Jurassic World The Ride Red Carpet Grand Opening

Jurassic World The Ride Red Carpet Grand Opening

>>Bryce Dallas Howard: What’s so fun about this is that you really do feel like you’re a part of the movie and so, going through the ride. It’s like okay the first part of it you’re like, oh gosh. It’s like I’m in Jurassic World, and then uh-oh there’s an emergency because that tends to happen in Jurassic World.>>Chris Pratt: You wait in line, and there’s a great narrative that we shot, so they call these like funny kind of video pieces. Then you get on the ride, similar animatronics as the original ride and then you know, it gets dangerous and once it goes dark, it’s dangerous It’s actually, it’s actually very freaky. And then the drop at the end, will actually like really smoke you. You’ll get super wet, And it’s it’s a great ride. It’s the best right here I think.>>Colin Trevorrow: You know, I am a fan and my heart and I think that one of the the best things about fandom is to be able to, to pass your fandom on to your children and to share the things that you love with your children. And that’s something that I’ve gotten to do personally and it’s something that if you come to this ride even if you’re like me, you’re old school and you grew up on Jurassic Park. You could take your kids and and take them to this and and have that experience and share that memory with them. Which I think is pretty cool.>>Yes, she recognizes somebody up there. [crowd claps and hollars]>>So ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Jurassic World. [music]

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  1. Ride is a huge disappointment. It’s not worth the hour and half wait, you’re better off going into single rider line. When I went the ride broke down before the lift and right at the drop. All together we were stuck for a good 30-40 mins. We sat there till they turned the animatronics off but kept the sound going.

    I saw in other videos the T. rex comes out really quick long before you even get to the drop. But for us since it broke down, right when we went over the hill to drop the T. rex turned on that did give me a good scare because I wasn’t expecting that.

    But other then that the ride is trash, and spoiler alert blue does nothing when he comes to “help” he just barks and walks away lol. They definitely need to add way more dinosaurs too.

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