it's the best thing in the damn world and attack anyone who says opposite

  16. I know marvel is now breaking box office records, but I still know DC will catch up to them..and even beat them!

  17. I normally don't go for the hero flicks, but the joker is one of the best villians out there.
    I may actually see this in tbe cinema

  18. Imagine if u can become like Joker who was scared by everyone.No one dare to hit you or insult you anymore while you only felt one thing,happiness.Always smile while everyone who make u suffered before is suffering now in front of u.This film is so relatable.

  19. The movie's going to end with Arthur trying to assassinate Thomas Wayne but accidentally killing Bruce instead. Enraged, Thomas beats Arthur to death with his bare hands and becomes Batman to kill criminals. Martha Wayne goes insane and takes up the mantle of Joker and commits crimes to cope with her trauma.

    It's just Flashpoint.

  20. I'm a little confused. Is this joker gonna be playing the villain we all know? Or is it gonna be his origin story?

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