Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 09 || English Subtitles || 21st Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

Kahin Deep Jalay – EP 09 || English Subtitles || 21st Nov 2019 – HAR PAL GEO

How are you aunt? Aunt was saying you were not well,
so I came to meet you. I don’t know why I have blood
pressure nowadays. Sharmila called,
she told me you are unwell. So both of us came to
find out how you were. Now you will see, how long Rida’s love
story will spread. What happened aunt? You didn’t use to stay this quiet,
what happened now? No, I don’t have anything with tea, I…Zahida. I will go pray. What did you come to see here? I came to see how obedient you
are and what have you done here? Mama, why did you bring her? Don’t bring her here again. Listen madam, this home is my husband’s aunt’s too, I will come here when I want to. I will go meet Rida. Shamila. What Shamila? Why did you bring her here? Since the time you made me talk to Afaam, I am really worried. Look Shamila, don’t do anything stupid, such a good home, such good in-laws, care for them. What did I do mama? I am really happy to see you sister in law Naila,
thank you for coming. Rida, you know, I like you the most. Innocent and pretty. Thank you. But the new problem in your home, be careful around her. Who? Who are you talking about? I am talking about Shamila. I don’t get it, I think something will happen. Leave this, go check your daughter in law,
God knows what she will be saying to Rida. I will go and check. She create such a scene,
you have no idea. Someone who’s telling the
truth is considered a liar. She blames people so well,
so you be careful around her. You get up, get up and leave. Yes, I came to leave,
I didn’t come here to stay… Good, now if you come again, I will teach you a lesson. Sister in law Shamila…
You be quiet, or I will make your secrets public. That is why I am saying be careful. Will you leave or… God protect this home. You be quiet or I will
reveal your secrets. What happened? Did you find out
anything about the number I gave you? Tell me immediately whatever the update is, yes I… I will call you back. What did Haider say? What are you people… I had discussion with Haider. Did he tell you something? He is saying it will take 4-5 days, the call will be traced. Let the call get traced once, I will teach that man a lesson.
You will do nothing. Nothing at all. I am telling you, I have given the duty to Haider,
he will handle it, you stay out of it. What do you mean I stay out of it? It’s a matter of our home,
how can I stay out… Lower your voice. Brother, all ok? everything fine? Yes, all is fine. What happened? Why is brother so upset? Nothing happened, you know him,
he gets upset on small things. You were going somewhere,
you go. No, I have been observing for the past few days
you two have been hiding things from me. Nothing like that, I met your friends outside,
they were waiting. You go. Fine, up to you two. You people don’t consider me capable
enough to share anything with me. So as you wish, but remember, I will not share
my problems with you after today. Man, Asim, you…. Happy now? Look at me. I am your elder brother, I want your betterment,
that is why I am telling you to stay away. Don’t you trust me? I am telling you I am handling this situation. I don’t want you to get in to problems. I don’t think you trust me. Nothing like that, if I trust anyone after me,
that’s you Hatim. Trust me. I forgot to tell you, sister in law Shamila really
misbehaved with me, I was shocked.
How can she do that? I don’t know. Wow, Dr. Rida. What are you guys talking about? Brother, nothing special,
I was checking mama’s BP, its normal. That’s good. Aunt, look I made you soup. Please have it and check how it is. Soup for me? I have had food. No problem aunt, have a little and tell me. Mama, she made it with love,
have it. No son, I will get unwell. Rida, will you have soup, I…
No sister in law, I am having tea. I think you people have planned
not to have anything I make. Is it true that you don’t want
to have anything I make? No, nothing like that. You take the soup inside, warm the food for me,
I will have the soup too. Fine, I will take the soup inside, I will warm the food,
you can have it to. Rida, you could have had it,
she made it with love. Wouldn’t have made a difference.
You could have had a little. Brother you are right, but… But what? Its wrong, if you are sensitive then you should
be careful that others can be sensitive too. Right mama? Yes. No problem, be careful next time. Have food, in fact you
people have eaten. Okay. Mama, I don’t get it. I don’t know. Okay, don’t worry. Rida. Rida child, get up, mama is waiting
for you at breakfast. Yes coming. Come fast. I have a good news for you, I am going to Australia forever, now your life will be at peace but my life will be ruined. Rida, my heart gets happy thinking about you,
I swear I have spent each day thinking about you. Are you ready? Yes mama. May you always be happy like this. I am not happy… I am a mother, I know what is in my son’s heart. I know why you are preparing since
morning and why you are smiling. Shall we go? Yes, lets go. here is your kehwa. Thank you. Afaam, when will my passport come? We are wasting this beautiful time here. You will get your passport. Soon. Our good time is not getting wasted, we are spending good
time with the family, find out each other
and going for dinners. We go shopping. All that is fine, but going out of country for the
first time, that too with you, its really exciting for me,
please take me. We will go soon, serve me kehwa. Yes. Can we go for lunch, right now? Look, I have lunch outside daily,
I get tired. I get a Sunday to spend at home,
to unwind, to rest. We will do one thing,
we will go for dinner. I had thought today is a holiday, we will spend time together,
go out. Nowadays, family name, good culture in families is hard to find. Thank you so much, you are nice yourself. Aunty, Zeeshan is a hard working man, he is putting a lot of effort at work, he will be at his old position soon. Where is Rida? And your daughter in law,
call her too. Yeah.. I will call them. Sure, tell Zahida to make tea too. Sure. Look son, no formalities. Okay you made such good kehwa, I will have to take you to lunch. Lets go. Really? Fine, you get up, get ready. No, we will go like this. Afaam, I am so dressed up and
you won’t even change. Come on. No…Sorry, I disturbed you two. Brother, are you going somewhere? Yes, we were going out, why? Ok, Zeeshan and his mother
came over to meet us, if you can meet them it will be nice. Aunt is there. Yes sister in law, mama is there, but she was asking for all of you. Absolutely, we will come, Zeeshan is a
guest at our home, it doesn’t look nice we
don’t meet them. We will come. Ok, sister in law, ask sister Zahida to make some breakfast.
Something good. You don’t worry, you go,
I will get it myself. Yes, I think the arrangement should be good, she has come as a guest to our home. Guests are a blessing from God and the preparation should be good.
You are coming, right? Yes, you go, I will come. Thank you sister in law. Rida. Yes? Sister Khadija is calling you downstairs,
brother Hatim’s friend, Zeeshan is here with his mother.
Come fast. Zeeshan’s mother wants to meet me? Thank you. I will be back. Your home is really nice, I think you love making it look good,
you got things from all over. Hello. Hello. God bless. She is so pretty. She is really pretty. Yes, also our beloved. I will make tea. Yes, make it. excuse me. So Zeeshan, how is your work? By God’s grace good, brother Hatim helps me a lot. Afaam son, daughter in law is calling you. Okay. Tea. Sure. Hey.. Nothing. Keep it. Thank you. Aunty, how much sugar? Hey son… I am sorry I am sorry. What happened/ No…
Go wash it son, Rida take him. I am sorry. Please come. This way. Washroom. What? Sorry. Towel. Sister Zahida.. Yes, you are right. Ok sister, I want to talk to
you about something. Go ahead. I really liked your daughter Rida, I want her hand for Zeeshan. Rida… right now she is young. I have not thought about her this way. Think now. Look, she has two elder brothers, how is it possible, she is studying, she gave her exams,
her result is due. Right now… I understand the importance of education. I continued my education after marriage, you don’t worry about that. I will treat her like my daughter, get her admitted in the
university myself. That’s fine, but the responsibilities
increase after marriage, she cannot continue education
when that comes. You talk about it, I am sure you will agree. I want to see my son’s happiness, you never know about life and death, I don’t want to leave my son alone, you talk about it. Yes, I will talk to my sons and tell you. Excuse me. Listen, we have come to ask for
your hand with love, please don’t say no in your reply. Be careful. Hey, be careful. Thank you Afaam, thank you for bringing me here. I thought we would have
dinner and go back. I know how much you love the sea side, so I thought I would surprise
you then take you to dinner. Afaam, lets go shopping from here. Oh God, forgive me,
you have not gotten tired, you have been shopping since the next
day of the wedding. Stop it now. Afaam, you know I love shopping. I want to get every new thing
in the market and wear it. This is not a good habit. What? Are you asking
me to be a miser? No, not a miser, but yes, I really want that you
be a little moderate. Afaam, where did being moderate come from? The city we live in, a lot of people here, sleep without eating food. A lot of people here cannot wear what they like, so I think that if we can be a little
moderate we can help them. We should think about them. What are you saying at this hour?
I don’t want to think about them. I just want to think about you and me. We came here with a lot of
love to ask for your hand, please don’t say no. Yes, fine. I will talk to
you at the office. You know if you don’t mind, can I say something. I feel that your home’s
environment is different from our, I am not saying its bad, but its about the environment. Like, we have two women in our home, but our mother has always brought us
up in a way that we learn to share, we share everything with everyone and Rida is young like you, when we ask her to shop, she runs away, she doesn’t like shopping. Afaam, fine you don’t want to take
me shopping its fine, but don’t compare me to anyone. Hey, no I didn’t mean that,
I am really sorry. No, its ok, its fine, I didn’t mind it, especially what you said, I don’t mind anything you say, its just you who can make
me understand. So its ok, we can shop later. What is it mother? You have been quiet all the way,
you are still quiet, did they say no? No, they didn’t say no, they asked for time to think. Okay, good they want to think, then why are you sad? Their status has worried me. 3 brothers and only sister,
they are rich, beloved sister, they have everything, even a home. What do we have? A home that is rented we have nothing, we are empty handed. It matters. You are right. That girl is set in my heart, there is something in her. Can I say something mama? There is something in her. Thank God, because of Rida you
are smiling and happy. No… Lets see what their answer is, I have hopes from my God,
all will be fine. God willing. That is what we have heard, that the first proposal for a
girl comes from God, it’s a blessing for the daughter, but this proposal has me worried, I don’t understand anything, I am worried. Why are you thinking about it, just say no. we don’t want to marry Rida right now.
You be quiet Asim. Mama, why do you worry? Zeeshan is a good boy, he is nice and simple and
also honest, but… But? But what? He is on a job in the office with me, he had a good business,
he had a loss. He has a normal job, they are not that financially strong. What happened? Who’s job were you talking about and everyone got quiet? Did you mind me coming here? What are you saying? You are my elder son, why would we mind? Why would we hide it from you? Yes, then continue what
you were talking about. Brother, actually, Zeeshan, his mother came over, they brought a proposal for Rida. What? Rida’s proposal? Yes brother, Zeeshan is a good boy, this proposal is good for Rida, I told mama, Zeeshan is
not financially strong, these things…One moment, why are we talking about
Rida’s wedding? IF we have to get her married, we are getting proposals from good,
honest and simple, rich families. If we want to get her married,
we will do it there, not Zeeshan. One minute, Zeeshan is not rich, not financially strong,
so you are not marrying her there? No, I am not saying that,
you are taking me wrong. I am just saying that Rida said
she wants to continue her studies, if she wants to go abroad for higher
studies or she studies here, then we will talk about the wedding. Then where her fate,
we will get her married. But brother, she can go to her home and study too. Yes, she can, but with us here, if she completes her
education it will be better. Thank you brother Faham, I am saying the same. We don’t want to get Rida married, you say no. We will have to marry her
one day or another. If not today, then tomorrow, she will get married. Why don’t you get it? I am not saying we
don’t have to marry her, we have to, I am just saying that let her
complete her education, we will get her married. Brother listen… What is wrong? Relax. You panic so much, when the time is right,
we will get her married. Leave this discussion, won’t you get me tea. Where is sister Zahida? Ask her to get me tea. Okay, I will. Zahida. Zahida. Okay, I want to tell you
something funny. You remember that boy Zeeshan
who came to the wedding, the one who put out
the fire on my veil. Yes. You know he came today
with a proposal to my home. Yes, he’s good, fine, really good. Rushna, I will call you in a bit.
Okay, bye. Rida, you have a lot of lovers.

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