Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn

Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn

You’ve done so much to
welcome us to the east coast. We have a thank you gift
from the west coast. Not only is this a
gift from the west, it quite literally is a West. Our gift to you, Brooklyn, is
a visit from Mr. Kanye West. [APPLAUSE] Look at this. [CHEERING] [LAUGHS] Kanye,
there you go, man. It’s exciting to have you here. Thank you for coming. KANYE WEST: Yeah, yes. Kanye, all right,
so your new album– “Jesus is King” is
the name of the album. Yes. When is this album coming out? Is it coming out tomorrow? It’s going to be
dropping 12:00– 12:00 AM.
– So– [APPLAUSE] Right now– right
now, it is available. – Oh, it’s out now.
– Yeah, it’s out now. [LAUGHS] [APPLAUSE] How are you doing? I’m doing good. You made– not only
did you make the album, you made an IMAX movie, a
companion piece to the album. KANYE WEST: Yes. And you brought something–
this is very cute actually– your daughter, North.
Can I show this, all right? Yeah, yes. We have a clip of–
well, roll that clip. Here is your– North dancing
along to the movie. Uh oh, you may have a little
performer on your hands. [APPLAUSE] That’s cool. Yes. Are you, um– – I want to say I–
– Yeah. –love the fact
that my daughter wants to go to church and her– [APPLAUSE] She has such a positive thought
association to going to church because it’s outside of
the traditional four walls and outside of the pews. And now that God has
called me and I’ve– I now have given my
life to Jesus Christ, and I work for God. [APPLAUSE] KANYE WEST: Yeah. Now, we have Christian
innovation in our time. There was a time when
the Medici family and all the greatest artists
did work for the church. And now, it seems like all the
best designs and everything have this adult edge to it. And I have a family. I have four children. I’ve been married
for five years. And the prospective– [APPLAUSE] Because you asked me a
question last year, did– you know, did having a
daughter change my life? And I’ve completely
turned around from what my perspective was
last year to where it is now. And I feel like there’s so
few individuals in a position like mine to be able
to give their opinion and stand up and say that
this is what family is about. And I feel that God is using
me and using the choir, using my family to
show off, because it’s like all these things– how many things in your life,
where it’s like, this isn’t in service for God, but
it seems like you’re going to get more out of it. This is where you’re
going to get the better job, better cars, all this. But we’re in complete
service to God and– JIMMY KIMMEL: Do
you feel born again? –this is describing–
[APPLAUSE] What’s that? Do you feel born again, Kanye? Do you feel like–
– Ah, yeah. Would you consider
yourself to be a Christian music artist now? [AUDIENCE MUTTERING] I’m just a
Christian everything. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh huh.
[LAUGHTER] And everything.
– Yeah And you’ve done–
it’s interesting you said that
about your daughter because I think you made– with your services,
made church fun to go to for a lot of people. Yeah. And people are saying, oh,
gosh, I want to go to church. And you never hear anyone
say that really, I mean– [LAUGHTER] –certainly not young people. And you’re doing this
thing where you’re bringing people together. And, you know, that’s–
that’s pretty good, I think. Oh, I know.
[LAUGHTER] I know. [APPLAUSE] So tomorrow night,
we have a big– we have something very big. Tomorrow night, Kanye will be
back for a special performance from his new album
“Jesus is King”, and– and this movie,
the IMAX movie, you shot this in Arizona, right,
in Flagstaff, Arizona? Yes, James
Turrell, an artist– one of the greatest
living artists, Christian also,
allowed us to use Roden Crater, which
is, I think, is the eighth wonder of the world. And I mean, it’s just a
beautiful place to go to visit. A couple other things is– I was thinking about
how you won the money. I just want to
make a suggestion. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, yes.
There’s a guy here– Buy– JIMMY KIMMEL: Dave Johnson. Dave won the lotto, hundreds of
millions of dollars in lottery. So I invest in land
in middle America. I have 12,500 acres
in Wyoming right now. So when we think about where
we’re spending our money, because I answer that– I saw the Gucci jacket, and
I was like, OK, that’s nice. When we present ourselves on
TV, we always have to show, you know, this luxury– I got a cheap– cheap
ass hoodie on, you know, and I’m a billionaire. So I want to show you the– [APPLAUSE] Heh, and sorry I said ass. My Christian scorecard
is lowered for the day. [LAUGHTER] Uh, but to really sit down
and talk because, when I first got money, I didn’t have
a CFO and people who could really show me, you
know, how– and I feel, especially we’re blacks. We need to show each other
other information of like what to do with our
money, how to design, how to bring the
families together. [APPLAUSE] And I’m not saying this
to just call out blacks, but we are orphans
in this country. So we have no fathers that
can really show us the way of how to maintain who we are. So now that I’m
in this position, I’ve been to the hospital. I’ve been canceled. And I’m here
standing right here. [APPLAUSE] Kanye, are you saying– are you saying you want
to get on a real estate deal with Dave? [LAUGHTER] Oh, absolutely. [LAUGHTER] It’s easy. Well, I am– I am very much looking forward
to this performance tomorrow night. And before we– we– we get to that, obviously,
we have a clip from your IMAX movie, “Jesus is King”. Take a look. [CHORAL MUSIC] [APPLAUSE] Kanye West, everybody!

100 thoughts on “Kanye West Surprises Kimmel in Brooklyn

  1. Kanye is a changed man, the Spirit is in him and he has discernment, that's why he stood aloof from Kimmel and was careful with eye contact. Kimmel has mocked Jesus Christ before. Kanye was on guard to get out what he wanted to say and was careful. God is working and Kayne is being obedient to get the Good news out.

  2. Me : Kanye, who are you now?
    Kanye : I am a son of JESUS CHRIST
    Me : ohhh I see. God has called you?
    Kanye : Smiling and replied ohh yes sir
    Me : How come God is so ungrateful thousand are dying out there. Children are suffering dying of hunger..
    Kanye : Well ………
    Me : Kanye this is bullshit al of this. it's just about money money money
    Kanye left .

  3. This man will literally use anything to make a profit, Kanye is the devil using religion as a cash cow like that portraying himself as a Christian.

  4. Kanye said that he's working for Jesus now being a christain isnt a job it's purely having a relationship with jesus and doing wat gods called you to do isnt a job gid gives us but bless kanye hope god uses him to save lots of lost souls

  5. Im happy for him. But we have to remember to be careful when being so freely outspoken about faith especially during the beginning when things seem just sooo good and happy. Keeping faith will have you in continuous tests and temptations you cant imagine…its not all "happy" life. Its actually painful and full of suffering.

  6. Lmao I bet that chain on Kanye’s neck cost more than anything anyone else in the room is wearing. The homie won 200 mil, I think it’s ok to buy a Gucci jacket.

  7. Am hoping that he will stay this way for every singing for the kingdom of God. Let's pray he continues stay this way. Being true to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
    Love you all ……

  8. Amen 🙏 We Continue to pray for Kanye, his family and team and all the Peeps of the world- Jesus is KING🎶🙏

  9. I really hope these conspiracy theorists are wrong by saying he sold his soul & is being controlled by MK ultra.

  10. Make America Great Again . . Jesus this guy is off his rocker, from his mother died he is totally lost . . Next thing is death

  11. Pray that he has wise biblical teachers and elders surrounding and supporting him because we all know as christians how difficult being a baby Christian is in Jesus name!!

  12. Christian married to the most Luciferian illuminati witch family of all time. Something smells like freemasonic deception to me, but who knows…

  13. I GOT A CHEAP ASS SWEATER BUT YOU CHARGE 250 to 300 FOR YOUR MERCH SMH the message is good but your not the right messenger..

  14. Such a brilliant and beautiful smile. Praise God!! May God keep him safe and sound. May his message reach the four corners of the globe and ppl see the love and acceptance of Jesus 💖❤️💜

  15. They clapped because hes married to the white harlot Kim kartrashian/Lardassian? Shes the reason hes depressed and have to turn to religion to feel fulfilled when his family is suppose to keep him happy. And if hes concerned about passing down wealth to blacks why did he marry that white cumdumpster instead of a beautiful successful black woman?

  16. How u a preacher but u cursing on stage..you not know real preacher u just a rich person thats high off them prescription an since u rich u an be what ever u wNt to be..be to me its not real

  17. Your not a Christian calling yourself a God when my father creator God and hes son jesus christ or my true only God so hey the devil can wait to greet you when you die that's for sure.

  18. About the only thing Jesus is King of is Fairy Tales. Do your research Kanye. And stop listening to these oppressive Christians.

  19. Everyone at the end of the movie take off your yeezys and put it up in the air and just walk out of the movie theater and say nothing

  20. Kanye is really next level crazy. "God has chosen me to show off." wtf is this guy taking? Please Kanye, come back to our planet!

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