Jurmana | Radha | New Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Aksha Pardasany

Jurmana | Radha | New Telugu Hindi Dubbed Movie | Sharwanand, Lavanya Tripathi, Aksha Pardasany

I have fallen in love with I love. I love you! My heart says wow! Lord Krishna says an eager person
who follows discipline and one who understand life…
– Hey! What are you doing there? I am listening to the sermon. Sermon? I don’t understand what it has.
How will you understand? I understand what Lord Krishna says. ‘The eager person…’ Listen, come for breakfast.
– Yes. I am coming. Hey, come down and have breakfast. I am not hungry
after listening to the sermon. He is mad. Completely mad. Children are crazy for cricket and TV. Why is he crazy for Lord Krishna? Come down. ‘If you are not eager
then you won’t obtain knowledge.’ Hail to Govinda! Hail to Govinda! Govinda!
– Govinda! Lord Krishna’s work is out of the way! Krishna is an example.
Krishna is love. Krishna! Are you alright?
You must be careful while walking. Where is your house?
– Over there. Go carefully. Mom!
– What happened? Mom, Lord Krishna came
as a police officer to save me. I will become a police officer like him. His one craze is not over.
He started another craze. Come on, keep quiet. My child! DSP. My child is getting a promotion
on every birthday. Happy birthday to you! Listen, look there. I feel Krishna is playing with the girls
at Vrindavan as a police officer. He thinks he is Krishna
as his name is Radhakrishna. Nagesh gang members killed the police
officer and are absconding. O God! If he hears this news.
Then no one can control his anger. You are too late.
– I need to hide the news. He heard the news on TV last night.
He left the house already. He gets angry if anyone says
anything to the police. Here a police officer is killed.
Now they are gone. Gone. Before it’s dark
I’ll go to Chennai then Sri Lanka. No one can catch us now. Who is playing the chants?
– I have no idea. Let’s go check. “Hail Krishna. Govinda. Murari!” “Hail Govinda Vrindavani!” Who are you? “Hail Krishna. Govinda. Murari!” Ask questions very humbly. Or it will lead to war. Right? What work do you have with us? Didn’t you understand?
– No. Lord Krishna took birth then to punish
the wicket. Now the police is born. It is wrong to kill a police man right. It means you are a police man. What did you say?
– Are you a police man? Ah! Say it again. Are you a police man?
– Ugh! That’s enough. Everyone told me
I will be a police man when I was a child. But you called me a police man. Do I look like a police man?
– It means you are not a police man. No, he is a policeman. Let’s go. Let’s go. I will teach you a lesson. Don’t say these dialogues to me. Go and sit in the jeep. Go. Take him quickly. Go. How did you catch these punks so easily? Sometimes I use my intelligence. That’s find.
The DGP wants to meet you once. Is it? Really?
– Yes. Uncle, these stars look good.
Can I take two? Are you mad? Come with me.
– Come on. Thank you for helping the police. I appreciate you.
– Thank you sir. What do you do otherwise? I am waiting to become a police officer. I am sorry. You decided to give
the notification next year. Give it soon. I will become a police officer. I liked your passion for the police. If I give you the job
will you do your duty sincerely? Sir! Try giving me the job.
I will handle blotch the criminals. Gold doesn’t get rusted right?
Even the uniform is like gold. On special consideration, I will recommend you.
– Thank you, sir. Will I have a commissioner
or assistant commissioner’s post? What will we do? Oh! At least DGP or SP.
– What will they do? Then the post of CI. You will get a S.I’s post.
Is it okay or not? Sir, you gave me a police job.
That’s enough for me. I will become DGP
before you retire. Thank you, sir.
– All the best. Like this! “Since I started wearing this uniform
the enemies are shaken up!” “One is equal to a hundred.
When the police is courageous!” “This is the magic of the uniform.
A dangerous magic!” “Be careful of it.
Or it will be out of control!” “When you touch the electricity
you are like a power house!” “You are!” “Like this!” “Come on everybody sing, Krishna!” “Be it any enemy
you will deal with him!” “The pistol runs between your fingers.
Your style is great!” “Krishna!
Whether it’s the uniform or night!” “Your desire captures
the city and village!” “You are sure.
You consider everyone equal!” “You are the hero of the city.
You are a gem at heart!” “This is the magic of the uniform.
A dangerous magic!” “Stay away from him.
He may get out of control!” “This is the magic of the uniform.
A dangerous magic!” “Stay away from him.
He may get out of control!” Radhakrishna! May all your wishes be fulfilled! “You are the only bravest
in the world of criminals!” “The goons forget
bullying on seeing you!” “You botch up thieves in a moment!” “The one who pricks you
you make them suffer!” “My magic is like this.
My music is like this!” “If anyone understands me
then I am like this!” “You are the king.
You are the hero of my heart!” “You are very brave.
You are braver than him!” “You are the king.
You are the hero of my heart!” “You are very brave.
You are braver than him!” Like this! Did you keep the shampoo?
– Yes I did. Did you keep the conditioner?
– I did. What about the body spray?
– I forget it. I’ll get it right now. What happened?
You have ear buds in your ears. Are you having a headache. Yes, brother-in-law.
What’s the matter? Jyoti is angry again. That is her birth right. Brother-in-law,
let me tell you something. Girls play with toys till they marry. But later they play with their husbands. You are right. What is this discussion
in a police’s house? I will file an FIR.
Shall I, brother-in-law. Hello sir, you’re not
a police officer yet. You are going for the training. Take your offer letter. It’s time for you to leave. Your dad offered it to Lord Krishna
after praying for you. Yes. Dad! For me. Prayer. It’s okay.
Keep your sentiments to yourself. Enough. That’s enough. Sir, the Home Minister. Sujata!
– Greetings! How are you?
– I am fine. Join my party. After you become the CM
I will make you the home minister. I don’t want any organisation.
The ministry is enough for me. Greetings! Sir, you called for a press conference.
Is there any special reason for it? If there was no reason
then why would I call you? Sir, will you be the candidate
for CM’s post at the next election? Look dear. If you have
an elderly person in your house will you like that person
to do your work? No, sir.
– I can’t work at this age. I don’t keep well too. Actually after this term I am retiring from politics. In the next election the high command asked me to recommend
a CM candidate. It is also my responsibility
as I am the CM of this state. I can do this work. And I will do it too. Very soon I’ll declare that name. I am leaving now. Hail India! Bye! Sujata!
– Sir! If someone is chosen for the
CM’s post beside me I will kill him. Inform him. This officer is very strict.
He is making life difficult for us. Shut up! You have no work
beside talking. Quick. What are you doing? I am doing push up, sir. Do it properly. Sir! Who are you?
– Whom am I? Who came first in the race last year? Who?
– It was me. Not only this. First in high jump.
First in long jump. I was first in my written exam too. Why are you late for training
if you came first in everything? Sorry, sir. You became an officer
at such a tender age. I can’t believe it. You know. Thanks, bro. Bro? Parade! Alert! Teacher, bless me.
– Who are you? I am S.I who has
come for training, sir. The one who takes training stands there,
the one who gives training stands here. I have finished the training already. Where did you do your training? In my village ground.
– What are you saying? I downloaded the syllabus
of the academy and read it. If you want help let me know.
In fact I can train them too. Stop talking nonsense. Go stand.
– Alright, sir. Hi, bro! How is he recruited here?
– Appointed by the DGP. People become officers
and nab criminals. He caught criminals and
became a police officer. – Oh! Is it good?
– Wonderful! Waiting for your order, sir. Alert! You have to wake up at 5 AM. I will wake up at 4 AM. Take 5 rounds of the ground at 5.30 AM.
– I’ll take 10 rounds. Sir, control yourself. What is the next task, sir? He is asking for the task.
Cadets, parade march. Go! Why did I get this guy
before my retirement? 75. 76. 77. Are you like this since childhood?
– Shut up and do your work. I am doing that.
– 79. 85.
– Sir, he is cheating. Start again.
– I didn’t like this game. What is this? I’m leaving. He’s a headache. Hi, bro! Hey, what’s this? Listen to me. Daddy, I finished 5 rounds. Who is your daddy here?
– This is how I am. When I like someone
I build a relationship with them. What is the next task, daddy? Go and take another 10 rounds.
– Okay. Friend, shall we go for a walk? I request you to go.
– Okay. First tell me what do you eat? Up!
– Hey, come on. Up! Sir, I climbed all the ropes.
What is next? Climb on anyone.
– That won’t look good. Shut up and get out. I can’t climb.
Look at my height and the ropes height. Make it down.
– Climb it the way it is. There won’t be any change. Listen, I didn’t like this game. Game? Does he feel it’s a game? Oh no! How did I find these people? Encounter! Fire! No! What are you doing here? Sir, in the entire academy this is the safest place to be. What is happening here?
Did the terrorist come in? Where are the gun shots coming from? The bullets stock has come today. But he is shooting the bullets
just like Diwali crackers. He is very bad student.
Send him back, sir. If the bullets get over.
Then how will I train others. It’s futile.
He should be kept away from the weapons. Only physical training for him. Do this work, sir.
– Why have you covered yourself? Get out of here! Go! Alright, sir. I’ll go. Hey! Show the answer to me. Will you show me the answer?
– No. What will you copy from a blank paper?
Here copy it. Parade alert! I am a soldier. I plead to follow the Indian constitution. I will protect my country. Teacher! You have a posting at Vijaynagar.
– Vijaynagar. Baranpur police station. Baranpur? All the best!
– Thank you daddy! God bless you!
– Bye! Where am I posted at?
– Nallasopara! In the park?
– No the forest. I won’t go to the forest.
– Then scratch yourself. Get lost! Sir, this is not right. By bringing out an old scam it is not right
in avenging the Home Minister. What happened?
You are supporting him? So that he becomes the CM
and you will be the Home Minister. No. I don’t want a post. The elections will be in next 4 months. Your fight is not important
compared to the organisation’s need. I told you. I am talking to you for so long
as you are an old staff. Now go. As you wish! Alright.
– Bye. Baranpur has arrived. Baranpur! Wow! Baranpur! Lord, I am joining my duty today. Let me catch all the criminals
so that I become a commissioner soon. Will you do it? I know. I know. You… Greetings, sir.
– Who are you’ll? If you are our inspector.
Then we are the constables. Constable?
– Yes. Where is your uniform? We have washed the uniform
ironed it and kept it in the cupboard. Get your baton. It’s good. You are worth watching. What is your name?
– Parth, sir. Parth? It means Arjun. Arjun!
– Yes. You came in my life after a long time.
– Me? What is your name?
– Nakul. Nakul? Then you are Yudhishthira,
you are Sahadeva. Wow! My family is here. Where is the temple?
– Which temple? Police station. What is this?
– A police station? Poli… People are using it as a market,
gym and library. No. Just a minute.
Come let’s clean it. Hey, come on. Go from here.
– Go. Quickly. Sir, get up. Get going?
– Let’s go. Move from here. This is worse than a ghost house. Where is the furniture
of the police station? Sir, the termites destroyed it. Where are the FIR books?
– I will buy it. Sir! Will you buy it? Sir, there is not much work here. This is the only place in the country
where there are no criminals. There are no goons or fights.
It’s zero crime rates. Zero?
– Crime rate. I thought of blood flowing
on hearing the name of the village. Let it be, sir.
People don’t burst a bomb even on Diwali. Yes. I am telling the fact. ‘I will destroy criminals easily.’ Fatso! Krishna, what happened?
Did you join your duty? What duty? What is there to do here?
The crime rate is zero here. What can I do about it? I don’t know what you will do.
I want a task right now. Send me where the crime rate is more. Or send me to the border. Krishna, the military is at the border. I will come back for the training.
– This is against the rules. This is also against me.
– Alright. Give me time to think. Get lost! They dropped a happy person in a desert. Where did he come from?
What will happen to him? Come.
– Lord! I had a dream.
But what did you do? What did I ask for? I told you I will work.
But you send me in a useless village. What about you? You are enjoying.
Girls are here. You are romancing them. But what about us?
Tell me what will happen? Lord! Wait!
– Sir! Wait! Hey!
– Sir! Sir, wait.
– Wait! Did you get me here because of this? There is a reason why you do things. I know. Don’t be sad if there’s no work.
Return to the place you came from. Who told you there’s no work? The rabbit is very good looking right? Which one?
The small one or the big one? I will celebrate my silver jubilee. But Radha isn’t here. What do you mean
by silver jubilee celebration? I am turning 25 year old. I need to marry right?
– Oh! So now you will do this work.
– Exactly! Rabbit! What is your name? Why should I tell you? As an S.I it is my responsibility
to know about people here. Radha! Radha? You are half in me. How many people live with you? It’s me, mom, dad and my cousin.
– You are safe. What do you do? What is that to you? If I have to save you from trouble
then I need to know details right? You are doing well, sir. I am doing engineering in a college. Which course? B.Tech. She is my competition. That girl is from here.
No one can flatter her. It means no one woe’s her. It’s safer. Alright, dad. Arjun.
– Sir. Take a U turn.
– Where are we going, sir? Patrolling. Sir, why to patrol in this village?
We will lose our petrol. Arjun.
– Sir! Who will save this village beside us? Calm down, sir. Radio. A nice song in this program. “The first kick, the first love!” “My love is new.
It’s a new kind of waiting!” “My heart is eager.
How do I tell you?” “My heart is eager!” U turn! Sir, patrolling means
roaming in all the lanes. It will be difficult to maintain
all the lanes. This one lane is enough for us. Sir, Radha has left.
Get in the jeep now. Maybe Radha is scared
seeing me in a police uniform. We need to plan something. Plan?
– Yes. Clean India in the lanes.
– Sir, how can we have clean India here? The whole village is clean. The lessons starts now.
– Sir. Start the work.
– Sir. What is wrong with this city?
– It’s lost its charm after you came. On one hand is the dust.
On the other hand is the heat. How should Radha’s lane be? Hi, Radha! Even you are here.
Let’s make this campaign successful. What do you say?
– I am allergic to dust. She has lot of energy. Look even the dust is clean.
What else do you need? Arjun, do you know the meaning of dust? What is it?
– Aluminate, silicate, the living things mix together other living things are part of it. This dust in your hand it has more bacteria than anyone else. Your explanation was damn lovely. If I ask you again about dust
you can beat me up. She laughed. He’s funny.
– Very much. It dropped.
– I saw it. Shall I give it?
– No, go get it. – Oh! It means you will give it to her. If I sell this I will get good salary. Sir! Radha dropped it. Go and give it to her. Sir, this is not right. You steal being a police officer. When Lord Krishna can steal
then why can’t we? I understood. As there’s no thief
in this city you are the thief. You need to do such things
for the welfare of the people. Is it for people’s welfare or yours? You ask me after knowing everything. Oh, my God!
– Naughty boy. Go there. Where did you drop it? I had come here, mom. You should have been careful.
– They are searching for it. Where did it go? It’s pure gold. Do you know the price of gold? You should have left it home.
– Sir. Give it.
They are searching from some time. You stole the chain
Now you are feeling shy. Give it away. Inspector.
– Yes, uncle. I am not your uncle.
My daughter lost her chain. Did you see it?
– No. Hey, did you see it?
– No. – He didn’t see it. They didn’t see it.
Come on, find it. Look there.
– I will. You can complaint about it. We have bought the FIR books too. I told you this girl is fire. She won’t
listen no matter how much you call her. Hey! Girls are like this. It’s their habit to overlook things. That is their weapon. That’s why boys fall in love with them. I feel you have researched
a lot on girls. I have studied only that subject. Sir, you are making us do this work
as there is no other work. Why did you give us this work? Instead of sitting ideal. We must find some work. Isn’t it?
– Yes. What is he doing here? Why did you stop me?
– To give you the chain. That was lost the other day.
– I found it right then. But I kept it as mortgage. Kept it as mortgage? Because of Arjun’s friend’s problem. What problems? His mother is hospitalized. His sister is at home. His wife is at her maternal home. That’s why this chain had to be kept mortgage. Did you help him
by mortgaging this chain? It is right to help, isn’t it? Yes. Chinni! Your chain is very beautiful! Take care of it.
– I don’t want to mortgage my chain. Let’s go, sister.
– Naughty girl. Sir, which is this
new twist in the story? You question me
even after knowing everything. Naughty friend. Sister, I don’t like this man. Forget it. He returned the chain. Don’t worry. He is not here.
We can go easily. Hail Lord Krishna.
– Play your move. Look there. He’s here. Hello!
– Do you know? Were you searching for me? Are you just going away?
Don’t you want your chain? You returned it the other day. That was an artificial chain. If you will give that chain then… Chinni, where is your chain? I left it at home fearing you. Smart girl. Hey, let’s go. Listen. Don’t drop the chain again. Thank you for telling me. Let’s go. Sister, we will tell dad today.
– Let it be. We got the chain right? The old lady is amazing too. She will not give any chance to anyone. This place is very awesome! I will miss these things
once I return to college. But you won’t miss your chain? Hi, Chinni! Why did she run away? How many times will
you return the chain? What is the matter? Actually the first one
was the original one. As Arjun needed money
I gave the artificial one. Take back the original chain. Thank you for helping me. Do you call this help? I mean you talking to me in this manner is a help to me. I did this so that I could talk to you. Don’t have other ideas about police. Alright. Will you stop talking
after I returned the chain? I won’t stop talking.
As I like you. Oh! Teacher!
– Yes. I have transferred you at the
highest crime rate area. Is it sir? Thank you.
Thank you so much. So get out right now. I will send you the transfer letter. Love you teacher. Thank you! ‘The number is switched off.’ So in the coming election our party will win. This is what the survey says. That is why as the candidate of CM I am proposing Sujata’s name. His rapport with the people and the members is very good. He has a clean image. Beside him, the other candidate I propose is Suri Reddy. Wow!
– There is no differentiation in this. Wow! That’s good. I was the only CM candidate
for so long. Now Sujata’s name is first in the list. First place! Yes. Will you compete with me? Brother! How can I compete with you? Let me see how you
become a CM. I will teach you a lesson. How long will I follow you? Guess who’s back! No! Leave me. Leave me, Ramchandra!
– Sir. Drive from the side. Okay, sir.
– No! Sir!
– Can’t your control your hands and feet? You were pulling the girl. What is your name? How can I introduce
myself while running? Tell me. Katal Singh. Your father’s name.
– Katal Shri Babu. Sir.
– “I am the one you are looking for.” “I’m a bad guy. I’ll show you.”
– Sir, don’t imprison me. Sir, please listen to me. Sir. Please, sir. I’ll be ridiculed in my area.
– Oh, God! My dream is fulfilled after many years. I am writing the first FIR in my life.
Thanks, bro! Teacher! When did you come teacher? Miss you, daddy!
– Have you finished the massage? Now enough. Wonderful! This is called a police station. A prisoner in the lockup.
Handcuffs for them. Lawyer. The stand is shining with guns. I wanted this material, daddy.
– You are happy, right? Everyone relax happily. Yes. This is Dholpuri area.
Be careful. Don’t worry. Krishna has taken good training. He will convert
this crime city to clean city. Do your work. I was saying. We will go and protect the people. Arjun.
– There’s no one here with this name. Arjun must be anxious without me. “It’s Crazy! Crazy! Crazy feeling!” “It’s crazy! Crazy! Crazy feeling!” “It’s Crazy! Crazy! Crazy feeling!”
– Who is calling up? Sir.
– “It’s crazy, crazy, crazy feeling!” Stop it quickly.
– “It’s a crazy, crazy, crazy feeling!” Sir, I am very sad as you left. Then what song is playing.
I can hear crazy feeling played. How did he know? Stop the song
pack your things and come here. Where to, sir? Stupid, you’re transferred at Hyderabad. Sir, this is unjust. I know. Without me
you will feel it’s unjust. When you change the place
you change your thinking too. Come soon. Even the original Krishna didn’t take
so much advantage of Arjun, sir. Praise the Lord! Pick it up. Rabbit! Listen, I got the transfer orders
so I had to leave. My exams are next week.
I want to study. Bye. Does anyone study so hard? I was happy in the village.
You got him here. There’s no song or dance here. Salute, sir.
– Greetings! Greetings!
– Salute! Arjun, so much anger is not good.
What is this? FIR, sir.
– What? So many FIR? There are more in the godown. Godown? He snatched my chain. Oh, my God!
– What do you want? What does it mean?
Slow means beating on the streets. Fast means beating at the lock up. So fast is better. Very good. Take him. Leave me. Halt here. No milk. No paper. Maybe they have gone to the village. Hello! Do you want help? There is no way out. Come here. What were you doing? We were packing our things
and running away. Without the owner’s permission? The owner has gone out.
We didn’t want to trouble him. Oh! As you don’t like to trouble
the owner so you stayed here. Good. Pack and clean them up quickly. Sir… We won’t repeat the mistake. Sir. Forgive us. Please. Sir, please. We don’t it again. You don’t know.
– Sir… Sir doesn’t believe in beating up. For you it’s not slow or fast. The message is good. Give me a good cup of tea. Yes, sir.
– I’m having a headache. Let’s read the newspaper. Give me two tea cups.
– Can’t you see? This is my place. Get up.
– Talk nicely. Don’t you know who you are talking to? Do you want respect?
– Hey! This is the mute button
for police officer. Keep it. Will you beat a police officer? Rahim, hit him. Sir, he is Home Minister
Suryadev’s man. So hit him harder, Rahim. Hey!
– Shut up! Respect. Respect the police. I can do anything for it. Even if you are anyone’s man. You beat me in the middle of the road. Oh, my God! He is angry.
As I hit him on the streets. Beat him in a cell. Go. You will repent. Take him away. The phone is ringing. You’ll continue hitting him. Yes, sir.
– Okay, sir. Hit him hard. It looks good, sir. Why are you celebrating
the festival at the police station? Krishna was born in a prison. Where else can we celebrate it
if not here? Sir, my daughter. How are you? This looks like a temple
not a police station. Right. He can’t do it. We’ll make a mark with your feet.
Come on. But sir this girl. – God and mother
are same be it a temple or a home. Isn’t it?
– Yes. Sir! Couldn’t you come earlier? Why? The food is very nice.
– Thank you. Eat food, sir. Sir, where are we going? Radha has come from the village.
We will surprise her. It is wrong to do such things
during duty hours. I understood.
You love your duty. Yes. You want to go
to college and meet Radha. Let’s go. We want to enjoy.
– Let’s go. Hey, look here.
– Why is they laughing at me? Sir! I feel you are not going to meet
your lover but attending a birthday party. Radha is a child too. Sir, I can hear western music
from this room. Radha doesn’t like western music.
Only traditional music. Sir, come here.
– Why? Check the remix
of your traditional music. What is wrong with Radha? She broke my heart. Sir! Does these toys
have anything to do with that girl? Stop it! This material is not enough.
I want some more beat. This is my dialogue. “What’s my name?” “My name?”
– Oh, my God! “My name is Sheela.
Sheela is young!” “I am too sexy for you.
You can’t trap me!” My heart is really broken.
– Yes. I need to stop this somehow.
– What are you waiting for? Stop it. Rabbit! How did he come here? Change the song. Stop it.
Change the song. “Krishna was teasing me
at the river side!” “Krishna was…” “He twisted my wrist!” I will slap you.
– Let’s go quickly. Oh, my God! You were pretending
to be very docile at the village. But you are dancing
like Lady Gaga here. Honestly you are very smart. That… my father is very cultured. Again father? I am docile in the village
as you need to be cultured. Oh! Or you won’t stay docile. The step was superb, Rabbit. By the way why should I talk to you? You came here without informing me.
I don’t want to talk to you. Go away. Rabbit! Sir, I forgot my documents at home. Sir, even the wrong route people have all documents on pollution.
– Right, sir. You don’t take pollution certificate
from the environment. They are taken so that we are not caught. You will get a wrong person
even in a right route. Go and try it out. We won’t leave that person.
– Yes. Leave me first. Sir, going there…
– Go do your work. Alright, sir. Alright. Where is the document? Stop! Park aside! Listen! Stop! He asked you to stop.
Show me the documents. I have only this paper, sir.
– You don’t have an older post. What? Are we joking here?
Show me the vehicle’s document. I know a S.I. Sir! Do you know this girl? “Look at me!” He doesn’t know you. Tell him my name is Radha. Sir, her name is Radha. “Look at me!” Hello! Come on.
Show me the vehicle’s documents. RC. Driving license.
Show me all the documents. Did you bring everything?
– Yes, sir. Go away.
– Hey! If you don’t have the documents
leave your vehicle behind. – Listen. Please!
– Why did they catch her? Sir! That girl. “Come here.”
– Sir, look behind. Sir, your house is getting ruined. What happened?
– Look behind. Did you buy or rob the bike?
– Sir, please! Rahim, leave that girl.
– I won’t leave her. You. Let this vehicle go. How can I? She shows me the newspaper.
– Nab the criminals. Leave the lovers, Rahim.
– Rahim. Hell! Rabbit! Listen. Sir. Shall I talk to her? Enough. You spoke enough. You ruined my love for your sincerity. But I like your sincerity. Continue it in this manner.
– Okay, sir. Rahim, you were wrong.
You shouldn’t do it. You will have to solve this problem.
– Alright. Glory to CM Sujata!
– Everyone is waiting for you. Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata! Glory to CM Sujata!
– Greetings! Enough. Greetings to everyone.
– Greetings! How are you?
– We’re fine. Every Sunday for the last 10 years I’ve been meeting all the workers. But today there are so many of you. What do you want?
– You have to become the CM. You have to become the CM.
– I never desired to be the CM. I never competed with anyone. I started my political life with you. I am standing with you
but I still serve the people. Today the organization
is asking me to become the CM. I’m getting an opportunity to serve you.
I can’t refuse it. Wait! Everyone asked me. How is your name Sujata
though you are a man? This is my wife’s name. I got this name
so I don’t do any mistake. As if I do a mistake then her name will be ruined. This is my respect for women. Run! Run! Run! Run away from here! Run away from here! Go quickly from here! Run! Run! Move back. You… Hey! Sir, go. Go away! Hey! Parth, get up. Parth! Don’t you get angry
as I keep you with me. Sir, relatives and friends
do come and go in life. But not someone like a brother.
You are an elder brother to me. Hey! Get up! Parth, get up! Hey! Sir! Sir! Sir! Rahim! My wife is in the hospital. It’s her operation today. I came here for duty. Rahim, nothing will happen to you. If I die and something
happens to my wife. Then there’s no one
to take care of my daughter. Nothing will happen to you, Rahim. Call the ambulance quickly. Sir! My daughter will become an orphan. Hey, get it quickly. She’ll become an orphan.
– Nothing will happen. Get it quickly. Daughter. A life threatening attack
took place on minister Sujata. Some unknown people
committed this crime. This attack took place
because of police’s incompetency. The police officers were irresponsible.
And they were drunk on duty. Sujata being a candidate for CM’s post can be the main
reason for this bomb blast. The people are guessing this. Sir, we hear you are
responsible for this blast. Don’t accuse me
without the right information. People say you planned this
so that he is out of CM’s post. The inquiry commission is set. Until the truth is out I won’t take up the chair
of Home Minister. Did you hear that? Did you? Sir…
– Sorry! My son doesn’t drink alcohol. He is blamed of dying drunk on duty. Glory to CM Sujata! CM Sujata. C M Sujata. Life is important to stay alive. And I played this game with that life. A bomb attack on Sujata.
Breaking news! Boom! Boom! The whole nation was shocked. When I had planned everything how could anything happen to me? Run away! Run away! I let the police reach there late. They were drinking soft drink. But everyone felt
they are drinking alcohol. This was done by the Home Minister. I ignited the fire among the people. The Home Minister
resigned from his post. I climbed the steps
for the post of CM. Boss, this plan was amazing. Is the guy who blasted safe? All are hiding and are safe. You don’t worry. Who is there? Actually it’s personal
between him and me. He must have heard everything I said. Kill him! Hey! Don’t kill me. I didn’t do anything.
I didn’t do anything. What are you saying, sir? If you didn’t hear what I said… Sir, it’s not safe here. Go away.
I will handle things here. Reporting, sir. ‘My daughter.’ The situation is critical. Until he doesn’t regain consciousness
we can’t say anything. He heard it or didn’t hear. He heard it or didn’t hear it. Yes? Did you find out
where that guy is? No, sir. He killed my men.
He simply said I couldn’t hear you. I don’t know, sir.
This seems to be a new concept. Sir, good morning.
– Yes tell me. The minister’s men are here for you. Where is he? “Hail to the King!” Why did you shoot them? Bunty was Home Minister’s man.
He would have killed you too. By the way why did you take
so much risk to save me? That’s fine. Did you hear anything yesterday? That… I wear caps
when I have a headache. After I wear them
I can’t hear a thing. What to do? It’s a habit. Are you wearing them? Why, sir? Did you hear anything?
– No. Hey! Give him coffee. Okay, sir.
– Wait there. Relax. I will join you. Yes, sir. What should we do with him? Shall I kill him? He said he didn’t hear anything.
Then it’s fine. If he has heard it.
And if he has told anyone about it. Then the empire I built will get ruined. But I won’t let that happen.
Investigate about him. Watch his every move. Who is he?
And where has he come from? His friends. Everything. Everything! Find out his details. If he knows the story
then we’ll kill him. We will kill him anyway. Sir!
– Relax! I liked your story.
I mean I liked your dedication. That’s why I appoint you
as my personal security in charge. Sir! You are giving me a promotion
as I protected you. You are great, sir. By the way, I get FIR cases
at the police the police station. What work do I have here? There is lot of work here. You have to stay here.
Always in my sight. Only then I can be safe.
– Okay, sir. Don’t fear.
You are completely in my control. I will make the security sterner. If possible I will train them too. On duty sir.
– Don’t salute. I get scared. Sir, I have a small request.
I am having a headache. I will join duty after it reduces. Wear the caps.
– Okay, sir. Thank you, sir. Hey! Do you feel I am fool
that I will believe your story? You are dead. Sir, he didn’t hear the bullet sound. Sir, he is entering. Hello, sir. Who are you?
– Sir, I am your watchman. Minister Sujata sent me. Why does the minister love me so much? He saved me. Gave me a promotion. He also gave me a security guy. Security guy? Seeing your love.
I don’t feel like taking my salary. Thanks! Hey, peppermint sweet. Peppermint sweets? Sir, the one which children
enjoy to chew. Dad took it for me as a child. Deliver two boxes home. Not two. Send four.
I will give the minister too. Sir, we can have it tomorrow. Sir, he is calling someone. Increase the volume. Rabbit, it’s a code word. Note it down. Tell me. – It’s his girlfriend. Maybe it’s his pet name. I want to say something
important to you. Is someone with you? I am come aside. Tell me. My doubt is confirmed. He will tell her about me. Increase the volume. Give me a kiss. Kiss? I am in college now. I know.
– Then why did you ask? I just tried my luck. I am disconnecting.
– Wait. I want to tell you something. I got a promotion. Do you know where?
At minister Sujata’s place. Why are you joining him?
– Why? Seeing him I feel he is acting. She is right on the point. Hey, decrease the volume. Stop it. Just stop it! Alright. But I want to meet you. You can’t meet me. Why?
– I am busy. What work is keeping you busy? I want to go home.
The groom’s family is coming over. Groom’s family?
– Yes. How is that possible?
If you want you can check me out. Shut up! Bye! She is not Radha. But Satyabhama. How will I bear her
madness all my life? What are you doing here? Go away. Don’t come again. “I am waiting for you baby!” Wait! Where are you going? My friend is inside. Send her out. The people who are standing here
have friends inside. Shall I sent them? You are comparing me to them? Oh no! That is my Rabbit. Radha. Ma’am, do you know him? She knows me very well. Hi! “Have mercy Radha!” She is taking revenge very well. “Have mercy Radha!” “Keep taking Krishna’s name!” “Have mercy Radha!”
– Let me go inside. “Keep taking Krishna’s name!” “Have mercy Radha!” “Keep taking Krishna’s name!” Go talk to him. Okay. O God! She is no angrier. I was happy as you retuned
my chain thrice. That is why you took me lightly. Look there. Can you see him? He is interested in me since 3 years. If I had done the same thing to you
then you would know my value. Now on you wait for me in this manner. Goodbye!
– Rabbit! What problem do you have?
– Sir, we feel he is a mad guy. Why? What happened? You ask us to stay with him.
He is asking us for a task. Task? He wants some work. He was playing with the child till now. After he went to school
he is playing with us. Game start. Hans! My God! My God! Listen. Games and exercise is alright. He is asking us to
read the Bhagwat Gita too. He is asking you to read The Geeta? When we told him we can’t read he hits us and
ask us to read the summary. I can’t do anything about your problem. Take care of him somehow. Alright, sir.
– Sir! On duty, sir. Tell me what shall I do? He may play games with me. Right now there’s nothing to do. Play with these people.
– Okay, sir. I will play well with them. Boss!
– Boss! News! Whoever complained about me
must come forward quickly. Or I will train all of you. Hey! You complained. I didn’t say anything. I told good things about you. Did you appreciate me?
– Yes. Sit down.
– Yes. Sit down. Sit down. Shall I sit down?
– Yes. But it’s hurting me. I did this so that it hurts. Why?
– Sit in this manner for an hour. An hour? Minister, I have come
to his training place. What did you find out there? Okay. You found him. Did he ask for a task? If you don’t give him a task.
He will take it from somewhere. Now everyday will be enjoyable for you. Everyone is saying
other things about him. My God! Venkat, go and… Boss, we have an exam. Exam? Paper number 1. Bhagwat Gita! Paper number 2. Bhagwat. Fill in the blanks and chants. He is playing with us intelligently.
– True. Hey Balram, wait. Wait. Catch Balram. Hey! Hey! I found you.
– Balram, this is cheating. Sorry, sir. Balram, catch me. Quick. Yes. Wait. I am coming. My son is so happy today. Yes. Give another promotion
to Krishna and keep him here. Sir! Sir, there is a huge problem.
– What happened? The income tax officers
have raided all your black money. What? My hard work has been ruined. I hid that money to become the CM
and to buy MLA’s. I didn’t keep anything on my name
to keep my clean image. Sir, everything is ruined. Sir! The I.T didn’t carry out the raid. Someone planned and robbed the money. What are you saying? Hello, uncle. How are you? Are you worried as you lost your money? Who are you? Uncle, I told you I am your nephew. Anyway, I stole your money. You bast… What did you say? Won’t I know that you
have hidden the money? I keep an eye everywhere.
I won’t let you go. Uncle, a good game
has begun between us. I have only one problem. You will lose. And I will win. My uncle Sujata! I will teach you a lesson. Hey! Find out where did the call
come from? Trace it. I want to know who this guy is. I finished playing. I will come at the first hour tomorrow. It’s not needed. You can come anytime you want. Or you sit at the police station. Sir, if there is any issue let me know. I am here. I will solve it. Go!
– Okay, sir. Who is he? Hey Radha! Hey Radha! Hey Radha! What is this? To kill me it is important
that you are of my standard. I snatched your post. So you reversed the game. But which game?
– Which game? It’s time to become the CM.
Why murder? That stopped me till now. But if it’s confirmed it’s you.
Then I will kill you. Sir, do you feel he’s done it. He didn’t do it. I saw fear in his eyes. But beside him, who else
will have such a huge network. Who has that courage? Sir, whatever you wanted you have got it. No. He killed 12 police officers
for his greed. And they were accused to be
on duty drunk. The street he killed our men.
We need to get him to that street. We will get the truth out of him
and obtain our reputation back. This is our target. He is our future CM. We will kill him
before he takes an oath. It was a moment’s work for Krishna
to kill the Kaurava’s at the Kurukshetra. But he didn’t do it. He killed them with course of action. And made religion win. We will make their state such that no
one will dare to touch a police officer. You can’t bring back the dead. Distribute this money to the family
who has lost their loved ones. Whoever gave this money he is God to us. Take the fingerprints. Greetings, sir. What did he do again?
– The same thing he always does. He robbed. Won’t you change? Sir! I couldn’t carry the bag. So I just helped to carry the bag. Hey, don’t lie. Sir, if you give me a chance then I will handle him well. Go play.
– Sir. I beg of you.
Give me a chance to change. Are you Sisupal
to keep giving you chances? Sorry, sir.
– Do you know to cook? Sir, I am an expert cook. Alright. I believe you can cook. But do you know to prepare snacks.
– I can do it. Cancel all his cases. Open a hotel outside our police station. He will stay here with his family. But this is against our rule. Brother, a well has water.
And also the ocean. We filter it and drink, right.
He is also similar. We will filter his bad qualities. Cut the ribbon, sir. I dreamt of cutting a ribbon as a child. It is a reality now.
God is great! Applaud. Give me a snack.
– Right away. Prepare it quickly. Sir, you find a solution
to everything. How? In an elephant’s footprints you can find the footprints
of all the living creatures. I am also same.
He commands. I fulfill it. Okay, sir. I didn’t understand a thing. Hello! I am at your house.
Come home quickly. Dad, what’s this?
You came without informing me. Why will we tell you? Stop talking nonsense.
And come home. My parents are here. Tell me why did you get me here? My parents have come here. If we talk to them
then our work will be done. What do you want to talk? Proud female. Alright. Come inside.
I will say hello and leave. He is not listening.
Look, brother is here. My son is here. I am seeing you after many days. You started acting again. You keep quiet.
– Mom. She is Radha. Hello aunt. Hello uncle! She is my sister Jyoti. She fights with her husband
and comes home. It’s her habit.
– Shut up! Get lost!
– What did you say? Radha! It’s a nice name. My son’s name is also Radhakrishna. Your name has Radha.
And she is also Radha. We have Rukmini too. Has Rukmini come?
– Yes she has come too. Sit down. I will be back. Hey, Ruku! Ruku! Krishna, you have pulled down. Don’t you eat well. Who is this girl? Ruku. She is… Rukmini. Hi!
– Hi! So are you both friends? It is not cleared yet. Krishna, come. Let’s talk.
– Yes. I want to tell you many things. Krishna, tell me.
How is work going on? Ruku, you know catching thief was my… You are a thief.
You stole everyone’s heart. Right. It’s luck. What does your husband do?
– Ruku isn’t married yet. I guess. Why are you so worried about her? I have got many alliances. But I don’t want to marry. If everything goes on right. Then my husband would be a police man. Isn’t it, Krishna? No. I don’t know. Do you know
Krishna was very mischievous. Once he stole my chain to harass me. Then he returned it
after making me cry thrice. Girls like such things. So this chain scheme is from here. It was a successful formula. So I repeated it. That reminds me. Krishna! Shall I tell it? What? I can’t tell. I am feeling shy. What did you do? I have done many things.
How will I remember? I don’t know. Don’t be so innocent.
Surely you have done something. I didn’t do anything. Krishna!
– Yes. Go. She is calling you. Hey! It’s useless.
I need to do something. Dad! What headache is this? It is just hurting me. What happened?
– What? I and Ruku went to have
ice cream at night. Since then I have cold, fever. If you imbibe new habits
this will happen. – What? You can take medicines, right? I have taken many medicines.
But it is not helping me. Don’t worry. Have basil leaves tea.
The pain will subside. Is it, Ruku? Why did she come now? Hey! It’s gone. All the medicines didn’t help.
But the basil leaf did. Don’t think basil leaves
are not important. All the wealth was put in the
weighing machine to weigh Krishna. But Rukmini added
two basil leaves it got balanced. Hey!
– And the problem was solved. Uncle!
– Here the problem has started. It’s useless.
I need to show her my power. Do you know
what is my status in this house? I don’t know.
– Neither do I. What is your status? Get up. “I have many guys crazy for me!” “Don’t think you are someone special!” “I will gain attention
of that one who looks at me!” “I am the queen of my rocking style!” “Rukmini. Radha. Both are good!” “I am sandwich. I am disturbed!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Gu. Gu. This is love!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Ju. Ju. This is love!” “If you love one.
How can I appease someone else?” “You are worried thinking these things.” “I love both of them.
Both say come along!” “One says garden the other asks
me to meet me at the river bank!” “Come, come my dear.
Say something about love!” “You drive me crazy.” “Come, come my dear.
Quench my thirst!” “Come in my arms!” “Rukmini. Radha. Both are good!” “I am sandwich between them.
I am shaken up!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Ju. Ju. This is love!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Ju. Ju. This is love!” “One signals to me!” “The other one is also ready!” “He’s hot. He’s cute.
You are great!” “Neither Romeo or Jack.
I just love you!” “There is a sale
one and one girlfriend!” “How can I romance with both?” “My skin is fair!” “My heart will dance with joy!” “I will create some uproar by dancing!” “Today my beloved is with me!” “Rukmini. Radha. Both are beautiful!” “I am a sandwich.
I am shaken up!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Ju. Ju. This is love!” “Ra. Ra. Ra. Krishna!” “Ju. Ju. This is love!” If another 10 points increase
you will get an heart attack. Take this tablet to control B.P. I don’t want tablet
to reduce my B.P. I want the address
of the person who is murdering. Sir, that phone call is traced.
It came from Somalia. Somalia? Who stays in Somalia? We will inform the Cybercrime staff.
They will find out in no time. What will we tell them? You are right. We will be caught
if we give them a reason. Sir, it’s a call from Delhi. Sir, greetings!
Congratulations Sujata. The high command finalised
your name for the CM’s post. Sir! Thank you, sir!
Thank you so much, sir! Thank you, sir! I got what I wanted. I am the future CM. Sujata is the future CM. Someone is fighting
outside the main gate. Why are you telling me this? Beat him. He will run away.
– How can I beat your son? My son? “You may need a daddy right now!” “You are my…” Who are you? I am Abhiram, dad. Dad?
– Yes, dad. Am I your dad? Dad! The one
I am searching for since childhood. As per my personal theory. The moment that is happening in one place
happens in another place too. The seed you sowed many years ago.
It has grown from a plant to a huge tree, dad. Everything is inter- locked. Hey! If you call me dad again
I will beat you. Beat me. I am searching for the emotion of dad
for 32 years. I dreamt of a father
when I slept at night. I did everything for dad in my life. I found you with much difficulty.
I am so happy. I won’t return if I go. Accept me, dad. What is he saying? Sister.
– No, mom. I really don’t know who this guy is. He didn’t wait for me to be born. He left my mother. How will you know me, dad? Throw him out of here. Dad, the police has given me
permission to sit on a strike. If anything happens to me here.
Then you will be responsible. I have file this report
at the police station. Tell me what do you want from me? Your name, dad. Hey! I will really kill you. You gave birth to me privately.
You are threatening to kill me in public. Are you listening? Injustice is being
done to a man in front of your eyes. Dad, accept me as your son. Sir, everyone is watching.
Don’t do it publically. He will be here for two days and leave.
– Mummy! Have pity on me! I am very hungry.
Will I get bread and butter? Dad! I searched for you all my life. I won’t leave this place without you. Dad! I don’t know what you will do.
This news must spread in the state. I will call a press meeting right now. Is the minister Sujata your father? I am sitting here to answer. It means you are the son
of his first wife? I don’t know the number.
He can tell you about it. Didn’t you know he was your
father for so many years? Do you know one thing?
There are 4 kinds of seeds in the world. Fool. Matured. More matured.
And much more matured. I… am the first kind of seed. It is called the foolish one. That is why it took me so many years to find my dad. Alright. Do you believe
that Adiram is Sujata’s son? If you believe then type
yes or no and send on 56270. 1%. Beside you everyone
feels he is your son. He also has the support
of the orphan union. What is this union about? Sir, the CM is calling up. Greetings, sir. What is this issue about your son? The reputation of
the organisation is getting ruined. I am getting calls from
the high command. He is not my son. I… I will manage something.
– Do whatever you have to do quickly. Or you won’t get any pot.
– Okay, sir. Trust me. I have to prove
that he is not my son. Why do you worry about this? Do a DNA test.
Everything will be cleared. Even God accepts
that I am his son. I only want your support. Dad is coming.
– Let’s go to him. Sir.
– Sir. Relax! I will prove what he says is a lie. The DNA test will bring out the truth. I was ready for it
when I was born. It is my dad’s blood.
Take it. I am ready. He is more confident
than your real son. How dare you!
– Dad! I have mother with me. Parvathi from Kalapur. Parvathi from Kalapur? Come dad, let’s do a DNA test. We will go. I don’t fear anyone. We will go in the morning.
– You are having a tough time. I knew.
– I don’t fear anyone. Honestly. Sir! Where did I find you? You and your peppermint idea. What is this?
– It’s nothing. He is doing for cheap publicity. Dear, don’t notice these things. He was born after we went
to the temple for 15 years. Oh no! Sujata! He was born in Palapur after 15 days. Hey, come down. I won’t get down.
– He’s asking you to get down. Come down. Dad! Where am I trapped? Siddharth. DND. Hi, everyone. I am Dr. DNA. Damodhar Nursing Association. DNA. Got it?
– That’s what I want to change. I can’t do it.
Grandfather gave it to my dad and dad gave it to me. What did he give? DNA.
Damodhar Nursing association. I want to change the DNA report. Sir, you can ask
for vote from anywhere. But you can’t vote. In the same way when you vote they come out from the ballet boxes. Dad! I like the brother who’s out. I will go and play with him. Ideal family. There is a big gap between
the elder one and the younger one. Shut up. Do what you came here to do. Change the report.
– I will give it in your hands. What?
– The report. Hey! You doubted me right? The TV will tell you the truth. Watch it. Hey!
– Sir! Remove his tent when the report comes.
– Alright, sir. ‘The DNA reports are out.’ ‘Both of their report match it is proved that
Abhiram is Sujata’s son.’ Will you ask a share in his property?
– What will I do with his property? He is my father
the people know about it. These DNA reports are dedicated to my dad. Where is that doctor? My God! No!
– Leave my legs. Signal Raja. You asked me to change the report. The report was negative. But you made it positive.
– It means… He is not my son.
– No. He is someone else’s son. ‘Keeping in mind
the image of the organisation Sujata is out from the CM’s race.’ ‘This has been announced.’ Everything has ended. Sir!
– Everything is over. Everything is over. Sir, call for you? Hello! What happened?
Will you become the CM? Not just CM. I won’t let you
become the organization’s worker. You are thinking
how did the son appear? It’s me who fixed things with him. I ruined your name.
I stole your money. You will become zero
with my next stamp. Sujata. Whoever he is, he is very clever. He ruined your dream
of 30 years in 3 days. A political likes his power,
money and post. Today you made him weak. Our target is not over yet. We want him to tell
the people the truth. We need to prove he is a criminal. For that we need to catch the thief
who executed the bomb blast. No one knows who he is beside Sujata.
How will we catch him. ‘The main four accused who executed
the bomb blast on minister Sujata have entered the city.’ ‘Some unknown person
gave this information to the police.’ ‘The police is investigating the matter.’ Why have they come here?
– No idea, sir. If they are caught I’ll be caught too. Sir, what happened? Everyone know that 3 criminals came
to kill me on the day of the blast. Beside me and Amit no one knows that there is a fourth
person in that team. Not even you. The fourth one is never seen. He just executes my plans. The other day I and Amit
were in the factory. That S.I was Radhakrishna. Amit is dead. That S.I killed my men. I didn’t tell anyone. It means… It means that S.I heard everything. Minister, I am in his village. Is he fooling around there?
– No. He fooled us instead. I lost my mind
knowing about him. The one who have hearing problem
put the hearing aide. But he can hear much more
than that, minister. He wears caps to control those sounds. He can hear everything clearly
even with the caps. A for apple.
– A for apple. B for Ball.
– B for ball. C for cat.
– Cat for cat. Radhakrishn, why are you laughing? A girl was telling a joke
in the next class. I was laughing on that. You can hear what they are speaking? I can hear from the class above us. Check what’s the answer. One child among millions is born. He is one of them We are going pillar to post
to find about him. And he knows about you
right from your house. He was playing with the child for us. But actually he was playing with me. Where is he? That girl has come to consciousness.
She wants to meet her husband. Didn’t my husband come to meet me? Is he on duty? Yes. Uncle, where is dad? I want to see my dad. Your dad is there. He is here. He has gone to the camp. He will return. Right uncle? Yes. He will come. Mom is not well. Shall we go home?
– Yes. Brother! You are lying to me. But your tears speak the truth. What is wrong with him? He… The state I am in. He would have come
no matter where he is. He hasn’t come here it means. I understood he is no more. Don’t fear. I will live. I will live for my daughter. It is falling down! What is wrong? Come, come quickly. We are stuck beneath. Is someone there? Come quickly. What is there? The child is inside.
– The child. Quick. What is wrong here? Be quick.
– He is so badly bruised. Do something. Help me. What are you doing? How did it happen? There. Over there. Go quickly. Call up the ambulance. Dear! What is wrong? You are fine. Fine. Go quickly. Give her here.
– Did anything happen to her? Quick.
– Yes. Be quick. Don’t worry.
The child is out of danger. What happened here?
– A small accident took place. That child, is she Rahim’s daughter? Is Fatima Begum well? Hey! Why didn’t you salute me? Morning, sir! Not like this.
– Where is your energy? Shall I act like you? Good morning, sir.
I am reporting, sir. I am on duty, sir. You thought you found a fool.
I will play a game with him? I will… You did a great drama. You were better than Krishna. By wearing caps in your ears.
You played flute in my ears. By releasing the fake news
of those four who blasted the bomb you did a great job. I was alert. I killed all four of them. Now I have no weakness. I had asked that truck driver to kill you. You just missed it. The things that you
are emotionally connected to I will snatch it. But before that I will kill you. That uniform of yours. I will surely snatch that. Yes. I wanted this reaction. This is your suspension letter. Then your family. After that your love. One by one all will die. I won’t give you time
to gather yourself. You will be running all the time. Radhakrishna! A politician gave a suspension
letter to a police officer. You shouldn’t have picked
up a fight with reputed people. You are right sir.
We shouldn’t pick up a fight with them. They can fight with us right? They can kill policeman for their greed. That is right, isn’t it? Krishna, your decisions
is ruining our reputation. There is no value for our post. Every government officer
works for 8 hours in a day. We work for 24 hours. The only government office which is open all the time
is the police station. Even then we have no value. When everyone celebrates festival
we protect them instead of celebrating. Why? Don’t we have families? Does anyone knows their value? Police is not a job
but a responsibility. Forget about others respecting us. We have left respecting ourselves. What did we do when
12 police officers died? Rahim was on duty
though his wife was fighting death. His daughter is asking
where is her dad? Who will give her an answer? Tell me, sir. Shall we tell her
your father died? It’s better, right? 100 crows gather when a crow dies. But why doesn’t one raise a voice
when injustice is done towards the police? That is why I raised this voice. I’ve been given this job
to work sincerely. But I didn’t think I will lose
this job for that sincerity. I understand what you are saying. But to arrest Sujata
we need strong evidence. There are evidence.
It will be with you in some time. But I request you. If anyone fights with the police then what the police did to him
this shouldn’t discussed in the news. Just do that. That’s my request. Bye, sir.
– Radhakrishna! What happened?
Why did the police leave? The DGP said
you won’t get police protection. That’s why the police men are leaving. Sir! The people know the truth about you. ‘The deeds of minister Sujata are out.’ ‘The police told the media
about him and his four men.’ ‘Since then to now we were involved
in all the things that Sujata did.’ ‘We were involved at the bomb blast
at the party meeting.’ These people were killed, right? ‘Sujata planned
to kill the MLA a few days ago.’ ‘In the election of 2001.
We killed 13 people.’ ‘In 2006, he got me to murder
minister Keshavrao.’ ‘After becoming the minister
he wanted to kill the workers and us.’ Let’s go.
– Right. Why isn’t anyone picking up the phone? Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! ‘The people are angry.
The family of the victim and the workers have surrounded
Sujata’s office and home.’ ‘It is difficult to control the people.’ Sir, they won’t leave you
for killing their party workers.’ The whole police department
is against you. The people will surely kill you. CM won’t help you. If I stay here any longer
I will also die. I am leaving. Boss, since we have no work.
We are leaving. Let’s go. Come out!
– Kill him! Come out!
– Kill him! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! I am minister Sujata speaking. Right now my life is in danger.
Please come and save me. You still remember the helpline number. I am happy that
you are begging to save your life. Those four people were dead. How did you collect evidence from them? They didn’t die. In fact the people you send
to kill them were killed. ‘Radha!’ I didn’t want to disclose
before I collected my evidence. I was waiting for the right time. All your options are closed, Sujata. Down with Sujata! What do you want?
– Down with Sujata! Respect. The respect of the police. Accept your mistake at the place
you killed the police officers. Only then the police will note
down the FIR and do his duty. Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata!
– Kill him! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata!
– Kill him. – Rascal! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Down with Sujata! Help me! At least give me water. Water. Water. Water. Please! Give it. Water.
– He and his overacting. He acts well, sir. He won’t change. Don’t give
him protection. Let’s go from here. Don’t go. If you leave
the people will kill me. I did a mistake. I got police
officers killed for my post. The people ruined their name.
I accept my mistake. I am accepting my mistake. Where are they going? If you go, he will kill me. If you are here then they will kill me. Stay here. Stay here! Don’t go anywhere. Please tell them not to go. Did you realize the price
of a life now? I don’t know who comes
when one loses his life. But if you dial 100
a policeman definitely comes. You play games by killing
such police officers. You just now begged
from that police man. I would have killed you the other day. If I did that then someone
else would come in your place. This shouldn’t take place
that is why I got you here. And made you speak the truth. By doing this
will no one repeat the mistake? No. He won’t. Some people will fear
seeing this state of yours. Some people will fear listening. If there is someone else then he will scared seeing us. Hey! No. Don’t kill me. Krishna never kills. He makes a sketch. Why are you talking to him? Kill him. Kill him! Kill him! Kill him! He should die.
– He is of no help for us. Kill him!
– Kill him! Kill him! He is running away.
He should die. What will happen to him? I gave him two options. He could be saved
by trusting the police. The other one to
get killed by the people. He selected the second option.
That is the fruit of his deeds. Krishna was aside
before Dharamraj opened the game. He was beside him even after the game. If Dharamraj would ask whether to play
or not then the war wouldn’t take place. Krishna is always at the side. We don’t see it. He has to bear the punishment. Religion must win. A tribute to police. Do you have to go?
– Ruku, I have to go. Did someone find my chain here? I don’t know anything.
– Krishna, did you start it again. I will go. You can send me. But how will you keep
Krishna away from those girls? Hi!
– Hi! Oh no. There are mosquitoes. What is it?
Don’t you have a boyfriend or husband? Everyone wants Krishna. That’s enough now. I will show what I can do. Yes. Come show it.
– I can’t see it. Bye! Come. Come. Show your status quickly. Stupid, they are my devotees. You will always remain in my heart. Honestly?
– Yes. You must accept what the devotees give.

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