Kaashmora Official Theatrical Trailer | Tamil | Karthi, Nayanthara | Santhosh Narayanan | Gokul

Kaashmora Official Theatrical Trailer | Tamil | Karthi, Nayanthara | Santhosh Narayanan | Gokul

The destiny of all seven rebirths… ..and penance… ..shall transform into the
arrow that destroys the evil. Every bow needs the right arrow Know the methods by which
one completes the task… And then leave the task
completely to them Nothing happens without
a reason Kaashmora!

100 thoughts on “Kaashmora Official Theatrical Trailer | Tamil | Karthi, Nayanthara | Santhosh Narayanan | Gokul

  1. half of the scenes are copied from Hollywood…go and watch 300. but its a good effort of Kollywood. Karthi and Nayan did a very good job and Nayan looks fabulous

  2. I gotta admit this movie is really different. It's not like Baahubali at all. It is more of a comedic supernatural and historic film and it's much funnier than you think.

  3. dont know why but the whole time while i was watching the trailer i was thinking of Vikings like karthi looked like ragnar and nayantara looked like lagertha !! They were so similar i almost tripped from bed

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  5. look like warrior picture..but unfit fot nayatara coz .she never even fight..almost flying..anushka is good in arundathi..she really terror😙nayantara acting over coz.she poisonious the best warrior then call 4 fight 'bullshit idiot..sridivya acting is good as karthi too n others

  6. rajhamaouli made bahubali everyone tries to copy him lmao…just bit changing story from here and there fuck film makers…and the heroine shit man she was approached in bahubali for the role of dev sena now she realized that she had done big mistake in her life lmao fuck u celebrities😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 suck lolipop and watch bahubali and bahubali 2

  7. wow its amazing. you guys are better then bollywood ") i dont know which language is this but this movie is really awesome. im gonna watch it.

  8. After watching these south Indian films I wish I was born as a Tamil or some other south ethnicity. Such a cool culture they have. Plus their food is tasty too

  9. The movie was nice. Karthi is good in comedy scenes. But after the interval the second half bores lightly. But overall it's not a bad film. It's a good film.

  10. The haunted mansion2006 Hollywood movie yoda copy panni eduthu irukanga kasmora movie ya thirudurathula killadi tha pola director….

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